True Life: I’m Addicted to Dive Bombs (ft. Chris Zoupa)

True Life: I’m Addicted to Dive Bombs (ft. Chris Zoupa)

You know, my story is actually not that different to a lot of people in my situation. Umm I was the cool guy. I’ve known Chris for a really long time. He was always kind of a shy-er person but when he learned to do Dive Bombs™ he was really the life of the party. So everyone was like Ooh, that’s the guy going woo his guitar sounds like a motorbike. And for the first time, you know I was the cool guy and I was really, really happy. There was this one party, though, where Chris did like 87 Dive Bombs™ in a row. And, I remember looking at my friend, saying: “Hey, somebody needs to say something to him.” I started to really upset people, and things took a turn for the worse. *space-y music* What the hell is this? Chris, this is an intervention. This isn’t about the Dive Bomb™-ing thing, is it? It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. *poorly synced Dive Bomb™-s* *people in agony* Chris! You have a problem! *sobbing* *empathetic comforting* I really empathize with Chris I mean, this is kind of difficult to say, but I had my own Dive Bomb™ addiction not too long ago. *cheeky demonstration of aptitude* *discovering remnants of Van Halen’s spirit* *soul escapes his body as pitch increases* I’ve, umm, I’ve got a son He’s nearly one, and he’s my world. He’s everything to me. Not gonna block this with view with captions


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  2. The thing about where "humor" has gone , is it needs to mock the suffering of real people or real conditions to be "funny" , i guess you cannot have humor with out elevating your self from defaming others, addiction does tear families apart and KILLS musicians..but hey its just a joke right…this type of joking wont save you if it happens to you…be careful making fun of what can effect you. thats all kiddies

  3. I know the anguish. I feel like I'm spiraling into the same problem. I just obtained my first PRS custom withe the Floyd Rose. LOL

  4. Wait… did he say "I got in the bathtub and pulled on my amp" cause that might be some kind of sic metaphor. ;-/

  5. Like 87 dive bombs in one sitting lol that's dive bomb binging that's even more awesome then nikki Sixx drinking heroin out of a fire hydrant lol

  6. I grew up around fixed bridges, so I thought I was lucky that neither I nor my friends ever had to deal with dive bomb addiction. But one day, Darrell, a close family friend who I trusted introduced me pinch harmonics, and my life was never the same. I’ve been down some long, wylde rhoads, but now I’m on the path to recovery. I’ve recently checked into the John Sykes Institute and have really been getting my shit together. The other day, a friend of mine at the institute even introduced me to something he calls “pick slides”. I’m actually getting pretty good at them….

  7. Chris, I know this addiction is hard to fight…but you're not alone! I am now 370 days clean from divebombs and received my first chip. Stay strong brother and before long, you'll be there too!! Don't let the Vai's and van Halen's stray you from the 8 step program. Reach out to your sponsor if you need to, but be strong!!💪🏻 Remember our motto: "You can skip strings, but you can't skip meetings"

  8. In 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep.

  9. This is quite harrowing. I don't think making Chris go cold turkey will do any good, in fact it may put him over they edge.
    How about introducing him to a Music Man Axis. It's locking bridge can only do down pitch……then work from there.
    Hope that helps man…….
    Stay strong Chris.

  10. This has to be one of the funniest fucking things i've ever seen in my life. "chris did like 87 dive bombs in a row"

  11. There's also an addiction to pinch harmonics. Just an informational message for your safety and we'll being.

  12. Cris checked himself into a rehabilitation centre. All the guitars there have locked bridges. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. "I just wonder if this could have been prevented if i had bought a les paul" i feel the same way with these duncan designed active pickups

  14. It's nothing compared to kids high on minor pentatonic. I've seen their eyes: even if they lay a guitar back and return to it in several months, they just can't play anything else. Their whole world now consists of I-III-IV-V-VII, no modulation, no passing tones, no chromatic scale. If you see your child trying to play one of Metallica's lead parts, call 555-13457-HELPME. Don't let blues' legacy ruin your children's future

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