Top 10 Free Mac Games of 2018

Top 10 Free Mac Games of 2018

– [Narrator] If you’re looking
to spend nothing on games in 2018, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve put together a list of the best new free Mac OS games. – Hale, it’s about time. – [Narrator] This list only
consists of free Mac games from 2017 and up. So, anything released before
2017, like Paladins, DOTA 2, or War Thunder for instance are not here, as I’ve covered them in prior years. Anyway, without further ado here are the Top 10 Free Mac Games of 2018. – It ain’t over til it’s
over you son of a bitch. – [Narrator] Starting at Number
10 we have Solders: Arena Okay this game isn’t
really out for Mac OS yet, it is set to arrive sometime in 2018. It will arrive as a
paid early access title, that will become free-to-play
when it is fully released. I don’t usually promote games
with this kind of business model, but Soldiers: Arena
looks to be very interesting. It is a multiplayer
strategy-action game, designed by the creators of the Men of War series, which isn’t actually supported on Mac OS. So, I’m happy to see them showing us some love this time around. There are three factions,
commanders, 200 units, and tasks to complete along the way. Number nine is Codename Cure. Welcome to a cool
first-person zombie shooter. It offers online missions to complete with up to five players. The gameplay is fast and
dynamic bringing to you objective based missions
and survival missions. Codename CURE can be
played offline and online with or without controlled teammates. So that is kind of cool. The game was released a
few years ago but became a full release in 2017. It also has low requirements
which is a bonus. I’d say the game is both
a mix of Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor, and
this isn’t a bad thing as you experience of all
of this for free here. (gunshots) Number eight we have Tale of Toast. I’ve only just heard of this
one, whilst researching games for this episode, and I’m
surprised it went under my radar. It’s an open world MMORPG
inspired by classic games in the same genre. Tale of Toast offers a
plentiful of content here. There is a lot of combat,
social interaction with other players, trading, procedurally
generated dungeons, and plenty of quests to be completed. The art design is also
interesting too, it’s cartoony, which really works in my opinion. Number seven is Fishing Planet. If you’ve ever wanted
to experience fishing, without actually going out
and fishing, well this game is the most realistic and closest thing to that real-life activity. It offers the most authentic fishing experience without payment. Plus, the visuals are quite
nice too, which means you’ll need a slightly high-end
Mac to play Fishing Planet at decent performance. It isn’t anything too
demanding but I’m just putting that out there. There are 72 species of
fish, multiple locations, different weather conditions,
and multiplayer tournaments. It’s a simple one, I’ll
put that out there, but it is also very relaxing. It was originally released back in 2015, but it became a full
release in August of 2017. Number six we have Dead Maze. Zombie games are still more
popular than ever in 2018, we just can’t get a break from this genre. Dead Maze is obviously a
new zombie game, presented from a top down perspective,
with multiplayer an experience at its core. Together with other online
players, you’ll need to work side by side to defend yourselves. Players must also find food and medicine and craft supplies to keep going. I know the graphics are
not anything exceptional, I get that, but the gameplay
is actually pretty decent. As you continue to play
you’ll establish a camp, furnishing it however you like. Number five is SAS: Zombie Assault 4. The graphics here are extremely
basic, I understand that. But the gameplay is actually really fun. You’ll play in heaps of
dynamic and challenging levels defending yourself from zombies. As you progress you’ll unlock
abilities and new weapons. The game is smart as you
can use the environment to block zombies, creating
some stressful moments. Four player co-op, heaps of
loot, classes to choose from, a skill tree, and hundreds
of weapons are available to the player. It’s a very low spec game,
so it can run on almost all Mac’s from 2006 and above. Number four we have Brawlhalla. I’ve talked about
Brawlhalla quite a few times on MrMacRight, so some of you
guys may be familiar with it. However, it only recently
became a full release game on Steam. It’s an online platform
fighting game for up to eight players online and locally. It’s hard to get bored in Brawlhalla. You can join casual matches
choosing from over 30 legends, play ranked matches, or
even make a custom room. The online player base
is large at the moment, and there are frequent updates. The requirements are also remarkably low, meaning you can run it on pretty much any intel-based Mac you throw at it. Number three is Doki Doki Literature Club. From first glance I thought
this was a dating simulator, but it really isn’t. It’s actually a visual novel
horror game, if you can believe that, where you play as a
high schooler, who joins a literature club. You start to interact with four girls, spending time with each one. This is where things go south,
and I mean really south. It’s kind of hard to talk about this game without spoiling it,
so you’ll have to check it out for yourself. And yes, I don’t really like
visual novels and reading, but this one is the exception. Number two we have Starcraft 2. Yep, this game isn’t really
new, but in late 2017 a big thing changed. Starcraft 2 used to have
a free starter edition, offering only parts of the
game, but this changed last year as it is now a legitimate free game, without any micro-transactions. So, how could I not put it on this list? It is one of the best and
most played strategy games to-date, and the fact that it
is now completely free-to-play is really something. Starcraft 2 also has
rather low requirements, as it isn’t a very demanding game. Plus, you can also play the
original Starcraft for free now, which is awesome. I’ve included links to
download these games in the description. – Are my troops ready yet? – Your forces are
prepared and awaiting your orders commander. Uploading tactical data now. – [Narrator] And finally,
number one we have Fortnite. I bet some of you saw this one coming. I’ve been playing a
lot of Fortnite lately, and so have a lot of you,
according to my YouTube comments. Most people are playing Fortnite
for the free Battle Royal mode, where you can go up
against 100 players in one map. It’s such a great game, and I’m so pleased it came to Mac OS. It’s a very demanding one
though, so you’ll need a Mac from 2014 onwards to run
at decent performance. Plus, the MacBook Air’s,
MacBook, and Mac Mini are not good for playing Fortnite. Stick with the iMac’s and
MacBook Pros to play Fortnite. Anyway, it’s a great game, check it out. Those are the Top 10
Free Mac games of 2018. I hope this video was
of some use to you guys. If you enjoyed it, please
leave a like and subscribe if you’re new. Anyway thanks guys! I’ll talk to you later. Bye bye.


  1. Hey man! Great video as always! I wish one day on the future Mac gaming beats windows. But it's never gonna happen😔😔😔.

  2. My macbook pro 13 inch 2015 is not good for fotnite.
    Medium setting is still laggy. low setting is playable but the pixel is very annoying.

    i think the best free games for macbook pro 13 inch is "League of Legends".
    High setting is very playable. amazing.

    When i download Dota 2, high setting is not playable, change to medium setting you'll see the pixel.

    My opinion: Macbook pro 13 inch is not the best for heavy gaming.

  3. Fishing Planet has a lot of complaints in the steam reviews about it being pay2win. Anyone know how far you can get for free? Or is it really just a money sink? Also is there any news about when the full Fortnite game (save the world) is going free? I vaguely remember that it was supposed to happen sometime this year but I guess they have been focusing on the Battle Royale mode so wondering if that has changed.

  4. I got a MacBook Pro and I cannot play fortnite due to lag although am still trying but I will just stick to steam games play these kind on mobile phone

  5. Nice keep up the good work, I hope you make Top 10 Free MMO Mac Game to play in 2018 and another video same but best MMO of all time

  6. Yo…you have one of the weirdest voices I have heard in a while.
    okay, that's out of the way, and, good video, thank you for putting all this together! :-p

  7. thx im getting a monitor for my bday and i have to connect my mac to it so i wondered it i could find games thx

  8. Thanks man u saved me, my ipad pro was stolen and my mac is old so starcraft 2 is what I have for gaming right now.

  9. I never subscribe, ya know? But honestly? You listed some noice games and explained all about them. Subscribed. Thanks, btw, and great video!

  10. Even free games you still have to buy stuff they were designed to make a profit even free. Example you want better gear but you don't want to grind for it you might have the option to buy it or you're in a situation where your stuck and cannot kill a particular mob. You might have the option to buy better weapons. Angry Birds 2 comes to mind sure it is free to play but in frustration you get stuck or you're constantly losing in the arena you get tired of it so what do you do you pay. Great video though. I wish I could afford a good quality Mac instead of crappy windows PC.

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