Tutorial: Staying calm [Rhythm Games]

Tutorial: Staying calm [Rhythm Games]

Welcome to Master Class; Rhythm Games. My
name is Sasa, some of you might know me as a Project DIVA player and while I do focus
on that series in my videos a lot, I actually play a few other rhythm games as well. Most
questions in relation to your own ability or really the inability to achieve a high
difficulty Perfect can be discussed without having to focus on a specific game. I am going
out on a limb here and assume you’re already frustrated at failing over and over, but bear
with me. We’re going to take this one step at a time and I’d like to start out
with the most important thing as far as I am concerned, which is your mindset and the
undesirable habits that follow. Many people seem to worry about increases
in their heart rate while doing nothing but sitting there playing Project DIVA, Taiko,
or hell, even Tekken, Street Fighter and whatever else fits the bill… but if you think about
it, your heart rate increasing without physical exertion isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. In reality, this is nothing more than a side
effect of you being completely immersed into the game you’re playing. Your brain starts
ordering adrenaline to be produced to blood and your heart rate increases in preparation
for physical activity. Naturally, it’s very unlikely you’re going to get physical while
playing a rhythm game, from your couch, at home. You also probably only associate an
increased heart rate with physical activity, romance, or you know, a combination of the
two and lastly; illness. Now if you actually do feel physical discomfort when this happens,
I’d suggest you actually go seek out a doctor, the rest of you, come with me. What I am going to say from here on out is
based on my own experience. I do realise that some of this is going to sound like anime-levels
of ridiculous. So keep in mind that these “feels” and how I deal with them are what
works best for me. There’s absolutely no guarantee that it’s going to be the same
for you. If you happen to recognise these patterns though, chances are you might be
interested to know in how I dealt with them. I can’t stress this point enough though,
these are just suggestions based on my own experience, if it doesn’t match with yours,
that’s just how it is! It can be a bitch when you start to feel,
and even hear your own heart beating. I used to get flustered and failed any good attempt
I had going on almost immediately. Even today I sometimes still get overwhelmed by that
sensation. Of course, once you take a step back and think about what just happened, you
realise that it only occurs when you’re close to doing something that you would deem
amazing if you didn’t make a mistake. Going by that alone, I think we can agree, that
this isn’t really a bad thing to happen. It’s nothing more than excitement for a
personal achievement you came so damn close to, you could almost taste it. It’s all a matter of how you deal with it.
There’s no clear cut guide in regards to how you control your emotions, each individual
is unique and thus reacts dissimilar to different types of stimuli. What works best for me is to start to control
my own breathing. The interesting thing about breathing is, that it’s an automated process,
until someone, like I just did, brings it up. You now started to focus on your breath
didn’t you? It takes a little bit of time for the automated process to kick back in
again, or rather it takes a little to disappear into your subconsciousness again. So don’t
worry, it’s not like you’re going to fall asleep tonight and just suffocate… and frankly
if you were to suffocate, because you forgot to breathe, I’d deem that natural selection
and we’re probably better off without you anyway A legitimate question would be; “how is
that supposed to help?”. When you focus on your breath, you take away a majority of
the attention you’ve been giving to your heart, which seems to be running a marathon
right now. On top of that, as you control your breath, you’re the one in charge of
how you breathe, which helps to eliminate the odds of getting distracted by irregularities.
Breathe as evenly as possible, don’t take deep breaths or long exhales, just breathe
normally, but evenly. With my mind focused solely on my breath, while my vision is locked
to the screen, my hearing is focused to the rhythm of the song and my sense of touch tied
to my control scheme of choice, I feel a lot calmer and it seems to make the process of
analysing new information, such as memorising chart patterns and tying those to muscle memory,
a lot easier. Another issue, which I am certain most of
you will have experienced at one point or another, is a sudden rush of itchiness. Believe
it or not, it’s actually a good thing. Btw. I said rush, not rash. If you said “yeah
I have that” whilst thinking about a rash, again, go see a doctor, I can’t help you!
Usually it only affects areas on your body that aren’t covered by clothing. So for
example if you’re wearing a t-shirt, you might start to feel the faintest of breezes,
moving only so much as a single hair on your forearm. You would never take note of this
under normal circumstances, but right now, while you’re so close to get that Full Combo,
this is the most annoying “itch” you’ve ever felt in your entire life. For me personally,
it’s mostly happening on my face and more specifically, the area around my eyebrows.
I am going to assume you aren’t a dirty bastard and that you do shower daily, so when
you feel the need to scratch yourself, you should absolutely ignore that urge. I am serious,
under no circumstances are you going to benefit by falling victim to that compulsion. What’s
actually happening here is that your five senses are going into, for the lack of a better
term, overdrive. If you can just ignore, and I know that’s not easy at first, the urge
to scratch the area that is itching for no reason whatsoever, you will find that everything
you do in that state, will make you feel like a super saiyan… human, I mean human, no
seriously, please don’t leave me… Instinctively there’s always a fear that
there really is something crawling across your skin, but honestly, unless you’re playing
outside, sitting in a park or whatever, I’d recommend to just clean the place you’re
living in, so you don’t have to worry about stuff like that. I know it’s not easy to
disregard an itch, but ignoring it is the best thing you can do. You can still scratch
yourself when you finished the current task at hand and chances are, once you’re done
you will feel a little light headed, but no longer an itch that warrants scratching. After a bit of digging around on the internet,
meaning it’s all 100% true of course, it seems to be something similar to endorphin.
If that’s really what’s happening or not, I don’t know, I play video games, I am not
a medical scientist. It does seem to make sense though, as endorphin, a hormone secreted
by your brain, also acts as a pain reliever, or rather it acts as a general relief in regards
to discomfort. Which is most likely why for me, the need to scratch my face disappears
as well. Again, I am not a medical scientist, so I don’t know, this is just whatever I
could find asking Dr. Google. All of this might sound rather, hypothetical
and useless to you and frankly it might be. Important is that you need to be able to deal
with these things, if you can’t, you cannot get better, regardless of what it is you’re
trying to do. You need to be in control of your emotions, they shouldn’t control you.
Once you get that into your system and it might take some time, you’ll see that you
are going to be much more attentive and less likely to lose focus in the middle of a song. That’s it for today though, thank you for
watching and I’ll see you again in the next episode, where we’ll leave the meta and
dig into the body!


  1. Man… I remember when I first got a perfect on Rin-Chan Nau on extreme… As I was getting to the end of the song I probably hadn't inhaled for a good 30 seconds and my heart felt like it would burst through my chest LOL! Can't wait to see the rest of your series!

  2. lol let's be honest, you do feel like a SS after you get that perfect you've been trying to get for over an hour.
    Somehow I managed to get one on Luka Luka * Night Fever on hard mode and I was like WUUUUUUT [head explode] and keep in mind I did this with one hand, set aside double notes and star notes so I was even more mindblown than the standard player XD

  3. I get that itchy sensation whenever i get a big change in temperature, usually hot to cold, (like walking outside in the morning half naked to get the mail during the winter) And a doctor told me it was an iron deficiency, which is also made apparent in pits or streaks in your nails. Eat lots of apricots to make the sudden itches go away, or at least leave you alone a little bit. It helped me to take multivitamins with iron 😉

  4. Oh, and if you have a lazy cat that likes to sit in your lap and purr, it helps me focus too, something else maybe worth trying xD

  5. When i focus my breathing, i feel the need to either breath to the beat, or tap to my breath. i can only succeed when im not focusing on my breath. what do i do?

  6. Ok, so you know how you said you produced adrenaline when you're sick? Does that mean you might perform better in rhythm games when you are sick? Because I swear there were so many songs I couldn't perfect until one day I was sick and BOOM EVERYTHING IS A PERFECT!

  7. Omg, the itch is so "relateable". Always happens before I get a new high score or a perfect. Damn you blasted itch! I don't let it catch me tho. It feels so good after you're done and you start itchin' w

  8. hey sassa i wanna buy a ps vita from amazon and buy project diva x (japanese) and i want to know is the ps vita region locked ?

  9. I do not know who you are and this is the very first video I've ever watched from your channel.
    Just instantly subscribed and liked while watching the video.

  10. Night of nights in the background XD. Definitely a song that can be hard. Especially in my game of choice intralism

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