Top 15 Games To Play When Bored

Top 15 Games To Play When Bored

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe! My name is ColdBeerHD and this is top 15 of
the games that you can play while being bored. Some of them are old, some are newer, but
in general, most of them are fun to play. You won’t like them all, so don’t expect
miracles from this list. Take a bowl of potato salad, pour some vodka
in the jar and enjoy. MONSTRUM This game was one of the most entertaining
things I ever played. OK, at first I watched Markiplier playing
it and that experience was hilarious. If you don’t want to play it yourself, just
watch him. I also have one video recorded in my channel,
it’s quite good, check it out. Anyway, this game is best enjoyed with friends,
or at least, record your face while playing it, because you probably want to share this
experience with someone. Your pale deformed from the overwhelming fear
face will bring much joy to your buddies. Or your mother. To say short – you’re on abandoned ship. There are no vodka anywhere around, so you
have to escape this terrible place as soon as possible. Oh, and there are monsters trying to kill
you. Faeria Bored of Gwent and Hearthstone? No problem. Try Faeria. Here you will find enough content to keep
you entertained for hours. If you like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering
then you may very well like the deck-building aspects of Faeria. It involves tactics as well as strategy since
it uses a hex board. Graphics and style will blow you. Well.. at least your mind. Game used to be free, but now it’s not. It got a lot of negative reviews lately because
of that, but don’t worry, game is still great. It’s just not free anymore. The message Faeria now sends us sounds like
“stop being poor or something”! That’s rude, Faeria,
wow. You can’t say that to peoplet. Let them be poor as long as they like. Well, try to get this game on a sale. Heroes 3: The Horn of the Abyss Old but gold. Or should I say old but vodka. I played Heroes 3 when I was a teenager and
now, 20 years later I discovered that the version I played was far from finished. After installing Horn of the Abyss I realised
that I missed entire towns and campaigns, monsters, buildings, artifacts and heroes. It’s was a great rediscovery of this amazing
game. You can buy Heroes 3: Shadow of Death on,
then you have to download Horn of the Abyss version and then install HD+ launcher. I will post the links for you in the description
below. You know what the best part of all of this
is? You can play multiplayer. Yes, it’s perfectly functioning and there
are a lot of players you can play with. There are even championships all over the
planet you can participate in. Also don’t hesitate and press that like
button. Also subscribe, you won’t be sorry. I promise. They Are Billions This is a great game for you to spend time
by building your fortified city and defending from waves of zombies. You can call it tower defense game, except
here you have no direct path of monsters which you can fortify and defend. Here you’re building the city – the bigger
it gets, the easier you can defend, but also the bigger it gets, the more vulnerable points
it will acquire. To say short, there are billions of zombies
and they want your brains. If there is a breach in your fortifications,
you’re doomed. A great game, I’m definitely recommending
it. Diablo 2 Median XL Another old but vodka game with a twist. If you played Diablo 2 long time ago, this
is the place where you can re-experience everything but in never before seen manner. Median is the most popular Diablo II overhaul
modification, with extensive endgame content, deep character customisation and challenging
gameplay. It offers thousands of new items, new skills
for all classes, and multiple improvements to the Diablo II engine itself. Also new areas to explore, new bosses, new…
new everything. A must play for every Diablo fan. You will find a link of Median in the description
below. GTA V Sandbox If you’re bored, GTA V, or actually any
GTA game is a great way to kill time. Have you tried to steal a fighter jet? A passenger plane? Of course you have, but… Have you tried to do tricks that other people
upload on youtube? Just pick anything you haven’t done yet
and enjoy your time in this amazing game. Youtube is full of challenges, game is full
of opportunities. You probably played it a lot already, but
it’s never late to go back and try something new. Fallout Shelter When I was young, there was a popular japanese
toy named Tamagotchi, where you grow a digital creature, feed him, play with him, give him
marinated herring with šaltibarščiai and so on. But that was some 20 years ago, now we have
this – an amazing game where you grow your underground people with many needs, amazing
features and so on. It’s very addictive. I guess you can compare it with Sims, but
in Fallout universe. Play it on your mobile, because it’s better
experience than PC version. Game is free. Alien Isolation Change your boredom into the fear. This game is all about being hunted by a creature
far superior than you are. Whole game you’re hiding and running and
trying to get to places while there is a monster nearby. This is my favorite horror game, I can compare
it only with Amnesia and Soma from Frictional games, but it feels larger and it’s very
scary. Me and my girlfriend tried to play it while
being influenced by vodka, but it was still very scary experience. And fun. Really really fun. Here you can test the toughness of your balls
while being entertained. We played it on PS4, and there is a function
where the Alien can hear you through the microphone. Yes, the real you, sitting comfortably in
your cozy room. Also, if you have a camera, creature can sense
your movement. That is very immersive and really cool. Rocket League This game is great nobrainer but it will require
a lot of skill. At first you will be driving in circles around
the huge ball and just watch how others score zillions of points into your gates. But later you will start to sense the game
and rise like a phoenix from noob level to… wood level. Yeah, it’s a long path to go from zero to
hero. I’m 35 years old, so I play with my buddies
who, like me, are lame and slow, and I’m still having lots of fun. If you’re bored, just go for it. And while we are here, ask yourself, have
you pressed that like button? Press it now and I will drink vodka in your
honor. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Pew pew pew. This game is not just good, it’s great. And hard. You know what it is not? It’s not boring. Grab your weapon and go into the frenzy shmenzy
killing craze. Blistering combat against punishing opposition
will require intense focus as new variables, weapons, and methods of execution are introduced
throughout the game. As I mentioned – game is hard, and you will
have to play some places over and over again. But after you achieve victory, you’ll feel
like a true combat god. World of Goo It’s a multiple award winning physics based
puzzle-construction game made entirely by two guys. Drag and drop living, squirming, talking,
globs of goo to build structures, bridges, cannonballs and zeppelins. This game has low learning curve, so at first
you will feel like a pro, but later it will get more and more challenging… I have spent many hours trying to figure out
how to beat some of the levels. This is a true time killer and this game is
anything but boring, I would totally recommend it. Journey Want to spend a few hours traveling in the
mysterious land? That’s the game for you. It’s really short, few hours only, but if
you’re bored it might just be enough for you to kill the time. In fact, playing this game is a lot like reading
a good book. You want to know what happens next and only
way to do that is to go to the next chapter. There is a twist at the very end of this game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,
please don’t google it, or you ruin the surprise for yourself. Undertale That’s exactly what it is. A tale. But this tale breaks the stereotypes of gaming
and storytelling. Personally I don’t like it. I don’t like Undertale and I’m not afraid
to say it. You see, I’m a writer in a real world and
this game reminds me of what I do every day. I mean dialogues, plot twists and other similar
things. While playing I was always thinking that I
might have done better or worse in one place or another. But all my friends, I have like two of them,
were saying that it’s the best thing they have ever played. Just try it, maybe you’ll like it. Portal 2 Haha, you would say. An ancient puzzle game he wants me to play,
how lame. Yeah. But have you finished it? Have you actually finished the game? Maybe when you played, it challenged you too
hard, and now it’s the time to make another run for it? Or maybe you just played Portal 1 and never
tried the second part? Or maybe you played second part, but never
did the first one? You know what to do. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP This is really unique experience. It’s not a game for you if you’re looking
for some fast paced and action packed game. Here you will witness a surprisingly moving
story. Melancholy and nostalgia rules here, so maybe
this pixel art game will synchronize with your mood. It is point and click kind of a game, so you
can relax and enjoy this without stress. As IGN once said: “Game masterfully blends
music, art, storytelling and gameplay in deeply poetic ways that you just don’t see very
often”. And now I want to invite you to follow my
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  1. thnx. nice list. i completely agreed. specially alien isolation and gta v. very suitable when u come home tired and covered in shite!

  2. Dude you must be one of the most underrated channels on Youtube. I absolutely love your content. Just keep it up and know that you deserve way more subscribers than you have right now!

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