Top 15 iPhone & iPad Games 2019 (First-Half)

Top 15 iPhone & iPad Games 2019 (First-Half)

– [Narrator] Already 2019 is shaping out to be the best year for
gaming on iPhones and iPads. I thought today we’d
stop and take look back at the 20 best iPhone and iPad games from January to June 2019. So without further ado,
let’s get right to it. Number 15 we have Rush Rally three. This has to be the most realistic rally simulation game on mobile. In fact, the game is quite similar to the DiRT racing games on PC or console. Sure, the graphics are not on par with other racers on mobile, such as GRID Autosport or Asphalt nine, but this game focuses more
on car realism than graphics. It brings 60 frames per second, controller support, a
benchmark feature, car damage, different modes such as career, rally cross and multiplayer, and it has 72 stages, featuring snow, gravel, tarmac and dirt. It is very well optimized
for iPhones and iPads, offering different graphic options, so older hardware can enjoy it also. Rush Rally 3 is a paid game
available on the App Store across iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV. (engine revving) – [Man] Over quest, left 18. (mellow melodic music) – [Narrator] Number 14
is Frag Pro Shooter. Designing an FPS game on
touch-screens is very difficult, and many don’t get it right,
but Frag Pro Shooter does. The shooting gameplay is very fluid, the UI is very simplistic
and is not overwhelming and the graphics while
not realistic per se, offer a cartoon look,
that is fun and engaging. The game has real-time team 1v1 duels. Each player controls only
one player on your team, with the rest of your
team controlled by the AI and you can switch between
different players when you die. Frag Pro Shooter is a free
game on the App Store. Number 13 we have Angry
Birds AR: Isle of Pigs. Right now, this is the best
AR game on iOS and iPadOS and yes, that is my opinion of course. The game uses ARKit three, which allows it to be very well optimized for
new iPhones and iPad cameras. The game is a fun take on the
classic Angry Birds games, but this time brought into AR, so you can walk around the structures and plan your attack on the pigs below. Aim for the best accuracy
and find the weak points in order to take down the structures. Angry Birds AR is a free
game on the App Store, but it does have in-app
purchases and the occasional ad, it would be better if they
just made it a paid game and removed all of this to be honest, but it’s still a good game. (groaning with effort) (growling) (thudding crash) Number 12 is The Stillness of the Wind. This game isn’t for everyone, you’ll either love, or hate it. It’s a short game, it’s
very quiet and peaceful and the progression is incredibly slow, but if you don’t mind this, it’s a great game to get lost into. The Stillness of the Wind is
a game about life and loss, it follows an old lady named Talma, who lives alone on her farm. You will chose her daily
routines, take care the farm, tend to the goats, make
cheese, collect eggs, etc. The Stillness of the Wind is a paid game available on the App Store. Number 11 we have KIDS. KIDS is one of the most unique games I’ve come across in a while, really, it’s a brilliant piece of art, that I hope receives an
Apple award later in 2019. When you start, it explains nothing and that’s what I love about it, no annoying tutorials
telling you how to play. It works by you interacting with the kids on the touch-screen, in order to find a cause
and effect in each level. It’s worth noting that this is a paid game at $2.99 on the App Store and is only 15-30 minutes
long and offers 24 levels, but what you get here is
a really artistic game, that will make you think in great depth. – [Kid] Hello. – [Kid] Hi. – [Narrator] Number 10
is Call of Duty Mobile. COD has finally come to mobile, so Call of Duty Mobile allows you to play across iconic maps from
Call of Duty Black Ops and the original Modern Warfare series and you can use weapons
and play as characters you know and love too. You can play in different
modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Battle Royale and coming soon the Zombies mode. Please note, Call of
Duty Mobile is currently in early access, it
doesn’t support controllers and is only available in a few counties on the App Store right now. (gun firing) – Argh!
– Hey, look out! – [Narrator] Number nine,
we have Alien: Blackout. If you’re looking for a new strategy game for your iPhone or iPad,
look towards Alien: Blackout, it is set on a damaged
Weyland-Yutani space station and you play as Amanda
Ripley from Alien Isolation. Using a surveillance system, you can guide the on-board crew to safety and hopefully you will avoid
the dangerous Xenomorph Alien. Blackout has different
ways to monitor the team on board the ship, you can
instruct them on where to go, tell them when to walk
slowly or run or hide, plus you can lock doors behind them and use a motion tracker to
see where the Alien is located. Alien: Blackout is a paid game
available on the App Store. (screaming) Number eight is Human Fall Flat. This hilarious physics puzzle game has been ported to iPhones and iPads, it’s exactly the same experience as you would find on any other platform. You play alone or online
with other players with the goal of finding the
exit across all 10 levels. To get to the end of each level, you will be moving objects, turning off and on switches, climbing and working together with other players. Character customization is here too bringing very silly outfits, you can be a dog, ninja or
a princess, for instance. Human Fall Flat is a paid game
available on the App Store. Number seven, we have Ordia. At WWDC 2019, Orida received
an Apple Design Award and you can see why, it’s a great game. You can simply use one
finger on the screen to move a life form
through strange worlds. You’ll jump, bounce, stick and slide to get passed obstacles
across all 30 levels. It has a fantastic art style, challenging but relaxing
gameplay and atmospheric music. Ordia is a paid game
available on the App Store. (light melodic music) Number six is Minit. Possibly Minit was inspired
by classic top-downs such as Legend of Zelda, but the game has a very cool twist to it, you only have one minute to live here, after every minute, you die
and respawn back in your bed, keeping any items or collectibles you may have found in your play time. It might sound annoying,
but guess what, it’s not, the challenge of dying here always keeps you wanting to play more. The game supports controllers, has a cool art style and soundtrack and offers a good twist
on the defined genre. Minit is a paid game on the App Store. Number five, we have Forgotton Anne. Originally released on consoles and PC, Forgotteo Anne has been
ported to iPhone and iPads. Forgotton Anne features
a hand-animated realm, where objects take on a
life form of their own, it takes place in Forgotton Lands, a world inhabited by old toys,
letters, and single socks. It’s a cinematic adventure with
a focus on a powerful story and light puzzle platforming. Players can run, leap and
soar across the world, uncovering secrets, solving puzzles and engaging in a dialogue system. If you’re a gamer who
loves story-based games, this one is perfect for you. Forgotton Anne is free to try with a single full game unlock
in app purchase at $9.99. – I’ll never go home now. I’ll never again feel my owner’s feet, never again will I go hiking
or climbing or running or. – [Narrator] Number four is
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. Here is a new sandbox simulation game all about living and escaping prison. You’ll create your own inmate with heaps of customization options and will then jump right into the game. The end goal is to escape, but to do this you will need to follow
the prison rules first, attend roll calls, do prison jobs, accept tasks from other
inmates and build your skills. You can also join with
three other players online and use an external controller. Escapists 2: Pocket
Breakout is a paid game on the App Store. Number three is The Elder Scrolls: Blades. From the award winning creators of Skyrim, comes The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a role-playing game built for mobile. You have quests to go on, stories to see, an in-depth combat system to use and a vast world to explore. The game does feature in-app purchases, but based on my experience
it doesn’t get in the way and it has no ads, which is fantastic, if I could recommend something, it would be to add controller
support for this game. The Elder Scrolls:
Blades is in early access and is free to download
from the App Store. (dramatic music) Number two, we have Death Hall. This game is super
addicting, I warn you now, it’s a hectic platform
game, that is all about a horrifying monster chasing
you throughout levels. The challenging aspect of
Death Hall is that if you die, you go back to the start
of a chapter you’re on, but if you beat that chapter,
you unlock the next one and can start from it whenever you want, does that make sense? The game has controller
support, outstanding animations, intense platforming
and addicting gameplay. Death Hall is a paid
game on the App Store. Number one, we have The Gardens Between. This is my favorite game on
my iPhone or iPad right now, it has been brought to us after it was initially
released on consoles and PC, but I feel as though it is more suited to a touch-screen interface. It’s a game about manipulating
time to solve puzzles in order to move a light
to the end of each level. It also has controller support and Bluetooth Keyboard support as well, if you’d prefer those options. The Gardens Between is a paid game available on the App Store. (light melodic music) Here are some bonus games
from the first half of 2019. F1 Manager, BACKFIRE, Pigeon Wings Strike, Spirit Roots, Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Dota Underlords What do you think of these games so far? Let me know in the comments. Many more amazing games
are still to come too and we also have Apple Arcade
releasing later this year, which is very exciting. If you found this video
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