Treatment of Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Treatment of Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Treatment of Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
(ALD) There are several ways of treating alcoholic
fatty liver disease, but the most important method is to stop drinking alcohol. This really does mean the total elimination
of alcohol – all beer, wine, hard drinks, tonics and everything else that contains alcohol. Alcohol damages the liver in several ways: When you drink large amounts of alcohol, you
begin to lose your appetite. Over time, you end up with vitamin and mineral
deficiencies that contribute to the development of fatty liver disease. Studies show that deficiencies of vitamin
D, vitamin E, vitamin A, methionine, choline, vitamin C, and other B vitamins may be related
to fatty liver disease. The high amounts of calories in alcohol can
pack on the pounds. Once you are overweight or obese, there is
a great risk of developing fatty liver disease. Alcohol damages the liver cells directly. It causes oxidative stress and generates free
radicals that attack the liver directly. Free radicals are clearly related to fatty
liver disease. Alcohol damages the liver indirectly by increasing
the space between the cells in the intestines so that substances can leak out into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, they make their way
back to the liver, and some of these toxins may start an inflammation reaction or directly
damage cells. Giving up alcohol is easier than one may think
if you approach it like you can approach giving up other bad habits – looking for the goodness
and benefits that will replace what you will miss. For example, what types of activiities are
you unable to do now? How’s your endurance? How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Do you ever look into the mirror and tell
yourself you are beautiful (or handsome)? If not, this is simply where you are now but
you won’t be in the same place after your journey to health ends. Look for positive reinforcement along your
journey, never the things you are missing. Part of the treatment for alcoholic fatty
liver disease includes switching to a healthy diet. This is a diet full of leafy green vegetables,
fruits, wholesome grains, protein foods, and healthy fats without alcohol, sugar, processed
foods, and high amounts of salt. You may notice an immediate improvement in
the way you feel – within a week – just from a healthier diet. One thing to remember is that your body will
respond quickly and it really does want to show you its regeenrative abilities. Medications may also be used for alcoholic
liver disease but no medications have ever been shown to benefit or reverse the condition. Visit the website. Click below


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