What Actors Really Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

What Actors Really Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

A lot of things are legal in Hollywood, but
cocaine and heroin? Yeah, still not so much. And when it comes to selling onscreen substance
abuse, you can only go so far with a CGI high. Hollywood’s prop masters still have to use
ingenious practical effects to make fake drugs look like the real thing — without hurting
the actors who have to put the stuff in their lungs, up their noses, or… uh, elsewhere. Here’s what was really on the set in these
movies where drugs were on the menu. Horrible Bosses Colin Farrell is no stranger to doing fake
cocaine in front of the camera, or real cocaine in real life, for that matter, back when he
was one of Hollywood’s biggest party boys. But for Horrible Bosses, prop master Mychael
Bates had the actor snorting powdered lactose — a milk product that’s so harmless, actors
can inhale it without hurting themselves. That’s good news for Farrell, who was reportedly
so keen on staying in character that he would snort the fake cocaine between takes. Pineapple Express Despite Seth Rogen’s outspoken advocacy for
marijuana offscreen, the cast in the stoner flick Pineapple Express wasn’t actually smoking
the real thing — which just goes to show what a talented actor Bill Hader really is. “Is this normal?” Prop master Jeff Butcher purchased the movie’s
fake weed in bulk from International Oddities, a company that specializes in bud without
any THC, the substance that gets you high — so that actors can smoke it, a lot, without
suffering any weird after-effects. Trainspotting You won’t be surprised to learn that Ewan
McGregor and his castmates weren’t shooting real heroin in Trainspotting— in fact, no
human arms were punctured in the making of this film. Instead, the film’s prop master Gordon Fitzgerald
used a real syringe filled with dyed water, which was injected into a prosthetic arm. According to Fitzgerald, this method had a
perk: “You can draw the plunger up and down and it looks as if the blood is mixing with
the liquid.” 21 Jump Street A fictional synthetic drug is central to the
plot of 21 Jump Street, which stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as cops who go undercover
to stop the threat. “Goes by the street name HFS — “Holy F—— S—.” But while HFS is a fabrication, Tatum and
Hill still needed something to put in their mouths when it came time to film this scene
where they get high to avoid blowing their cover. The solution? Communion-style dissolving wafers with a hint
of yellow food covering, which melt on the tongue the same way as drugs like acid. The Wolf of Wall Street Needless to say, cocaine was featured heavily
in The Wolf of Wall Street, which is set in the late 1980s. So when it came time to do lines, actors were
given vitamin D powder, which is harmless to the body when ingested in small doses. There’s just one catch: these were not small
doses. “I never had more vitamin D in my entire life. I could have lifted a car over my f——
head” American Gangster Powdered heroin was central to the plot of
the 2007 film American Gangster, based on the life of career criminal Frank Lucas played,
who built his empire on a fortune made by smuggling heroin into the U.S. on military
planes returning from the Vietnam war. It’s also one of the most difficult drugs
to fake onscreen — which is why American Gangster’s prop master used a substance called
Mannitol. Doctors use it to treat kidney conditions
and reduce brain swelling — but it’s also used by real-life drug dealers to cut heroin,
making it a convincing choice. Scarface Not all fake cocaine is created equal— especially
when the fake cocaine is actually baby laxative. That’s right: in Scarface, prop masters used
powdered baby laxative to stand in for the massive amount of cocaine that’s bought, sold,
and ingested by drug lord Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino. And while the substance didn’t get anyone
high, it did have certain other effects on the human body — “So much so that no one
would want to put it up their nose,” according to actor Stephen Bauer, who played Manny Rivera. What happens when you snort too much powdered
baby laxative? Nobody’s saying, but it can’t be good. “What the f*** was that?” The Breakfast Club Before people figured out how to make THC-free
weed, oregano was the preferred stand-in for marijuana in movies like The Breakfast Club
— so that’s what they’re smoking in this scene from John Hughes’ classic film about
a crew of misfits sentenced to high school detention on a Saturday. There’s just one problem: back in the day,
people still had some pretty weird ideas about the physical effects of smoking up. “Marijuana! The burning weed with its roots in HELL!” Thanks to the movie’s prop master, the joint
they’re passing around looks legit — but nothing else about this scene is especially
realistic. Half Nelson Ryan Gosling’s Oscar-nominated performance
as a drug-addicted teacher in New York City would have been wasted if Half Nelson’s on-screen
crack looked wack. But prop master Jeremy Balon found an ingenious
solution: an off-white coffee mug that he “broke up into about a million little pieces,
then dyed in coffee.” A piece of broken, stained porcelain would
be set in front of a small ball of tobacco that smoked when lit, lending a realistic
look to Gosling’s fake crack pipe. American Beauty For all this talk of oregano and baby laxative,
it’s worth noting that Hollywood still does occasionally do its drugs the old-fashioned
way — like in this scene from American Beauty, where Kevin Spacey’s Lester Burnham gets stoned
in a parking lot at a real estate convention. American Beauty director Sam Mendes said,
“There may or may not have been real pot available on that particular movie, I couldn’t possibly
comment” — but Kevin Spacey’s giggling fit kind of says it all. “Honey, this is…” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  1. real drug dealers have their pen and note pad out …… if you like to party i'd take cash out now before you lose money.

  2. Yeah Di Caprio snorted Vit D in "wolf of wallstreet".
    For all you adorable fools out there who believe this i recommend watching the YT Video: "the real wolf of wallstreet"

  3. Shia LaBeouf dropped real LSD for his first time to experience the headspace of his character in Charlie Countryman.! Some have it in them and some just don’t.

  4. Dude, oregano?! You can't even inhale that shit cuz it tastes so awful. We tried it as teens. Stuuupid idea. I woulda said fuck that scene lol

  5. They arent smoking fake weed, just weed with only CBD and no THC. Basically they get tired and relaxed but no high

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  7. Fortunately, over-the-counter vitamin D is in a water solvable form, so it is safer than straight up pure vitamin D.
    Fat soluble vitamins like D can easily build up toxically in the body because they can’t be eliminated through urine as with the other vitamins.

  8. What if everything that happened in Star Wars was a dream after Ewan McGregor had passed out from a heroin overdose?

  9. AHHHHHHH Pwderd lactose!!!!! That would the death of me!! (I am lactose intolerant, sure it goes in your lungs but still…)

  10. "Seth Rogen wasn't smoking real weed on the set of Pineapple Express" this video just lost all credibility

  11. 0:58 Right he was soo much into his character he just kept snorting fake cocaine even though he has a history of cocaine abuse….right lol

  12. I always wondered what they used for cocaine. Now that I know I’m going to buy copious amounts and snot giant lines in public.

  13. …these are all a lot weirder than I'd thought. I'd just assumed it was arrowroot, baking soda, powdered sugar, that sort of thing.

  14. This video has to be the biggest bullshit Ive ever heard lol I snorted fake coke to stay in character. And that scene where they smoke crack in Wolf of Wall Street, they were really off a blast. They are not fooling no one lol

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