Top 10 MOST SHOCKING Before and After Drug Use Photos

Top 10 MOST SHOCKING Before and After Drug Use Photos

Welcome to Top10Archive! There’s no denying
the effects of extended drug use, but sometimes the magnitude is overlooked, maybe even unrealized
at times. In Part 2 of our look at Before and After photos of drug abusers, we’re
hoping to solidify just how detrimental narcotics can be via the physical transformation that
these ten individuals have gone through. For information on battling drug addiction, visit
the National Institution on Drug Abuse at
10. Crystal For the purpose of this video, Crystal’s
story starts at age 30. Her skin still clean with a healthy complexion, her lips a nice
pinkish hue. While her eyes look tired, they have life in them. Jump ahead only two years,
and you’d be hard pressed to recognize the face you see as the same woman. 32-year-old,
meth and cocaine addicted Crystal has lost much of her color and her skin has given way
to scarification. Had her eyes been open for the mugshot, chances are they’d offer a
distant, zombified stare. 9. Melynda
Over the course of 6 years, Melynda underwent such a drastic change that her final photo
is debatable as to whether it is her or not. Some indications, such as her nose, give it
away, but the rest of her face is marred by the lasting effects of prolonged drug use.
In this instance, the most notable change is in her eyes, which, starting at age 37,
show signs of becoming crossed. By 39, Melynda has aged easily 15 years. Her eyes are focused
in two different directions, a possible side effect of prolonged use of heroin.
8. Unnamed Male – Mid 60’s From his first mugshot in 1998 to his most
telling in 2012, this 64-year-old male underwent a transformation that was clearly more than
just natural aging. As you follow his progression over four different mugshots, you can see
clear indications of drug use and abuse. Arrested for the purchase of cocaine, this gentleman’s
usage is written in the heavy wrinkles, loose skin, and unhealthy weight loss. A change
in the definition of his lip and jawline may even indicate possible dental issues, another
side effect of drugs like cocaine and meth. 7. Unnamed Male – Early 40’s
In the span of 7 years, the changes this man undergoes are drastic and shocking. Over a
period of seven years, what looked like a man in his early-40’s jumped easily into
his mid-60s, complete with scars and open wounds on his forehead and dried out skin.
His lively eyes are alert in his first picture, but not so much in the 7-year span that followed,
instead looking more confused and tired. Weight loss is evident in his cheeks, which makes
his face look as if it had undergone a change in skeletal structure.
6. Unnamed Female Meth is often most associated with physical
transformations from use, but even cocaine comes with its unpleasant surface side effects.
While some of these may not be readily visible, such as the erosion of nasal tissue, as this
subject shows, the effects of cocaine can start skin deep. Once vibrant skin has turned
almost leathery, marred by deep wrinkles and several scars. Weight loss has created a harsher
jawline while also giving her a slightly emaciated look. Her half-closed eyes make you wonder
if she’s even aware of where she is. 5. Amy
With her arrest record starting at 25, Amy’s downfall into drug addiction started at a
younger age. In her first mugshot, she still shows signs of youthfulness in her facial
features. Five years later, she’s picked up again and her transformation has already
begun. At 30, she sports longer hair but also shows signs of weight loss. She’s not too
far gone, yet, despite what looks like several scabs on her face. In another 5 years, Amy
is completely unrecognizable, looking to be about 50 years old with harsher, more distinct
facial features and more signs of facial scars. 4. Theresa Baxter
The detrimental effects of meth use runs rampant in this once attractive woman, who, over the
course of 2.5 years, undergoes some serious aging. Ignoring the scabs and scars that cover
her skin has taken on a pale hue and is visibly dryer. A drop in weight accentuates wrinkles
around her jowls and nasal labial folds, and all of this comes together to give a very
aged look in such a short period of time. 3. Jael Strauss
Once a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model,” Jael Strauss’ last claim to fame
was a public intervention on Dr. Phil’s program meant to address the former model’s
terrible meth addiction. Not only did her life change completely within 5 years of her
television debut, Jael’s looks underwent a drastic change. Photo comparisons are pretty
impossible to believe as the youthful, done-up girl in the “before” looks 20 years the
junior of the meth addicted former model. As Jael learned, meth use risks everything
– from life to physical appearance. 2. Jamie France
To watch such beauty and potential be ruined my drug use is tragic, and such is the tale
of Jamie France, former beauty pageant contestant. In 2009, France took home the win for the
Miss Teen Oregon-World beauty pageant, and it only took five years for her to fall on
hard times and turn to drug use. In her 2014 mugshot, France shows telltale signs of meth
use, including facial scarring and weight loss. The disheveled individual picked up
in a seedy Salem, Oregon motel was a far cry from the young beauty that stole the hearts
of many. 1. Amy Winehouse
One of the modern world’s more tragic celebrity stories is that of singer Amy Winehouse. On
July 23rd, 2011, Winehouse succumbed to alcohol poisoning – but the drink wasn’t her only
vice. Amy was known to partake in cocaine and heroin, and her drastic change in appearance
over the years were indicators of heavy narcotics. The once radiant performer deteriorated before
her fans eyes, shrinking down to terrifyingly low sizes, to the point where her body looked
frail. Her intoxicating smile started to rot away as her skin tone became borderline unnatural
and it became harder to hide signs of cocaine use in her nostrils.


  1. Addiction is not a crime, it's a public health problem! If you know someone who is addicted, get them help!

  2. Perhaps they should have focused on the effects of drugs on the inside, the stolen soul and the deadness of the eyes.
    That's the tragedy of it all.

  3. sometimes people are left ravaged and a shadow of them fomer selves by disease and disabilities.
    i am one of those people. i for one am SICKof being treated like ima drug user when I've never touched drugs in my life and dont even drink alcohol.
    sad factbut the worst ones for wrongful judgment are doctors and health care "professionals".

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