hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty McBaine bang tasty mukbang taste my bang yo I am here today to eat
a hand the popeyes chicken sandwich y’all I’m
addicted I can’t so if you guys are new to my
channel make sure you press the subscribe button make sure you turn on
notification bill and make sure you click always so every time I go live or
I post a new video you will be made aware of it so today I have the spicy
chicken sandwich and we gonna do here cuz I be hungry if you guys hit some
noise in the background that is a fan from my water distiller I decided to do
this video in a different room today so that’s what you’re hearing in the
background please forgive me so let’s say ah grace father God I thank you for
this food that we are about to receive your love your kindness your mercy and
your grace I thank you for all your provisions that you have made up on my
life I thank you Father God for everything that you have done for me and
those things to come in Jesus name I pray amen and hallelujah have y’all tried to spicy chicken
sandwich there should be my thumbnail so you guys
if you haven’t tried already make sure you go out and get this little bitty
thing do not underestimate the power of a chicken sandwich and what you can do
for you and your life this sandwich is life-changing I promise you so let’s get
started and I like to take them look the first bite on the bigger in I’m just drinking some distilled water
in my cup this sandwich is only 399 some people have said it but they’re gonna
stop selling the sandwich but they’re still selling it at my location they end up being out the same day but
they get them back then I wanted to spicy ones this one is
not spicy the meat is so tender you learn so good to the last drop I need some water so you guys that was it sweet simple and
to the point and you’re not playing around with the chicken sandwich just
yes so thank you guys for watching him to the end today I would touch you guys
later don’t forget the video leave lots of
comments down below don’t forget though press the subscribe button turn on a
notification Beale and be sure to come back for another video I will talk to
you guys later thanks for watching bye now

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