Watch Gang Wheel: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01

Watch Gang Wheel: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01

what is up folks this is andrew with my
watch addiction calm and today we’re gonna do an unboxing from the watch gang
wheel now I had accrued a bunch of points from past renewals that I hadn’t
done anything with so I decided to take a spin on the watch gang wheel because
let’s face it didn’t cost me anything you might as well just go ahead and do
it and I won a Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 Speed Master Jewess code juice co juice cone
sounds like a juicer anyway I won a juice Co speed master from the watch
gang wheel and I know you guys are gonna shred me on the pronunciation of that
quite honestly I don’t know what the hell it is supposed to be pronounced
like so definitely post up in the comments below if you guys know once you
see the title of this watch anyway guys if you have not seen my videos before go
ahead and smash that subscribe button so you can follow us in the future don’t
forget to hit that Bell if you want to Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 receive notifications now the watch of
the day is a previous wheel watch that I had gotten in it’s the Vostok n1 rocket
automatic that has been sitting in my collection for a little bit anyway guys
let’s tear into this box and see what it’s all about alright so let’s tear
into this watch gang wheel watch now if I remember right this might have been a
tier 2 watch I quite honestly don’t remember exactly it was a while ago
little while to go that I did it open this guy up the packing list
and packing Jewess co juice co juice kayo however you want to pronounce in a
typical divert case from ABS plastic this is kind of cool this is rubberized
this is almost like rubber applied rubber logo right there let’s open this
guy up see what it looks like and there it is now in this packaging we have
that’s kind of cool looks like a business card holder with an unfilled
out warranty card and then the manual in it it’s pretty cool business card holder
though it’s magnetic then we have a Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 microfiber polishing cloth then we have
the actual watch itself now this was an interesting selection I don’t know if I
don’t know what they were thinking here but inside of this case is just
styrofoam and then this pillow that this watch is actually on is covered felt so
I don’t know if they just ran out of styrofoam for these guys personally I
would have just put it on styrofoam instead of doing the the felt it looks
kind of cheesy so if we zoom in and take Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 a closer look this is the dress-code
juice Co however you pronounce it speed master now one of the reasons why I
added this watch to my potential wins on the watch gang wheel is because I think
that dial design is pretty slick the texture in that dial that applied to
indices plus I’m a huge huge fan of chronographs now incidentally this is a
quartz chronograph the quartz movement in this is made by citizen I’m not sure
what model it is but this is a citizen quartz movement in here that’s supposed
to have an accuracy of plus or minus fifteen seconds a day the case size on
this watch is 43 millimeters we a 13 millimeter case thickness so it’s
really really good size the lug wrap looks pretty comfortable I have a
feeling that from a wear standpoint I’m Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 not gonna mind wearing this watch
stainless steel bracelet is 22 millimeters at the lug and then tapers
down to I believe it might not taper if we flip it over the fold over locking
clasp does have that Juiz kojou schoo logo right there on it with micro
adjustments right in the clasp now this watch on their website has an MSRP of
399 dollars quite honestly just given the weight of
this it’s not an overly heavy watch feels pretty light
I probably wouldn’t spend more than big bucks on this if I was purchasing it
outright but it doesn’t look to be a bad little watch and when i factor in the
fact that i got this watch for free just using points from the wheel due to my
renewals I’m not I’m not upset with this watch at all so that was the juice go
Speed Master from the watch King we love Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 watches that I got in not a horrible
little watch especially when you factor in how much I actually did not pay for
it I cannot complain at free on this one and I recognize the word free is all
relative but out-of-pocket expense for this watch absolutely zero for me so I’m
not horribly upset with that build quality fit and finish I’m liking it
especially at that free price the clasp again like I mentioned press clasp feels
a little bit cheap but the actual body of the watch and that stainless steel
bracelet is pretty nice that quartz movement in it again I can’t comment on
that quartz movement how nice it is or anything like that one thing I will know
on this is because this is a quartz chronograph I did have to recenter
recalibrate the second hand on this and for this watch specifically if you pull
the main crown out to the third position and then hit that top button that will
allow you to calibrate that second hand Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01 in one second increments there’s
instructions if you ever have problems with calibrating a quartz chronograph
there’s instructions all over the internet on how to do that so or you can
reach out to me and I’ll tell you how to do it it’s really really easy to do what
I mean by that is if when you reset that chronograph that the second hand doesn’t
snap back to that perfect 12 o’clock position like for instance with this one
it snapped back to the 11:55 position just recalibrated it and everything is
good to go anyway guys I am going to get out of here if you want to see this on
my wrist or any other watch on daily basis don’t forget you can follow
us at Instagram /watch diction dot us lastly post up in the comments below
like subscribe let me know what you guys think of this watch let me know what you
would like to see in the future from this channel
always always always listening anyway guys I’m getting out of here have a
great week and we will see you soon Watch Gang Wheel Review: Jiusko Speedmaster 9LS01


  1. Not for me Andrew, I'm never a fan of watches that have the date and the numbers either side of the date. If it's 23rd, I know yesterday was 22nd and tomorrow is 24th.

  2. Juisko is an interesting company. Guy who runs it used to design watches for Rolex, Phillipe, etc so the timepieces are obviously geared towards fashion and style rather than mechanics. This is an nice watch and free is good so I dont have any real complaints

  3. A magnet business card holder next to a mechanical watch in the watch box? Not a very smart move on the Jiusko part.

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