Top 5 FREE Arcade Games in JAPAN! – iPhone/iPad [iOS]

Top 5 FREE Arcade Games in JAPAN! – iPhone/iPad [iOS]

Can I do this with my eyes closed? You really haven’t played this game! A lot things came out. Makes you wonder. This one is GO…whoops. Sorry All right that’s all! Welcome to the Top 5 free arcade games in Japan. with Misato Piano Tiles 2 Two piano tiles. New long tap. – Maybe it’s a music game
– I like music game. Amazing! Let’s see if we can play this. Best game 2014. -Don’t tap the white tiles.
-It’s like a reflex game? I guess so. Start with your first song. Little star. Black. Am I doing it right? Oh no, you missed one! All elementary kids definitely played something like this The road crossing. The zebra crossing? The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing. They make rules like “you can only walk the white parts”. I wanted to say that it looks like that. Ok, I’m gonna have a go. Ready. This is silly. This is the #1 Free arcade game in Japan. -Why?
-Was that a WAII (excited)? or NANDE (why)? Can I do this with my eyes closed? Don’t see why this is #1 Is this the #1 free arcade game in Japan? – If it were level 10 maybe it’d be super difficult
– Yeah I suppose so #2 is Taiko no Tatsujin. Another music game! A famous one from Japan. Have you ever played this in the arcade? – You’ve never done this before?
– No
– Eh? Really?! There is a Japanese person who has never played this in a game center. A very rare type of Japanese. Yes, I think you might be. 500 yen per month. to get 100 songs. There is a lucky draw on this as well. – Let’s choose this one.
– Yeah, yeah. Probably futsuu (normal mode) is best. I think “easy” is too easy. There. What do I do with the blue one? Hit the side. I don’t know how to use this. You really haven’t played this game. I think you’re the first Japanese person who isn’t really good at Taiko no Tatsujin. This may be fun if you understand it. We may be having some technical difficulties with the sound so that might be making it harder for you . I’m gonna try, ONI (demon) level. I’ve never played ONI level before. Wow. He looks like he’s about to fall. Oh my goodness, ah, ah.. That deserves second place. That is fun. #3 Metal Slug Attack. Do you know Metal Slug? – no, no – Oh really? – Pixel, pixel, do you like that style?
– Yes. Treasure hunting. Rescue Mission. Unit customization. Level up your unit. It’s really really, it should be really cute. -All right. Tap the screen.
-It’s like a Nintendo game. There’s all sorts of different ones! Emergency. Ok, choose a character. Tap an icon. The price is like Nyanko Dai-senso. It’s gonna be just like Nyanko Dai-senso. It’s like Metal slug, but you don’t play it. It’s like strategy metal slug. That’s interesting. MAX. Touch it. All of them came out. A lot of them came out. We died. You’re not supposed to win this first level. -Really.
-It’s very much like Nyanko Dai senso. Send out units, build up points, and stronger units. Fight fight fight. Let’s look at #4 Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Have you played Candy Crush? No. I’ve seen the commercials though. -Match the colors.
– Ah, a puzzle game! -What is that?
-These are levels. -Who is that?
-friends. The friends who do this game, the face pops up. – You get to know where they are playing now.
– Yeah. Is that good? For me that’s bad because maybe I’ll play too much. It might be a little bit different to normal Candy Crush. Spread the Jelly everywhere. Match 3 colors. You do it like this and connect. -Wow you’re so good!
-Come on, anyone can do this. Ah, it’s moving. We made a chain. -It makes you wonder what to do.
– uh, really? I’m like this. C’mon. Everything everywhere. I love that you always think very carefully about the strategy. Oh you can only move one space? In Puzzle and Dragons, you can move many. In that case, I shouldn’t think much and just move it around. This is a more western style. We don’t think much and just go round and round. There are no characters to level up. No cards, No gacha. – Do you like candy? – Yes, yes,
– Oh, what is your favorite candy? -Japanese “Milky”
-Chocolate? -Maybe milk candy?
-Milk Candy -Soft milk candy?
-Oh, I have to try it. Time for #5 on the list. Loop taxi. So many foreign games This looks like a Japanese middle aged man. Yes, he does quite Japanese actually. He’s got the salary man (office worker) look. Maybe you’re a taxi driver? – Looks like crossy road. – Ahh, select car.
-Is this the same company as crossy road? It looks a lot like Crossy Road. Let’s try Loop Taxi. I have no idea. Stop, go. -There is nothing here.
– Press where there could be buttons. This is GO…ah…sorry. -Once more.
-All right that’s all for you! I was surprised. Got go and stop wrong. Go Ok ok. Not now. What? What? I didn’t do anything. Ok, and then pick up people. Moreover, I died with a passenger on board. Oh no, you killed people! – What am I going to do?
– I’m gonna try it. Oh, safe safe. Why don’t any cars come? I don’t know. There’re no cars coming. Not fair.
Wowow. -Do you wanna to try again?
-OK Okay Last last. Really last time. You need to concentrate for this one. There are so many lined up. There are many passengers waiting. Little did they know it was a taxi of death. So that is the top 5 free arcade games in Japan. -What did you think of Loop Taxi
-It was fun I liked it -On Crossy Road, you just go straight and don’t know the goal. But this one has the passenger. I like that. You have 2 people, 3 people, die. #4 Candy Crush jelly saga. It’s easy because you don’t have to think much. For Japanese games like Puzzle and Dragon, you have to think about what to do with your team and stuff. Metal Slug Attack. I would definitely play it again, I want to play the different units. but it’s not Metal Slug. It’s a shooting game originally. Taiko no Tatsujin. -This was fun.
-It’s hard actually. -So difficult.
-It’s harder than I thought. -Would you pay 500 yen per month?
-I’ll play it without paying 500 yen. And #1, the top free arcade game in Japan. Piano tiles 2. Why is this #1? I want to see the comments. Super fun. What do people find fun about this? Ah, but people get more and more in to it as they play so… Maybe if there were more vocaloid songs in it? Anyway that is the top 5 free arcade games in Japan. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Plenty more videos coming in this series, so do check out the playlist. And then comment and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already done so.


  1. 太鼓はやったことないから多分今の日本人ではやったことある人少ないと思う、でも太鼓は見たことあるよ、今では太鼓は仕事みたいなもの、祭りとかでしか使わないからね

  2. XD The way you said Tomodachi made me think of Tomodachi Life for 3DS… By the way (BTW), are you going to make a let's play of this game sooner or later in the future?

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