Top 10 Scary Drugs We Still Don’t Understand

Top 10 Scary Drugs We Still Don’t Understand

Top 10 Scary Drugs We Still Don’t Understand
In health class, we are taught that the majority of drugs have the ability to ruin our lives
and cause us to spiral into an addiction that will lead us into a life of crime. While this may or may not be true, the following
drugs that I am going to talk about are not fully understood so their long-term effects
could have some serious repercussions. So, let’s talk about the top 10 scary drugs
we still don’t understand. Let’s get things started in at number 10
with Rimonadant. This is a drug that was developed in order
to help people loss weight. Scientists developed this drug to have the
opposite effects of cannabis which means this drug supresses hunger. Well, this drug is also known to cause some
pretty serious side effects as well. Rimonabant actually causes people to become
depressed and suicidal so it was quickly removed from the market because of this. Next up we have Crystal meth in at number
9. This is a highly addictive stimulant that
can have long lasting effects on your body. This is a man-made substance that has no other
purpose than for abuse. Constant use of crystal meth can result in
severe anxiety, paranoia and insomnia. People can also have thoughts of suicide or
even homicide or suddenly die from cardias arrest or stroke. Coming into number 8 is Heroin. This is an opioid drug which is a painkiller
but it is also highly addictive and dangerous. Research using brain scans has revealed that
long-term regular use of heroin results in changes in the way the brain works. While the effect of these changes is not fully
understood, this research has shown that it may take months or years for the brain to
return to normal functioning after a person stops using heroin. Zolpidem makes it into number 7. This drug is more commonly known as Ambien
and it is a sleeping pill that is used to treat insomnia. However, this drug has some pretty unsettling
side effects. It is known to cause people to do all kinds
of crazy stuff while they are asleep and they can’t remember any of it. There are so many stories online about people
getting into car crashes and not remembering it or doing huge shopping sprees online and
wondering why they received 10 packages from amazon the next day. DNP comes in at number 6. This is a drug that was used for weight loss
in the 1930’s and its goal was to assist your body into burning all of your energy
from food so it isn’t stored as fat. Well, there is one huge drawback to this drug. People who took this drug, were literally
cooking from the inside with massively raised body temperature, heart rate and sweating
that was often fatal. The sad thing is, people are still buying
this drug online despite it being discontinued and it is still killing people. Next up in at number 5 is Bromo-dragonfly. This drug is sometimes referred to as LSD
but the Bromo-dragonfly can be active for up to three days and can have a range of nasty
side effects. Some of these side effects include seizures,
spasms in your veins and blood vessel constriction. In severe cases, limbs might need to be amputated
because of lack of blood flow. If this isn’t enough to stop you from taking
this drug, the trips have been described as being dragged to hell and back again. Scopolamine makes an appearance in at number
4. This is a drug that is used to reduce the
secretions of certain organs in the body such as the stomach and intestines but it can also
cause severe amnesia and suggestibility. So, the really scary thing about this is that
criminals in Colombia have been blowing this drug into peoples faces who then happily empty
their back accounts or assist in the robbing of their own house. And of course, the victim will have no memory
of what just happened. In at number 3 is Etorphine. This is a drug that is 5000 times stronger
than heroin. And it is capable of causing an overdose simply
through skin contact. This drug never took off because it was too
potent and it has the ability to instantly kill humans. Instead, it is used to sedate large animals
and it is also capable of knocking out a 6600lb elephant. Krokodil makes it in at number 2. This is a cheaply produced drug that has a
very similar effect as heroin but with side effects that include literally eating away
at the flesh of the user. This drug is a mixture of painkillers, lighter
fluid and cleaning oils. Krokodil was named for its tendency to turn
the skin of users scaly and reptilian as the toxic by products eat away at the flesh. Heavy uses leave the flesh dead and sometimes
rotting away to the bone. And finally in at our number 1 spot we have
Synthetic Cathinones. This is a drug that is more commonly referred
to as bath salts on the streets. A variety of chemicals make up bath salts
and they act as strong stimulants that can be highly addictive. There have been serious and even fatal results
from using bath salts. A person using this drug might become aggressive,
uncontrollable and may cause self-destruction. They are often unresponsive to commands and
pepper spray or stun guns have no effect. There have even been incidents of people ripping
off their own flesh. Well there you guys have it…


  1. The one drug I don't get is soda, I mean you can buy it anywhere at any age and it kills you. Horrendously addictive too

  2. Actually a lot of these effects are explainable and known. Please don't make videos on subjects you clearly know nothing about.

  3. I’d love that suggestibility drug, get my revenge on everyone who fucked me over and then they’d realise the next day how I felt, not understanding why and how anyone could do that to someone

  4. Your videos can be interesting, but I can't actually cope with you almost screaming at the top of your voice, unfortunately.

  5. Lol believe me when I say there are much worse side effects when on using heroin other than the one symptom you spoke about lol….believe me

  6. Well, DNP causes people to lose weight by upregulating metabolism, the clue is in the overheating and sweating. And given that opiates have been used for thousands of years their effects are prety well known.

  7. From someone who's done some of these drugs. Alot of these facts are just media overexagerating and as far as making up side effects

  8. Ambien is very scary
    I took it and I was playing video games eating chocolate,& other junk posting of Facebook, ( making people mad ) my kids got up some nights and said I even had conversations with them, I would get up the next day never remembered what I did the night before, I told my Dr, he took me off those pills fast
    Never had that problem again 🤢

  9. i do any drug i can get and i still function and look normal cuz i know how to control my substance usage all it takes is a little willpower lol

  10. Why dont u talk about drugs that ppl use not bath salts bathsults r not a drug …..dipshit ur storys about drugs bath salt is not a drug u suk

  11. Top 10 Scary Drugs We Still Don't Understand – a video in which we explain these 10 drugs which we apparently do understand or at least not point out what we don't fully understand about them!

  12. Drug abuse is not good… especially weight loss ones…. seriously, be careful! Even with drugs like caffeine or medicine. Please, be safe, and be careful. Have a good day.

  13. Gabapentin is terrible too. They gave it to me for Essential tremor, but did not work, and had horrid side effects. Glad I am off of it. It's all big Pharma. They care you to only feeling like you are getting better, but not healed. They care for only cash. F*ck big Pharma and there crimes! They put a big dent in my life!

  14. Methamphetamine was developed for the Nazis as a performance-enhancing stimulant.
    To develop super-soldiers. It brought out psychosis.

  15. They r absolutely right about Ambien I was prescribed that for my insomnia I was not addicted but I was cooking cleaning while I was completely asleep and have no recollection of it

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