Top 10 Weird Video Game That Are Addicting

Top 10 Weird Video Game That Are Addicting

Some games just suck you in and don’t let
go. And it’s not like we’re complaining – a
highly addictive video game can be utter bliss. And addictive games wildly vary in genre. But sometimes, the games we’re addicting
to can be a tad embarrassing, or pretty damn strange in nature. Now, we’re not aiming to insult any of the
games on this list for their eccentricities, but rather, embrace the wonderful things that
make them weird and keep up coming back for more. So, without any more hesitation, let’s jump
in to our top 10 weird video games that are addicting. 10 Superhot
Making this list for ‘weird’ since you wouldn’t immediately think of it when it
comes to first person shooters, despite it being one of the best the genre has seen this
decade. Unconventional, it takes traditional FPS genre
traits like the gameplay mechanics, but time stops within the game when the player stops
– it progresses when the player moves. That combined with the minimalistic design,
the game has some serious Matrix vibes, making it trippy at times. 9 Rocket League
Football with race cars. Or soccer with race cars, depending on where
abouts in the world you’re from. While Rocket League is quite beloved for obvious
reasons, the game is inherently odd due to the combination of those two very different
sports. The game has been critically praised, and
even adopted as an eSport, and the multiplayer component is notoriously highly addictive. 8 Proust
Dabbling into mobile games for this one, Proust is a game in which you’re given a series
of people or items and you have to rank them from best to worst. When you’re done, you can compare with your
friends to see where they ranked them. Loosely based on the Proust Questionnaire
developed by Marcel Proust, the game gives you a bunch of different options, some of
which are quite absurd, and leaves you to cast your judgement. 7 Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame
Lindsay Lohan’s the price of fame gives you a celebrity avatar who you need to build
a fan base for by rapidly swiping at your phone’s screen. As Kotaku aptly pointed out, the game felt
like simulated masturbation on a grand scale. As simple as that; there isn’t any other
sort of gameplay weaved into the mix. Just swiping and swiping and swiping. But what makes this odd little game addictive
is that it appeals to our infatuation with social media. It’s a numbers game. The more followers you have, the more digital
love you’ve procured in the game; an obsession that so many of us have in real life. 6 Super Meat Boy
A dark comedy with minimalist aesthetics, Super Meat Boy is an indie game where you
play a block of meat trying to save your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the game’s antagonist,
Mr. Fetus. High energy with the need for a quick response
time, the game has a very retro feel, terrifying bosses and a lot of meat juice. The plot sometimes drifts into dark territory. And that’s not even including how Meat Boy’s
death is depicted when you die in a level. 5 Slime Rancher
A life simulation game developed by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher puts you in the shoes
of Beatrix LeBeau, who moves to another planet in order to live the life of a slime rancher. Like a horse rancher, except with balls of
slime that have cute little faces. It’s an open world first person game where
you need to raise, feed, collect and breed slimes. Yep, breed em. The game received really positive reviews,
which many critics commenting on the light nature of the game and it’s incredibly fun
game play. 4 Whose Your Daddy
Babies drinking bleach? Well, that’s one of the many potential moves
you can pull in Whose Your Daddy – a game where you play with a friend, one of you being
the dad, the other the baby. The baby’s mission is quite simple – kill
yourself. The dads? Stop the baby from killing itself. It’s like hide and seek but with potential
infanticide. Yep. 3 The Binding of Isaac
Inspired by the biblical story of the same name, the Binding of Isaac puts you in the
shoes of Isaac. You’re a boy who has fled his mother and
is trying to survive in his monster filled basement after his mother receives a message
from god demanding Isaac’s life as proof over her faith. Created by Edmund McMillen, the same man behind
our number 6 super meat boy, the game was critically acclaimed, and heavily focused
on the moral duality of religion, the game has 13 possible endings. It was nominated for best indie game in 2011,
but lost to some pretty tough competition – Minecraft. The game was remade in 2014, enabling more
ports and improving upon graphics. 2 Goat Simulator
In goat simulator, your primary goal is to cause chaos. As a goat. This involves, sticking your tongue to things,
tackling people and or objects, and embracing a plethora of different mutations that allow
you to maximize your destruction, and maximize the hilarity of it all. With what initially started out at as a joke
trailer soon had a huge demand to be developed into a full game, which now has several DLCs
that are comedic gold – including ones with zombies, one in space, and another that’s
an MMORPG simulator. 1 Seaman
But just like the sims or any other game in which you’re tasked with carrying for something
or someone one, Seaman forms a weird attachment between these strange fish humanoid creatures
and the player. And the fact that they can express pain and
fear makes it all that much worse – and horrifically strange, if we’re being honest. There we have it friends! What games do you find the most addicting? And what’s your favourite weird game that
you love playing? Let us know in those comments below. And as always, if you dug this video, hit
those like and subscribe buttons. We’ve also got some fun other videos you
can check out, like the ones in our top 10 mario playlist, or our top 10 sonic playlist. Check em out! In the meantime, I’ve been Kelly Paoli and
this has been top 10 gaming. I’ll catch you all in the next one.


  1. I'm addicted to Sonic Shuffle even though I haven't play it since 2000 xD

    I was also addicted to Kung Fu Chaos for a time

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