Top 7 Crazy Gambling Wins

7 Crazy Gambling Wins Gambling – the game of risks. Through ups
and downs – highs and lows – gambling attracts a massive fan base across the world – being
one of the ultimate “underground non contact sports”. Whether it’s wagers on the game,
dice on the board or lottery numbers on a ticket – there’s winners and losers each and
every day. These seven stories recount some of the biggest and craziest wins of all time
– proving that even the game of chance can come with a happy ending. Starting off at number seven – the gambling,
record-breaking, craps-playing granny. A New Jersey grandmother named Patricia Demauro
literally broke all odds on a particularly lucrative evening at the casino in May of
2009. Craps – an especially complicated game with an intimidating amount of variables – is
notorious for bleeding players out of their cold, hard cash. Having only played craps
one other time in her life, Demauro proceeded to roll a pair of dice 154 continuous times
without ever throwing a seven – a feat that comes with the staggering odds of 1 in 1.56
trillion! Although her actual winnings have never been officially disclosed, having only
bought in for $10 – one can assume that even the most conservative of betting patterns
would return over 50 times that. Moving along to number six, this master of
all things Blackjack wields some impressive skills. 48 year old racetrack manager and regulator
Don Johnson, like our number seven, had one insane night at the casino – but this time,
things were a little more premeditated. Due to the financial crisis of 2008, casinos started
to become desperate to attract and entice high roller gamblers into their establishment.
Seeing an opportunity, Johnson made offers to play blackjack at the highest stakes at
the Tropicana casino. Negotiating several changes to the standard casino blackjack rules,
he was able to gain a mathematical edge over the house – pulling in a cool 1.2 million
dollars his first time and returning to do the same to several more, grossing an estimated
$15.1 million dollars total! This team figured out how to beat the rules
– but in a different way, coming in at number five. Legally pulling in millions of dollars and
effectively beating the system, the MIT blackjack team is one of the most famous examples of
Las Vegas earnings in a more colorful than usual way. Formed in the early 1990s, this
group of technical students devised the formula behind card counting, a technique that reveals
whether the upcoming cards in a hand will be high or low. By working as a team, a few
members would count the cards of a game and signal counts to a third member – betting
big exclusively at high count tables. Other members of the group would distract the dealer
with huge bets of their own, ignoring the count to roughly break even. Using this formulaic
way of playing – they’ve secured a place of infamy – inspiring multiple television specials,
documentaries, essays and even a motion picture, loosely based around the events. Coming in at number four – a literally out
of this world wager with impressive foresight. Writing to the respected British wagering
company William Hill in 1964, a man named David Threlfall asked for the odds that a
man would walk on the moon within the span of seven years. The representatives offered
him some pretty astonishing odds in return – 1,000 to one. Putting a rather farfetched
idea at the time to the wind, Threlfall placed a £10 bet, wagering that ” . . . a man,
woman, or child from any nation on Earth being on the Moon or any other planet, star, or
heavenly body of comparable distance from the Earth before January 1971.” and patiently
waited. Of course, he proved to be right – and Threlfall received a £10,000 check on the
spot while viewing the landing. Looking back to the seventies – this gamblin’
man comes in at number three. Thomas Austin Preston – often referred to
as “Amarillo Slim” for both the city he hailed from AND his petite waistline – made a living
by being a notorious risk taker, intent on taking every bet he could with an edge in
his favor. Initially learning how to hustle pool in Texas – his brash accomplishments
include being a prize-winning card shark (he won the World Series of Poker in 1974) and
a highly skilled pool shark – but his real prize was a swindled ping pong match against
tennis player Bobby Riggs. Stating that Amarillo would supply the paddles (while Riggs was
welcome to choose either), the wager was set for $10,000. To the surprise of Riggs the
paddles presented were large iron skillets. Secretly practicing on cooking skillets for
months, his surprise caveat allowed him to win the match with a clear and creatively
effective show stopping move. This lucky dreamer turned $50 into $40 million
– landing at number two on our list. Archie Karas, a Greek immigrant, grew up in
the city of Antypata on the Greek island of Kefallonia in near poverty. Leaving his home
in Greece at the young age of fifteen, Karas came to Las Vegas with $50, borrowing $10,000
from a friend at Binion’s Horseshoe casino for a game of high stakes Razz. Just three
hours later, he had earned enough money to repay the loan WITH 50 percent interest and
plenty more to continue playing. Continuing his nearly impossible streak for almost three
years – he eventually amassed $40 million dollars in earnings – becoming one of the
world’s most successful gamblers of all time. And finally, an impressive (and celebrity)
finale to our list – the ever imitable Sean Connery at # one. Growing up gambling – even accompanying his
father on gambling runs as a youngster – the former Bond has a rich history in the art
of the bet. Back in 1963, Connery visited an Italian casino located in the Alps. Stepping
up to the roulette wheel – he placed his money on 17, missing until his third roll. Leaving
his winnings there, the 35-1 wager hit once more – and then another two times. Against
odds of 50,000 to one – he cleared over 17 million Lire which adjusts to over £163,000
in today’s economy. Thank You For Watching Interesting Top 7’s!
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