Top 10 Things I NEED in ROYALE HIGH 👑

Top 10 Things I NEED in ROYALE HIGH 👑

I’m giving away a Nintendo switch to one of you guys so check the description box for the giveaway link! Hello my beautiful royal humans.. You already know where your girl is, but today’s gonna be a little bit of a different kind of video! You guys have seen me now. I have done over 50 episodes of Royale high maybe more. I’ll check my playlist but after playing a game this much and for this long I feel like there are some things That I want to see in this game and I waited to make this video because I knew the new update was coming out! based On callmehbob or Aura Frost’s YouTube channel She put out that update way up before this came out that she was working on it And actually her channel is a really good resource. She’s actually started to upload things before they happen in the game So I’ll leave a link to her channel down below and callmehbob I don’t know if you watch me or Keisyo or any of my friends videos who play your game But we’re absolutely obsessed with it! So this isn’t a dis by any means, but there are some things that weren’t in the latest update That made me a little bit sad and there are just some things in general that I would love to see in this game. So today we’re gonna go through the top 10 things 10 that I would like to see in Royal high and this is just my personal list so you know if your Desires or your list looks a little bit different leave a comment and let me know the things that you would like to see well Let’s jump into this As you guys know when you roll up in the carriage sometimes you’re the driver Sometimes you’re in the back seat, as you can see this girl is sitting in it right now. Hence the squat on the ground But here’s what I would like to see I would like to see NPCs and if you guys don’t know that term that means non playable character What I’m looking for here is it’ll be awesome to have a character that actually Oh drove this now We do have the little kittens the puppies a Huskies. I mean, I don’t I don’t know what they are. They have tails So they have to be dogs that they have cat ears cat dog things But I’m talking about we need a lunch lady we need some real people in here that aren’t just players because as you know, You can’t always rely on players for your role-playing or for your episodes because people but crazy so, you know maybe a lifeguard Maybe a dorm attendant somebody who’s like right outside the dorms when you’re about to go in even some teachers would be great Why not at the front of the classroom you have a teacher that’s sitting there administering your quizzes? I know games in general like Skyrim that I’m really obsessed with all have NPCs… especially when you can kind of interact and change the Relationship maybe you could bake people treats and it would make them like you more and it would give you extra coins during class I don’t know something like that. But I definitely feel like royal high needs just a little a little bit more life to it. I Want there to be a real Principle! We always see all these threats of what’s gonna happen when you go to the principal’s office Everyone will burn I think it will be awesome to have a real Principal whether it be in an NPC role or whether somebody could spawn on to the server and play as the principal role! I mean look at this over here. We have the principal’s office But there is never a principal in it and there’s no way for you to actually like change your status, You could change your name to be principal. But I would really like to see this chair filled by an actual scary principal and maybe if you got in trouble maybe people could like some in the principal or just as the character in general you could actually Send people to detention which I think would be hilarious. I mean you have this amazing desk a gorgeous fireplace Look at this jeweled chair, and I’m failing my classes, too…. It’s all right… It’s worth it to talk to you guys why I go through the trouble of making this beautiful office if you’re not gonna fill it with somebody equally Intimidating! So we can’t we can’t leave the office any more still a secret where it is on the map I will I will be looking I find it one day… All of these foods are great and all but what about being able to decorate Your own food outside of baking class? That’s right people. I’m talking about a froyo station! So I think what’s really great that call me Bob has done in the new update is there are now these Butler 3000 machines But they reminded me the first time I got in this game They reminded me of a froyo station and I got very upset that there wasn’t, you know a little topping station I couldn’t get Froyo out of this. I wanted sprinkles, I wanted cookies, I wanted yogurt chips.. I want little bits of fruit may be tiny butterfingers! I don’t know, but I think it will be awesome to be able to not only pick your own Froyo flavor, But decorate it and eat it for lunch and you could show a lot of individuality a lot of style, So call me Bob, please, please. This place is so fabulous, but every royal needs her Froyo. Know I only touched base on an actual principal… but I was also thinking wouldn’t it be great if students could have powers somehow?! I mean There are some really nice people in game who just go above and beyond you excel at being friendly Why can’t we elect student body president?! So not only would you have a principal who could be a non playable character could be somebody in the game… But what if we could actually elect each other to become a student body president?? This would be awesome because as you know in the game It shows you your level So maybe that can help be a factor in Deciding who should be student body president as you can see it Looks like I am the third highest on here. We have Vimmi13 at level 45. That would be a good president Candidate I just think it would be awesome to kind of be able to have another sort of voting process that isn’t just based around prom or Popularity or how good you look you know? This could really be based off of who do you think would be a good Student body president leader for the school who does good in classes, maybe grades could factor into it Anyways, I just think that would be a fun idea and another way to add a little bit more personality to the game You know what though guys I’m getting thirsty. You know what that means- What’s inside my cup everybody have you have you thought about it have you guessed well today What’s in my cup is a crown! We look so good. So good So this is this is not comfortable. Goodbye. They need me. Just be here You know when you’re walking around Oh Sophia, oh my goodness girls slay slay Sophia You make a beautiful beautiful prince and I don’t see any problem with princes wanting jewelry and makeup and look at those necklaces! Oh my goodness, but often when you’re playing well You’ll see a lot of characters with really really long names, you know, they will put princess of fire, My mother is the light lady or you know what I mean people will put kind of what realm they’re from but wouldn’t it be awesome
if you could actually select from a list of realms as you can do with Winx in the fairies and mermaid you can actually pick your Alignment and gives you different powers. How cool would that be to do it in Royal High?! Now Royals may not necessarily have superpowers, but I think it will be awesome to have a list of realm’s that you could choose from and maybe even have a Section somewhere in a group or somewhere online where people could submit realm ideas That way people aren’t having to make their names super long. You know what I’m talking about Cyber, Princess of Darkness, vampire This could totally do away with all the crazy naming and then we wouldn’t have to spend five minutes of reading people’s profiles It’ll be cool. They can just show up when we click on them Now looking looking at myself something just it doesn’t seem right… Okay, and you know what the number one thing that always bothers me in this game And you know, I love that I can change the color of my crown now, but I would love a different crown style I mean some of these jewels just look like they don’t even fit on properly Look at this one for example right here this dark purple You can see the prong of the crown sticking out and also I’ve always been confused Why is there a little bump on the front and a little bump on the back and I can’t put a real jewel there?! Oh be awesome to have some different crown styles as you know The real Royals they have many different styles You have crowns, you have tiaras, you have ones that pin in you have ones that go over your whole head So I think it would be really amazing to have that option in Royal High too Why not give us a little different crown style. Personally. I just think the jewels look a little a little bit too big They’re a little too prominent, especially if you’re still unlocking and you only have a few colors or a few jewels I can just look a little bit goofy. I think it would be really cool to be able to have some different styles I know I would love to rock a tiara because most of the hairstyles cut into your crown anyways, Like my pigtails why not just do one that’s half and also not gonna lie looking at these beautiful crowns on top of the lockers sometimes I get a little bit jealous and I kind of wish I had a different style grown to… Number four on my list is the sad time after school. You know what time it is? Okay See, it’s 5:51 school is done. There is nothing to do after school, but Homework! Number four on my list of things I would like to see in real high is some sort of after-school Activity some sort of clubs that we could join maybe cooking thank yandere simulator but in Royal High I’m sick of doing homework! This is probably could have been number one on my spot I mean, this is definitely something I have been talking about and wishing for forever I was hoping this new update would have it but there are a lot of people like myself and Keisyo who definitely like to rotate around outfits? Sometimes I have different series going with different characters and you know what sometimes my personality is just different one day when I wake up unfortunately to do so I have to go into dress-up and I have to change my outfit every Single time I would love for there to be a way for me to actually save each Individual outfit have some sort of catalogue of outfits, So I’m not having to go through and do work every time so as you can see right now Let’s just let’s just see how long it takes me to get changed So first things first, what if I want a brand new face and I don’t know, you know exactly what I’m looking for Oh, that’s a little dark… Oh, it’s so happy! As you can see I spent about 20 seconds on each of the things I’m doing here and it just takes so long and what if you end up being like, you know? This one doesn’t go with the outfit I have on right this second I want to change and then all of a sudden you go to change and you realize it’s covering your crown all of this could Be avoided it was just a simple outfit selector with of course I’m sitting simple And I’m sure there is a lot of work and a lot of coding and I’m not disrespecting the process at all… I would just love it to be able to change my outfit with a click of a button! Instead of having to actually go through and change every single item and spend five minutes each episode Deciding what to look like- as far as that is I don’t want to have to keep searching for the same outfits that I like Over and over so that’s something that is number three, but also kind of tied for my number one spot… This place just doesn’t feel complete without my best friends… The reason I wake up in the morning- I’m talking about my dog! Oh My god, both my dogs are right here. This is perfect I. Love. My. Dogs and I want my dogs in every game that I play because look at them They as good dogs. They’s my best friends and they should be in the game with us if you guys don’t know watch Oh, it’s the little black dog But you guys definitely know who this is if you’ve watched my channel at all since I’ve started this Little pup right here Twinkie. My chihuahua has been a huge feature. She’s the endcard she is a real dog I know she looks like a pill came out or something weird please please would feel a lot less lonely if we could have pets and Everybody knows that pets have been a massive part of royalty for ages famously. The Queen of England is known for her Love of corgies. I personally am team chihuahua set my puppy on the chair next to me while we finish this video sisters Now we are back at the Cafeteria because the number one thing that you guys all begged for that I have been begging for in every game But especially this game and I was so upset that I didn’t see it in the update Was right over here look through look through the snacks people, I see watermelon, cookies, lollipop, Pizza, chocolate-covered marshmallow, but you know We don’t see where are the tacos?!Why are the tacos not? Represented everybody needs a taco if you’re gonna do Italian, if you’re going to do desserts, okay If you’re gonna do delicious breakfast of every region you need to represent Mexico… And we need to represent tacos… I was heartbroken I went to every meal I bought every food I searched and I searched on the menu But I never found a taco. So what let’s just ask people here if they agree with me We need tacos who agrees? Tacos in royal hive please Oh see. Look at this me I agree in oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely need tacos. Yes tacos. Thank you. Everybody called me Bob I really hope you’re watching this. We need tacos. Ooh, and and a bathroom Oh Oh gosh, that’s a good point. We can we can add that to our number one spot tacos and bathrooms We don’t have bathrooms anymore At least I haven’t seen them but it seems like everybody agrees with me that we need tacos. So callmehbob, please if you’re watching We. Need. Tacos. Thank you all for hanging out with me. I hope you enjoy it I’m trying to do some like different kind of roblox videos to show you guys a little bit more about me and my personality but Also, I feel like I spent so much time in game, but there’s such an awesome roblox community outside of the game, So do you see me doing things like checking out memes and investigating roblox mysteries. I hope you’re enjoying it! I know it’s new and so it takes a while for you guys to kind of get used to new content, But I do kind of want to be a more. What is it? Well rounded roblox youtuber… I wanted to explore the world of roblox in and out of the game! So I hope you like this leave a comment and let me know what types of things You wish you could see in the game. Rest room was a great suggestion and I’ll be here tweet me, Instagram me send me a comment on youtube! Do anything you want to do and just let me know because I would love to hear your Opinions, but remember we want ta-cos we want ta-cos I’ll see you later humans. I’m giving away a Nintendo switch to one of you guys so check the description box for the giveaway link! Taco life baby. I love tacos I love tacos. I eat tacos all the time. Give me tacos plenty tacos only thing that’s on my mind. Give me queso, extra cheese. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram Cyber Nova! This month, I’ll be doing followers sprees giveaways. So head over now!


  1. There should be pets ,homes,jobs,car that say your name on it,a kitchen in your dorm that you can cook in like bloxburg, please shout out

  2. you know what I think callmehbob should add? right when you join you can choose how old you wanna be like teacher or princaple

  3. 2019 Royale High (I'm always updating)

    Nr 10: loading…
    Nr 9: loading…
    Nr 8: loading…
    Nr 7: loading…
    Nr 6: loading…
    Nr 5: check ☑️
    Nr 4: check ☑️
    Nr 3: check ☑️
    Nr 2: loading…
    Nr 1: loading… (we fricking need the tacos!)

  4. I wish that you shut up and have 10 or more luck for a a halo and clubs and you get bannad hahahahaha im a hater

  5. i know how to get out side of the princeables office
    but if u want to know cyber u have to freind meh pllzzz so i can show u!!!! PLZ 🙂

  6. Royale high needs a brunch and there should be a thing on the side of your screen that says what day of the week it is and on weekends there should be activities to do like a picnic or going to the royal zoo or something like that

  7. They should add in a dinner time cause I mean who doesn’t need dinner? It’s one of the most important meals of the day!

  8. Cyber: See, there's cookies, lollipops, pizza, even chocolate covered marshmallows! But do you know what I don't see? Me: OMG SHES NOT CYBER IF SHE DOESNT HAVE TACOS IN HER FAV GAME ROYALE HIGH!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!

  9. I wish there was like guards guarding the castle, a teacher in every classes, cafe lady and also in the carriage there are so many seats and I wish that more people arriving at the same time as me would sit on the carriage

  10. I REALLY WISH that in some dorms there will be all big dorms and two small dorms and maybe both on a few because me and my friend always fight over it and I think boys have the same problem too by not in the pink room XD

  11. I wish there were stuf that wheren’t leaked so fast p.s. I really want the high school lacy boots and socks back waaaaaa!

  12. Things I Need In Royale High Too :
    Statues Of The Creators
    Teacher NPC’s That Grades Homework
    After You Did The Class You Will Pass It To The Teacher And She Will Grade It
    When Ur At LEVEL 20 Or higher , u Will Have a question if You want To join Students Councils Or Not
    If U See Somebody Disobeying U Report Them To The Principal And Send Them To Detention
    U Can Choose UR Crown Style
    U Can Change The Color Of Your Wings
    POWERS AND REALMS (( Like Cyber Said :3 ))
    In Your Doris U Can Play With UR Pets
    But They Can Only Stay In The Dorms
    You Can Play Games On The COMPUTER In The Dorms
    U Can Record And MAKE Music In The Recording Studio Or YA Know u Can enter The Recording studio
    U Can MAKE Your Own FoOd
    A Animation When You Put On Wings , Dresses , PANTS , and heels

    K Dats it

  13. Take a look at the things that I want in Royale high!
    1. Mix hairstyles
    2. Make our own hairstyles
    3. Field trips!!!!!
    Once I think of more things I want in royale high I will add them uvu

  14. Things i need in royale High:
    1. Dinner
    2. Train station
    3. NPC’s
    4. Able to Cook in your dorm
    5. Detention room

  15. I wish Royale high had like halos light or dark or something like that as an accessory or you pick if your royalty and get crown or pick to be a mythical creature so u get a halo it would be cool

  16. Id like different dorm types not just the same type of room, living room, kitchen, and you'd be able to paint everything like walls and floors. Dinner, clubs, bathrooms for dorms, being able to text people and give them a dorm key to hang out, where they can come in when they want. More things to bake besides cup cakes.

  17. Cybernova Cybernova please pin my comment if u pin it im ganna scream plz nobody of youtubers pin mee

  18. I was in a roeplay and the “printable” made me go in her office and told me to where pjs cuz it pj day and I refused and I got detention 😢😔

  19. Cyber! Its been so long since I watched you! Last time I watched you was when you played with RadioJH Audrey and Chad When they were young!

  20. My Brother Watching Yt i Watching you he say who is she? I bet she bad! he writes not and I get mad when he wrote I HATE THAT YOUTUBER THAT ___ IS WATCHING! Me changed it to ~HATE~ LOVE CYBER!

  21. Its Me From De Future Now Cyber I Think The Cats Who Drive the Carriage And the One Who Is Holding A Bone The Cat Is Actually Holding A Toy BONE!

  22. Cyber their is npc’s now such as Leon the guard Adam mixologist Butler zed and so much more even the npc people in the New Years update

  23. Royal high is amazing and callmehbob/Barbie and all the people that help are amazing We all want things for royal high and we all dislike things in royal high and thank you for the thing I agree with everyone’s opinion

  24. Hmm,Cyber…what you need,and I need,is a halo…That is most important to me…right? XD hope you get a halo soon,And I wish I will too…

  25. Hey I am a really big fan!!!!! Could u please give me diamonds I really could use some help thanks love u byeeee <3

  26. I want to see an update but u can pick as many teams or clubs to be in. Examples: football, cheerleader etc.. And it has practised after school??

  27. I have roleplayed as the principal, and it’s really funny to make mean brats cry at my office!😊

  28. Well I think callmehbob knows you said that, because I'm watching in 2019 and she added the thing to save outfits, she also added bathrooms, and I save my money by not buying food, so I don't know if she mad tacos.

  29. When u want food u should be able to pick a type of food then u get like american food if u clicked it or austrailian food or diffrent then u get to pick diffrent foods in that place.

  30. I think there should be more basic hairstyles
    More hair colors (for the pass)
    Nurse office the ability to steal stuff (books keys but not gems) cause it could be good for rp
    Real teachers
    Real principal
    Rules(that you can break)
    The ability to cook in your dorm
    Detention room
    Dessert bar
    Life guard
    Custom music
    Being able to throw stuff (drinks food for rp)
    More basic everyday outfits
    The ability wheel items and halos

  31. 1. TACOS & FRAPPES: We need some taco and frappe option every hour on the game and some tea not a normal tea SPILLING TEA. 2. CUSTOMIZABLE FACES: I think we need customizable faces, i know we already have it but when i say CUSTOMIZABLE FACES, is CUSTOMIZABLE FACES, different lips very many options of eyes and lips, accesories and everything even masks on your mouths we can do your own lips your own eyes and your own everything! it would be funny! bcuz the new faces of now i don't like them, eyes with large eyelashes with no eyelashes little eyelashes medium eyelashes, heart on a cheek, of everything. 3. DIFERENT FOODS OF COUNTRYS: Well other thing about food! i think we should have options of what country food we want! I will always choose Argentina! (Bcuz i am argentinian so huh) in my lunch i will eat some.. hmm milanesa >:D breakfast some dulce de leche! and in dinner alfajores with mate, and in out of school OBVIOUSLY FROYO WITH MATE! (froyo is not a argentina food but i think i can lol) and so much things more.! 4. OWN OUTFITS (Etc): I think we need a option of making your own outfits makeup faces heels skirts accesories wings hair crowns shoes!, AND EVEN HALOS! that people can get! that will be amazing! if you are emo you can make a emo outfit emo hair etc! and if you girly a girly outfit with heels skirt and that things! 5.OWN HAIR COLORS: Your own hair colors, we can make a black with a neon green! a light blue with white and that has a sun on the middle of the hair! and more light blue on the end! and can create that hair colors for people, if callmehbob add's that i will make that hair color it will be named '' Argentina Flag Colors '' or just '' Argentina '' for the Sunset Island when it is the Country theme! so we can dress of your own countrys! 5. AGES: Ages, people new on royale high are a baby and then when you grow in the game teen teenager kid, adult, grandma/grandpa! 6. ADVANCED CELLHPONES: Advanced CellPhones, we can have cellphones a Instayale (RH's Instagram) RoyaleBook (RH's FaceBook) WhatssHigh (RH's Whatssapp) and more apps! and we can even HiGHTEE ON YOUR Hightter (RH's Twitter) lol the words im making, tweeting making your, photos and having followers! i think callmehbob will have the most follower number lol, and even apps of games that are in REAL LIFE! 7. BACKPACKS! : Backpacks having backpacks, customizable backpacks! 8. USING DIAMONDS FOR MORE THINGS: Like, buying, phones different phones! things for the princesses (but no skirts heels and etc) like headphones computers, books, things for school, EVERYTHING (not accesories skirts heels crowns etc) 9. ROYALE CITY: A city! shopping beaches restaurants clubs karaokes and many more things! (to go in afterschool!) 10. EMOTIONS, BEING SICK ETC: If someone insults you your roblox morph can get sad, and if someone hits your friend your roblox morph can be angry and etc, if it's rainning and your roblox morph is under the rain it gets sick and etc, it can be cool really!
    End, if you liked it give me a like or a comment!

  32. What i want in royal high:
    1. if you skip class you go to detention and get out by prom (getting ready)
    2. 1 million secret diamond
    3. More homework
    4. Weekends
    5. Clubs after school (Computer typing club, swimming club, baking club, and at club. Why not?)

  33. btw hears an example of a long name (people who put they're bio in the name)
    Alexa/smart/strong/good student/half bad/
    father is principal/ cheerleader captain/ mother is leader of
    light/ sis is maria, Lauren, Stacy and Julian/
    brother is bad.
    srry I'm not trying to offend anyone

  34. I wish there’s like stores where u can buy wings, skirts, heels, and accessories
    It’s kinda annoying but I think it’s good for role playing

  35. And don't tell her it was your idea please. Maybe just say it was a fans idea if you don't want to give anyone a shout out.

  36. i love the new stuff in royale high 👑Top 10 Things I NEED in ROYALE HIGH 👑 number 1 mps life guard teachers and bake cookies

  37. Here's what I Want

    1) Dinner. I mean, there's breakfast and lunch. It sometimes angers me when it happens
    2) CLUBS!! Really, we NEED them!
    3) Prom only on certain in game days (ex: only fridays)
    5) this is what I want MOST……. WEEKENDS!!

    That's what I want :p

  38. I know this is late but I think they should add a sleepover realm where you can actually give friends makeovers and play truth or dare and just hangout!

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