Top Eight Drug Using Countries Revealed

Top Eight Drug Using Countries Revealed

>>Matt Lieberman: Welcome back to Sourcefed,
I’m Matt Lieberman. Drugs! Huh! What are they good for? Absolutely
avoiding your problems and numbing your feelings so that life is little bit easier to bear! [MUSIC] The United Nations recently released their 2014 World Drug Report, where they analyzed
and profiled drug use around the globe, and we have for you today the Top 8 countries
worldwide for the usage of Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Cannabis – That’s weed, li’l stoners!
My favorite thing about lists like this is non-drug users are all “God, I hope we’re
not on that list” and drug users are all, “Whoo! Come on, my country of origin! I’m
a part of something! Country of Origin! Country of Origin! Country of Origin!”
Cocaine usage was the most evenly spread drug used around the world, with Brazil coming
in at number 8, the Mediterranean nation of Malta at number 7, England and Wales at number
6, and Uruguay at number 5. Australia just edges them out for the number
4 spot, with the USA snorting up number 3, Spain taking a whiff of number 2, and in a
stunning upset, Scotland comes in at number 1, using the most cocaine on the planet. They’re
the global Scarface! [SNIFFING INTENSIFIES] Och, you like to play games, me bonnie
wee lassie? Say hello to my little haggis, kilt, and bagpipes! Those are all the Scottish specifics that I know about, sorry. Now clean off your nose and drop some molly- actually don’t drop molly, you little hooligans. Stop it! Don’t you drop that molly. You pick that molly up and you put it on a shelf, because it’s time to talk about ecstasy. Ecstasy. Ecstasy. Ecstasy. Americans, you think you’re so hard, dropping pills in
the clubs, etc. etc., drug reference, but you’re not that hard, apparently, because
the USA only came in at number 8, just under Estonia, the 154th most populous country in
the world. That’s known for their well run republic. Yeah. Yeah, we suck at X people. Bulgaria is dancing all night at number 6,
followed by England and Wales at number 5 and the Netherlands at number 4. Scotland
pops up – get it? – once again at number 3, New Zealand rolling in at number 2 and Australia
closing down the club at number 1 with 3 percent of the world’s ecstasy usage.
Where all my stoners at? Did you toke up already? Before the video? Are these colors awesome?
Good, we put a lot of work into them. Spain sparks up at
number 8, followed by Australia at number 7 and Bermuda at number 6. Ever wonder why
Canadians are so nice? Maybe it’s because they smoke 12.2 percent of the world’s reefer
at number 5! Well, maybe not, because they come in just
below Nigeria, which puffs 14.3 percent of our global ganja, and New Zealand at number
3 with 14.6 percent. American stoners, prepare for disappointment, as we clock in with a
bowlful of number 2, rolling up 14.8 percent of the world’s weed. Who took the number one
spot? Iceland! Iceland consumed a whopping 18.3 percent of the globe’s grass this year.
And with that, a thousand vapecations were booked. I am KILLING it with my pun game today! I am on my pun game. I feel like the pun champion. I’m pun rested and I’m ready to take the pun title. Len, are you listening? Good. Now are you bummed that your country didn’t rank higher on this list? Let us know in
the comments. Like the video, subscribe to the channel I’m Matt Lieberman and you know what’s funny? Iceland, because you know I always do that Iceland / Greedland thing. Because you think Greenland would be the one that’s smoking all the green and Iceland would be the one that’s doing all the crystal meth. But that’s not the case. Oh my god, we didn’t do meth! Alright, I’m gonna go find about meth. Alright maybe I shouldn’t find out about meth. I’m no gonna find out about meth. I think we’re good. [MUSIC]


  1. In the tiny island of Malta we have lots of sun, beautiful beaches and lots of cocaine it seems… If you all don't know how tiny Malta is, google it a little bit and you'll realize it's kind of a serious problem… I can't say I'm proud…

  2. LOL I'm actually watchin this stoned and I am so dissapointed the Netherlands aren't even in the weed list xD How the fuck are we not on that list??

  3. I wonder what the results would have been if they measured the drug usage of teens bjt that would have been harder to measure

  4. As a bulgarian can't be sure if I want to be proud of our 6th place on Ex or just proud that we are mentioned somewhere

  5. Those of you who are wondering… Mexico is the top dog at trafficking drugs – that's accurate. But dude, they don't smoke it 😀

  6. dude if u live in the netherlands u smoke weed if u are 12 ''yes almost everybody'' u are popping pills every weekend from your 15th and we can buy weed in stores here so dont tell me that the netherlands are not in the top 8 

  7. Netherlands not even listed on the cannabis list? Damn….. 🙁 Guess I gotta do some XTC to feel part of something again…. Also this comment is late.

  8. i dont think weed should be on that list it should not be counted as a drug at all there have been know deaths of weed by overdosing none weed has never killed enyone

  9. Sourcefed, How are the rankings determined for cocaine and ecstasy.
        Is it per capita consumption, percentage of drug users out of total population of the country or percentage of the total world usage per country ??
        Because otherwise it makes little sense to imagine that Scotland with a population of little over 5 million is the biggest consumer of cocaine.

  10. how the fuck did australia get so high on the cocaine consumption list? coke is over priced and extremely low quality over here. Outside of sydney very few people use it

    and how did we get so low on the weed list?  studies have consistently shown 15-20% of australians smoke regularly and we regularly top per capita polls

    i call bullshit on this list

    unfortunately the ecstasy one is true tho smh

  11. I like Mexico and Colombia well in wrestling and cycling, but have heard they are one of the biggest drug countries in the world and none of them was on this list??

  12. I thought Canada would rank higher. I've lived all over Canada & it seems everyone smokes weed! We grow some of the best weed!

  13. DUDE EVERYONE IS SAYING THIS LIST IS BS AND I CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE ITS NOT! HOW DO I KNOW? BECAUSE I FUCKING WENT THERE I GOOGLED HOW TO FIND WEED (which is fully illegal but not frowned upon by the locals) SO I WALKED UP TO A BAR … AND SIMPLY ASKED A GIRL IF SHE KNEW WHERE I COULD GET SOME POT. . . WITHIN ABOUT 2 minutes THIS LITTLE CUTE ICELANDIC ELF APPEARED AND SOLD ME AN EIGHTH OF THE MOST AMAZZZZZIIINNNGGGG POT IVE EVER FUCKING ENCOUNTERED!!! Im from socal I have a medical card and ive traveled all over….. ive been smoking since i was 13 and ive been smoking medically for about 5 years… and i can say without a doubt ICELAND HAS THE BEST POT ON THE ENTIRE PLANET…. SHIT FELT LIKE A MORPHINE DRIP. THE SCENT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. . . THE TEXTURE THE LOOKS HOLY FUCK PEOPLE GO TO ICELAND AND FUCKING SMOKE SOME POT!!!! Orange hairs, purple hairs, blue hairs all covering a GORGEOUS forest green nug with snow like crystals alllll over this insane sticky icky!!! The thc crystals dont even come off!!! When you touch normal pot you get a film on your fingers …. but NOT in ICELAND!!! Maybe thats why it is so amazingly potent? Because the thc doesnt come off of the bud, regardless its fucking great!!! You know when you see those insane pictures of weed in magazines etc and youre all like… "how come that doesnt actually exist?" or "Where can I find pink and blue weed?" …. your answer is very simply ICELAND… not Amsterdam not Washington. ICELAND ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. As a Scot livin in Glasgow a can confirm this is true and am so proud of my nation for doin so well in something. I think we should just no bother with football anymore and focus more on the Class A World Cup

  15. And here im as a black African man that everyone thinks i smoke weed when i visit foreign countries.

  16. We in Iceland have to rely on something. Something to calm us down so we don't go all viking style eating shrooms and go berserk and go viking voyage invading some counties and shit. The weed works. Hey, something's gotta give.

  17. I feel like this is a completly bunk study as it most likely relies on govt data about busts or admissions into rehab and not actually knowing the majority of drug use by average joe who doesnt get busted or rehab but uses privatly without any records

  18. Scotland may have wonderful scenery but the prospects and weather are bleak, so no wonder it is full of alcoholics and druggies. I am surprised Iceland is number one of cannabis.

  19. Oh this the countries that USE the most drugs i thought it was the countries that sell the most. I was pretty confused why my country (Colombia) wasnt there. No i am not proud my country is the best at making cocaine.

  20. Interesante que Uruguay sea el único país tercermundista que aparezca entre los mayores consumidores de drogas en el mundo. Normalmente tienden a aparecer los países con mayor poder adquisitivo.

  21. I'm just wanting to know where I can move to and live on OXYCODONE 30'S, BLUES,[M]`S, A 215'S,224's and all the others in between I love pain pills they are my drug of choice.

  22. This a bit misleading. Pretty sure the percentages are the percent of people in the country that use a particular drug, not as a percentage of GLOBAL consumption. As pointed out in other comments, the numbers just don't add up.

  23. I live in iceland and im not doing some joke but i found a small bag of marajuna on a bench in a sort of forest one time

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