Warhammer Dawn of War 2 review

Warhammer Dawn of War 2 review

Warhammer : Dawn of War II review for the PC Dawn of War II is the second RTS I’ve reviewed in two weeks and luckily, once again, it seems this one has removed some of the hardcore elements which put me off RTS games in the first place. Developers Relic have been very brave and scrapped base building entirely. Whilst I applauded Halo Wars for simplifying it, Dawn of War II dispenses with it entirely. Once you’ve selected your squads and payload, you’re dumped into the action and put into situations where you control your squads from above in lots of mini battles as you progress across the compact, well-designed maps. In the single player campaign, you play as the Space Marines as you battle Orcs, Elders and Tyranids in the 41st Millennium. What this boils down to is pointing and clicking your way through the maps as your marines take cover behind buildings and terrain. All your squads have their heroes and different abilities which you can change as you upgrade your squads with experience points gained in battle. For example, you can lay down suppressing fire as you send one of your heroes to charge into battle and mop up with everyone else. Or you can send your invisible scouts right behind enemy lines and surprise them with some handy explosives. Although you don’t build bases, you can capture relays and buildings which you can use to your advantage along the way, and there are some boss fights to survive through. These usually end up with you just piling everything you’ve got into the enemy but everything in the story missions is fantastically presented and the personalities of your marines and enemies shine out with some great audio and speech. If you truly want to be all-powerful when you get to the end of the game you’re going to have to play some side missions. Unfortunately these can get a bit samey after a while but you can pick up some truly great weapons and make your Blood Ravens super tough if you take the time to trudge through them. You can also take the fight online and play in co-op mode, although only the host will collect XP So if you’re going to play, make sure you’re the host or you’ll be wasting your time if you’re trying to level up. You can also play in skirmish mode and play up to three vs three as any of the four races. The game also uses Windows Live which means you can see all your mates on their PC or Xbox 360 and you get achievement points. If you don’t have an Xbox you won’t be too bothered if you do, you’ll know how important and satisfying these are to collect. Dawn of War II does take some risks by playing almost like an action RPG at times rather than an RTS, but I think it’s a breath of fresh air, particularly for people who aren’t into hardcore RTS games. If you liked the first game and you also liked World War 2 RTS Company of Heroes, this one will definitely appeal to you. It gets an excellent 8 out of 10. You’ve been watching a review from Gamesweasel If you want to get the show each week which includes video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features head over to gamesweasel.com for our video podcast Gamesweasel TV –


  1. The thing about co op, that the host gets all the XP, well that doesnt matter does it?

    I mean, this is a really fun, and very addictive game, and I rather have fun getting no XP at all than playing without any fun just for XP

  2. Looks interesting… Does it have a story behind the campaign? I mean do I have to play Dawn of War I to enjoy the campaign or it's a stand-alone game?

  3. @d00m92 – They make a few allusions to events that take place in Dawn of War and its expansions, but it's mostly fluff.

    Besides, the story has never really been all that important. Most of the fluff is written to rationalize gameplay elements, to emphasize that there isn't really a 'good side', or to just provide fan service. The literature available is still very well written, but it's not the star of the show.

  4. i just bought this game, looked amazing i already have steam no problem. but what made me mad was the fact that the game lags alot with all the graphic options set on low. i know my laptop is rubbish but i think i may need a new video card. any suggestions?

  5. when they say RTS. do they mean just another build and fight, like red alert and age of empires? i want a dawn of war game where you can use real battle tactics, not just the bigger army wins tactic. plz suggest a DOW series for me. cheers

  6. @markash1971 It is a build and battle RTS, but the size of the army doesn't matter as much as C&C because it adds tactical variables, like cover, Surpresive fire, etc. When snipers fire at an enemy their rate of fire and movement speed dramatically decrease. It is very unique.

  7. @DaBoomz13 The bolter is just the standard issue, they have nano petroleum particle cannons for cammander units, and plamsa guns. But some things have to be said with a chunk of metal travelling at crazy velocity.

  8. @Kamfrenchie Something tells me that translating to english is one of the last things that, let's say the necrons, are really interested in. But I realize that physics and logic have to go out the window with sci fi. I mean star wars would be pretty boring if it were realistic- since there's no sound in space, the dangerous lasers are outside the visible spectrum, and even warp speed can't explain star travel, since when they returned home it would be thousands of years later.

  9. @Polydynamix
    well necrons rarely speak with humans, mayb you talk about dark crusade. Well that can be seen as a way to make th ennemy afraid and make them lose confidence. Sounds could be made by the computer onboard the ships. I'm pretty sure you could make visible dangerous laser if you have eough energy, but again, some equipment could help people see those laser.

    Or "rule of cool"

  10. @Kamfrenchie Hey, I'm not trying to rain on a parade here, I love DoW 1 & 2. And I love the depressing universe that the story takes place in. But one thing that they never address when dealing with laser weapons is that they have 1 ultimate "kryptonite"… if the enemy ship is a mirror like surface- well the laser would be directed away.

  11. I don't mind not having to build bases, Warhammer 40k is all about sending squads of badasses to fight to the death against other squads of badasses.
    Fun game.

  12. why are they ruining all these good games by removing the whole reason we played it in the first place. this isnt strategy anymore there is no element of strategy in that they shouldnt even be allowed to call it strategy

  13. First couple seconds of the review treats the "removal of hardcore elements" like it's a good thing. NOPE.jpg

    Sure, this particular game and setting work well with the real time tactics formula, but it there's no reason to applaud the dumbing down of the RTS genre as a whole.

  14. One thing that should've been mentioned is how cheap the maps in the campaign are, with a very few exceptions almost all of the maps there are reused atleast 3-4 times.

  15. @gingerninja217 you are such a fucking fool this game is great and better than blizzards failed sc2 (ive played it). And also what is the point of building bases? They are too trouble some and just impede your enjoyment of the game.

  16. i have a question, im trying to download the game itself not retribution. so when i go to put in the product code there is one small box that cant even fit in the whole code! and im not sure, but i think i might have downloaded it on my older pc so idk if that means i cant download it again. i dont have a steam btw. some1 plz help me.

  17. i think removing base building was a great idea now i can focus on my squads and combat strategies not having to constantly worry about your base, fits well into a warhammer 40k game imo

  18. I thought that they would have said "Tyranids" in game, though, is this actually your review or did you just get one written by someone who played the game like with Xplay

  19. guys, im looking at a large package on steam for a bunch of thq games like saint row 2, metro 2033, and all the recent dawn of war/warhammer games. Is it definitely worth the money? i havent hear to much about them. Quick Reply please

  20. Wow ok. So I just bought this because I loved the first one and it was on sale. But, from what I see here, it's not an rts at all anymore and I just wasted my money. YES, it's still technically an rts even without base building. However, the "strategy" in such a game usually boils down to just selecting everything you have and sending it at the next, available target. That's NOT strategy.

  21. they are nice and realistic for the universe they are depicting. its pure hate to say they aren't well designed. few RTS can pretend doing better (very few, actually)

  22. you sir, are sticking to campaign in easy mode!
    and if you aren't, you are just trying to look like a fool, or didn't even try to put interest into the game. its not starcraft if it is what you mean, but being starcraft is not an achievement.

  23. My point is that Warhammer is really cool and that this game is still fun despite its clear lack of strategy.

  24. It's funny and odd because in a way Relic made DoW2 much more like the actual table top game than DoW1.
    And the fact that people are hating on this, just shows how little they know about 40k.
    The fact that you move an army through the map, take points and kill enemies while using buildings and objects for cover, draws upon the pure foundation of 40k more than ever.
    Shame on you haters out there! You're really missing out on something special and unique.

  25. i have dawn of war soulstorm on the disc, but i dont want to by the steam version. how do i put the disc version on my steam?

  26. To all RTS game developers. Dont take out buildings or resource gathering your just gonna fail like command and conquer 4 🙁

  27. It is a positive thing. It emphasizes combat rather than who can pump more resources into a mission. In most RTS games there is very little combat tactics, just lots of Rock paper sccissors. Claiming your dumbing it down when the combat gets more complicated is very narrowminded

  28. It's not dumbed down, it's removing unnecessary components so they could focus on something else. If you're a general, would you rather command your army, or would you also like to be the armies architect, financier, and also the sponsor for new recruits?
    I understand what you don't like about it, I was also pretty confused when I played DoW2 for the first time, to get over this I still play DoW1 when I want base-building, and DoW2 when I just feel like the urge to do quick combat.

  29. Did this guy just:
    1. pronounce Tyranids wrong
    2. approve of Games for Windows Live, the most horrible DRM ever.
    3. applaud DoW for removing base-building

    This game is inferior to DoW: Dark Crusade

  30. too many zerg and terran dominion in here…..with bad concept art
    at 1:30 is tyrande whisperwind or sylvanas stromrunner?banshee or elves?and again…with bad concept art
    at 2:33 was retarded jim raynor

    please..stop copying tolkien and blizzard idea,relic…..

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