Top 20 Free VR Games (on Steam) – Oculus Rift – HTC Vive

There have been a ton of free VR games
to come out on Steam. After playing hundreds of them, here are my Top 20 Best FREE VR games on Steam all of them both Vive and Oculus compatible. Starting with… #20 Regenesis Arcade Lite. There’s a lot of
sci-fi themed VR Wave shooters out there but this is the best free one I’ve seen.
It starts off with a tutorial that feels like an adventure game, but before long
you’ll be in the main game which has you fending off waves of flying robots. On
one hand you can switch between a shield and gravity gun which is really fun to
lift heavy objects to use at your disposal. On your other hand you can
switch between various weapons for attacking. Between enemy waves you can
choose upgrades to your arsenal. For a free wave shooter it’s quite good. #19 Guns ‘n’ Stories Preface VR.
This is another wave shooter but with a very different Wild West theme. The game
starts with an animated comic book style narration but you can skip that if you’re
not interested. The game has you standing in one place with waves of riffraff
trying to take you down. One unique element to this is the ability to
deflect incoming bullets with your pistols, I find that pretty fun. This game
also has a nice visual design. All of the characters and environment feel like they could be in a Pixar movie. For a fun Wild West shooter check it out. #18 The Ranger Lost Tribe is a
hack-and-slash fantasy adventure with some stealth elements. Proceed through a
creepily designed world with giant lizard like monsters living everywhere.
Take them all down using a variety of weaponry like a trusty sword and shield,
spears, arrows, etc. It features a stealth assassination mechanic. If you’re able to teleport behind an enemy it will show you an assassination prompt so you know
you can soar behind them for a quick kill. The first time I played this it was
mostly the same type of enemy everywhere. But they’ve added more enemy variety
including some spider like creatures. I hate spiders in VR, but if they don’t
bother you then definitely try this. #17 Tales of Escape has been
around for a while but they’ve recently changed their model so that the first
escape room is free to play and if you want to escape from more rooms you can
pay for the extra rooms through DLC. One really nice touch of this though is that
it’s a multiplayer escape room. So you can team up with your friends to find codes and break out of the room. Additionally, VR is not required so you
can play this on a flat screen or mix it up so you play in VR and your friends
play on flat screen. Playing escape rooms with your friends is super fun and it’s
really nice they made the first level free. You should definitely try this one. #16 Quanero VR broke new ground
in VR storytelling when it first came out. You’re an invisible observer inside a
short film. You have the ability to move forward or backward in time to witness a
crime and figure out what happened. You can’t change anything but having the
freedom to move anywhere and control time while living inside a short film is a
fun experience. If you enjoy this then I recommend you check out The Invisible Hours. The Invisible Hours isn’t free but it takes this same concept and created a
full-length film out of it. #15 Belko VR An Escape Room Experiment is a free game created to promote a movie. But for a free movie promo it’s quite good.
You’re trapped inside an office and you need to find a way to escape before
you’re killed. It’s a small space but you’ll need to do lots of searching and
sleuthing to make it out alive. This game is for mature audiences as there’s lots of language and graphic violence Also, if you have arachnophobia be warned
that there is a surprise tarantula in there. #14 Acan’s Call is a short
but fun combat RPG. Explore a spooky cave while finding diamonds and keys to open
treasure. You fight off evil skeletons along the way and it all ends in a giant
climactic sword battle. You’ll beat it in about 8 minutes if you take your
time, but for a free sword game it’s very good. #13 Blocks by Google. There
are quite a few 3D modeling applications in VR but I personally prefer this one
for its ease of use and simple tools. For me 3D modeling quickly becomes too
complex and cumbersome. But inside Blocks everything makes sense and is easily
approachable by anyone. And despite its simplicity it’s also powerful as you can
save and re-import anything you make, and also features a library of pre-made
objects and scenes for you to manipulate. Best of all, anything you create can be
saved as OBJ files on your PC that you can then import into any 3D application.
Blocks is both fun and productive. #12 Cave Digger is a
repetitive but addicting mining game where you need to swing with your
pickaxe to retrieve valuable elements to earn cash. After your first complete game
you can take the money you earned to buy more tools to mine better and faster the
next time. This game is visually well-designed and quite a workout as
well. #11 The IOTA Project Take control of a giant mech in this city
destruction sandbox game. The controls are easy to learn and it’s quite
satisfying to punch other mechs or buildings with your hands. It’s not a
deep game at all, but definitely a good time and worth the free download. #10 VR Chat is a social mingling
game that boasts a massive user base. It’s pretty much all about just hanging
out in virtual worlds with strangers and chatting. There are some mini games you
can play, but it’s really all about mingling with others. While this does
have an impressive player base I personally think there is a far superior
socializing game and I’ll get to that one soon. #9 Google Earth VR. I’m
sure you’ve heard of this one already but to state the obvious, this allows you
to view the entire Google Earth database in VR. The amount of freedom you’ll feel
inside this is really incredible and zooming out to witness the curvature of
the earth is truly spellbinding. If you have a Vive or Oculus headset you owe it to yourself to experience this, there’s nothing like it. #8 Heart of the Emberstone:
Colosseum is a small sample of a much larger adventure game. Have fun with some superpowers, play some puzzles, or do a bit of exploring and get a sample of the
larger story. There are some books to read and character dialogue to listen to
as well. This title has the highest production value of any free VR game out
there. It’s totally worth a free download. #7 Lazerbait is a planetary
conquest strategy game. You start with your army of ships orbiting one planet,
you then take over all the nearby neutral planets to produce more ships
and eventually face off against the enemy AI players. The graphics are very
simple, but pleasing nonetheless. There are also many options for you to
customize like number of enemies, map size, difficulty, and so on.
If you enjoy this it can keep you entertained for a long time. And if you
find yourself wanting even more I recommend you check out Orch Star, which is a paid game but it’s much larger and even features multiplayer as well. #6 TheWaveVR Beta is your techno rave music festival dreams come true. There
are 3 main areas: a solo area for just yourself where you can DJ and
create visualizations. There’s an exploration area where you’ll find
random attractions as well as collect in-game money to buy rave toys that you
can use whenever you want. And finally there are the music experiences, both
live and pre-recorded, where you can gather with others to witness beautiful
visualizations accompanied with music. Whenever I return to TheWave it’s
always a pleasant time and a fun escape. #5 MSI Electric City Core
Assault is a straightforward city defense bullet hell shooter. Alien ships
are arriving through green portals and you need to fend them off as best you
can. The ship you control stays with your hand so it’s like you’re holding a small
toy ship that can fire lasers and missles. It’s a simple game and it’s
almost like the classic Missile Command on steroids. It’s a great casual action
game. #4 Waltz of the Wizard is one
of the oldest games on this list but it’s a timeless classic. Combine various
ingredients into the bowl to create magic spells and transform the world
around you. Just try different ingredients to experiment and see what happens. There’s also musical spells, that when
played correctly, transport you to other worlds temporarily before returning you
back to your wizard home. If you go to the door on your left you’ll enter a
dangerous maze where you’ll need to destroy some spooky enemies. The maze is cool but the wizard home is the good stuff for me. It’s a lot of fun to just
play around with spells and items just to see what happens. It’s the best VR
sandbox I’ve ever played in. #3 The Red Stare. You are a secret agent in the 1950s and it’s up to you to spy on the building across your window and
figure out who the communist spies are. You receive information via your phone
and fax machine, finding clues in case files, and taking pictures that you can
fax to your boss. It’s all about observation and deduction. It can be a
real brain teaser at times. This game uses motion controllers very well. After taking pictures you can arrange them on the chalkboard and write down notes to
help you deduce who the spies are. It’s a challenging and very well-made spy game.
(in game voice) Let’s see here this is a picture of the guy in the parking lot isn’t it? Hmm it’s
likely ran off with the briefcase. #2 The Lab. This is the original VR
variety game made by Valve and it still holds up to this day. After having this
for two years many of these games are still fun to play for me. It features the
original Longbow game which has been emulated many times by other games. Robot Repair is an interactive film starring the bots from Portal and is one of the
best things to show to VR newcomers. My personal favorite is the arcade shooter
Xortex. If you haven’t played The Lab yet you absolutely have to. You don’t know
what you’re missing. And #1: RecRoom. This is, hands
down, the best VR multiplayer game. Paid or free. There are tons of games and
activities to be found here. Like paintball, frisbee golf, laser tag, and
more. My personal favorites are the co-op quests. Team up with up to 3 other
people to make it through miniature combat campaigns with various themes
like medieval fantasy or pirate quests. Recently they’ve provided tools for
anyone to create their own custom rooms and games as well. The social experience
is top-notch. You can customize your avatar however you like and you can earn
more clothing and accessory options by completing daily or weekly challenges.
It’s easy to find friends you’ve made or make new friends. This game is massive
and it’s growing bigger all the time. And the fact that it’s free is amazing.
They’ve recently announced that there will be a battle royale game inside RecRoom as well. If you only play one free VR game. Make it RecRoom.

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