Vox Borders is back — with a twist!

Hold on. Struggling over here. You
would think by now I’d know how to use a camera. So two-and-a-half years
ago, I started out on a journey that has become kind of the center of my life. I went around the world and started to
tell the human stories of the lines on the map that we call borders. Doing borders has been an incredibly eye-
opening experience for me. It’s broadened my perspective, it’s changed my way of
looking at the world immensely. We’ve done nine countries for borders, and
it’s been quite the experience. For the 10th country and for this next
season of Borders, I feel ready to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a
really long time, and I’m excited to announce that the next season of borders will be happening right here in the United States of America. The United States is going through some immense transformations, and next year is a huge
presidential election. And I want to understand some of the big issues that
are facing my country and look at them through the lens of borders, how policies
and big forces affect people. There are borders all over this country, not only
to the north from the south with Canada and Mexico, we have state lines that
really affect different policies and laws that people are subject to, even if
they’re United States citizens. Within cities, the borders are immense with
zoning and with school districts. Even just urban design is often subject to
invisible borders, these are things that we may not think about or see but that
have huge effects on our lives. And I want to uncover them and see them. So
Borders USA is ramping up and as always I want your help. Even though I’m from
the United States, there are still so many parts of this country that I do not
understand and that I’ve never been to. I want your ideas of what I should cover
for this next season of Borders. So go to vox.com/borders-usa — this URL right
here — and tell me your idea. I want to see what you think I should cover. I want to know what is the most interesting border concept in your life. I rely so heavily on this insight and perspective from the
community from these crowd-sourced ideas and this season is no different. In fact,
if anything, I’m looking to understand my own country in a new way, and I really
want your help. So, again, that’s vox.com/borders-usa to submit your idea. Well, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to find these five stories and to start
to produce them. As soon as we start getting your ideas, we’re going to be
developing and pitching these stories and then going out into the field and
producing them. Wish us luck. We’re headed out to cover the United States of

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