“Weirdest yellow card in my career!” | Game-Recap with Piszczek | 1. FC Köln – BVB 1:3

I have to say, the atmosphere
was incredible. It really made a big impression
on me, in a positive way. I like it when the atmosphere in
the stadium is like that, and hopefully every time we play away our
fans will be there in such big numbers. At first it really hurt, and I was
off the pitch for a bit. Then I got the weirdest yellow
card of my career, because I thought the referee had signalled
that I could come back on to the pitch, but he said he was just telling me to go to the
halfway line, so it was a misunderstanding. In recent games I’ve noticed that if I play
a low cross into the box it gets cleared, and I’ve seen that there’s always a
chance if you play it to the far post. That has stuck in my head, and I
exploited that for our second goal. At one point one of my boots came off,
so I had to play without it for a bit! I have to laugh, because I then had to play the ball
with my left foot without having my boot on. We lost possession, and the play
was coming down my side. I saw a picture where I was standing there with
one boot on, trying to defend the attack. Fortunately, in the second half we were patient,
and I think in the end we played well.

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