We Are Addicted To Cruising! 8 Youtubers Confess Why Their Addicted to Cruising

We Are Addicted To Cruising! 8 Youtubers Confess Why Their Addicted to Cruising

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce welcome to my channel today I’m addicted to cruising no way to get
around it I can’t help myself it’s so bad I’ve reached out for a group
therapy help with some of my YouTube friends out there listen in their own
words what they have to say about going cruising hi everybody I’m Z and I’m J
and we are pairing DJ and we are addicted to cruising hey everyone I’m
Derek and I’m Gregory and together we are
TNG explorers we’re cruising hey guys my name is Emma I’m a cruise blogger writer
youtuber everything from England and I’m definitely addicted to cruising hey this
is Kevin and Frank from cruising with wheel and we’re addicted to cruising and
this is Jamie and I’m Matthew for charity and we are hey what’s up
everybody what’s going on this is Tony I know I’m Ginny and we are lolly to loca
and we’re addicted to cruising we are why are we addicted to cruising well
let’s find out from some of my friends on YouTube they’re gonna tell you their
three top reasons why they’re addicted to cruising here we go
three reasons we are addicted to cruising our value just the amount that
you get on a cruise for the money you pay in just seems amazing to me you get
all the food you can eat entertainment gambling if you like hmm drink that’s
right excursions all of that encompassed into one vacation which another reason
we like cruising which ties on earlier is convenience yeah cruise ship is
basically just a big Resort Hotel that takes you around to different places you
don’t have to drive there no you go to sleep you wake up you’re in a new place
explore go to bed wake up you’re in a new place you go explore I like
safety of it too because when you go somewhere you get back on and you know
what to expect all your stuff is there and it’s just a homey feeling homey
homey what up and thirdly I would say just that there is something for
everybody whether it’s itineraries you can go to the Caribbean you can go to
Alaska good away Europe really both want to go to Hawaii because you said that
the same time but anywhere you want to go you can go there and even diversity
in onboard activities there’s kids clubs for children there’s different types of
music venues for those that like different music it’ll be a sports bar
there’s all kinds of different food options shows that cater to everybody
different type of trivia games you name it they have it if you like it you can
probably find it on a ship or you can just sit and read and chill out exactly
that vacation the way you want a vacation and that’s pretty much why
we’re addicted to cruising so today we are gonna talk about our top three
reasons why we are addicted to cruising so Greg’s gonna start with his number
one reason number one the ocean life the ocean view Alka veranda we usually well
we’ve only gotten the brand of view so I never seem to like that because you can
actually look at the ocean and see passing ships going by and all kinds of
different things and even weather so that’s really nice it’s a cool it’s a
great experience the other thing for me is every ship every cruise every port
has its own experience every itinerary and you never really know what to get
it’s not to say it’s not like watching a movie where you have the same thing
going all the time so you like to explore meet different people even if
you don’t like to meet different people every experience will be different and
that is what I love so much about it and you never know what you’re gonna get and
then the last vlog the chocolates there you go then the last one we have is it’s
like a moving hotel or even a city basically on the water because you’re
going from port to port waking up in different areas so food for the most
part isn’t included in it so this is like a huge city basically on the ocean
so yeah so again Bruce thank you so much for us allowing us to share our top
three reasons why we are addicted to cruising one reason that I’m addicted to
cruising is because I love food I love going out to eat if you’re at home and
you go out for dinner that is a treat that’s a good day but when you’re on a
cruise ship you can go out to eat for breakfast people go out to eat for lunch
you go out to eat for dinner and you go out to eat between meals as well that
there’s no limit from the amount of food you can be on a cruise and I love it I’m
addicted to cruising because I love visiting different countries and
cruising is a way that I can see many different countries within a really
short period of time there’s not many other holidays where you can see five
countries in a week not without a lot of driving and a lot of planning cruising
is just so easy and it’s a great way to work out which countries or which places
you’d like to go back to and which you’ve done in a day and you don’t want
to go back to so that is fantastic I love visiting new countries and cruising
know how we need to do it a lot faster and course a lot more off of my list
another reason why I’m addicted to cruising is cruising gives me time to
sit still and think in my normal life I’m always doing something about work
I’m coming home I’m writing and filming videos I’m on my phone all the time and
then the cruise ship you get to sit on the balcony with a cup of tea maybe with
the duvet around you because it’s cold and watch a sail in or a sail away
and you really get to recharge your batteries I love relaxing and it’s one
of my favorite things about cruising and I don’t think we take enough time in our
regular lives just to sit still and you can do that on a cruise and it is
fantastic why are we addicted to cruising us because oh my it’s
accessible to everyone adults children if you’re able to just
run around the ship or maybe you have mobility issues you can do cruising the
other reason why we love cursing is it’s like a floating hotel you unpack once
and wake up every day in a new place that’s right and the other reason my
gosh you meet thousands of interesting people all in one location is that
cruise ship transports you from one port to the next maybe we’ll meet you one day
on one of our cruises that’s right but until then we want to remind everybody
to revel says in cruise often number one the first reason I’m addicted
to cruising is there’s so many destinations each Cruise has at least a
couple of ports that they stopped in and so instead of being stuck in one place
for seven days well what if I’m not particularly happy with that spot well
on a cruise you stop at different locations and you see the best of each
location and that’s better than being stuck in one place seeing the best on
the first day and then there’s nothing else to do
remember to reason out there that I love cruising has to be the ships themselves
there’s so many different types of ships out there that you can actually create
your vacation based around the ship whether you want a nice small shit
that’s just comfortable with a few people on it with some good dining or do
you want the big mega ships like the Oasis class ships that have all the Aqua
theaters and all the sports deaths and all the things to do that’s on there or
do you want something midsize that’s heading out to Alaska
you still have covered swimming pools and this is such a variety it’s it’s
fantastic and thirdly no matter where I decide to travel in the world I get to
go home at night to my cruise ship and I have that at home atmosphere my dining I
know what I’m going to get I don’t have to worry about finding food that I like
I can go to Asia Africa Germany through Europe through Greece the Mediterranean
Alaska Caribbean Australia it doesn’t matter when I get back to the ship I
know what to expect and that’s a really good comfort but meanwhile I’m still
getting out there and seeing the world so there you are Bruce those are my
three reasons why I’m so addicted to cruising I hope your listeners enjoyed
it and until next time everyone out there please have yourself a safe and a
great thank you this is Sharon from Sharon Etsy and I
love to cruise because I do not have to cook or clean for the entire week that
I’m on the ship and this is Jamie from Shaughnessy and I love the cruise
because I can party and get crazy in international waters and know I’m gonna
get home safe I’m Matthew from Sharon SIA my favorite part about cruising is
hanging out with other kids until late at night
happy cruise incursion alright Jenny we have been assigned by our good friend
over there traveling with Bruce to come up with not one not two but three
reasons why we’re addicted to cruising well that should be easy it should be
easy I would think did you want me to go first so you want to go first money you
go first that’s very good okay the number one
reason I like to go cruising is I can get familiar with unfamiliar places from
a familiar spot that’s a good one I don’t know what I’m talking about now
the cool thing about cruising is you can jump on a cruise ship you can unpack
your stuff super comfortable you know where the bathroom is you know where you
can get food and then every few days they drop you off at a strange place and
you only got to navigate that thing for a couple hours and then you can go back
to where where all your stuff is I really like that part of cruising I
think that’s one of the things that makes me addicted
yes Jenny what about you what is what is a reason that you’re addicted to
cruising well you did mention food so I enjoyed and I’m addicted to cruising
because I don’t have to cook or do laundry or clean so really that’s kind
of three things but that’s kind of does it that’s my addiction is that I don’t
have to cook clean what do laundry alright and number three is a reason
that both of us cruise I’m gonna go ahead and deliver it if that’s okay
that’s fine I think the the main reason that we’re addicted to cruising is we
both get to spend time with our best friend exploring new places and going on
adventures we’ve never gone before cruising opens up a whole new world of
ports and people and it’s just it’s just a wonderful way to go out and spend your
time and to explore the world and I’m so happy that I get to do it with with my
girl Jenny here and I’m glad that I get to do it with you and experience all
those new ports and then just the journey that’s it folks we’re addicted
to cruising and those are three reasons why and again my name is Tony and I’m
Ginny and we’re lolly to loca and until the next time we’ll see on the Leena Oh
we’ll see on the Lido bye bye why am i addicted to cruising well let me tell
you the number one reason I’m addicted to cruising is I love the the sound of
the ocean as the ship goes through the water I just love being out at sea i’ma
just I’m addicted to that I didn’t I didn’t know I would be until I got on a
cruise ship for the first time I loved walking around the the promenade deck
walking towards the back of the ship where you can just see the wake behind
I just love it now from my balcony room looking out over the sea and seeing the
waves and the views and even when we pull into port every morning you open up
the curtain look out your door and you realize I’ve got a different view it
changes every day I love it number two reasons why I’m addicted to
cruising the number two reason is the spa oh god it’s the spa oh man I find it
when I’m on a cruise a seven-day cruise I’m there to unwind and I do I head for
the man spa and I’ll find that steam room I’ll find the jacuzzi in there
they’ve got the refreshments in there the showers are larger in there by the
way I never shower in my room ever no I shower and shave and do everything in
the spa because it’s a private area which you might pay extra for for a
week’s access but it’s worth it they provide the shampoos the conditioners
and you just relax you come onto that cruise ship all tensed up because you
die to get on the cruise and then you’re on that cruise for six seven days and
you just relax it is and aspect the third reason why I’m addicted to
cruising it’s the food baby it’s the food oh my gosh you can eat any time you
want the variety is never-ending from just a little snack at the buffet just
grab a hot dog buy pulled anchor grab a slice of pizza or head to the ice-cream
counter get a free cone or pick up a latte at the Starbucks you pay extra for
it but who cares going to the main dining room for lunch or dinner and they
serve you and it’s wonderful what I love about the main dining room is no prices
on the menu you get the menu there’s no prices whatever you want and joy I love
it the food on a cruise ship it’s the best and itaya when I leave the cruise
ship I’m spoiled I have to get back to the real world it’s not easy you know so
there you go those are my three reasons why I’m addicted to cruising I hope you
like the three reasons for my other guests why they’re addicted to cruising
it runs the gamut I tell you right now if you get on a cruise ship you’re gonna
find certain things that really appeal to you
more than others and you’ll just start zeroing in on the areas that you want to
focus in on like Italia on these five-star floating resorts no shortage
of what to do what to enjoy it is wonderful we’re all addicted to cruising
you go on a cruise you’ll probably get addicted yourself
anyway you’re gonna love it I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed
all of my guests I think they did a fabulous job check out their channels
and check out their work we’re all addicted to cruising we love it can’t
get enough of it we all want to be on cruise ships all the time and please
join us for our channels become subscribers and followers I think you’ll
get a kick out of what we love to talk about and I think you’ll enjoy cruising
to give it a chance give it a try this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce
saying thanks for joining me today and my pals and we’ll see you next time bye
for now


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