Top 10 Shocking Before And After Drug Use Photos

Top 10 Shocking Before And After Drug Use Photos

Welcome to Top10Archive! The installment you’re
about to view may not be for the faint of heart. We’re diving into the dark world
of drug use and abuse, pinpointing ten individuals who have undergone drastic physical transformations.
If you or somebody you know is suffering from drug addiction, resources online such as
or are great places to seek help. 10. Darlene
At the still somewhat youthful age of 37, Darlene is well put together and could easily
pass for a few years younger. Add two years of meth use, and Darlene is completely unrecognizable
and her aging has been surprising. Once healthy-looking eyes are now sunken in and accentuated by
dark circles. A staple side effect for meth is weight loss, and it’s clear here that
Darlene has dropped quite a few pounds, her face far more narrow. Though she doesn’t
seem to be covered in telltale scabs, her vibrant skin now looks dried and pulled uncomfortably
tight. 9. Linda
When it comes to drug use, sometimes one’s decisions can be seen all over their face.
For 22-year-old Linda, her addiction to what was likely meth is clearly indicated through
6 mugshots over an 11-year period. Her initial mugshot at age 22 shows her youthful look.
Fast forward 9 years to her second arrest and you wouldn’t know this was the same
girl. Her aged skin and drooping face gets even worse in the next 2 years, and even more
so in the 3 months that follow her 3rd arrest. By age 33, Linda could easily pass for someone
in their 50’s. 8. The Glass Eye
It’s not 100% clear how it was lost, but somewhere over the course of 10 years, this
unnamed woman lost her right eye. At the age of 33, she was youthful looking and had no
physically visible issues with her vision. Somewhere along her journey of drug use, her
eye was lost – maybe an effect of the drug itself. It’s not entirely what her drug
of choice was, but a few of her mugshots show scabs on her face, an indication meth use.
She also seems to have experienced continued weight loss, which is very evident in the
narrowing of her face. 7. Angelic
At 31-years-old, Angelic could have been a young Meg Ryan stand in. Only 3 years later,
the effects of meth have left lasting damage to her skin and caused her to have a vacant,
blank stare in her eyes. Once youthful eyes have given way to heavy wrinkling and dark
bags and her nasolabial folds are far more predominant, as if she had aged at an extremely
rapid pace. A once hopeful-looking girl shows no sign of hope as she spirals into the lasting
and damaging effects of potent drugs. 6. Andrew
Try to match these two photos up and chances are you would never guess that the 18-year-old
in the first photo turned into the 25-year-old in the second. Beyond what looks like severe
scarring on Andrew’s face, his jaw seems to droop unnaturally. The skin around his
neck is heavily scarred and dried to a degree that looks painful. Most noticeable are Andrew’s
teeth and mouth, which looks to be suffering from a condition known as “meth mouth,”
when there is an increase in gum decay and decaying teeth.
5. Unnamed Female Watching the transformation of this 52-year-old
woman over the course of 9 years is jarring as she goes from a healthier looking woman
to a far more skeletal figure. Sunken eyes, tight lips, and weight loss show the lasting
effects of drugs like cocaine, of which this woman was arrested for carrying. Everything,
from cheek bones to her nose and neck, takes on a completely different shape. Some other
side effects of cocaine that a photograph can’t easily capture include irritability,
paranoia, anxiety, or high levels of energy. 4. Unnamed Male
This incredible transformation is almost jarring, and it only took 5 years to occur. Arrested
for possession of cocaine, this unidentified individual likely also suffered from meth
addiction considering the extreme weight loss, missing teeth, and loose skin. His elderly
look in his mid-40’s is a frightening reality of drug addiction, especially from something
as powerful as meth. If not for the lines at his brow and forehead wrinkles – which
are identical in 2009 and 2014 – it would be even more difficult to determine if the
two men are the same person. 3. Adora
At age 48, Adora has plenty going for her. Her long, flowing hair looks healthy, her
skin, although slightly wrinkled, looks healthy, and though it looks like she may be missing
a tooth or two by this point, her expression lines and lips seem healthy enough. It only
takes an additional 5 years of meth use for everything on Adora to take a turn for the
worst. Her skin is badly scabbed and scarred, dried and abused by constant picking and scratching.
What teeth she had are mostly gone, leaving what looks like two fangs to complete her
unfortunate transformation. 2. Heather Raybon
Heather is one of the best examples of just how devastating drug use and production can
be. In 2004, a young Heather was caught in an explosion at a meth lab. The blast left
her entire face badly scarred from 3rd degree burns, her skin nearly melted off from the
heat. Despite the almost life-ending event, Heather returned to meth production – and
likely used her own product. Through her series of mugshots, you can track how her facial
surgeries may have been marred through the use of meth. Though not as shocking and drastic
as others, Heather’s facial structure is showing some signs of wear.
1. Amber and Angie Neitzel The Neitzel sisters were said to be the first
United States’ victims of the Russian-produced Krokodil, a drug now known to eat away at
flesh. The effects are so grotesque that we’ve decided to keep this as tame as possible…
but even Amber and Angie’s photos may prove to be too much for some. Though Amber and
Angie’s faces do show what looks to be “wear and tear,” the rest of their bodies show
massive sores, irritated and scaly patches of skin, and large sections of flesh that
was eaten away by the dangerous drug. The mix of codeine, lighter fluid and gasoline
is popular among heroin addicts, which Amber and Angie were, but proves to be far more
physically damaging.


  1. Addiction is not a crime, it's a public health problem! If you know someone who is addicted, get them help!

  2. The one that look like Meg Ryan look like she could have played a young Meg Ryan stand in and in the other pic she could have played present-day looking Meg Ryan stand in for sure

  3. Every single one of these persons needed Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. GOD is willing that none should perish, but that all should come to repentance The wages of sin is death, but GOD offerse His free Salvation through faith on the only begotten Son of GOD, the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance.

  4. Though I know drug use and the damage that it does to people, their families, their children and coworkers is not funny, I did have some super funny comments in relation to this video. But because these people are real and their lives were literally destroyed by their own evil choices (To try drugs), I deleted them. People, never let your guard down, stay far away from all mind altering substances, including alcohol and weed .

  5. I got an idea … why not find pictures of people who quit doing drugs compared to when they used to use.
    Btw that 2 year difference of Darlene is bull shit . My neighbor has done meth for 6 years and has little effect

  6. I’m pretty young and I just watched this. I don’t this to be me. I don’t want my brother to be like any of these people. I don’t want my MOTHER to be like this. She does take a few more prescriptions than she needs, and now I’m scared.

  7. Oh no this is horrible
    Please someone help these people
    Addiction is a disease
    We need more rehab's to that actually works

  8. That krokydil drug is nasty stuff..I've seen pictures of peoples skin eaten down to the bare bones from how corrosive it is and they're still walking around and talking..its horrible to see


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  10. Lol shut up bruh it's there fault idiots aren't that dumb that they think drugs are good and such they chose to do something and they face there actions

  11. I couldn't stop crying while watching this video. It made me realise how thankful I am to be healthy and alive. Please don't do drug abuse. Your life is full of possibilities and you are truly a beautiful human being. Have a great life ❤

  12. I was addicted to cocaine for about a year and a half. I started to look absolutely horrible with dark circles under my eyes and an overall sickly appearance. I know the horrors of drug addiction and also know how getting sober seemed impossibly far out of reach. I really feel sorry for these people. It's easy to roll your eyes and feel disgusted when seeing a meth addicted person in real life, but this allows us to see that these people used to be just like everyone else. They are humans. It is so sad to see the life draining from a person's eyes, leaving only a hollow shell of the person they once were. Drugs will ruin your life and take you a dark place you can't dig your way out off. If you are reliant of any kind of amphetamine, opiate, alcohol, literally anything, please get help. You owe it to yourselves. The old you would be devastated to know that this is their future. God bless.

  13. I had to kick my ex girl out over meth a little over a year ago. She was pissed because I was staying on her ass about it and she decided to shoot in front of me, I just laughed and asked how those under the kitchen sink was. A day or 2 later I Couldn't take anymore and she went to live with her sister. I seen her a month or 2 ago full of sores and scabs, hair half falling out, literally looking like a zombie… She actually had the nerve to ask for $20 bucks. All I could think was "I cannot believe thats who I fell head over heels for and got butterflies everytime I seen her years before her friends introduced her to meth" and it's true. Man she was a knockout and we clicked and I Couldn't believe we had each other, but since that last time I seen her, I know she'll NEVER be the same.

  14. Even the legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol can destroy a person and their body and face and appearances,although not near as close as illegal drugs,ushually,I've seen people befour and after quitting alcohol and you'd be surprised how they change and look healthy again.some people do not realise how dangerous legal and illegal drugs are and what they do to a person and how they can destroy your life and your appearance.if you can quit and get help,go for it,being totally sober and healthy is the best,health is wealth in it's own way.

  15. This is so sad….just heartbreaking…drugs is of the devil…tricking with euphoric effects while killing you at the same time deception

  16. Please check out a book I wrote about addiction it is now available on Amazon and its called "Such Unfortunates" part of every sale goes toward helping addicts beat their addictions!

  17. I have always had darkness around my eyes which has made people accuse me of being a drug addict my whole life

  18. I am extremely glad I never did drugs like that I had someone in my family then I watched girl from my favorite person to a train wreck and that's what always scared me away from doing hard drugs

  19. suffer from drug addiction? SUFFER? WTF? Are you kidding me? Suffer people who must live in the neighborhood of these addicted idiots. They steal, lie, kill and hurt loved ones just to get drugs. The stupidity of these people has no limits.

  20. As I know all too well what meth does to yourself, family and friends. It isnt pretty and is deadly. I've been clean for 24yrs and all i can say is thank u to my family. Plz get help if u have an addiction. It's ok to ask for help. Trust me it's worth getting clean.

  21. I support none of that shit…alcohol ,weed , ciggrates all are equally bad as drugs after u get addicted

  22. How do drugs do this from a medical perspective? I mean, does it alter genes or something. And why did after getting married and having kids do I look like the after pictures, and I don't do drugs?

  23. No one forced these people to take drugs. It’s not a disease, it’s a personal choice. I was abused by my parents and by my ex-husband and I suffer from OCD, anxiety and severe depression. I CHOSE to never get into drugs, drinking or even cigarettes. I had every excuse in the world to get lost in addiction but I refused to even start. Personal responsibility is not imaginary.

  24. My little brother has a friend whose mom was really bad into drugs. When his friend was in 7th grade, she died from complications related to prolonged drug abuse. She was in her thirties but looked to be in her fifties. He graduated with my little brother back in May, and he only had his grandparents there for him (no one knows who his dad is, as not even his mom knew). He's turned into a bright young man, with his whole future ahead of him. It's just heartbreaking his mom chose drugs over her own son.

  25. I just listed: The Wisdom to Know the Difference: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workbook for Overcoming Substance Abuse (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook) [paperback] Wilson PhD, Kelly G.,DuFrene, Troy [Feb 02, 2012], for $5.60 via @amazon

  26. So sad to see these people doing this to themselves. I was browsing through several mug shots on Facebook and noticed that several people had a history of continuous arrests. It's really a shame that there is not a mandatory Rehab to send these people to after numerous arrests? The Police have to be fed up and overworked by re-arresting the same drug addicts over and over…and probably until each one die an early death. It's so sad to see these poor souls so lost and so addicted. Their eyes look blank and their expressions look full of pain. They need help. They need someone to care. I'm praying for them.

  27. This is jaw dropping but why rich people who use ultra heavy drugs like cocaine don't get these horrible symptoms almost at all?

  28. I'm not judging anyone, but everyone of these people had a choice, the first time they were near meth all they had to do was say no.

  29. I was at the gas station yesterday and the lady behind me had pale and dry skin with her eyeball almost popping out of her head.

    Don’t do drugs

  30. Meth and stimulants restrict blood vessels cause extreme insomnia and loss of appetite which leads to extreme aging. Opiates make people look gaunt, clammy, and unhealthy. A heroin addict who's been using for 10 years can come out of it and look absolutely normal in 4 months. Not the same for people who use meth.

  31. I would have killed myself.. I know, it's easier said than done. She should have DIED from the blast!👿 PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!🙏 It's better or EASIER to kill yourself before getting involved with DRUGS!🤔😒🤢

  32. I cried watching this video while im 12 and i hope i never go through these painkillers, Like if you feel the same

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