Top 10 Signs That You’re A GENIUS

Top 10 Signs That You’re A GENIUS

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever felt that you’re the smartest
person in the room? That maybe nobody gets you because you’re
just too sophisticated? Well, there are a few ways for you to find
out and prove it to those that doubt you. Go through this list of ten items to see just
how much of a genius you are! If you can dumb yourself down to our level
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a like and comment with just how much of a genius you are. 10. You’re Left-Handed
You may have to put up with right-handed desks and other pitfalls of being left-handed, but
you also get the chance to gloat about how smart you are. A joint study performed by the University
of Liverpool, University of Milan, and Maastricht University found that left-handed people exhibit
a more developed right-brain hemisphere. That hemisphere is directly responsible for
processing spatial reasoning and rotating mental representations. Left-handed people also tend to have a greater
link between the two hemispheres, which assists in information processing. 9. Your Sense of Humor is Unparalleled
Have a problem where you tend to laugh at dark jokes? You may be a genius. A study in the Cognitive Processing journal
concluded that people who enjoy dark humor tend to have a higher IQ. To prove the correlation between an inappropriate
sense of humor and intelligence, 156 male and female subjects were read cartoons from
The Black Book by Uli Stein. Each participant indicated whether they’d
understood and appreciated the joke, then took a basic IQ test. In general, those that understood the joke
and found it funny also scored higher on the IQ test. 8. You Enjoy the Night
If this one’s true, everyone at Team Top 10 is as smart as they come. Psychology Today once reported that people
with higher intelligence are typically night owls. Young Americans were studied and it was determined
that those with a higher IQ enjoyed staying up later. Psychologist at the London School of Economics
and Political Science, Satoshi Kanazawa, followed this up with a report that claimed there is
a direct relation between IQs and sleeping patterns. According to Kanazawa, the average brain has
been conditioned to follow the same sleep patterns of primitive people, who rose and
fell with the sun. 7. You Enjoy a Challenge
If you’re a true genius, you aren’t going to be looking for the easy way out. You’ll want the challenge and you’ll want
to learn every step of the way. A true genius may find themselves sacrificing
sleep for the sake of a good riddle or solving an illusion or brain teaser. People of higher IQ and genius-level intellect
don’t find much joy in simplistic puzzles that even “commoners” could solve. 6. You Enjoy a Good Book
It’s not so much that “non-geniuses” don’t read, but someone who qualifies as a genius
or has a much higher IQ is more prone to spending a Saturday evening deep in a book. There is, however, believed to be a correlation
between reading more and an increase in levels of the three types of intelligence: Emotional
intelligence, crystallized intelligence, and book knowledge. It may also help if you start reading books
written by geniuses or biographies about geniuses, but that’s not an official study. 5. You’re a Worrywart
There’s nothing worse than spending your days worrying about everything. The end of the world? It’s always on your mind. Terrorism? Can’t quite stop thinking about it, right? Well, there’s a chance that overactive mind
of yours may mean you’re a genius. Dr. Adam Perkins, expert of Neurobiology of
Personality at King’s College in London believes he found a link between anxiety, overactive
imaginations, and very intelligent people. One argument in favor of the belief is that
this level of concerned imagination is a self-preservation. 4. You’re Addicted to Something
That may sound a little contradicting and you may immediately think that if someone
gets addicted to something, they’re already not smart for trying an addictive substance. If history says anything, though, people deemed
genius were known for their addictive habits. Consider Charles Dickens and his love for
opium or Edgar Allan Poe’s struggle with alcohol. Recluse Howard Hughes checked off many “genius”
boxes and topped it all off with his addiction to opiates. The list goes on and on and includes names
like Sigmund Freud, Vincent van Gogh, and even fictional geniuses like Dr. Gregory House
and Sherlock Holmes. (Although, personally, I think you’re smarter
if you don’t get involved at all with any of these abused substances.) 3. You Have a Curious Mind
It would make sense that a genius would be curious, right? It was Albert Einstein, who, by the way, was
thought to have an addiction to tobacco and cocaine, that said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Research in 2016 from Adrian Furnham and Helen
Cheng performed in London discussed the connection between childhood intelligence and the curiosity
they show as an adult. It was determined that 11-year-olds that scored
high on an IQ test were more open to life experiences at an older age. 2. You’re Reserved
The Gifted Development Center took a look at “gifted children” to determine what it
was like to be a sort of childhood genius. What they determined was that, sometimes,
the highly intelligent have a higher level of reservation. The study found that 60% of gifted and intelligent
kids had introverted personalities. It also showed that more than 75% of people
sporting an IQ of 160 or higher were also shy. 1. You Talk to Yourself
Genius or crazy? it’s a fun game to play in the subways of major cities. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology
printed a study performed by psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupya that theorized
that talking to yourself was actually pretty beneficial. The study set 20 people off in search of an
object in a supermarket. First, they had to search for the item in
silence. The second go around, they could speak to
themselves and what was found was that those that spoke to themselves were able to complete
the tasks more easily. Thanks for watching! Smart move! Remember to subscribe, click the bell, like
this video, and leave your IQ in the comments below, rather than criticizing mine!


  1. im left handed
    sense of humor
    talking to my self when i am solving problem in math
    im curious
    im adicted to strategy game

  2. 10. I write with both hands so….

    9. I laugh at death and shit and everyone thinks I'm crazy….

    8. I love the night time that the time I focus more…

    7. I like complicated subjects like engineering drawing technology

    6. I love reading and my parents think I'm crazy

    5. My friends think that I worry about too many stuff like a third world war

    4. Dude I'm obsessed with drugs…. legal

    3. They say curiosity killed the cat but who can judge me ?

    2. it ain't my fault I'm shy …… Geminis are complicated

    1. People think I'm crazy for speaking to myself all the time…it's just that they won't understand what I'm saying so..

  3. Top Ten signs you might be a click bait knock off youtube channel.
    1) you speak in fake tones and NLP type language
    2) you use retarded things no one really believes is true
    3) you sucker people into clicking your videos
    4) you use everyone else's stock footage
    bla bla bla…..

  4. 3:53 says you have a bigoted racist mentality and I am no left handed and it doesn't take a genius to figure you out in 3:53 seconds

  5. I was left handed at first but back then in school the teachers beat you until you switched hands. My teacher would slap me in the face hard in front of the class from time to time. They did not know better. I stay up at night and love it. I just stayed up all night just this night. I love learning and get bored at work but love it when things get a bit harder. My mind will not stay quiet and I have a wild imagination. And I talk to myself so much I have to try to hide it. Its just thinking out loud but folks think it nuts. I like comics and Star Trek and have star track dolls (action figures, ha-ha) and use to have a large collection of Sci-Fi books and star trek books along with an old Star Trek Manual. Highest IQ in my classes and what did it get me? I learned how to run real fast and fight when I had to fight. Even your own family will toss you aside because a young black girl is not supposed to be like that or like this and love hiking on weekends instead of doing….what ever it is they do in the hood on weekends but one thing was for sure, I hated drugs. So I was called dumb most of my life by people around me and family because there is only one way to behave in the hood and you must be cool when yo do it (never found out what cool means) but most of those people that called me dumb did not do well in life and as for the rest, I love my family more than they love me but I try to live at lest 1000 or more miles away from them now and let me tell you, thats smart! life now is good. Im 50 years old and finally happy!

  6. The clip at 3.51 shows u r not a genius only but a racist too… don't relate terrorism merely to cap wearing and bearded people… if u can't spread love then stop spreading hate atleast… thank God i m not a genius of that type

  7. None of those signs match with me. I think I'm not a genius.😢😢😢 What am I supposed to do with this now? find me a solution.😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I'm genius for sure I used to speak to myself, I'm left handed, and so more as you mentioned. from south Sudan

  9. I'm a total lefty, i love books, i have a great sense of humor, i love the night ,i worry about everything, I'm addicted to McDonald's frappes so i guess i'm a genius

  10. Im addicted to coffee and im so worried with it. I am right handed but im using my left hand in doing things. Yes im a genius!

  11. I'm Left Handed, Good At Math, People Around Me Says That I Solve Problems In A Very Weird Way Which Is Not Normal And Yes They Call Me Mad Because Most Of Time I Talk To MySelf 😂

  12. If I was not always sitting on my thinker I would have scored higher on i.q. I am left handed. Intelligent people are more likely to go crazy. 136

  13. Everyone is a genius

    But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree
    it will live its whole life believing that is stupid

    -Albert Einstein

  14. I am left handed but was made to use my right hand in school since grade school or else the nun would give my hands a good wack. But in college I used either my left or right hand in writing especially when copying notes. I am a speed reader and made use of it in my research. I am a night owl. I talked to myself to boost my morale. I worried where might I be when disasters struck. I was introvert until I reached college. 2 Out of 1000 examinees passed the civil service and I was on top. Does it make me a genius? I thanked GOD for the gift and my mom for her suuport.

  15. I think I will stay “where I am now”. …. Don’t count me in…. it took me five minutes to. fully understand who the realgenius are!, Ahh…I am out here…..

  16. 18/4/2019 Keith Stevenson left handed, night owl, 11.15pm wide awake. I talk to myself, can be shy, love books, always want to know more, love abstract theory. That's me. I'm a low-paid party-animal nobody, who's loved dancing, always busy, with a buzzing head, full of ideas. Please go to Youtube find the Green K. hope you find my 39 videos uplifting. thanks

  17. Very interesting. I’m left handed, member of Mensa with IQ138. Almost recogniza sings in myself and other members.

  18. man! now I realized that i'm genius haha
    talking to myself
    addicted to something
    being curious
    want a challenge that's why I choose to engineer as my field in college man sounds funny tho


  20. I'm actually amberdextrious so what does that make me? ( Did I spell that word right?)☺️🤕🤕🤕

  21. I'm not buying any of this. I have 6 of these traits. Got crappy grades in school, can't remember sh*t, and was fired from a number of jobs because I couldn't learn them fast enough. Interesting vid – but totally useless.

  22. If your left handed that doesnt my that your smarter. I have proff in my class there is a left handed kid and his dummmmmmmmmmest kid ever lived

  23. Does realy every left handed watched this video
    Not me IM just looking for proof that i could build a desctructive robot in the future

  24. Ho wants to make a discord server
    For smart people like some of those People Who watched this video 👍

  25. I am a left handed, laughing it`s my habit more especially when i am thinking of an old joke i one come across, I love studying at night not because I am genius but i find it easy to study and understand a particular concept … but I am not that good in Mathematics with which I didn`t qualify to further my studies as a Mechanical … I find it hard to believe that I am one of the genius since I gave up doing science now I am doing Linguistics

  26. Wait what if your able to write with your left and right hand just fine with no trouble?

  27. I am Left Handed, I like Books, I am almost Addicted to dark chocolate, I am so far from being a genius, it's not even funny.

  28. I'm pissed again, I talk to myself especially when I'm pissed and I'm usually pissed at night. Jesus I must be a fucking genius. My Arse!

  29. Well… sorry.. I got all of them except I'm right handed. And i'm just somewhat of an introvert.. I'm addicted to.. chewing on ice.. and I scored a 158 on the WAIS-III. and I'm an ESTJ on the Meyer-Briggs test… However, I"M NOT A GENIUS. I enjoy watching Spongebob squarepants… I get baffled by common sense actions.. SO THAT already proves I'm a total idiot. I also can watch Pimple popping videos for fun.. I DON'T KNOW ANY GENIUS that does that.

  30. Hey Jim, I am lefty and I feel I am good at various activities as I have good handwriting,
    I draw good, I am good at sports,
    I love reading facts, positive thought but worry too much about something
    I enjoy life, laugh too much and love studying latenight

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