Unboxed Bodyluv addiction pillow from korea First impression!

Unboxed Bodyluv addiction pillow from korea First impression!

Today’s unboxing I believe I bought a pillow and I don’t know. What’s the brand call? As a bodyluv it’s called Think here Oh, what do you love? It says to have my micro snow Looks like a foam Pillow so I’m supposed to open this it cost me 50 bucks This is from Korea, I Believe anything for Korea is better than from China Maybe so I don’t know what this so maybe a free gift Im more excited about the free gift than the actual product I know it’s a pillow inside. I don’t know whats is in this package I didnt read a lot It says Snail moisturizing smoothing cream a Step forward For face. Oh Yeah was rising Just just for was he? Okay? It’s need to give elastic and last luster on the skin where the skip is shot with The skin is shot with nutrition Thanks for the quickie and for the main item I Will do one for mafia well for comparison and I shouldn’t use a screwdriver Anyway This thing cost me 50 bucks says to be Ergonomic pillow that supports your neck and you sleep and Anger is affected. So I bought it Because I have problems sleeping well because I have mornings Yes, I show you guys What It’s like One Five maybe a 100 grand For a key And very small small half – maybe Like 50 percent on my normal pillow size and there’s a toy is this for my daughter so Where’s my cape on my Haitian here This is For the hit this is for the sign when you turn side to side to sleep yeah, so maybe i should do another , includes a pillow Okay, looks like a washing back Washing – choice that washing machine Then you will not tumble together with all the other Folks that is somehow Very rough on the microfiber cloth for the ego That is considered another 3d. So you actually have a In okay That is the same material as the pillow microfiber Feels like like I try three t-shirts Not sure if I have one I want to sleep come on a Microfiber if I didn’t sit on my neck one because if you And the hot weather like this No, I don’t think that even be very comfortable so includes a cover a washing machine back and a free gift from I believe the q10 shop is the name of the q10 shop is Maybe less Mary. Let’s make a platform. Let’s make Building one the site below my view You can go down click the link to Buy if you want to buy but it’s not a sponsored video I pay for this Because I need Nikhil. Ok, so the issue my view for this is super like I Probably can use it for traveling If it’s good, I’ll have to try this up. I compared to other pedo If it’s good, I can read in from overseas obviously very small and very compact and that’s a wheel of security secur rating or my saying that If I put an egg in the bill, then the pillow or the egg will drink Yeah, so I see a lot of people testing it so Maybe I should put something else other than the people so the So we get break easily The team a today, okay, so We gotta do some testing on this before I make my next video and compare it to the other people So so far the make The make of the pillow looks pretty neat the sewing done There’s a bit of rough sewing on the So the good thing is That is a bit of the graph swing but If you have the case on it shouldn’t be much of an issue Other than that Say product so far Fifty dollars our see whether is worth it But this is this video is just for unboxing more video come up for comparison of Tapio Ok. Thank you for watching


  1. hi i subscribed! nice to see fellow singaporean doing reviews of so many things. as expected advertisement cannot be trusted, only trust real reviews!

  2. Bad review. Worst review i ever seen. Eyes keep looking other side. Dun even speak properly. No confident in the products he did a purchase. Not using a standard cutter to do unboxing

  3. Haha.. i bought 2 of them.. Just received it just now.. without the cover on, its nice to use but with the cover on, its a bit hard. But the best part is when i read the tag which is on the pillow, you will laugh… Look carefully at the tag… 😉

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