W. Kamau Bell on Getting Racially Profiled in Berkeley – The Jim Jefferies Show

W. Kamau Bell on Getting Racially Profiled in Berkeley – The Jim Jefferies Show

Please welcome W. Kamau Bell. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ I’m making sure
to smile and wave. [ Laughs ] Yes, yes. You got to make
sure you smile and wave. I always think, like,
it’s so easy for you to wave because your hands
must be up already. -You know?
-In preparation. Yeah. It’s like you’re
waving with two hands. Yeah. To be clear, I’m a guest of
the show. I’m not loitering. I just want to be
clear about that. I’ve been booked as a guest.
I am not loitering. Yes. You’ve been
racially profiled. Yes, I am black
in America. Yeah. -Do you want to tell the story?
-Yeah. Basically, on my birthday,
I was kicked out of a café in Berkeley, California,
for talking to my wife. My wife is white,
so obviously it’s my fault. And… [ Laughter ] They told me —
Somebody knocked on the window of the café and was like,
“Get out of here!” ‘Cause they thought
I was harassing my wife, which legally
you’re able to do. “I’ll harass you
till death to us part.” Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. When racism happens,
even if it happens quickly, you still get this racism gift
that you get to take home until your house
is filled with racism. And every time
you go home, even though you want
to relax, you’re like, “Oh, look at all this racism
I got in here.” Which is why there’s
this great thing now where black people and
other people of color are tossing the racism
back at people quickly. That was in Oakland
where this white lady called the cops on
the barbecue people. I don’t know that three years
ago, she would have done that, ’cause she wouldn’t
have known that she had the backing of the White House,
but now she does. By the way,
Donald Trump is a racist. All right.
Keep it moving. How do we fix racism? To fix racism for real,
it takes a structural — Like, all the institutions have to be sort of destroyed,
leveled, and rebuilt. But until we do that,
public shaming is fine. I’m fine with
public shaming. So, is that something that
someone like me could do? Well, let me explain,
white guy. See how comfortable I was
when you touched me? I’m — I’m really
coming along. [ Laughs ] Here’s the problem with
white guys like yourself. White people — There was a
woman at the thing in Oakland who was a white woman who
stepped in and really sort of helped. She
chased the woman down, and she could do that
’cause she was white. You’ve seen that woman.
She wasn’t hard to chase down. [ Laughter ] You could have speed-walked
that woman down. So, white people, you’re all
like a bunch of Clark Kents walking around pretending
not to be Superman. -Right. -Your white skin
gives you the ability to help out
in these situations. If you publicly shame somebody,
it really means something. Can a stereotype ever
be a good thing? It’s in the eye
of the beholder. Right, ’cause there’s this
stereotype that Australians are really good
at cunnilingus, and… [ Laughter ] It’s a real thing. That’s a common thing? -It’s a real thing.
-That’s a common thing? Women are always saying Australians are good
at cunnilingus, and I’m like, “Just get
to know me as a person.” You know? I, um — You know, it is where the
term “down under” comes from. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Now, you brought
something to show us that I actually found
very interest– Well, anyone would. But the Red Cross
brought out “Be Cool,
Follow the Rules.” And these are things that
apply for swimming-pool rules. Yes, so, it’s
a pool safety poster that tells kids how
to be cool at the pool. If your notice,
the green arrows is these two white people
right here. This green arrow is a
white person over here. And then most of the red arrows
that are saying “not cool” are pointing at black
and brown bodies. So it’s telling kids that
most of the rule-breakers are black and brown
people. And my favorite is this kid
right here in the middle of the pool. He’s just swimming
with his mouth open. What’s wrong with that? “He’s too good at swimming,
damn it! Get him out of the pool!” I think the point is — I don’t want say
the cliché thing, but you’re not born racist. It’s a taught thing. Yeah. You can have your
Ten Commandments. You can have
all your [bleep] — You can go onto Instagram
and watch all your quotes. The simple thing in life
is don’t be a [bleep]. [ Laughs ] That’s it, right?


  1. My high school grad co worker just told me about some white kids banging on her friends frence, calling them the n word. They were in a suburb outside Detroit, where we both live. I being white, and much older, would of done things differently than her. AND ITS TRUE THE POWER WHITE PPL HOLD! Ive been a political activist since I could walk, LITERALLY. One the things I noticed us how white ppl demonstrated differently than ppl of color. White ppl demand their rights, kinda like a spoiled privilege brat. Cause we know, its our right. But they have convinced everyone else that its not thier right. My high school would of been shut down with some of the shit my friends pulled! Think, NO issue is serious UNTIL white ppl get involved!
    One of the greatest movie to portray it is in "A TIME TO KILL" Samuel Jackson is on trial for killing two white boys that raped his ten-year-old daughter, Matthew McConaughey places Southern lawyer trying to get him off of murder charge. At the end of the movie he asked to jury to close their eyes as he tells a story, a little girl that is raped beaten hung pissed on and Left 4 Dead, and then he says now imagine if she was white. Do this all white jury it struck them hard and it showed their racism and bigotry, and it worked. Why cuz almost ALL white ppl have a secret racist card they dont show or even know its THERE. And until they start admitting it, they can't fix it. It is a taught habit, but I have also watched boys grow up white and kind but they unfortunately have a bad experience or 2 and it hardens them and throws them into a larger group of white men, who agree and encourage the bad behavior more. This is NOT an easy fix! But as a white superhero, like mr bell said, I am wishing some moron WOULD act like a fool in front of me! We have to put EVERY single racist on blast until they FINALLY get it!! Including the one in the Whitehouse!

  2. I'm in Sacramento CA, the police here are openly affiliated with white nationalist terror groups. Some have visible affiliation tattoos, and openly coordinate attacks against counter protesters when they rally here at the State Capitol.

  3. How do we fix racism?

    Its simple. I grew up with black friends next door to my house, my grandparents house, and to most of my friends houses. Many of my black friends had parents with more education and more money than mine. We were at each others houses so often, that we started to know the kinds of food our moms would cook. We would ask about haircare products we would find in the bathroom, and even try them out on ourselves for fun — my black friends tried out my clear gel, and I tried their pink hair lotion. When you grow up like this, black people don't seem odd, strange, weird, or "other" in any way.

    How do we fix racism? INTEGRATION.

  4. People who claim that there is no White Privilege are either Lying or Stupid or Racist Pigs.
    I've experienced White Privilege ALL MY LIFE.

  5. After he said Trump was a racist, the crowd’s cheer turned into a low, defeated groan that resembled a nineteenth century train whistle.

  6. We're born racist. Racism is of the insticts of recognizing the differences in different things that we see and perceive w all our 5 senses, for survival. If we perceive everything as "the same" & do not recognize their differences we cannot survive.

  7. Heres how you fix it, keep a juvenile view and demeanor while keep bringing it up. They dont wanna fix it. Its manna.

  8. Of course trump is racist that why I voted for him. Because he will force America to change for the better. He way better than Hillary.with him no war just just racism to work on.

  9. America is less racist, probably more so than EVER.
    Certainly more than during race-baiting Obama. 😄

  10. How is Donald Trump a racist?
    Jim Jeffries, the fraud he is, taking it in the chin like the shamed white man he is. 😄

  11. I like how Jim Jefferies pretends to not be racist, and a leftist, just long enough to keep his paycheck.

  12. It’s so beautiful seeing two people of different race discussing about (how to stop) racism and even finding room to joke around. Martin is smiling from heaven 🔥❤️

  13. America cannot change. She is as she can only be. The problem is in our DNA. You can't change a hoe into a housewife-no matter how hard you try.

  14. You wanna know what that Red Cross poster should really say!? Wash your damn ass crack you filthy jerks. Every race and socioeconomic class needs to hear this, hot water and soap shower that includes physically spreading your butt cheeks and includes washing the make up off your face and whatever hair products out of your hair BEFORE you enter the pool. The number one problem with community swimming pools is morons with GI infections. If you’ve vomited or had diarrhea you can be contagious for 72:00:00 after your symptoms abate. The make up and hair products clog filters and make chlorine less effective.

  15. I am predijuice not proud of it but everyone has some idiotic bias .self esteem blinds you to your own faults .I try not to focus on either self esteem or posistive thinking

  16. The main issue is that it is an institutional problem. Racism in the blood and bones of America. That is so built into the society that racism is invisible to most people. One of the biggest issue is that white people think racism is the other person problem. Even though they have the power to end racism.

  17. Ow wow. Black people are the victims of racism. I almost like to forget what black people have done to asians in south Africa and the Caribbean. Maybe the Jim Jefferies show would like to make an episode about that. Like, you know. Indian people in fijian islands are not allowed to vote. Or be human.

  18. Racism is to hate someone based on his race only. And blacks hate whites based on their white race only.
    And blacks in post office don't hire whites, so blacks are racist institutionally too. Blacks see your race, then they judge you based on your race. That's racism. Simple. Therefore, blacks are RACIST too, even much more RACIST than the rest of the US diversed society.

  19. This man is hilarious. His commentary is great. Both of these men are okay with me. Great humor. We need comedy in these serious times.

  20. Jim is trash After what Jim Jeffries did to Avi yemini I don't know how anyone can be a fan of such a blatant liar

  21. everyone is accepted in berkeley ca. everyone! just not black men. man what a place to land as your first stop in nor cal

  22. Why? Jim Jeffries why? Why these SJW-Soyboy BS? Back in the day he would have mocked these kind of Losers for being weak and lying all the time! It's so sad to wach what you have become! -.-

  23. More deception from Jim's editing room 😀

    Here we see another instance of Jim cutting answers out of context and splicing them so they appear to answer different questions

    Jim: “Statistically in America there’s way more homegrown terrorists than there are Islamic terrorists (12:00, full interview)”

    Avi unedited response: “Homegrown? Homegrown terrorism from where? (12:06, full interview)”

    Jim: “Even if you just want to say kids shooting up schools (12:12, full interview)”

    Avi: “That’s not terrorism. That’s not the definition of Terrorism. Terrorism is political (violence), but the point is terrorism today, the majority of it, is Islamic. Around the world. It’s Islamic. It’s Islamic terrorism based on certain ideas. (12:20, full interview)”

    Avi TV response: “I think you’re nuts. You all believe in fairy tales (11:25, full interview)”

    Context for "I think you're nuts" statement:

    The TV statement was taken from a response to a question in the full interview where Jim asks Avi why ascetic Jews don’t assimilate (a different question from the one it was edited in as a response to). The televised interview places his “I think you’re nuts” response to the question relating to homegrown terrorists in the US. It was actually his opinion on the views of ultra-orthodox Jews.

    Jim: “I lived in London. I lived in an area where they had a lot of ascetic Jews. They didn’t assimilate at all (11:08, full interview)”

    Avi unedited response: “There’s a difference. I tell the chief Rabbi in Australia, ‘I think you’re all fucking nuts. You all believe in fairy tales’ That’s the thing, and I grew up in an ultraorthodox family. I understand what fundamentalism within religion is. It’s crazy. I don’t believe in it. But you know what, it doesn’t hurt me if you believe in crazy ideas. What hurts me is when your crazy ideas preach, killing me. And that’s the issue here (11:23, full interview)”

  24. People living in a multiethnical country like the USA …do…knock on the windows of cafés…because they believe a black person talking a white person is harassing them???? Wtf?

  25. It sounds like the person might of been mentally ill. I got into an elevator and an Asian lady gave me a dirty look and stepped back. As a white man I’m sick of this racism

  26. America is less racist and a university study a UPenn shows that, but thank Jim Jeffries for feeding into the race baiting narrative. 😄

  27. Wisdom can only be aqcuired with an understanding of the simple facts of life.
    Great example Jim!

  28. After working at red cross I can 100% tell you they are not the good people they try to pretend to be at least not anymore if you dont believe me Google red cross in the Detroit

  29. They actually did a study that found toddlers are innately prejudiced and will segregate themselves. So we are born prejudiced and racist but we need to learn to grow out of it and not be cunts

  30. If you wanna fix racism just don't talk about it so much. All you achieve by separating people is hate. Since I moved to America I stopped being a human and suddenly became a white privellaged man who got to do all shity jobs for 60 hours a week…My assenstors were suffered death and slavery so many years until recently but still…I got to take my daily dose of white guild everyday because that's right in America! Right?

  31. Avi Yemini sits down with Jim to talk about the time he was racially profiled in an interview and the weird racist undertones of the chief editor Jim Jeffries.

  32. When you gonna talk about your deliberate misrepresentation of Avi Yemini, Jim? You know we won't forget.

  33. How to stop racism stop acting like unevolved savages and then most importantly totally reassign natural instinct because it's important to be racist it's not important to be tolerant

  34. All my pothead friends are very diverse and multiracial and I've never seen anyone of them fight so……weed fixes racism???

  35. “[Humor] is an act of defiance: must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature – or go insane.” -Charlie Chaplin

    "Humor is what happens when we're told the truth quicker and more directly than we're used to." – Kurt Vonnegut

  36. It must suck being a comedian who has too much success to be funny anymore. Tim Dillon, Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Bill Hicks, David Cross, Bill Burr, Patrice O'Neal…have (had🙃) something to say. This is pathetic.

  37. I think it's wrong to say "it's just a cultural thing". That just misrepresents the situation and I think we have to accept that overcoming racism has to be learned again and again by every generation.

    I'm sure there are scientific studies, but it seems impossible that racism is "just" something you learn. It kind of has to be a cognitive bias that people "naturally" fall into. I mean it's just too easy, "they look different so I generalize how they are different from us".
    So growing up and having (positive) contact in a diverse multicultural environment. Even those annoying things where they turn your favourite super hero black lol.
    I really believe it requires education to NOT be racist and that we "naturally" tend to be racist without it.

  38. If you wanna see the color of the skin you can see it, kids don't see it as long as you don't point them to it.
    That's what's done here. So who is the racist here besides Trump?

  39. Jim Jefferies/Mr Nugent, when are you going to comment on how you tried to ruin a man's life by misrepresenting him as a racist on your TV show?

  40. Jim Jefferies is a scumbag liar for his actions in the Avi incident….I hope Comedy Central and this prick gets sued for millions….perfect fake news journalist….CNN and MSNBC must view him as a top draft pick for themselves…..HIs guest is a moron and shows who the real racist is

  41. Fix the economy first.

    Economic distress has cause most of the racisms throughout history. Nazi was a response to their great depression as well. Today, it's the disappear middle class, due to automation. Humans love to blame others. Blame immigrants, blame blacks. If we lived in a world of abundance, the rate of racism would drop significantly.

  42. Really can’t believe that Jim pretending it’s business as usual after being exposed for gross editing

  43. Cry me an River, Trump 💙 💚☘️ is Amazing – this crappy guest is an Race Baiter – Stupid Scummer. Ripping on whites, double standards.

  44. https://youtu.be/H6b0RJRjTME

    Have you even apologized for doing a hit piece on Avi? How about your Islamophobic and racist statements that you thought were not recorded? Have you even apologized for that you lying sack of excrement?

  45. Don't be a bitch, stop bitching/stop snitching. You want to fix the world, stop complaing just 'cause someone doesnt like your ugly mug. BE A MAN!

  46. One of the first wars this country fought was against itself over the issue of slavery and the institution of slavery and the racist notions associated with it still have its effects messing shit up today…you’d think we’d grow out of such a thing, guess not

  47. Very reminiscent of Jim's standup saying: "The Bible should be one piece of paper, and on that paper it should say, 'try not to be a cunt,' and if you do that every day you're being a good person."

  48. "White people are a bunch of Clark Kents walking around pretending that they're not Superman. Your white skin gives you the ability to help out in these situations…"

  49. this is the best comedy show there is hands down. Talk shows, stand-up, and news parodies. Not trying to talk crap about anyone, but shows like Jimmy Fellon, Stephen Colbert etc. have nothing on this guy. WE NEED MORE!

  50. fuck the elmwood cafe… my hometown has always been ignorant to their own ignorance. White Berkeley moms love to preach their love for everyone but theyll never take a walk by the waterfront or head to bushrod for anything but their kids soccer practice

  51. In Berkeley???!!! Oh man, that place has gone to hell right along with (most of) the rest of the nation. In the wise word of our current Con Man Dare In Thief, " SAD !".

    That "Down Unda" clarification definitely deserved the cup clap though. Brilliant…

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