1. Wow I love her!! She deserves someone who treats her so well. You can see that Peter genuinely cares. He looks like he’s about to cry.

  2. I felt this. If she was an actual stuck up human she wouldn’t ever tell him in details about something so personal and the struggles in her life where some people don’t want to get viewed like that. Looks can be deceiving. I see people talk about her having plastic surgery.. so what? That’s what she wanted and she got it. Maybe she wasn’t happy with how she looked and wanted to feel good about herself and it’s ok. I hope she gets all the love she deserves. ❤️

  3. I love her! She's been consistent thus far with who she is and you can see she's truly genuine and such a beautiful humble girl. But ugh I feel Peters going to break her heart 😭💔

  4. Every woman has their own agenda .They are not 100/100 in your interest.Be wise and be a man full of judgement.Do nit play like a little boy ,have maturity to make your own choice .They are nit sincere they go play you like toy.Investigation before you reveal what is going on.The front runner or someone you live not in their best interest they go destroy that.

  5. I didn’t like her at first but she’s growing on me. I’m from Louisiana but I sure as hell don’t pay attention to pageants and stuff, i don’t think I’ve ever truly seen any of the miss Louisiana’s in my life because I just don’t care so that didn’t impress me but hearing her story and going back and listening to her introduction story and the fact that she wanted to tell peter the truth about knowing alaya is starting to make me warm up to her. I’ve been in some similar situations growing up and I was the big sister who had to take care of her little brother (I still do, he lives with me and is like one of my kids) but I know how hard that is, it’s like being a mother at 5 years old and you don’t truly realize the damage until you’re an adult because you’re in survival mode so you don’t even care to process it, I mean I wouldn’t have known how to anyways because I was a child but I understand where she’s been is all I’m saying. And just because she became miss Louisiana and got a nose job doesn’t downplay what she’s been through. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve been thinking about a boob job and just because I might get one doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled in my life.

  6. I feel like so many people want to discredit her hardships because she went on to thrive in adulthood. I have a similar story with my mom, addiction, my sister having to jump through hoops to ensure we’d eat, so I get it. I’m thriving as an adult, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t struggle as a child. Even high school, you would’ve thought I’d grown up as you saw it because I moved to live with my dad out of state, few people know what I went through. People dont live one experience their entire lives

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This may be a reality show, but people are still people and they deal with real shit man

  8. I grew up the exact same way and bless her heart ❤ I hope she finds everything she's looking for, she deserves the world!

  9. I love her i wish her to have a good hearted husband like Peter. She deserves that and so much in life. I wish her to win ♥️ I love you babe

  10. I really like her in the beginning but I was so surprise how she throw Allyah under the bus when Allyah did not say anything about her and Allyah said they are good friends before the show that’s weird I’m so confused of these girls I think all of them is immature fighting for stupid thing and focusing on each other not on Peter

  11. Let me tell y'all, if they don't end up together I don't even know what I'm going to do or think. Watching this I was literally like "she is so me" the whole time, just the way she talks about struggles & the fear you can hear in her voice about opening up. And then Peter's facial expressions & responses, I was like "NO WAY. PETER IS JUST LIKE MY BOYFRIEND." So basically, her and Peter are me & my boyfriend & if they don't work out I'm going to start wondering 🙃

  12. This made me cry. She's been through so much. I hope she finds happiness even if it doesn't work out with Peter.

  13. Sis, I can relate to you in so many levels. 😔 Lets pray for healing for those who have been through pain growing up who weren’t able to process it well.

    Whos with me? 👇🏼

  14. Love this girl , think she’s the real deal , better than Hanna Bama and a lot of the other girls in the house. Would appreciate Peter completely

  15. Idk, as someone who's gone through a lot of things and who's met a lot of people with similar experiences, none of us cries and behaves this way when we talk about what we've been through. I think she's using this to manipulate him and the audience. At one point she looked at him basically to check if it's resonating.

  16. Her mother fell into addiction, (you don't fall into addiction) she needs counselling not dating. Most of these women are too young. They all look the same as well, all the same body type.
    Maybe that is his type.

  17. Victoria P deserves the world. I do want a woman like that for to be vulnerable to talk about those things. That would motivate me to open up as well. I love Victoria P.

  18. I can’t tell if she’s really like this or if it’s an act but I hope this is really her. She seems so incredible.

  19. I think their cute together, I do have this feelings, the lady that Ms Barbara wants is Victoria P. Coz Peter realize she can't help thinking about Victoria P

  20. crying while projecting infront of camera! wow she is a good actress!!! she pretends that she is the victim! she used this story in miss usa! I never liked her

  21. Why would anyone put down their own family, regardless of situation, to make themselves shine? Is she a nurse aide or RN? Was she a pageant beauty queen? Hmmm

  22. Ugh they just had a nice date, this felt soooooo forced. I DO believe her childhood was tough, but flinging this story out of nowhere seems like a want for a sympathy rose.

  23. She thinks too much when telling the story, I don't buy it. Even if it is real, the way she is telling it, is very odd to me. It doesn't feel genuine to me.

  24. You know she has a really messed up emotional side she’s probably not the best match for peter who grew up in a loving family and is emotionally stable.

  25. Who else is here because of Howard Stern?? He’s right! She is a smokin POA! The bachelor guy will definitely overlook all the red flags and baggage and pick her lmfao

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