Tuesday, January 21

Tuesday, January 21

Live from New York City it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music)
(cheering) Hi. (applauding) Thank you for watching my show. Please give it up for my studio audience, my cohost. (muffled by cheering) How you doing? Real good. I’m ready for some fun, so let’s get started. It’s time for– Hot topic! Come on. (upbeat music)
(cheering) Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. (cheering) I always act like I don’t like it, but really thank you, I love that. I do
(applauding) So far, so good. A pretty good week here. I mean it’s only Tuesday.
Tuesday. It’s okay. It’s only Tuesday. It seems like we’ve been here all week. Right. Yesterday, I had a whole lot of fun on the show. You know all hot topics, which is my favorite day of the week. You know. (applauding) And we also announced that we here at Wendy are giving you a chance to go to the Superbowl if you’re. (cheering) Uh-huh, uh-huh. Look, look, all you gotta do is go to wendyshow.com. You know we have our legendary dance off right here on the Wendy stage. So if you qualify, and believe me, you just can’t come up here and dance like I do. (laughing) You’ve got to be flexible and amazing. But if you win, what happens is we will send you and a friend to the Superbowl, and I believe they said you have until January 31st. So go to wendyshow.com. That was big yesterday. We announced that. (applauding) Today, Jerry O’Connell is here. He’s been a friend of the show since the first, right? Yeah. (applauding) Jerry O is always a whole lot of fun. And then tomorrow, I’m gonna share one of my best kept personal secrets with you. I was a little selfish about it to begin with. You know, I’ve been doing something since 1994. That’s when I got my boobs and my liposuction and all that other kind of stuff. Not because somebody wanted me to, but because this is the kind of girl I am. So here we are fast forward, it’s not 1994, and there’s no more surgery. I mean, I can’t do anything, and I’m not getting a reduction until I want, but what I do do and I let you know that. Some of you guys squint and look at me and you’re like, “Uh-huh.” (laughing) And I’m telling you, “Uh-huh.” (laughing) Look now, there’s nothing wrong with a little Botox, a little mesotherapy cool sculpting. You save your money instead of buying an expensive handbag. Take that same money, you find yourself a good doctor, and she or he will fix you up at lunchtime. (applauding) Yeah. Suzanne I think we’ve done this once before. I think one of the doctor’s from the Doctors Show came on. Yeah, we’ve done it a couple of times, but this one’s a special doctor. I never shared my actual doctor with you. But you know what, let me tell you something, she’s got invention, she’s smart, she lectures on stuff. So my personal doctor is coming to the show tomorrow and she’s bringing this new machine that cost a fortune. If your doctor doesn’t buy the machines that cost a fortune and knows how to use them, you’re not going to the right doctor. Look. Look, look, look, look. She in Chanel and Prada all the time by the way. You know what I’m saying? Leading with smarts and a good outfit, right? She’s bringing her machine. She happens to be in Jersey. I know that we live in New York many of us and we always think New York’s got the best of everything, but you want to know what, I don’t have a reason to go to Jersey anymore, not my fault. But no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. But let me tell you something right now, Norman. That is a commute. (laughs) Oh, it is. That I would definitely do whenever I need my little afternoon tune ups. (laughing) Yes, yes. (applauding) So I say all that I can say. And she’s really cute, and you’re gonna really love her. And I only knew her through being a doctor, but then we became friends ’cause we talk about stuff, like she’s married, she’s got kids. We know a lot of the same people on accounting she’s from the Livingston area place where I used to live, not my fault. Anyway, and then we became close enough she came to my son’s black mitzvah and everything. (laughing) Gave him a nice monetary gift too. But no, just saying all that to say it’s a great week, the shows. She’ll be here tomorrow. Who’s coming on Thursday? What are we doing? On Thursday is uh, who is coming on Thursday? I just take it one day at a time here. (laughing) Well, you know who it is, it’s Tia Carrere. Hot talk on Friday. Tia Carrere is coming. Oh, we like her. Tia Carrere. We’ve got a lot to talk to her about. Right. And she’s been here before, so she’ll be nice and comfortable. She knows where it’s at. I used to take life one day at a time, but life became a little complicated. Yep. And I had to get right back into how I was before it became so complicated, which is when I was single, you know when I was the chief cook and bottle washer everything. So I don’t do that one day at a time anymore. No. You have to be a planner, Norman. I didn’t plan on this right here, although I believe every word. Jamie Foxx is getting, oh my God, he’s getting the business from his former In Living Color co-star Tommy Davidson. Let me break this down. Okay, listen close. So they were on the show together, plus they did “Booty Call” together, a classic. So now Tommy’s got this memoir coming out, right, and in the memoir he is talking about Jamie Foxx being really competitive and mercilessly mean. And Tommy talks about a lot in the book, but one of the things he talks about, remember that Sketch with Wanda who looked like. (laughing) Those are the good old days. You know what I mean? So he says that when they used to do. Okay, then that’s Tommy laying down, right. So he says that Jamie one time went off script and tried to rip off the underwear thing that he has on to embarrass him. And on “Booty Call” Tommy says that Jamie was determined to steal every scene that he possibly could. Well, I believe that’s how you become a Jamie Foxx. You know what I’m saying, Tommy. And Tommy you’re a friend to this show. I’ve known you for many years even before this show, but Jamie is up there and you’re, (laughing) you’re not up as high. You know what I mean? The money’s not as long. The fame is not as big. You both been around long enough together. You know some dirt on Jamie Foxx. I’ve heard stories about Jamie Foxx. And by the way when tried to pull off the underwear, that’s ’cause he’s got an appreciation for a high hard booty. (applauding) You’ve heard things through the years. (laughing) Why are you shocked, Suzanne. I love that she knows what’s going on over there. Why? You think she’s too old to know. No, not at all, not at all! I love your co-host. They know everything. Well, let me you something, like the new generation. (applauding) All you know Jamie Foxx for the new generation, some of you girls in the front row and what not, is for that good game show– Beat Shazam. With his daughter, Corinne, a family man.
Corinne Foxx. He’s cleaned up real well, but that’s all the new generation knows. See old crows like me and her. (laughing) Okay. So anyway, what I’ve done just to throw more gas on the fire, I’ve asked our booking department to book Tommy Davidson as soon as possible to get here. (applauding) Norman. Uh-huh. Now the book is called “Living in Color”. Right. It’s out next Tuesday, but I need you to read this with a highlighter. Absolutely. Okay. I cannot wait. And when Tommy comes here I’m not gonna say one word. I’m just gonna sit on the couch like this. Go! Oh Jamie. You can clean it up, but so much, and then comes the Wendy Show. (applauding) I’ve always been rooting for Paris Hilton. A lot of you all don’t like that I root for her and you’ve made it very very known on social media and everywhere you can read me for filth, but let me tell you something. She has become exactly what I somehow always knew that she was. I don’t know her like let’s go out for dinner like that, but I’ve been watching her moves on account of that’s what I do. She says that’s she’s not the blond airhead that she played on the Simple Life. See. And we all love that show. (applauding) And neither apparently was Nicole ’cause Nicole has moved on with her. Like those girls cleaned up real well. Anyway, she’s promoting her upcoming documentary. It’s called “This is Paris.” Now see this will be something that I’ll watch. She says that viewers will get to see her business side of things. And you know she’s not a dumb blonde, even though I think her voice is the same affectation that the Kardashians. Oh, you know what I mean. I’ve always known this about her. I’ve always thought she was way smarter. I never thought that she was just an heiress who was gonna lay back and marry a rich man and become some sort of socialite or something like that. And you know what she leads by that blonde hair. It’s a misnomer that whole dumb blonde thing in case you don’t know. And she leads. Look, I don’t know whether she’s wearing a bra or not. This is a dress. This is not even pretty. This is adorable. See. But while she distracts you with being cute and adorable, she has secretly raked in billion of dollars. So you think she’s stupid if you want to. (applauding) You know what I mean? Norman doesn’t like it. (laughing) But he likes the story about DaBaby. Yes, I do. (applauding) So here’s what happened with DaBaby who’s teeth by the way, $20,000 worth of diamonds. Yeah. And then you get in the jewelry and the neck tattoos. (laughing) Any who. This rapper, DaBaby, was caught on camera. No, he’s very popular. His song that I like is “Suge”. I like the “Suge” song. (mumbles) You can hit that during the break if you’d like. (whispers) Okay. I got you. I got you. Don’t worry, I’m gonna play it. Uh-huh. So the rapper, DaBaby, was caught on camera attacking a hotel worker. And I’m like, “No, you won’t.” Sources told TMZ that back in December a valet asked him for a video of him, not a picture, a video. But DaBaby turned the valet down. And I’m sitting on a meeting and I’m like, “Okay, how’d he turn him down? “Did he start punching him or was there a fight?” They said, “Well yeah.” I said, “Okay.” Same old song. So it turns out I’m on DaBaby’s side with this by the way. I’ll explain. DaBaby followed the guy back into the hotel. And there’s DaBaby with the white, oh, uh-huh. And I was like, “Ow, DaBaby is dead wrong for this.” Tell me more hot topics production team. Why should I? Give me a reason to stick up for that behavior right there. Well, they were in Paris by the way. And TMZ got the footage of DaBaby– (mumbles) Hills. Paris. Oh, this is in Beverly Hills. Yah. Oh. (laughing) Okay. So TMZ got all the footage. Here’s what happened though. Here’s the back part of the story. DaBaby when the guy, the valet, who’s supposed to get your car, take a good tip, and leave me alone, number one. Okay. Number two, I’m sure that this was a great hotel where there were more important people with more important titles and more important wallets than DaBaby there. So all of the workers should know how to conduct themselves. If you want repeat visitors of this stature at your hotel, conduct yourself accordingly. If DaBaby said no originally, then don’t get sneaky car parking guy and video DaBaby from afar. DaBaby gets and sees him videoing, right, but DaBaby can’t do anything ’cause DaBaby has his baby in his arms. Here’s the rest of the story. Hold on, hold on. DaBaby has a two year old. Don’t know the baby’s mother. Don’t know anything about her. No. The reason why DaBaby didn’t want to be videoed it’s ’cause it’s family time coming out. His daughter was two years old and he’s holding his two year old daughter in his arms. And the employee still tried to sneak this video, right, and then after he got the video he wanted, see, DaBaby secured his daughter with his (mumbles). (laughing) Look, and then went to the guy, said “Let me talk to you over here.” Made him go back in the hotel and pushed him down like that. ‘Cause you know what DaBaby saw. After his (mumbles) took his two year old daughter, DaBaby tiptoed behind the valet ’cause people are so on their devices trying to post real quickly. So here’s over here trying to post. DaBaby is standing over the man’s shoulders seeing that this man is posting, here’s DaBaby and his daughter. Exactly. So now who’s fault is this? The valet. You’re lucky all you got was shoved into a chair. (applauding) I’m sure that the valet won’t be fired and I’m sure that the valet will sue DaBaby. Baby you’re gonna have to pay for this, but I understand what you’re saying. The thing about family time is when you’re a star like that, maybe DaBaby should’ve had his daughter go out to the vehicle without him. You know what I mean? Like 20 minutes earlier and sit in the back of the Sprinter or whatever they were riding in, so there could be no pictures taken inside and have the driver there with the thing on, the engine on run. And then he should’ve left with his (mumbles) and umbrellas. Like you pop an umbrella. Umbrella could’ve hit the baby even if the baby didn’t feel like having a picture. And it doesn’t help. Okay, over our Christmas break when we were having fun with our families, DaBaby got arrested three times. All right. Look, once in Dallas, once in Charlotte and once in Miami. Now, one time was fighting at the airport. I don’t know what the fight was about. I know it doesn’t look good for DaBaby. But that thing that happened at the hotel with his daughter I’m trying to separate that crime. One time he was arrested for drugs. And the other time he was arrested for– He beat up the promoter who didn’t pay him. Oh right. But who’s fault was that? The promoter shorted his money. Right, allegedly. Allegedly.
Yeah. (laughing) The promoters, everybody’s probably suing DaBaby. DaBaby, you’re too young to be getting sued like that. You got a two year old daughter. You just have to learn to move smarter. And people around you have to learn that even if they knock somebody’s lights out, the lawsuit always comes back to you, so you’re not really protected in terms of lawsuits. And people who do service jobs and stuff don’t be so intrusive on your people. Sometimes you just need to leave everybody alone and you have that as a memory. You know. (applauding) I feel like a five year old girl could pull off this dress too. It’s cute, right. It’s definitely not sexy. It’s cute. But I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna make it sexy right after this show. (applauding) Take off this little slip and the whole thing becomes see-through. Take off this belt. The whole dress is see-through. No, we aren’t matching. I mean polka dots are cute, but you can’t make that sexy. This right here. No, ’cause you don’t have the see-through. You know what I’m saying. No shade. Go along with the joke. I mean, you look nice, but I’m too. We’re talking about two different things over here. Okay. (applauding) There is nothing like illusion fabric when you entertain. You know what I’m saying. Girls. (laughing) Anyway, we’ve got more great show for you everybody. (applauding) Up next, my friend, the very funny Jerry O’Connell is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) Please welcome, Jerry O’Connell. (cheering)
(upbeat music) Careful Wendy. You look good. Thank you, Jerry. You look good too. (upbeat music) Uh-huh. (cheering) Thank you. Gorgeous as always. Yes, you too. Thank you. Shoe cam police.
I just got Botox everywhere. Oh yeah, there we go. Socks and shoes. Got my socks on. Look I even shaved for the event. Actually, I didn’t. Sorry about that. You’re a mess, and so is New York, all the snow and stuff. So you’re an L.A. guy now even though you grew up right down the street from the studio. I am an L.A. guy. I was so excited the other night I took a photo ’cause that’s the cleanest New York is ever gonna look right there. (laughing) (applauding) I have been documenting a little bit. I didn’t really pack any winter coats with me ’cause I am an L.A. guy now and we just wear tank tops out there. So you didn’t check the weather. You got on the plane with what, a tank top. It wasn’t a tank top. It was a crop top that came up right there.
Of course. My wife was kind enough to send me a few jackets. I’ve been documenting them on Instagram. So there’s another one right there. Very nice.
Looks good, right. (applauding) I would be upset though with you. Why? I would be upset with you because I mean really, you couldn’t even wear one coat. I should’ve packed more. I didn’t want to pay the extra luggage fee and stuff. They charge you 50 bucks for bags now. Especially in the back of the airplane where I am, you always have to fight for overhead space. It’s like a whole thing. So congratulations. Your children turned 11 last month. They did. There they go right there. Now, they are O’Connell’s. Right. What did you get them? Well, right there as you can see I did buy them a round of shots. Perfect. Actually no, my wife and I did tell them that we got them vodka and they were like, “Okay.” And it was not, it was Sprite, so calm down Instagram. Everybody in the comments is like, “You can’t let them have alcohol. “That’s terrible.” It was not vodka. They really fell for that. It was tequila. (laughing) No, they were a little scared doing it, but it was (mumbles)– Did you get them a gift? I did. I got them. I didn’t get them what they wanted. They were begging us. They’re 11, so they’re at that age where they’re begging for cellphones. We’re really trying– They’re late in the game. Well, we’re really trying to keep them off the phones. (applauding) Okay, so they’re twins. Let me just tell you the problem. I’m not worried about. I don’t wanna assign blame. One of them I’m not worried about. There’s another one who I know is gonna be like, “Hey, what’s up Instagram?” They’re twins, so they always have each other. But we got a cell phone for our son when he was eight years old and that was back then. And these days kids are asking for phones by eight and a lot of parent, including me, feel like what if a disaster goes on at the school? Correct. Or what if you’re in the shoe department and they’re sitting there minding their own business and you walk into the dressing room, they’ve got each other, but what if something’s going? There is an argument to be made that you’re able to track your children because they have a cellphone. And they’re able to call 911. I just have to say this. I’m sure young, my daughters will get lost in Roblox and Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter. All right, let’s talk about the housewives. Okay. I saw this story yesterday on your show. It was exciting. Excuse me. I just saw something this morning that is even more exciting. Breaking news, Wendy exclusivo everybody. No, I’ll get to that. It came in exactly 9:08 this morning and I was not looking at my phone. I’m trying to get ready to come out here. Okay. Anyway, Denise Richards and– Brandy Glanville. Brandy Glanville and the affair, I believe it. I will say this. As you know I’ve watched every episode of every Housewives episode, I mean all of them, including Miami, Potomac, everybody. Yeah, yeah, yeah. From my recollection this is the first time we’ve had a inter-housewife relationship. Right.
We’ve had a drunken, like (laughs). Yes. But we’ve never had– A full blown thing. A full relationship and denial. Listen, I’m excited. It’s like opening a home. Just when you think these housewives are getting a little stale and you said yourself on yesterday’s show that a lot of the storylines on Atlanta maybe are the same about– (mumbles) Questions about hairpieces and stuff. Okay. This is a whole new storyline. But Denise is newly married and you and Rebecca were at the wedding. We were there. So you were in the middle of this mess. Let me just tell you right now, this was my wife and my royal wedding. This was it.
(laughing) My wife knows Denise well and we all watch the show. And my wife’s phone one day, ding, and she looked down and she went, “You’re not gonna believe this. “Get your suit pressed “’cause we’re going to Denise’s wedding.” Okay, but technically speaking, Denise has cheated on her newlywed husband whether it’s a man or a woman. Right. It’s a cheatation. It’s only a cheatation unless he wanted invited into that. He wasn’t invited. Listen, I think also we love these shows and we love the drama of it. This is also feeding us for when it unfolds on the air. I can’t wait to watch it. I won’t even be watching it on the DV. I’ll be watching it live-
live. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Best way to watch them. The wedding was gorgeous though. Beautiful. The food was amazing. Well, good luck to them. All right, here’s the phone call that I got. I took a break in between commercials. I love you so much Wendy. It’s so good to see you. Jerry, you know my office is right there behind the set. And I had to go to the bathroom. And so I looked at my phone in between commercials. And NeNe text, “I’m quitting.” What! Wow! 9:08 this morning. That is what we call a Wendy exclusive everybody. I’m surprised I got it ’cause I have no service in my office, but I got it. Do you think that? I have got to say something, but I’m not gonna say a whole lot. I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders. Is everything going okay with her husband, health and everything? Is everything? Oh Greg is not sick. I mean, Greg is cured. Yeah, I know. Listen, just tell us about the Carter show. (laughing) I’m just saying. I’m not going to say it. She’s got to say it. In my opinion, NeNe, I didn’t even call you back. You need this platform to explain the other part of your life. Forget hairpieces and arguing with them broads. You know you’ve got that secret and that secret is gonna melt their hearts because when she shared it with me, I cried with her, Jerry. Okay, I’m on a show called Carter on WGN America. It’s on Mondays. Enough about that. What is going on with NeNe? I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. Carter WGN on 10 P.M. Monday nights. What is happening with NeNe? So you play. You have Misty. What is going on? I am Misty. Get away from me. I can’t tell you. I can’t even tell you behind the scenes ’cause then you’ll tell Rebecca.
Is everything okay with her health? And then Rebecca’s gonna tell Denise. Well, we are on television, so it’s not only me telling my wife. It’s us telling everybody. No, I can tell you in your ear though. Is everything okay with her health? Yes, but if she keeps carrying this burden, you know what I’m saying. You know how when you carry a secret for long enough all of a sudden you start– Is it a problem with her son? The kids are fine. Just Jerry. Is everyone’s health okay? Jerry’s it’s escaping. It’s going down my face. All right, let’s get a tissue. NeNe, you need that platform to explain. That’s all. All right, so you play an actor. Wait. All right, you talked about Carter. I’m telling you, NeNe don’t quit. Now look. NeNe, obviously don’t quit, but we love NeNe Leakes and we’re gonna all have her in our prayers tonight whatever this situation is. (applauding) I can’t believe I’ve come to this. Well, you did just get the news. Yeah, and I don’t have any frequency in my office and so I have to wait until later on today to even get back to her, but maybe I just talk to her through the TV. Can we get a wifi password for Wendy, please? I think Wendy deserves a wifi password. But you have season two. You tape in Canada. I do wanna say there is a Chipotle on the corner and I do use their wifi sometimes when I come here. It’s pretty good. It’s not bad. Sometimes when people stream like Netflix in there it’s highly annoying, but whatever.
But you play an actor with a stadium heir. Carter season two WGN America. It’s hilarious. I play David Caruso from CSI Miami who moves to a small town and he thinks he can tell the police how TV detectives can solve crimes. It’s really funny. And that clip that you saw that’s me going undercover. You don’t look bad bald. That’s me as Dr.Phil last Halloween actually. You have a problem. Are you addicted to opioids? Season two.
It’s really fun. I go undercover ’cause I’m an actor who’s a detective. And then you called me to go to Broadway, but I was already involved in something and I just said– You know what, Wendy I’m so sorry. I get so jealous when I hear about you and Boof going out and getting Taco Bell at two in the morning. And I’m like, “I want in on that. “Wendy, what about me? “I’m your friend too.” I offered to pick you up. I’m in a show called “Soldier’s Play” on Broadway. I would’ve loved for Wendy to come. But you’re there for 30 shows or something. David Alan Grier, amazing. Blair Underwood, amazing. Amazing cast.
What is this about? Some of my staff by the way went. They said it was really good. It is a poet surprise winning play written by Charles Fuller. It’s about race relations in the United States Army in the early 1940s. It’s a very powerful, terrific. What’s your? I play a Caucasian captain. Are you a racist? Who is. Spoiler alert, Blair Underwood it is the first time I’ve met an African American who is of equal rank to me. Oh, so this is real acting for you ’cause you’re gonna act like a racist and we know you’re not. It is. Wow. It is a heavy play. It’s directed by Tony Award winning Kenny Leon. I’d love to get you there. I’ll come pick you up. I’ll have Taco Bell ready right after the show, Wendy. I know how to do it. (laughing) But also I did text you. I went to BravoCon and I was about to go to– I know and you wanted me to go and I was like, “No.” BravoCon that’s not a bad idea, but going with you ’cause you would fan out and I’d just be left by myself over here. Wendy, I’m a little ashamed. I was going to sit in the crowd. See, that’s why I didn’t go.
It’s not you. In the crowd. Wendy, I’m so sorry. I’m ashamed. You’re absolutely right. I don’t know what I was thinking. Do you wanna to know the secret? What? Okay, first let me– You mean the NeNe secret. No, we have to go to commercial first. All right, thank you very much Jerry O for being here. Carter airs Mondays at 10 on the WGN America and a Soldier’s Story is now playing at the American Airlines Theater. Soldier’s Play. Play. Story was the movie. Right. Based on the play. A Soldier’s Play airs is at the American Airlines Theater. 42nd Street. Yep. Until march. So we’ll be right back. (cheering)
(upbeat music) Now we’re holding yoga mats. I don’t do it. (mumbles) I like them to look at it. No, I’m not getting on the ground, but that’s cute. You can frame it and hang it. Look, it’s time for trendy at Wendy. Say Hello to our friend Melissa Garcia. Hi Melissa. (applauding)
So good to be back. Welcome back. Thank you so much. Okay, we love leggings here. Yes, Rue La La gives us all these amazing leggings and all these amazing products. And we have you’re beautiful intern, Grayson, modeling for us.
Grayson, she’s in the production department. Yes. So I’m always looking for great leggings. I love these. I wore these yesterday to the gym. These are the AR33 Mambo legging. Exactly. They four way stretch. They’re moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking. They’re great. They’re actually really comfortable. Who exercises that hard? I know. It’s great. I also love the tone on tone pattern because you can wear them to the gym, but you can also wear them all day. Yeah. You can wear these running errands. Whatever you’d like to do. You can wear them for fashion. Right. Comes in red, charcoal or black. I like them. Retails for $98, but 69% off. Just 29.99. Amazing for a great pair of leggings. Okay, so here’s our fun yoga mats. Right.
Okay. So these are really cool. So this is– This is what I was saying. I don’t get down on the floor. I used to do the Pilates and all that stretching. And now I just get in the water and I like to swim. That’s nice. But this is really pretty though. These are really pretty. If you have it framed and like a nice Gotti Liberace frame and you hang it on your wall, if you have a Navajo theme at your home. I love the design on this. This is really pretty. Yeah, so this is– You can cut them and make placemats. I see four placemats. Placemats and have a dinner party. Yes.
All right. All right. But what’s their intent? But anyways, they’re the Pendleton X Yeti Yoga Mat. Okay.
Again, yeah, I don’t do yoga either. I do Pilates, so I would use this for floor Pilates. They’re really nice. They have a PVC high quality exterior, rubber on the back, cushiony, lightweight, comes in these five really cool patterns. I love these patterns too.
These are really nice. Yeah.
I mean I like what she says, but consider what I say. Yes. Okay I like what you say too. Just saying. I agree with you. Retails for 59.95, 33% off, just 39.99 for a piece of art or a yoga mat. (applauding) Okay.
We love pillows here. We love these. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. Look at this one right here.
It’s so good. The SensorPEDIC charcoal-infused oversized memory foam pillow. I love memory foam.
So the memory foam, so soft. Molds to your body. It’s great. This one is charcoal-infused, which means that it is odor resistant, stays nice and fresh. It has iCOOL technology which means the airflow ventilation really goes through quickly. You can take off the top a lot. It has a hypoallergenic exterior you can wash. It’s nice oversized, fits queen or standard pillows. Okay, pillows have become quite expensive. They have. So these were retailing for 174.99. See. Not cheap. 82% off just 29.99. You got amazing. So this is great. This is the NutriChef electric air fryer. Yeah, chicken. Put everything in here. Nice and healthy. It fits on your nice countertop. Nice and compact. It has a rotary dial. Super easy to use. Real healthy too air fryers.
Retails from 182.99, but we are getting 69% off, just 54.99. Love these. These are amazing. So this is uComfy 2.0 Shiatsu heated foot massager. Nice and heated.
Ow, it’s squeezing the hell out of my fingers.
It’s so good. Five different intensities. Yeah. Imagine what it does for your feet. It does. It’s so good. These removable inside foot covers, so you can keep them nice and clean. Washes. Oh, with a zipper.
Yeah. You have a nice zipper. So this is red or silver.
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And thank you (mumbles). These amazing deals are gonna go fast. Get them before they sell out at wendyshow.com. We’ll be right back. Yes. (upbeat music)
(applauding) Oh damn. Edmondson-Westside High School (mumbles). Oh damn. You need it this day. Phyllis is the head guidance counselor at Emerson West. Edmondson. Edmondson-Westside High School in the middle of Baltimore. How you doing, baby? Lovely people. Yes. But a lot of problems there in Baltimore. They’re beautiful though. Yes. Damn it, you needed this day. Yes. You’re handling the stress well. I saw you as soon as I came up, like this is not eye candy. We’re gonna do a celebrity said what. Okay, so here’s what the celebrity said. “People just don’t understand “what it’s like for people like us. “It’s time we stood up and said, ‘We are gingers and we’re gonna fight’.” Look is that Harry Stiles, Prince Harry or Ed Sheeran? You can ask your daughters, but only them. My daughter, Ed Sheeran I think. Yes, you got it. (screaming)
(bell dinging) Diner for two at the Sugar Factory. They got burgers and drinks and everything. Oh, thank you Wendy.
We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applauding) Okay. You like that? I do. Never saw it close up. Is this your first time here? No, my second. Have you ever stood up and won something? No. Perfect. Now look, the true diva fan, this is eye candy. This is, how do you say your name? Darcia. Darcia. And Darcia is 30, you’re 36? Yes. You got to keep moisturizing. Okay, you look great. Thank you. All right, now I see that you’re from Queens and you’re in mental health. Yes. Oh, so you needed this day. I did. (laughing) Probably not much different than your day to day. Okay. Tell us about your look. I love the sleeve’s first. Oh my gosh. So my blazer I got for 50 bucks. The studded leggings were 20. Okay. And these are the booties that everyone loves for 30 bucks. And I love the bangs, the top knot and the barrette. Thank you. Enjoy that and good health. And we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applauding) (laughing) There’s two shows that happened, one for you on TV, and definitely one behind the scenes. (applauding) The tickets are free, go to wendyshow.com. I guarantee you a good time. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applauding) Tomorrow, the actress Tia Carrere is here. Also, my doctor Shapiro. (applauding) I got you covered with the hot topics. And I’ll see you next time on Wendy. Bye bye. Love you for watching. (upbeat music)
(applauding) ♪ How you doing ♪ (dinging) How you doing? Nice. (triumphant music)


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