Top 15 Best FREE iOS Role Playing Games | RPG for iPads & iPhones

Top 15 Best FREE iOS Role Playing Games | RPG for iPads & iPhones

Dungeon Gems Just like most Mobile RPG’s, this game takes
on the form of a Match Three puzzle. Dungeon Gems is a puzzle-game mixed with thrilling
RPG elements to pit you against dragons and monsters. Choose from a wide variety of heroes and evolve
them into legendary characters. The game has over 200 heroes to customize
and tweak. Use your finger to match similar colored runes
and unleash its powerful effects to waves and waves of enemies. If you feel alone, you could always call a
friend and raid dungeons together in its multiplayer option. It’s a Free-to-Play Game on the PlayStore
and it has a PlayScore of 8.35 Age of Wushu Dynasty Travel back to ancient China, and experience
the action and serenity that the art of Wushu offers. Age of Wushu Dynasty is more compact than
its PC version, with simplified mechanics for optimal mobile use. But, simplified as it may be, the combat is
complex yet fluid, and at times satisfyingly chaotic. Use feints and parries to break defenses,
and slash enemies in graceful fashion. Once you get used to it, you’ll punch, kick
and slice your way through anachronistic goons and grand masters in a style that Ip man could
be proud of. Like the martial arts it’s based on, Age
of Wushu is elegant and polished. It’s an MMORPG worth enjoying, topped with
an authentic chinese atmosphere. It has a PlayScore of 8.38. Adventure Company Foursaken Media does what it does best, creating
a game that veers away from formulaic mobile RPGs. Adventure Company won’t have you leveling
up a single hero, you’ll have a whole army of heroes to control. It fuses management, action, adventure and
RPG into one adorable game. Divide your armies and take them to different
battles for those juicy experience points. Venture through deserts in search of long
lost artifacts, or patrol the area for enemies to defend innocent civilians. There’s dozens of foes to beat, and even more
classes to discover. Promote the best ones, equip them with the
finest weapons, and you’ll soon be the best bunch of adventurers in all the land. It has a PlayScore of 8.39. Final Fantasy BRAVE EXVIUS The magic of Final Fantasy continues to the
mobile. Square Enix’s popular and long-running franchise
takes you to the lives of Raine, Lasswell and Fina in a gripping story that takes the
world of Lapis to impending doom. Once again, it’s a battle of light and dark. The game’s use of the iPhone’s touch controls
are intuitive and easy to manipulate. By using just your finger, you could control
everything in the game. From conjuring powerful Magic, fighting enemies
and unleashing damage-dealing Limit Breaks, it’s just so simple. The road to fight the darkness is long and
dangerous, but you are not alone. With the iOS’ social feature, call a friend
and let them aid you in the quest to rid the world of evil. The game is playable in either online or offline,
it’s has a PlayScore of 8.40 Dungeon Boss Defend your dungeon and pillage the neighbors
in epic turn based battles courtesy of Big Fish Games. Be the dungeon boss by amassing an infantry
from its wide selection of heroes, with warriors, ninjas, knights and more. It has intricately designed RPG mechanics,
with each hero having its own traits and features. Upgrade, equip, and ascend your heroes to
unlock epic abilities, useful against mighty bosses and tricky dungeon crawls. Assemble the fiercest army and test your skills
in Clash-of-Clanslike battles. Take down their defenses, loot the dungeons,
and climb the leaderboards. It has a PlayScore of 8.43. Soda Dungeon An RPG game that highlights the importance
of a good fizzy-drink is something that you would not expect. Armor Games’ dungeon-crawling slash tavern-building
adventure is a hilarious idea that I bet they brainstormed the game’s idea while intoxicated
during an office meeting. You start from scratch, be a lowly peasant
as you slowly build the success of your travels by raiding dungeons and creating powerful
Soda’s to improve your Tavern. These Soda’s attract powerful new heroes
to join your party, and it’s an obvious secret to the game’s design. Earn loot, create the most addicting of Soda’s
and watch your Tavern flourish. It has a PlayScore of 8.52 SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag If you’re a fan of Sword Art Online, then
this game is for you. Follow your favorite anime characters, Kirito,
Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon as they delve into digital worlds in an all new side-scrolling
adventure. Relive iconic moments, and relish new scenes
made directly for the game. Raise your swords, and ready your spells as
you faceoff with the anime’s towering archnemeses. It’s a fun and addicting game on its own. Just make sure you don’t get stuck in this
game’s world. It has a PlayScore of 8.54. Quadropus Rampage We’ve had badass warriors, beautiful maidens
and godlike paladins in a Roguelike Game before. But how about a Cephalopod? Quadropus Rampage is, well, a story about
a 4-legged creature that’s on a dominating spree just to take down the evil king of the
seas. The ocean is full of unknown dangers and comes
with great challenges. Loot items, grab the most powerful weapons
and survive endless waves of underwater creatures. Its procedurally-generated levels make up
the amount of surprises hidden in store in each adventure. Slay Epic Bosses in every wave and never let
your guard down. It’s a goofy RPG game that doesn’t really
take itself seriously, but the roguelike elements would want you to be serious instead. It has a PlayScore of 8.55 Tiny Dice Dungeon Step inside a teeny-weeny adventure with these pixel-perfect heroes in one of Kongregate’s popular browser games. This time the game takes it to mobile. Roll your dice and experience the joy of raiding
dungeons and taking down pixelated monsters with your powerful magic and weapons. Go deeper into the dungeon and witness the game’s clever feature of taming monsters to join you in your quest. Collect artifacts, craft legendary weapons,
take down insane bosses and show your mettle in the game’s leaderboards. Show the might of your gathered monsters and
test your luck! It has a PlayScore of 8.55 Terra Battle A game that has constantly been improved with
every download. Terra Battle is an RPG that uses simple grid-based
combat. Players move their characters in a grid-by-grid fashion while taking down enemies via head-on attacks, magic, and flanking. Led by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original creator
of the Final Fantasy series, he calls forth the aid of popular game artists such as Yoshitaka Amano to constantly develop wonderful art for this game. The game’s music is also composed by Nobuo
Uematsu, a popular composer of the Final Fantasy series. It’s a magical game that really takes you
to Square’s classic days. But it’s Developer Mistwalker is trying
to do something new. The game is aiming for its next goal: To release
the game on consoles! It has a PlayScore of 8.59 Cardinal Quest 2 Get lost in fiery caves and dark dungeons
in this unique roguelike experience. Harking back to the retro arcade games of
old, this RPG will bring childhood gaming experiences back with its perfectly executed 16bit maps and sprites. Choose among 7 classes with their own battle
styles. Stay away from enemies and practice your long
shots with the ranger, or lurk in shadows for the perfect sneak kill with the Thief. There’s hundreds of beasts to slay with three different story campaigns, including the endless Tower mode. Randomly generated levels keep gameplay fresh. You never know what monsters lie in the fog,
or what legendary items await your midas hands. Collect fortunes, and defeat baddies in this
highly interactive adventure with a PlayScore of 8.62. Arcane Legends The most definitive MMORPG on the mobile. From the creators of the smash hit, Pocket
Legends gives you the most ambitious mobile game they created. It proves that mobile MMO can be possible,
and could be improved. Choose from the game’s three classes: Warrior,
Rogue and Sorcerer and witness a beautiful and living world of Arlor to discover. Encounter dangerous creatures such as trolls,
necromancers and so much more. Upgrade your hero to conjure powerful Arcane
Magic. To add fun to your journey, grab a pet and
explore the world together. This game has a PlayScore of 8.62 ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE The voyage to the seas is nothing without
the power of friendship. Form your hearty crew of landlubbers and sail
to the vast waters in Bandai Namco’s Mobile One Piece game. Meet your favorite characters from Eiichiro
Oda’s masterpiece and relive your favorite moments from the Manga and Anime. The game’s combat relies on intense finger
tapping action. With just the use of one finger, unleash powerful
combos to take down rogue pirates. Team up with the crew to initiate an insane
damage-dealing tandem. Witness the almighty powers of the Devil Fruit
because this is one of the finest One Piece games on the Mobile. It has a PlayScore of 8.72 ZENONIA 4 The ever-popular Zenonia series comes back
with a classic character back at the helm. This fourth installment will have Regret on
a journey to defeat a rising Dark Lord threatening the land of Zenonia. Battle enemies in real-time with hack and
slash mechanics, and earn enough experience to become the hero the world needs you to be. Become any one of the games four classes,
and master skills in melee and ranged combat. It’s a delight to play, with anime-style visuals
and moving soundtracks that make fitting atmospheres in every situation. It has a PlayScore of 8.81. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal our
number one: Heroes Of Order And Chaos. Experience a fun Mobile MOBA game with over
47 unique heroes to choose from. Take down the enemy’s defenses and tear
down the enemy’s stronghold. It has a PlayScore of 8.34
17. FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper. Relive your favorite moments from one of the
most successful RPG games to date. Embark on an emotional story while meeting
up with the familiar faces of the Final Fantasy universe. It has a PlayScore of 8.33
18. Pocket Mortys. It’s like Pokemon meets Rick And Morty but
let’s just pretend it’s from a different Universe where Pokemon never existed. Collect hundreds of Morty’s and battle them
out to determine who’s the Rickiest Rick and the Mortiest Morty. It has a PlayScore of 8.31
19. Summoner’s War. Step inside the Sky Arena and battle with
the aid of over a thousand monsters at your side. Defeat other summoners, upgrade your character
and engage in dazzling strategic battles. It has a PlayScore of 8.31
20. Puzzle & Dragons. This match-three puzzle RPG uses the aid of monsters in your dangerous quest inside death-defying dungeons. It has a PlayScore of 8.30
21. Fantasy War Tactics. Return to the days of classic RPG where turn-based
gameplay meets an immersive story. And no, it’s not related to Final Fantasy
Tactics. It has a PlayScore of 8.27 Kritika: The White Knight. Dubbed as an “Electrifying” Action RPG,
Kritika boasts a fun PvP feature and an engaging roster of Champions to delve into. It has a PlayScore of 8.27
23. MARVEL Future Fight. Assemble your team of the most iconic MARVEL
heroes such as Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Captain America and more. Save the universe from a collapsing multiverse. It has a PlayScore of 8.27
24. Inotia 4. Com2uS USA’s RPG masterpiece. Light and Dark are in a fight for power. Which side will you choose? With improved graphics and memorable storyline,
this game has a PlayScore of 8.26. Wonder Tactics. Choose among its 250 heroes and take them
on dungeon crawling quests and intense PvP Battles. Rearrange heroes and put them in their rightful
positions in this strategic RPG. It has a PlayScore of 8.25. Good Knight Story So, hear us out. You wake up as a Brave Knight in a tavern. Amnesia fills you due to a night of severe
drinking. You are hungover and your quest is to find
out what really happened to you during that fateful night. Go taverns after taverns and recollect bits
and pieces of memory. Silly, right? The gameplay is similar to #15’s Dungeon
Gems, it’s a mixture of a Match Three puzzle with deep RPG design. Combine colorful tiles and strike danger to
every foe you face. Each has their own weaknesses so you better
match tiles right. The game has over 100 levels to venture and
soak hours into. It has a dynamic character development system
and Epic Boss battles to engage. It’s unlike most RPG games, but it’s Whatoplay’s
#1 Free iOS RPG with a Pla yScore of 9.02


  1. Great video but I really wish these stupid pixelated games weren't being made today. I understand back in the day they didn't have the technology but there's no excuse to make pixelated graphics in this day and age, it's just lazy!

  2. Legacy Of Discord is great too even though it is not recent at least it's a real great app. (I'm not advertising I'm just recommending)

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    I'm gonna try some of the games in the list.
    Thank you for the video 😊😊😊

  5. If you like this type of game i would suggest Brave Frontier though it takes up alot of memory but i would deem it worthwhile

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  8. Only people who've played all of Crashlands (like me) would understand Quadropus Rampage they're both made by the same people.

  9. ZENONIA 4 crashes at a certain point on iPhone when ever you get to a certain point..also you can’t do den of trials on zenonia 4 on iOS because of the new update..anyone know how to prevent the crashing of the game?

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