Top 12 Most addicting Android Games

Top 12 Most addicting Android Games

Yo YouTubers what’s up everyone see i’m in my kitchen see? Ok see the dryer back there? See it? Ok anyway’s


  1. Games mentioned in this video
    12. Roblox
    11. Smurfs Villiage
    10. Rolling Sky
    9. Pokemon Go
    8. Plants vs. Zombies 1&2
    7. Paint Monsters
    6. Clash of Clans
    5. Candy Crush Saga
    4. PubG
    3. Fortnite
    2. Bricks N Balls
    1. Rider
    Let me know in the comments if you have any of these games, and let me know what your favorite game is in the 12 games I have chosen in this Top 12

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