War on Drugs vs Cannabis Legalization in Philippines

War on Drugs vs Cannabis Legalization in Philippines

Dear Mr President Duterte of the Philippine
government, As a natural born Filipino, I believe that
there is another way to fight drugs instead of the senseless extrajudicial killings happening
in the Philippines. You said that killing and persecuting drug
pushers, drug lords and local public official portectors is the only way to win war on drugs. War on drugs doesn’t work as have been proven
in Mexico and Thailand. The other sane peaceful way to fight illegal
drugs such as shabu (metaamphetamine), cocaine, etc. in the Philippines is to legalize cannabis
(marijuana) for medical reasons. Cannabis is non-addictive and without side-effects
because it is a herbal medicine. Most drug dependents, as an addiction specialist, can be rehabilitated
through the use of medical cannabis, acupuncture, exercise and counselling. Canada will soon legalize Cannabis next year
2017 to curb drug addictions and drug cartels. Why don’t you, mr. president Duterte, legalize medical cannabis to win your war on drugs?


  1. Duterte wants to legalize Medical Marijuana, Crystal Meth and other illegal drugs on the other hand is a no no…

  2. Pres. Duterte recently approved House Bill 180 which would legalize medical marijuana in the Philippines soon!

  3. I think that we should educate the public first before this becomes official just for safety. Although I think it's a move that is positive.

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