Warning: This Drug May Kill You: Treating Pain (HBO Documentary Films)

Warning: This Drug May Kill You: Treating Pain (HBO Documentary Films)

We have about ten
to twelve million Americans who have been put
on long-term opioids. The best available evidence
is telling us that they’re not doing well. Many have had a decline
in their function and their pain has
not improved. Maybe their pain
has gotten worse. So very, very high doses
of opiates can actually produce pain. So instead of
making pain better, they actually make pain worse. Most common chronic pain
conditions that are currently treated with opiates
probably shouldn’t be treated with opiates at all,
other than possibly for three days
of an acute attack. So, for example,
a back sprain injury. Use opiates for three days,
get moving again, and then stop completely,
just like the CDC recommends. The question we’re
often asked… “If not opioids, what then?” And we need, as physicians,
to have lots of “what then” answers. We know they do much better
with simple things like exercise. Yoga and acupuncture
and massage… Behavioral, physical therapy. Spiritual support
for a person to renavigate their life,
uh, and to take control over this sensation of pain. You have to take care
of a complex problem with a complex solution,
which is not gonna come in the form of a pill.


  1. not always so. Some people have adverse reactions and have more pain. researche showed that people only taking them for pain wont get addicted.And several people are not getting to a point that they need more and more.etc etc. this is akready oroven not to be as this doc. from the preview seems to say.

  2. You say exactly what I feel … After 3 days I prefer to take off the sticker – and usually, the pain is already much weaker … and it will be really fine. If I stay with this I start to feel side effects.

  3. your missing the point, everybody will become dependent after long term use, dependency is biological u will have withdraw if u stop, addiction is when the pchyological takes over and u start lying to yourself, and stealing to avoid the withdrawal….but everybody will become dependent

  4. It's the ABUSE of the medications that's the problem, not the medication. Once again it comes back to the war on drugs, legalize all drugs and we wouldn't have this problem. The Opiate Addicts could get their fix and nod out, while the people in pain could simply make life livable again. No need to mix the two completely different groups together.

  5. Anyone who is not a chronic pain patient has no understanding of what they go through
    Opiates work for some people and a high percentage of chronic pain patients do not abuse these medications

  6. You know I really love how people that don't have degenerative disc disease and don't have chronic spinal pain and have never taken the medications used to treat it seem to think that they know more about it that I do I've been on morphine for 8 years and believe me for degenerative disc disease you don't know what you're talking about you should really just shut up

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