What Are The Most Dangerous Drug Cartels In Mexico?

What Are The Most Dangerous Drug Cartels In Mexico?

In July 2015, Mexico’s most notorious drug
lord, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, escaped from prison. El Chapo is the boss of the largest
drug gang in the Western Hemisphere, the Sinaloa cartel. As Mexico enters its 9th year in the
Drug War, with some estimating over 100,000 casualties, we wanted to know, what are Mexico’s
biggest, baddest cartels? Well the Sinaloa cartel is by far the biggest.
This is partially because the group is organized through a loose series of associated gangs,
and regularly absorbs smaller gangs. While other cartels have a direct hierarchy and
a single leader, the Sinaloa operates under a board-of-directors, with El Chapo at the
top. The group has thousands of members who deal heavily in cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines,
MDMA and marijuana. In fact, as much as 80% of US meth, and half of US heroin comes from
the Sinaloa Cartel. Overall, they’re considered responsible for a quarter of all illegal drugs
smuggled into the US from Mexico. Sinaloa has been called “the most powerful drug trafficking
organization in the world”. Part of their success may have to do with the alleged cooperation
of the Mexican military, who’ve been accused of taking bribes to crack down on other rival
cartels. The other largest cartel is the Zetas. While
Sinaloa has more members, the Zetas cover more territory. Together, both groups are
estimated to have up to 100,000 members. The Zetas are particularly known for their extreme
brutality, and sophisticated technology. Their income is less-so based on drugs than the
Sinaloa, and they are considered significantly more dangerous. Most murders, beheadings,
kidnappings, assassinations, and extortions in Mexico are attributed to the Zetas. They
are also known to brutally torture their rivals. They are more like a paramilitary group than
just an average street gang. Another notable, but less powerful group is
the Juarez Cartel. They are the oldest operating cartel, and used to be the strongest and most
brutally violent. Under their control, the city of Ciudad Juarez became the murder capital
of the world, with 130 murders per 100,000 residents. The cartel’s reign of terror
kept up for several years until they were displaced by the Sinaloa, and murder rates
dropped. Today their influence has faded and their leader is in prison. While other dangerous groups like the Tijuana
Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and the BLO are major players in the Mexican Drug War, none are
nearly as powerful as the Sinaloa or the Zetas. Most other gangs cooperate with one or the
other, leading to growth in both cartels. Many have pointed to the Drug War itself as
a motivating factor for these cartels to continue their violent activities. Despite an ongoing
crackdown by Mexican police and military, the cartels appear to be as strong as they’ve
ever been. El Chapo’s elaborate prison break through
a 5 million dollar tunnel makes it clear that being locked up doesn’t stop you from wielding
major power. If you’re curious about how he managed to pull it off, check out Seeker
Daily’s video. As always, thanks for watching, and make sure to like and subscribe for new
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  2. d news my question is who's more powerful the cartels or terrorist organizations? and can you compare the two and their in differences

  3. I'd say CJNG and The Sinaloa Cartel are the main players in today's drug war in Mexico. There are some cells of what used to be the Arellano-Félix Organization-CAF still operating in Tijuana, and recent news outlets have reported that they still leave decapitated heads in Ice coolers, but they're main rivals are the Sinaloa plazas in Tijuana. Same with Juarez, the cartel is still at war with the Sinaloa cartel in Juarez. The Juarez Cartel and Tijuana Cartel are now apart of the CJNG, The New Juarez Cartel and CTNG-Tijuana Cartel are remnants with alliance to the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (formerly known as the Mata Zetas. Los Zetas has been fragmented, after the capture of Z-42 a new faction emerged: The Noreste Cartel, it is believed that an ex-federal policeman took over assets of Los Zetas and is currently head of the cartel. The Cancun Cartel is also a relatively new criminal enterprise that emerged out of the fragmentation of major drug cartels operating in Mexico. As far as the Beltran Levy cartel goes, the capture and death of the heads of that organization lead to the drug gangs that are currently fighting each other in the state of Guerrero like Independent Cartel of Acapulco, Guerrero Unidos cartel in Iguala, Los Rojos and a few other factions that do not operate in that state.

  4. Can't wait for Donald Trump to be elected so someone finally nukes the shit out of those cartels. Hell, he won't even need boots on the ground, he'll just legalize marijuana and there goes the biggest cash cow that the Mexicans have.

  5. YEA US trained the zetas soo?? did it tell them to go behead and drug smuggle? no!! the usa cant handle the actions on a person quit putting blame on the other countrys because your country is so fucked in the ass and corrupt everyone knows mexican people just ignore whats going on in there country they always have and always will

  6. if we keep calling it a "war" then why do we keep imprisoning them instead of doing what we normally do in a war: locate the enemy and kill them. like if you take them out its one less thing you have to worry about. I swear if they don't change there tactics there never going to win shit

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  17. the gulf Cartel is the oldest in Mexico, and the Zetas were the Gulf Cartel's paramilitary formed of Mexican Special Forces officers.

  18. head Juarez cartel exposed Mexican government as owers of plaza system. for percent of drugs sales he had access to military and all his crib had badges. he was murdered by Amado Carrillo Fuentes for talking to reporter and publishing a book tell all. he was all coked out and lus canon. book is life and death of Mexican king pin

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  21. the biggest cartel is actually the zetas cdn they are around all the cities of Mexico,and out of it. Sinaloa is the most powerful more money and the 3 is gulf cartel also the most old and violent but not as much as the zetas .

  22. LOS ZETAS are the most RUTHLESS & DEADLIEST CARTEL but not the BIGGEST or most POWERFUL, LOS ZETAS just kill for fun. The biggest and most powerful, with huge influence SINALOA CARTEL, kill for BUSINESSES REASONS.

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  24. Los Zetas was a Part of the Mexican Army Special Forces. They were training by are U.S. Special Ops. But they went Rogue.

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