Unasked Family | 꽃길만 걸어요 EP.55 [ENG, CHN / 2020.01.20]

Unasked Family | 꽃길만 걸어요 EP.55 [ENG, CHN / 2020.01.20]

(Episode 55) You get butterflies too when you see me, right? Thank goodness. I’m so scared you will change your mind about me. Bong. Seonhwa. Cheondong. What are you two doing here? As you can see, we’re here to have dinner. Having dinner at a place like this? It must be a special occasion. This is quite a coincidence. Can we join you? You don’t mind, right, Ms. Kang? No. Ms. Kang, how old is your daughter? She’s seven. It will be a while yet until she’s all grown up. It must be hard raising her on your own given that you’re not well off. You’ll need a permanent position at Hana. Yes. Don’t worry, Yeowon. You’ll get an offer if you stay on course. Alice, I think you’ll make it faster as an artist if you study at the New York art school I went to. Bong, do you know that I look out for Alice like she was family? I see. I appreciate that you do. That being the case, Alice, should I ask my dad to sponsor your study abroad? Being a sponsor is my dad’s pastime. Pardon? My study abroad? But I… No, thank you. We cannot further impose on President Hwang. I’ll pay for it if Seonhwa wants to study abroad. Don’t worry about it. You two hold each other so dear. Alice has your best interest in mind too. She says it’s her dream that you have an ordinary life with an ordinary woman. Seonhwa, you shared something that personal with her? Huh? Yes. You’ve been through a lot, so I want you to meet someone nice. Bong, we are very close, close enough to share such personal thoughts. Alice, by someone ordinary, you didn’t mean a single mom like Ms. Kang, right? Ms. Hwang. I just don’t want Alice’s modest dream to be thwarted. Wouldn’t you agree, Ms. Kang? Excuse us. Cheondong. Yeowon, let’s go. Enjoy the rest of your dinner with Ms. Hwang. Let’s go. We never get to eat in peace. Yeowon, what happened at the restaurant upset you, right? I’m more worried we put your sister on the spot by excusing ourselves. I’ll explain to Seonhwa, so don’t worry. I’ll go on my own from here. You should hurry home too. Be careful. It’s freezing. Yeoju, why are you moping all day instead of working? Is it because your father has a girlfriend? My dad’s girlfriend? I just can’t get used to it. Oh, come on, Yeoju. My late dad remarried too. And although my mom didn’t give birth to me, I really love our dear Ms. Wang Kkonnip. Ms. Wang feels more like my mom than my real mom who passed away when I was a baby. That’s because Ms. Wang is a good person. Ms. Wang is a rare breed. And I just don’t like my dad seeing anyone, no matter how nice she is. Pardon? Do you want your dad to stay devoted to your late mom? Aren’t you asking too much of him? My dad is asking too much of me. He already let that lady move into our home. What? So soon? How? You’re stunned too, aren’t you? So imagine how I feel. That’s why I’m not going home until she leaves. What? Alice, by someone ordinary, you didn’t mean a single mom like Ms. Kang, right? Ms. Hwang. I just don’t want Alice’s modest dream to be thwarted. I’m home. Hi, Yeowon. Yeoju is here. My sister is? Yes. I just made this, so have more. Thank you, Ms. Wang. Yeoju, why are you here without letting me know first? Yeoju said she’d sleep on the streets over going home, so I brought her here. Sleep on the streets? Why aren’t you going home? Your father’s girlfriend moved in with him, right? Oh, my. It’s not like that, Sangmun. She’s just staying for a few days between moves. Yeoju, why did you put it like that? You gave them the wrong idea. But they do live under the same roof. You shouldn’t scold your sister, Yeowon. One makes do according to circumstances. That’s right. At his age, there’s no need for a wedding. I’ll put Yeoju up for the night here, so don’t worry, Dad. Thanks, Yeowon. About Ms. Yun… One thing led to another and I couldn’t tell you girls. I’m sorry. It was probably something hard for you to bring up. But Dad, does Ms. Yun have to stay with you? She has nowhere else to go. It will only be until her move, so I hope you girls can be understanding. Okay. Thanks, Yeowon. Good night. Yeoju is spending the night at Yeowon’s. You were worried she wasn’t home, so thank goodness. The floor is cold. You’ll catch a cold. You can sleep in the master bedroom. N-No. I can’t do that. It’s okay. Don’t be like that. But… If you insist, I’ll turn in then. Okay. I’ll pay you back soon. I’ve found a way to get the money, so give me time. Even a gentleman like Mr. Kang crumbles before a woman. Yeoju must be very shocked to have run away from home. Is Yeowon okay? She actually appeared unfazed. She is cooler than I expected. Could it be because she considers us family now? You know how people who have experienced a major tragedy steel themselves. Dong-u’s passing must have steeled her. I suppose. Compared to death, your living parent’s romance is nothing. I’m proud of Yeowon for working so hard and still living with her in-laws despite Dong-u’s passing. What’s gotten into you to praise Yeowon? You should’ve always been nicer to her. How was I not nice to her? If I had to pick one example, you blamed Yeowon for Dong-u’s accident, claiming he was distracted due to their fight earlier that day. Was I wrong though? He did get into that accident after their fight. You shouldn’t have said that to her. It wasn’t even her fault. Someone else was responsible. What did you just say? Huh? Not a speck of dust on Dong-u’s photo. Do you look at it every day? Hey, Yeoju, regarding Dad, why don’t we try to be more understanding? I can’t do that. Or rather, I don’t want to. Dad has been alone for a long time. He may not have shown it, but it must have been hard for him to fill in for Mom as well. But it was hard on you too. You learned to keep house before middle school. And you had it hard raising me too. I had Dad to lean on, but Dad had no one. He must have been so lonely, toughing it out alone. Seeing him clean-shaven with his hair dyed, Dad looks young. I bet he’ll live to 100. Will you live with Dad until then? When he is 100, I’ll be too old myself to care for him. I’ll be a granny too. My baby sis, Ms. Yun might be the one Dad can lean on in his many years to come. So let’s step back and see how it goes, okay? I want you to meet someone like that instead of being stuck here forever. Is it really Yeowon? Is Yeowon really your girlfriend? Yes. I have strong feelings for Yeowon. I want to be with her for a long time. Cheondong. Seonhwa, Yeowon is a very good person. You know that. Be that as it may… I’ll organize a formal dinner one of these days. Cheondong, this is wrong. Seonhwa. Why do you keep making your life harder? As a lawyer, you chose to be a public defender and worked yourself silly, almost killing yourself by straining your heart. But that was… We’d walked barefoot on gravel since we were little. Now that we finally have shoes on our feet, if not a flower-strewn path like others, couldn’t you at least choose an easier path? With Yeowon, you’ll only be walking on thorns! I’m so upset because of you. Jenny, Alice is probably doing her part, right, telling Bong he shouldn’t be with a single mother? I hope she gets through to him. My dear Jenny, you miss Cheondong too, right? Right? Right? You do? You are too precious. What’s with you these days? What did I do? You came home crying the other night, but now you’re all smiles, talking to Jenny. Why are you having such violent mood swings? I don’t know. You tell me. Good grief. ♪ Don’t you know why I’m being like this? ♪ ♪ Do you really not know why? ♪ Who is it? Who’s the guy that’s making you like this? Mom. ♪ I don’t like it when you get like this ♪ ♪ I can’t stand it when you get like this ♪ Good grief. What’s gotten into her? Why is she in such a good mood? Aunt Yeoju, wake up. The sun is up. Nam Boram, don’t pinch your precious aunt’s cheek. Mom, Aunt Yeoju is a sleepyhead. Everyone is up. Come on down. Yeoju, you must go home after work. You promised me. Send me a picture as proof. Fine. I’ll go home and keep a very close eye on Dad and Ms. Yun. Hi, Yeowon. Boss, did Seonhwa say anything last night? Did she ask you if we were going out? I came clean and said we were together. She must have been stunned. Or rather, appalled, right? She is stunned her always-single brother is dating. It must have been awkward for you too. What I find regretful is that our first date was cut so short. So let’s have lunch today instead, Yeowon. Please? Yeowon. Please? Please? Please? Okay, so please… Oh? You smiled. Then think about what you want to eat. Is all going well for the brown sugar soymilk launch? Given the packaging controversy, we must hit this out of the ballpark. I will be extra careful to avoid any other problems. By the way, if you’re free, have lunch with Suji today. She must be reeling from the packaging debacle, so you should comfort her. Yes, sir. You’re stunned too about Bong and Ms. Kang, right? Yes. So? What did you say to your brother? That I wanted him to take an easier path. Yes, that’s right. Being with Ms. Kang would spell lots of trouble. But will Bong listen to you if you merely tell him you want him to take an easier path? Haven’t you learned anything from how I get worked up? Oh. I left my art books on the bookshelf in the PR office. Go fetch them and put them away here. Yes, Ms. Hwang. Yes. She must see for herself to bash Kang in or go nuts. She’s too nice for her own good. Yeowon. Everyone else has left for lunch, so we should get going too. Have you thought about what you’d like? No. I was too busy with work. Not because you were too busy thinking of me? I was busy thinking of you. Pardon? I don’t know how someone like you had never dated. You flirt every chance you get. This is all your fault. I didn’t know I was like this either. Is this how everyone gets when in love? Cheondong. Seonhwa. What brings you here? Ms. Hwang asked me to fetch her art books. Um… Good timing. We were just about to head out to lunch. You should come with us. You don’t mind, right? Of course not. Seonhwa, let me help you. No, this is my job. Don’t worry about it. Seonhwa. Seonhwa. Why did you have to embarrass Yeowon like that? Did you forget what I said? I told you I was against the relationship. Let’s go outside. It’s not something we should discuss here. You worry about Yeowon but pay no mind to what I say? Do you know what really upsets me? That you kept the relationship a secret from me. I didn’t purposely keep it from you. Our situation was… If Ms. Hwang and I hadn’t seen you with her at the restaurant, you would have continued to keep it from me. Seonhwa. Jihun. What’s going on? Are you two fighting? No, of course not. Seonhwa is here on Ms. Hwang’s errand. Oh, really? I’m heading over to the studio too, so come with me. Bye. Bye. Yeowon, Director Kim is driving Seonhwa to the studio, so It’s just us. I’m hungry. Let’s go. Boss, I don’t think I can do lunch. Why not? It makes me uneasy that I am coming between you and Seonhwa. I’m fine, so you go and eat. How can I eat if you won’t? Then how about dinner tonight? I have to go to my dad’s this evening. I’m sorry, boss. Oh? Why are you two coming together? We ran into each other at Hana. Seonhwa, could you leave us? I have something to discuss with her in private. Yes, Alice. Since it’s lunchtime, go get yourself something to eat. Yes, Ms. Hwang. Suji, why did you do it? What are you talking about out of the blue? I told you not to play games with Cheondong and Seonhwa as they’re like siblings to me. What about that? You’re driving a wedge between them over Ms. Kang. It’s not like I made it up. For Alice’s sake, I let her know that they were dating. Her only brother is in an absurd relationship. Alice should know about it. Why did you tell her before Cheongdong was ready to? I told you that I, Hwang Suji, would do anything to have Bong. It’s for you, Chang. You must be exhausted from the lunch rush, so have a cup of coffee and take a breather. No, thank you. I have to prep for dinner. You’ll get sick if you work nonstop all day. Very well then. Thank you, Mr. Choi. Instead of Mr. Choi, couldn’t you call me Manseop? Pardon? M-Manseop? Yes. Just like that. Manseop? That’s too hard for Chang to pronounce. What kind of a name is that anyway? Are your younger brothers Cheonseop and Baekseop or something like that? How did you know? Are you serious? Yes. What were your parents thinking? Why is he so prickly with me these days? Chang, doesn’t it seem like he’s trying to rile me up? If Manseop, Cheonseop, and Baekseop had more brothers, they’d be Ilseop and Seopseop? Jiyeong, make me a cup of strong coffee. Ilnam, how can you ask me for coffee? What is it now? It’s my first cup of the day. Just give it to me. You took the money for Dong-u’s family’s move. Did Sangmun tell you? I didn’t know and lashed out at Yeowon. It’s all your fault. What are you going to do? I begged Sangmun not to say anything. (Jo-eun Bank / Kang Gyucheol Savings) What? There’s not even $1,000. Darn it. Hello. Oh, my. Why is the place so cluttered? Hi. I feel bad about staying here, so I decided to clean the place inside out. But it’s hard to figure out what should go where. I’ll tidy everything. Sorry, Yeowon. Ms. Yun, I do a major cleaning every season, so there’s no need. Oh? You’re here, Yeowon. Oh, hello, Gyucheol. Hi. I thought the wicker tray was here. I must have left it inside. Chang, put that down and come with me. Yes, Ms. Wang. Sangmun, why are you such a blabbermouth? I told you not to tell anyone about Dong-u’s money, so how could you blab to Jiyeong right away? I’m sorry, Ilnam. I tried to be careful. But that’s just how it is between spouses. Not that you would know. When you did construction, you said you were hiking, so why couldn’t you lie about this? I did get found out eventually. You always get found out. And Ilnam, you’re the one who caused the mess. It’s your fault for using Dong-u’s family’s relocation funds to pay off your debt. Yes. It was my fault. I know that. Don’t you think it eats away at me too? What are you talking about? Mother, are you unwell? She’s just tired. Let’s go, Yeowon. You’re so lucky to have a daughter like her. I’m envious as I’ve never had a daughter. Does that mean you have a son? I need to use the restroom. As we date, we are bound to face more challenges. She’s making him play daddy too. Long time no see, Chang. Is the daughter-in-law home?


  1. Seonhwa is a fool she knows too well that Suji has interest in her brother yet she couldn't use her brain to figure what she is trying to do fighting with Bong is not right and she is not upset because of her brother but because of Jihun's relationship
    Mr Kang has brought in thief that girlfriend of his will bring him disaster

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