Tough Nuts | Alphonse Gangitano | The Black Prince of Lygon Street | S1E3

Tough Nuts | Alphonse Gangitano | The Black Prince of Lygon Street | S1E3

(dramatic drums) (distant sirens) – [Alphonse] You’ve been
avoiding me, Gregory. – You amaze me Alphonse. You still alive? – That’s not very friendly. – Don’t take it personally, Alphonse. I just don’t like ya. – Yeah and why is that, mate? Nothin’ to do with the money you owe me? – Go and peddle your Sherlock
bullshit somewhere else, mate. – Mate I’ve been called a
lot of things in my life, shy is not one of ’em. I want my money. – I owe you fuckin’ nothing, greaseball. – You’ve been away a long time. Maybe you don’t know
who you’re talkin’ to. – Oh loudmouth wog with
a gun in his pocket. – Yeah mate, you got half of that right. Now let’s start again, shall we? You owe me money. – Gone from standover to stand up, I see. – In fact, I say you owe me 10 large and by Wednesday, it’s gonna be 15. – You were never any
good at math, Alphonse. Let’s say I owe you nothing, and on Wednesday, it’ll still be nothing. – Don’t turn your back on me, you prick. I am Alphonse Gangitano, no one turns their back
on Alphonse Gangitano. – You’re a plastic
gangster with a big mouth and no brains. You always were, you always will be. (dramatic music) (gunshots) (dramatic music) – Still think I’m a plastic gangsta? (gunshot) I’m Alphonse Gangitano
and I run this town. (gunshot) – Meet Alphonse Gangitano. The tough nut with a gangster fetish, who bashed and murdered his way to the top of the Melbourne crime scene in the 1990s. (dramatic music) Welcome to Tough Nuts, Australia’s hardest criminals. I’m Tara Moss. Tonight, we look at the
life and crimes of the man who crowned himself the
Black Prince of Lygon Street, Alphonse Gangitano. (gunshots in background) Through dramatized scenes,
first hand accounts, and detailed analysis of Gangitano’s life, we will give a comprehensive portrait of the middle class private school boy turned multiple murderer,
thug and standover man. (dramatic music) While other kids dreamt
of being rockstars, Gangitano only ever
wanted to be a gangster. What made him turn his back on his family, his middle class background, and his private school education to become a thug with
a thirst for violence? Be it with a gun, a metal
bar or with his fists. – Alphonse was weak as piss, I mean, he was a self created gangster. – Do you know who I am? – No. – Alphonse Gangitano. Now get out of the car. – He really wanted to become a godfather. – And the ultimate gangster’s
a person who can take life, without feeling. (gunshots) – Gangitano just had this
capacity for unlimited violence. (thuds and groans) – Really want to emphasize,
if you scratch a bully, underneath, you’ll always find a coward. – I turn to Alphonse and I said, “You f-in so and say, you’ve set me up.” And he just lunged at me and he grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket. – He was hellbent on becoming
a (mumbles) footpath. (clang echos) – Gangitano was a tough
nut with a reputation for viciousness in the
Melbourne Underworld. He started his life of
crime as a King Hitter. And his idea of a fun night
out was to attack and assault off duty police officers. His violent impulses led him to graduate to crimes of greater magnitude, eventually becoming the most dangerous man on Melbourne streets in the 1980s and 90s. Amazingly, all the while he
kept a wife and family at home, who were unaware of his murderous nature. Gangitano saw himself as the Black Prince but behind his back,
cops and crims called him a plastic gangster. A man more concerned with his image than building a real criminal empire. But that just made him
all the more dangerous. As Greg Workman found
out one evening in 1995 in the Melbourne beachside
suburb of St. Kilda. (clang echos) – Alphonse sought and
to some extent gained a reputation as a man who
could get whatever he wanted. It was something he worked hard on. A lot of his crimes were
not motivated by money but by prestige or the building up of respect. – Couldn’t be told anything. “I’m Alphonso. “(speaks in foreign language) talk to me.” But it was just the way he was. He didn’t have that accent but the way he thought
he should talk to people. And he’d just jump in and belt
anybody at the drop of a hat. – He’s involved in illegal gambling, assault merchant, carried weapons, bit of a king hit merchant in that regard and tried to build up
a reputation of being a pretty much a gangster as it were. But in his own mind, really. – He started wearing nothin’ but suits and nothin’ but slip on shoes and comb his hair backwards
and wearing sunglasses at night time and drinkin’ (mumbles). Drinkin’ red wine and (mumbles)
straight all day long. He really thought he
was in the bloody mafia. – Well Gangitano could switch in a second. People talked of Alphonse one minute, all happy friendly, next minute he’s bashing
someone with a bottle. He was that kind of character. There was apparently some business between he and Workman. Workman was a well credentialed villain. He’d been an armed robber. He’d been involved in
the amphetamine trade. He was developing a
reputation as a speed cook. He was a very valuable
guy in the underworld. So there was apparently some money issues between he and Gangitano, Gangitano flipped and
emptied the gun into him. (gunshots) The circumstances aren’t well known because the witnesses were
paid off and flown overseas and never testified. – Well unfortunately, the
case looked pretty good at the start of it as I understand it. They had two females who
I understand were sisters, who at that time made
themselves down to the police, they made statements. And given the person the
police were dealing with, were put into witness protection. As a result of a number
of events that incurred at the time when they were
in witness protection, they were approached by
some criminal element. Which then led to them fleeing overseas, ended up being unable to give evidence, the prosecution case collapsed and he was never brought before trial. – So we’ll never know
the exact circumstances of that murder but suffice it to say, Workman wouldn’t have taken
a backward step either. But Gangitano just had this
capacity for unlimited violence. So it may have taken him by surprise. – [Tara] The two witnesses fled overseas in fear of their lives. Forensic psychologist, Bob Montgomery, believes the murder of
Workman as evidence Gangitano was a psychopath. – But understand what turning
your back on someone meant. This is the absolute rejection. An expression of contempt,
you’re not even worth talking to. That would infuriate the
narcissistic, self centered flavor of a typical psycopath. – Don’t turn your back on me, you prick. I’m Alphonse Gangitano,
no one turns their back on Alphonse Gangitano. – Really heightened sense
of their personal value, grandiosity. Demanding special
treatment which disgarded, often by producing a gun. And all of that’s wrapped in
the sense of I’m important, I’m powerful. You turn your back on me, you’ve really done the wrong thing. – So in Gangitano’s case,
the fact that he was actually quick to anger and the
fact that he seems to kill without a second thought, those behaviors suggest
psychopathic personality traits. Wherein you don’t really
think about what you’re doing, you get frustrated, you get angry, then you just act on it. – Gangitano, he’d shoot you in the back rather than the front, in my opinion. He wanted me to join his gang. I didn’t want to join his gang. That meant gettin’ yourself
a suit and sittin’ around Johnny’s Green Room until
three in the bloody morning, drinking coffee. Yeah, I didn’t want to
wear suit and sit around Johnny’s Green Room ’til
three in the morning pretending I was in the mafia. With a pair of slip on
shoes on and a bloody suit. They used to watch the Godfather movie half a dozen times at night and go out and pretend
they’re in the bloody mafia. (hums “Godfather Theme”) – Gangitano was a cold blooded killer. On the night he shot
and killed Greg Workman, his motive for murder was pure ego. So what makes a man capable
of killing so casually? When we return, we examine
Gangitano’s childhood and see what turned a travel
agent’s son into a killer. (light action music) – Where you goin? – [Young Alphonse] Pictures. – [Dominic] Who with? – Go to hell dad. (light action music) – What about lunch? – [Young Alphonse] I’ll
get something there. (bang echos) (light action music) – Welcome back to Tough Nuts,
Australia’s hardest criminals and the Black Prince of Lygon
Street, Alphonse Gangitano. Alphonse Gangitano was born in Queen Victoria Hospital, Melbourne, on the 24th of March, 1957. His mother, Maria, and
his father, Dominic, were delighted that their
first child was a son. They doted on him. They had a daughter some years later but Alphonse was the apple of their eye. They quickly learned however
that their son was different. He attended a Catholic
primary school in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and was always in trouble. Dominic and Maria were
often called to the school to be told that their son
was in trouble yet again, fighting in the playground,
bullying other children, and playing truant. Their son was out of control. – His parents were respected
and liked in the district where they worked in Carlton. And a great reputation there
with their travel agents. Alphonse was the despair of their life as they tried to make
amends for his bashings and his insults and
whatever else he got up to. – He was a private school boy, posh, Italian, sorta like wanna be gangster. He went to posh schools and
his mum and dad had money. – Not every gangster,
not every vile person comes from an impoverished background. There are people who come from very well to do backgrounds who simply feel that I
want to do different. I want to be different. Hence we have this personal
predisposition to be somewhat larger than life
or somewhat different from the rest of the sheep. And being a gangster
would’ve set him apart from his peer group. If his family background
is safe and secure, then any kind of excitement, any kind of difference, any kind of thing that sets
him apart from his peers, would’ve been something
he would aspire to. (gun locks and loads) – [Tara] Alistair Parkin was
a teacher at Marcellin College when Gangitano was a student and his reputation as a trouble maker was already firmly established. – I do recall the
principal inviting him down to the office many, many times. That became sort of the standing theme at the end of the day. Everybody would be listening out for whether Alphonse was
going to be invited down to the office again today. – They called him over the loudspeaker, “Alphonse Gangitano report
to the headmaster’s office.” He’d driven the car to
school and left it parked in one of the teacher’s parking spots. He was that kind of a bloke. He was pretty brazen, upfront, you know he had a fight,
but was a real smartass. And as soon as you met him, as a bloke, you’d say I don’t like this prick. (clang echos) – The nature versus nurture
argument seems to have no place in the story
of Alphonse Gangitano. On the surface of things, his story is one of pure naked ambition. From a young age, Gangitano
wanted to be a gangster. He had no criminal pedigree. He had no role model
from the criminal world to act as his mentor. Ultimately, he became a gangster merely
because he wanted to be one. (light rock music) – [Dominic] I don’t know
what he’s doin’ up there. – [Maria] Just his homework I think. – If he was doing that much homework, you think his report would
look the way it does? – He’s a teenage boy. Let him have some privacy. – Privacy. I’ll give him privacy. He needs to get outside,
make some friends, and not sit down and
watch movies all the time. Alphonse! Come for lunch. Mum’s made (mumbles). – It’s too spicy! – No not today. No chili. – [Young Alphonse] No chili? – Alright just a little chili for taste. – I hate chili, not even a tiny bit! Burns my mouth. When are you gonna learn that
I don’t wanna eat that shit! – Alphonse you drink a little
milk and the heat goes away. – Make me a salad and
I’ll be down in a minute. (light rock music) (speaks in foreign language) – Where you goin’? – [Young Alphonse] Pictures. – [Dominic] Who with? – Go to hell dad. – What about lunch? – [Young Alphonse] I’ll
get something there. (sighs) – From a very early age, he’s
identifying with criminals. Actually, the fictitious
account of criminals. The movie style version of criminals. But somewhere in there,
right early in the piece, he’s saying this is what I want to be. This is how I ought to be. So there’s something
already going off the rails about his identification, which would imply some
hassle in the family. – He… Wanted to be a criminal. And there was no convincing him otherwise. His parents were lovely people. And they had a very nice family. But he was hellbent on
becoming a (mumbles) footpath. – The people make a decision. I wanna be, make something of my life. I wanna be an accountant or a doctor, whatever the case may be. And I think he just grew
up manifested by the fact of these gangster lifestyles. His house had the Al Capone books, the gangster books. The Scarface, the Al Pacino
posters in his study. That type of thing. That’s what he enveloped himself upon and in his own small brain
of manifestation saying, “Well that’s what I wanna be.” And he paid the ultimate price. – His childish gangster
fetish or preoccupation, would’ve been driven by the
stories of other gangsters. It may well be that in
his readings of Al Capone and people like that, the
Godfather movies for example, they all portrayed the Italians
as being nice family people who were very very dangerous. And maybe Gangitano fancied
himself as being someone who could, had the
potential to be dangerous. Or to portray himself as being someone who could be dangerous and be different. – I think Gangitano is a model sociopath. Insofar as his anti-social personality. His amoral thinking, very early on, saw a way, a model if you like, of the Godfather model, that inspired him to follow that future. – The difference between a
gangster and a vile criminal is one of process, not outcome. The importance is the
gangster is a romantic figure, a tragic hero. Whereas a vile criminal
can be simply someone who’s a common person
who just uses violence for his particular means
or particular outcome or particular goal. (gun locks and loads) – [Tara] The man who helped
Alphonse take that first step from fantasy to reality, was the notorious, Mark Chopper Read. – He wanted to be a gangster you know and I was the first bloke to
give him a sawed off shotgun. ‘Cause when I was 19, he was 16. 16 and a half when I was 19 and I gave him a sawed off shotgun. It was beautiful sawed off shotgun, my old man gave it to me. And I gave it to Alphonse
when I got a handgun. And Alphonse thought
it was great, you know? First sawed shotgun he ever had. – After the break, the wanna be gangster, Alphonse Gangitano, achieves the one goal he had in life, to become violent criminal. He did this at just 22 years of age and he did it by cold blooded murder. – They reckon the first one’s the hardest, but it was easy. (light rock music) I loved it. (clang echos) – This is Tough Nuts,
Australia’s hardest criminals and the story of Alphonse Gangitano, the Black Prince of Lygon Street. Armed with his first
gun from Chopper Read, Alphonse Gangitano became a street hood. He ran with a group of thugs who were happy to set upon
members of the general public. Those who simply got in
the way or at the wrong end of Gangitano’s violent temper. And he could fight. At a young age, he had already developed a pathological hatred for police. Gangitano’s routine was to
prowl Melbourne’s nightclubs looking for off duty police officers. He had a particularly
sharp memory for faces and he would always remember
police he had chanced across. (clang echos) – Look he had a hatred for
the police, absolute hatred, and I think it was likewise. The fact that he would
to take on the police every opportunity that he had, he would take them on verbally
and certainly physically. – Alphonse used to go around nightclubs and I’d pick on a few off duty policemen and the off duty policemen
would come out there and flash their badge and tell Alphonse to pull his head in. He’d know they’re off duty because they’d been drinking alcohol. And he said, “Are you on duty or off duty?” They’d say, “We’re off duty.” (mumbles) So he’d take ’em under
the stairs and bash ’em. (gun locks and loads) – The assaults on police
were pretty much about brand. They weren’t about making money. It was just about letting everyone know that he was the toughest guy on the block. And he would just find off duty police and hole off on them, you know. Come step on their foot,
they’d say, “Excuse me.” Then he’d belt ’em. – He saw us as the enemy and
as such we saw him as an enemy and a public enemy at that. And needed to be taken care of. (clang echos) – But violent assaults on police officers were strictly for Gangitano’s amusement. He wanted to play with the big boys. He started hanging around a nightclub with a nasty reputation. Mickey’s Disco in St. Kilda
was known as a hotspot for the Melbourne underworld. One of Mickey’s Disco’s
owner was none other than Chris Rent-to-Kill Flannery. Flannery had a problem. He was facing a murder
charge and prostitute, Deborah Boundy, could put him away. Her testimony in court
would finger Flannery for the murder of business
man, Roger Wilson. Criminals like Flannery
viewed Gangitano as a kid. But a kid that could be useful. Gangitano could get Flannery
off the murder charge. But he would have to kill
Deborah Boundy to do it. If he could kill her, he would be a Tough Nut just like them. (clang echos) – It was easy man. Easy. (suspenseful music) They reckon the first one is the hardest, but it was easy. Yeah I loved it. (suspenseful music) Yeah man, she fell for it straight away. Rathdowne Street. I picked her up on Rathdowne Street. Coffee.
(suspenseful music) Then back to her place. Once she saw the powder, mate, she couldn’t get it into
her arm quick enough. (suspenseful music) Hey I know why they call ’em hotshots. You shoulda seen the sweat comin’ off her. (inhales sharply) I’m lookin’ forward to
my next one, alright? (suspenseful music) – He liked to sit sheilas
down with a bag of pure. She was at half a dose but then he (mumbles) lethal
battery acid injection. Or acid out of the fire extinguisher or acid out of a battery. She would have overdosed
with pure Chinese white. I mean Mad Charlie
would like to do it too. He’d sit people down with a bag of pure. And he’d watch them put it into their arm and the first one would
fall down head first into the coffee table. And the second one would
pick up the bag of pure and he’d say, “You better not use this much,
I think that’s a bit strong.” And they’d use half of
what the other fella used and they’d fall down too. And the third one, having
watched the first two drop, pick up the same bag and use half again. And he’d drop. Three overdoses and Charlie’d get up and walk outta the room. Yeah, Al come from the
same school which I did. In fact Al taught Charlie the tricks. I think it was quite easy
for Al to overdose someone. Yeah because she wasn’t overdosed with any poison or anything. She was overdosed with pure. – Alphonse Gangitano admired Flannery, who to him is a street fighting man, would’ve been an A-lister
when he was an up and comer. It’s often speculated
that Alphonse Gangitano may have been the person who
killed Deborah as a favor to a man he looked up to. – He was showing to Flannery that he had the dash. He was showing that he could
do what had to be done. And he certainly
developed that reputation. – The ultimate gangster is
a person who can take life without feeling anything. And I suspect at 22, he
probably had the constellation of skills and background and knowledge and access to the criminal world, that would’ve made him killing someone far more possible than
being a 13 or 14 year old. I mean when you have a
reputation for killing people, you observe other people to
treat you with more deference, more respect. To a child, it’s not as meaningful. To a young man at 22, that
kinda deference and respect would’ve been reinforcing. So it doesn’t surprise
me at that he at 22, he graduated to becoming the
gangster he always aspired to. (clang echos) – Alphonse Gangitano
killed Deborah Boundy. And in doing so he made his bones, as they say in the criminal world. He now had reputation as a killer and was a man to be feared. He believed he was
bullet-proof but one man, a criminal with a real reputation, would frighten the life out of him. – He hated me ’cause he
was frightened of me. He bashed me in the Dover Hotel. He knew that one day that would come back and bite him on the ass. – Welcome back to Tough Nuts,
Australia’s hardest criminals and Alphonse Gangitano, the
Black Prince of Lygon Street. After murdering Deborah Boundy, Alphonse Gangitano stepped up. He mingled with Melbourne’s
criminal networks. He established a loose confederation
of criminals and others called the Carlton Crew. They included Jason and Mark Moran, their father, Lewis, Graham Kinniburgh and Domenic Mick Gatto. With well known names
like this behind him, Gangitano moved into the
illegal casino trade. And stood over businesses
in the Carlton area, demanding protection money. If it was not forthcoming, he would unleash his violence
on those who could not or would not pay. But one criminal decided that Gangitano was more bark than bite. Notorious standover man,
Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, had been a friend of Gangitano’s but two men had fallen out after Chopper had
unknowingly assaulted a man, who was a key ally of
Alphonse Gangitano’s. Gangitano and his thugs retaliated by setting upon Chopper
Read in a bar toilet. – I got out of jail in 1976. I met him in the Dover Hotel. And I was talking to him about people and I mentioned saying a
Shane Gra-fello’s name. I said, “When I say that Gra-fello, “I wanna belt him, you know?” I didn’t know that Alphonse
thought of Shane Gra-fello was a hero. Was a great streetfighter,
legendary streetfighter, and a good friend of Alphonse’s. I’m in the shitter, I was havin’ a poo, and next thing I know,
the door is smashed open. And Alphonse is there with his boys and they’re kickin’ me,
just kickin’ me in the face. And I’ve gotta wipe me bum and I got up and I’m throwin’ punches
(mumbles) my eyes closed. And when I’ve opened me eyes, I found I punched the bouncers. Alphonse has disappeared. He knew that one day, that would come back and bite him on the ass. You can’t bent someone like me. See if I want to get revenge on someone, I will watch and I will wait. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. I’ll eat it freezing cold. I got ahold of some (mumbles) 9 handguns and I started shootin’ up a few places that Alphonse was involved with. I went around the Gah-mon
Club with the Ja-lek 9 and he pushed his way
out the toilet window and landed on the roof of
Mercedes and hurt his back. Then went up to Mick Gatto and says, “Chopper Read’s lookin’
for me with his Ja-lek 9 “and wants to blow me head off. “I’m not afraid of Chopper
Read but I’m worried “about me family.” – [Tara] Gangitano had
always been able to separate his family and criminal lives. But when the threat of
Chopper Read loomed, the two were in danger of merging. – Virginia was a very nice lady who found herself, as a
lot of other women have, being married to criminal identities. She remained within that marriage, I think was two children they had. Gina was a type of person when (mumbles) “Look, I don’t get involved
in what Alphonse does. “I don’t wanna know. “My job is to run the household, “take the children to school.” She knew what she was dealing with, in relation to the
unpredictably of Alphonse. At the end of the day, family was all driven by Virginia. – [Tara] Retired detective, Brian Murphy, was at Mickey’s Disco the
night Alphonse and Virginia first met. – I told her on that night, I said, “Give him away because he’s
gonna leave you one day “with a belly full of arms and legs, “with no money.” And that’s exactly what happened. – Chopper was a man who
believed that revenge was a dish best served cold. The word was out that Chopper
wanted a piece of him. The gangster swagger gone,
Gangitano left the country. Taking his wife, Virginia,
and two children with him. He hid in Italy until news came that Chopper had been jailed in Tasmania for attempted murder. With Chopper out of the way, Gangitano returned to Melbourne and once again, the cafes and
restaurants of Lygon Street had to pay him off. With his arch nemesis behind bars, Gangitano was even more
unpredictable and violent. He developed a bloated
sense of entitlement. Cars, money, even women. When Gangitano saw something he liked, he simply took it. (clang echos) (light rock music) – Excuse me ma’am? – Yes. – This is a lovely car you’re driving. – Thank you. – This is the V12 model, yeah? – That’s right, it’s very comfortable. – Can I ask you just one more question? I won’t keep ya. – That’s alright. – Let me introduce myself,
I’m Alphonse Gangitano. How d’ya do? – Hello. – [Alphonse] And you are? – I’m Yvonne. – Ah pleased to meet you, Yvonne. Now as I was saying, I don’t wanna keep you but the interior, that’s leather yeah? – Of course it’s leather. – Look I know it must seem silly of me but my question is, did you choose the color of the seats or is that standard color
with that color you got? – No I didn’t choose it but– – No no no, it’s perfect. Why would anybody want any other color? It’s very cool. – Thank you, now if you’ll excuse me. – Actually no. I love this car. Gimme the keys. – Pardon me? – No no no, it’s cool. I just want your car. Gimme the keys please. – No, why should I give you my keys? – I love this car. I wanna drive it. Give me the fuckin’ keys. – No, now if you’ll excuse me. – Listen you stuck up bitch. You either give me the keys
or I’ll fuckin’ take ’em. You know who I am? – No. – Alphonse Gangitano. Now get outta the car. Please. (suspenseful music) (door slams) Thank you Yvonne. (car engine starts) – He was an egomaniac. He built a reputation. He built enough hoons and thugs around him to get away with almost anything and certainly around the Carlton area. He could just march up to people and say, “Give me your car. “Give me the keys now. “I’m Alphonse Gangitano,
what are ya gonna do?” – It’s a bit hard to turn around and say what value the car was to him. It may well have been instrumental in developing his reputation and it may well have
been simple curiosity. “I wanna drive this
car, gimme the car keys. “I’m takin’ around the block. “I’ll dump it wherever I want to dump it.” But it certainly fits within that profile of the psycopath, the sense of entitlement, the sense of I can take
it because it’s the person that I am. – I suppose in Gangitano’s case, there is that sense of entitlement which is not uncommon for
someone who is a psycopath. They’ve got an inflated
sense of self, right? So they’re very grandiose and also I guess, lack of
remorse, lack of guilt, in terms of what they do. So they don’t care if they take something and how it would impact other people. – Listen, you stuck up bitch, you either give me the keys
or I’ll fuckin’ take ’em. Do you know who I am? – No. – Alphonse Gangitano. Now get outta the car. – So people did hand their keys over and certainly there was one story that he used to carry around a pink slip in his glovebox. He can just get them to sign over the car, right then and there. It was wild west territory
up on Lygon Street, back in those days. And he was the baddest hombre
of the lot, at that time. – Funnily enough, no
one who had a car taken by Gangitano, ever reported it missing. Even though he would often
drive around in it for months. When we return, we look
at one of Gangitano’s most infamous crimes. The attack on boxer, Barry Michael, a reigning world champion. – Come on, just one minute. (loud background chatter) – [Barry] Alright one minute. – Outta here fellas. Champ and I need to talk about a rematch. (light rock music) – Welcome back to Tough Nuts,
Australia’s hardest criminals and the Black Prince of Lygon
Street, Alphonse Gangitano. For all his preening and
expensive Italian suits, Gangitano never quite made
a go of his businesses. His main skill was extortion and only so much money could
be made from that enterprise. He was also a degenerate gambler. Always borrowing money
that he never intended to pay back. And he owned slow racehorses and that didn’t help
his financial situation. Thinking he could turn a
dollar from the boxing world, Gangitano started a company
called Superstar Promotions and signed up as many boxers as he could, including an up and comer. A super lightweight by
the name of Lester Ellis. But Gangitano could
never make enough money from his boxers to pay for
his expensive lifestyle. His mate Jason Moran was making a killing selling amphetamines and
tablets to the nightclub crowds in Melbourne. But with drugs, especially cocaine, Gangitano became more of a consumer, than a supplier. (clang echos) – It was no longer about business. It was no longer about
enriching the grape. It was all about Alphonse’s reputation. And it was said he was
doing far too much cocaine. He was paranoid. He was making threats
against his friends as well. It wasn’t just his enemies. – I suppose given his long term, well his proneness to violence, and the fact that he is a long term abuser of amphetamine and cocaine, then he would be even quicker
to anger and violence. The drug addiction would just exacerbate the violence and aggression. – Still think I’m a plastic gangsta? (gunshot) – He borrowed money off of
a lot of Calabrian families and he didn’t pay it back. And you can’t do this
in Italian community. You can’t just borrow money,
10, 20 grand off people and not pay it back. And then go like that. (whistles) And then bash members of their family, if they come and have a go atcha. – He was a person who is beyond
control, beyond authority, who can take things as a whim because there’s a sense of entitlement that goes with taking something as a whim. (clang echos) – There was still money to be made and Gangitano threw it all
behind promoting the big fight between his charge, the
champion Lester Ellis, and the contender and
veteran of the fight game, Barry Michael, for the IBF
Super Lightweight Title, on July 12, 1985. But it was Michael who won the fight, after 15 grueling rounds. Gangitano had gambled heavily on Ellis, and lost. – In boxing, 30 year old
challenger, Barry Michael made lightweight of the 10 year difference between himself and Lester Ellis to win a unanimous points decision in their IBF title fight last night. (crowds cheer) Even before the decision was announced, it was obvious to everyone who had won, even Michael and Ellis. – [Ring Announcer] He’s the new IBF World Junior Lightweight Champion. – Look mate, I just can’t
express how great I feel. (dramatic music) – We’ll get it back! We got a contract for a rematch. And fuckin’ Lester’ll smash him next time. – But I don’t give a
hooker’s moan about the cash. – [Man] But it’s two million bucks! – Cash is easy to come by! I wanted that world title! We’ve lost the world title! How did Michaels make that weight? How did he make the fuckin’ weight? – He must’ve fuckin’ slept in the sauna! (hits and groans) – We’ll get that little
prick in the next shot! We’ll get him in the rematch! (chatter) – That’s pretty realistic, wasn’t it? – [Woman] Yeah. – Who’s that from? (dramatic music) Excuse me for one moment, yeah? Just gotta take care of something. – [Woman] Sure. So what are you doing? (chatter) – Thank you Alphonse, very kind of you. – Hey it’s my honor. Buy a drink for a world champion. – I’ll drink to that. – Take a seat, we need
to talk about something. – Oh mate, I’ve got my wife and a mate. – Come on, just one minute. – Alright, one minute. – Outta here fellas. Champ and I need to talk about a rematch. (dramatic music) So, Lester and I are still
waitin’ for another shot. – Keep on waitin’ Alphonse
’cause I’m chasin’ some big scalps in England now. – Yeah Lester you’re a has been that’s runnin’ away from him. – Better a has been than a never was. (dramatic music) – What are you doing? (thuds and screams) – First thing I thought was, I’m possibly dead. I knew they carried guns and I turned to Alphonse and I said, “You f-in so and so, you’ve set me up.” And he just lunged at me and
he grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket as he
pulled me down the couch. He got a serious grip on my cheek. And I got my hands up
tryin’ to gouge his eyes to get him off me. And immediately, they’re
like a pack of mongrel dogs on top of me. – Alphonse bashed him
so badly in the brain, he kicked, punched him and
hit him so fuckin’ much around the head. – And then another one came in and the next thing I know, I’m being dragged up off the couch, dragged through the
crowd with blood spraying everywhere off my face. – They made a mess of him. They completely screwed Barry
Michael’s boxing career. I don’t think he could
walk straight after that. You know, knocked his equilibrium out. – And I just remember being pounded and battered and being sort of held down. – Kick kick kick, you know. Bash bash bash. Oh shockin’ damage to him. Shockin’. – You know I think they were filthy on me because basically, they outsmarted themselves really. And I’d outsmarted them
and I had the title. I’d taken the title off the
goose that laid the golden egg. – Lester Ellis had no involvement
in Gangitano’s crimes. Like Barry Michael, Lester
Ellis was just a boxer, trying to make his way in the game. (clang echos) Waiting two years to take
his revenge on Barry Michael was standard Gangitano MO. He would bash, beat or kill
anyone who got in his way. This routine would continue
relentlessly into the 1990s. Having lost so much money on
the Michael versus Ellis fight, Gangitano was broke and he
upped the price of extortion. The nightclubs were unable
to pay the high prices he demanded. Gangitano reacted in
his predictable fashion. Entering nightclubs and
attempting to beat the owners and the patrons into submission. He believed himself to be above the law. But he would soon discover that the law was catching up with him and with it, betrayal that
would lead to his death. – You in the neighborhood Jason? – Ginny left you mate? – Yeah, who told you that? – Smartest thing she ever did. (clang echos) – Welcome back to Tough Nuts,
Australia’s hardest criminals and the Black Prince of Lygon
Street, Alphonse Gangitano. In every career criminal’s life, there comes a moment
when it all falls apart. For Gangitano, that moment came on the
19th of December, 1995, when he and his mate, Jason Moran, walked into The Sports Bar, a nightclub in Melbourne’s
Kings Street district. They set upon the patrons in
the club with billiard cues and metal bars. Gangitano in particular took to the task with his trademark
enthusiasm for violence. Gangitano and Moran were
both charged with a fray. There was a host of revealing CCTV footage and on this occasion, some brave victims were
prepared to come forward to put both men away. – [News Reporter] The
court heard four people were hospitalized. Injuries including a
fractured nose, cuts, bruises, a fractured jaw and permanent eye damage. Mr. Gangitano was granted bail with a $10,000 surety, a night curfew, and an order to seek
psychiatric treatment. – He was outta control. He and Jason Moran had
bashed nightclub goers and management at The
Sports Bar on Kings Street. It had been a gratuitous attack. Purely trying to stand
over the owners there. It said to his friends that
he was now a liability. – He and Moran were most
violent pair of bastards you’d ever wish to meet
in a day’s hunting. But they used to fight amongst themselves. Because they were both
similar type of people. Couldn’t be told, couldn’t be controlled and didn’t want to be. They just wanted to be
the king of the patch. – [Tara] Some believe that
Gangitano had some sort of Road to Damascus conversion
after the affray. That he looked on his life of crime with horror and regret. But could a man who reveled
in violence his entire life, be capable of such a change? – When he was 42, it
sounded like Gangitano was thinking about
leaving his life of crime. Now, some people may say that
it could be due to remorse. He wanted to make up or he was
sorry for what he had done. However, if Gangitano
was a true psycopath, it’s very unlikely that he
had any remorse or guilt. Chances are, it’s just because it’s getting too much for him. He’s just saying that it’s
too inconvenient for him. Another thing too, that’s also
been shown in the research is that a lot of psycopaths, they’re violent or criminal behaviors tend to decrease after the
fourth decade of life. – It may well be he
simply matured out of it. It may well be it simply
wasn’t enough to feed his ego or his persona. He may simply have tired
of the entire grind of looking over your shoulder and it may well have been
he saw the young kids coming up behind him and decided that there wasn’t much
of a life career in this. Very few gangsters get to retire to a house on the Gulf
Coast and left in peace. Most of them meet some sort of end because they require the
work or they need the money. Or someone is looking to
build their reputation on your demise. (clang echos) – On the morning of
January the 16th, 1998, Gangitano had appeared at court for a mention on the
affray at The Sports Bar. He was given bail under
stringent conditions. He had a nine o’clock curfew imposed. The word on the streets was that Gangitano was going to plead guilty. And this would leave Jason Moran facing a certain jail sentence. Gangitano dutifully
went home before curfew and there he stayed until a
couple of unexpected visitors turned up. (clang echos) – Yeah a large supreme. Delivery. No, no garlic bread. No chili. Not a touch, yeah? (doorbell rings) (dramatic music) Geez that was quick. No look, look there’s
just someone at my door. Hang on, hang on. (dramatic music) – Nice outfit mate, you knew I was coming? – Tough fuckin’ day mate. How you doin’? Call you back. (door slams) They’ve got me bent over here, mate. They’re flying in some South African, who’s gonna fuck me in the box. I’ve got a plate on it. There’s nothin’ I can do. – Well we’re gonna have
to talk about it Alphonse because if you put your
hand up for this one, Jason’s in the shit. – Mate, what can I do? I don’t have a choice. – What’re you doin’ walkin’
around in your undies? – Hey, Ginny’s out, okay? Mate, she’s takin’ the kids
to her sister’s or something. Mate, she’ll be back in
a couple of hours, Jesus! – I don’t suppose you got a beer. – No! There’s no beer in there mate. Have a glass of wine. – Wine? Not for a bit. – I’m in a curfew here, okay? – Well how about I go and grab
a slab and couple of pizzas and we sit down and
just have a little chat about what went on in court today. – Hey, nothing went on in court, okay? I got a mention, that’s it. – How you gonna plea? – Mate, I’m gonna plead guilty. They got me over a barrel, okay? – Temple Stone Shops? Best place to go for beer and pizza? – Yeah, you want some dough? – No mate. Be back in a minute. – Fuck. – Mate you got a visitor. – [Alphonse] Not those bloody
Jehovah’s Witnesses again. – Worse than that mate. – You in the neighborhood Jason? – Heard Ginny left you mate. – Yeah, who told you that? – Smartest thing she ever did. – She’s visiting her sister. – Get yourself a good
lawyer, you’ll get to see ’em every other day, Alphonse. Fuckin’ much more than what
I’ll get where I’m goin’. – Look I can’t talk about this now. I’ve been in court all
day and I’ve got a curfew. For once this isn’t about
you, you selfish prick. – You grass me up,
guaranteeing me two years jail, and I’m selfish? – I had no choice. We talked about this, okay? I had to plead on it. – Alright this is goin’ no where. Why don’t I go and get some beers– – Fuck him Graham, he’s a dog! – Who you callin’ a dog? – It’s loaded, mate. – Fuck you, this is my house. – Jason put the gun away. Let’s just take a deep breath. – Go and get your gun. Gonna end this. – [Graham] Guys you’re
supposed to be mates! – Mates don’t grass on mates. – Alright, tough man. – Now listen, calm down the pair of ya. – Get it. (gunshots) – You’re a fucking idiot Jason. – My problem was never with you Graham. Let’s leave it that way. (dramatic music) – [News Reporter] Crime
figure, Alphonse Gangitano, was gunned down in his Templestowe home. His wife found him lying in a
pool of blood in the laundry. He’d been shot three times
in the head and body. His killer has not been found. – It was on the 16th of January, ’98. I was on the oncall crew, in
charge of the oncall team. Received a call about midnight,
one o’clock in the morning. That Alphonse had been
found shot dead in his home in Templestowe. We found that he’d been shot, he was lying deceased in the laundry. Suffering a number of
gunshot wounds to the body and also to the head. – This seems to be a decision to as they say in the
underworld, tug his coat. Graham Kinniburgh was
a well known mediator. He was renowned for resolving
things without violence. It’s alleged that he and Jason Moran went to Gangitano’s house in
Templstowe for a discussion. – The evidence then suggested
that Jason Moran arrived, he was dropped off up the road. Indications say he walked into the house, he was allowed in. Anyone else or someone
that Alphonse didn’t know certainly wouldn’t have
been allowed access. I believe that at that
stage that Jason Moran pulled a pistol, shot Alphonse. (gunshots) Graham Kinniburgh was present and I believe Graham didn’t
know what was happening. I think things settled down thereafter. Then they came to their
senses a little bit between Graham and Jason. – Four days before he was killed, Brian Murphy went to warn
Gangitano, his time was up. – We got over there and
Alphonse is sitting there, like a lord of the manor. But he was really the
prince at this stage. I said, “Listen, you’re well and
surely gonna get knocked.” I said you’ve robbed all your mates. I said there’s over $250,000 missing. Jason Moran, Kinniburgh,
they’re all crook on him. And that’s what led to his demise. And he said, “There’s no fucking way
I’m going to get knocked. “They’re my buddies.” I said good, yeah. And my mate bring me the morning (mumbles) one his fucking buddies
just knocked him off. – Oh I didn’t like Alphonse at all. I hated Alphonse’s guts. I mean I was rapped when he died. I thought fantastic. This is like a godsend. I was rapped. – Unlike the later murders
that we’ve had of time, where it was tit for tat. No one shed any tears
apart from his family and kids of course. In relation to losing Alphonse. No one was looking for
revenge for Alphonse. And I think the fact that
his peers in relation to the criminal element
said good riddance. He’s not gonna bring the
law back looking at us because he was out of control. – [Tara] Gangitano had
outlived his welcome. He had gamble away over
$250,000 of other people’s money and he had betrayed his criminal friends. – Listen Alphonse has been
puttin’ holes on his manners. And he just went pull up. He went police hittin’. He was embarrassing everyone. He’s causing everyone too much trouble and something’s gotta be done. So this (mumbles) gave the
nod because he couldn’t go and shoot Alphonse at this time. Because not without
some sort of commission. You just couldn’t go and shoot him because he was too well
connected with other people. – So they gave the nod
and someone shot him. (gunshots) – Ironically, from his own
belief of being the Capone or the Deniro of the Melbourne
Underworld at the time. That he dies in the laundry, in the floor, riddled with bullets, in his underpants. – [Tara] Chopper Read believes Gangitano would’ve liked to have gone
out in a blaze of glory. – He would’ve preferred in his best suit. Showered, shaved in his
Dolce Gabbana aftershave on. Probably at a restaurant
somewhere with his lady friend, with a Heckler & Koch
nine millimeter automatic in the front of his pants. And someone comes bursting
and fills Alphonse up with a dozen in the chest. Alphonse has taken the dozen in the chest and pulled out his Heckler
& Koch and returned fire. Bang bang bang. And killed the six men that
have come in to kill him. Before falling down dead to the music of Frank Sinatra singing I did it my way. – There would be no
heroic end to the life of Alphonse Gangitano. He was shot in the back. He died in his underwear on
the floor of his own home. Moran was certainly Gangitano’s killer and he too would have
his life ended abruptly. Shot dead in front of his
children while sitting in his car at a football clinic in 2003. Graham Kinniburgh was
a witness to the crime. He would not give up his good mate’s son and he went to the grave with his secret. He too was shot dead in
the Melbourne gang wars. For the would be
gangster, the self crowned Black Prince of Lygon
Street, Alphonse Gangitano, that was the way it went. Life and death at the barrel of a gun. See you next time on Tough Nuts, Australia’s hardest criminals. (dramatic music)


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