Top 25 BADASS Guitar Riffs | Through The Years

Top 25 BADASS Guitar Riffs | Through The Years

*Whistles* *sets glasses *pick up noises * *picks up guitar* Song: “Here comes the sun” “doo do doo doo” PFFT! i want to play riffs like a bad*** *Hard Rock Music* Oh wait. *music continues* *continues to play* *nods head to beat while playing* Oh wait a minute, I forgot “Smoke on the Water” Aww, I gotta do it again.


  1. I know I 'missed' a lot of awesome songs and probably agree with the song you are about to mention but let me clearify a little bit on how this video came to be: I came across some oldish really fun riffs, and wanted to make a video about that. I noticed a lot of em were played in the key of A, or E with powerchords, the I-iii-IV or the I-IV-V chords, and some other similarities. The list grew and grew, and I finally transformed it into just badass riffs, because I didn't really know a better name 🙂 But sure, keep the suggestions coming!

  2. Looking at the acoustic guitar I was just about to leave thinking that I selected the wrong video… luckily he switched to his electric guitar 😂

  3. Dude get some lessons, u suk. Lol I'm a sub but hadn't seen this 1 b4. Living the dream these days opposed to your vid when you were a so called teacher and nearly quit guitar. Luckily for us u didn't, well played mate.


    Voodoo Child isn't a Riff. It's a lick.
    Rebel Rebel definitely isn't a riff

    Back In Black
    Single note line

    Don't need no doctor isn't a riff

    No good isn't a riff either

  5. Would people put their favourite guitar albums in the comments, my goal is to listen to a lot of fucking kick ass albums and I’m sure I’ve listened to some that people suggest but I enjoy expanding my knowledge of music.

  6. We’re all these riffs played with the same rig settings and tunings? Or were there lots/some changes made for tone and true to the song sound? Just wondering. Love the videos.

  7. More like top 25 blues or blues inspired riffs. None of those, though iconic, I'd consider badass. We all know what badass is on the axe.

  8. How did you learn guitar?
    I don't find learning techniques very hard, just takes practice, but I can't understand how people learn all of the theory needed for improvisation and stuff like that.

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