What Are the Signs of PTSD?

What Are the Signs of PTSD?

– Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, will affect some eight
million Americans this year. This is one story. – My name is India. I proudly served our country in the United States Marine
Corps and the United States Navy from 1981 until I was medically
retired last year, 2017. I served seven tours in the Middle East. And during that time, I sustained a lot of physical injuries, but it wasn’t just the physical
trauma that affected me. I think the worst I came home with was with post-traumatic stress disorder. The memories of war haunt me to this day. They cause night terrors, flashbacks. Flashbacks to a point where
I can smell the carbon. I was very angry at
everything and anything, so I lost a lot of friends and family, and I just lost me. At first, I didn’t wanna accept that I had anything wrong with me. I tried to control it,
suppress it, but it just … It’s taken over my life. If anyone is experiencing PTSD or any of this, you have to get help. Otherwise, you’re gonna
go through years of hell, for no reason. – India’s story is just
one example of how and why a person may suffer from PTSD. Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, the
chief medical officer of Pfizer is back to help us explore this often-misunderstood
condition, welcome back. – Thank you. (applauding) PTSD is a potentially
debilitating mental condition that occurs in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Now, many people only associate PTSD with military combat, as in India’s case. And of course, we know
that war experiences can really have a lifelong
impact on a person. – But PTSD can affect anyone who has seen or lived through any traumatic event. It can include an accident,
a natural disaster, a serious illness, assault or rape, or the sudden death of a
loved one, as an example. – And you know Dr. Travis, that’s why we’re really
talking about this today. I mean, think about the news, every day a disaster that
people are dealing with. So this is really an important
time to talk about it. A new study has shown
us that 20% of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer develop PTSD within six
months of their diagnosis. And a lot of people think
of PTSD as a man’s disease. Turns out, that in general, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD. That means about 10% of women
will go on to develop PTSD at some time in their lives, and that’s compared to about 4% of men. – It is important, of course,
to make the distinction between PTSD versus the
acute stress reaction that may follow a traumatic event. For a true PTSD diagnosis,
symptoms must last more than one month. And these symptoms usually begin within three months after
the traumatic event. But here’s the thing, they can often show up years later. So Dr. Freda, let’s talk about some of the most common symptoms of PTSD. – You can kind of categorize
them in four types, so the first is re-experiencing. You heard India talk about
flashbacks, bad dreams. The second is avoidance. People who have PTSD, tend
to avoid things, places, even thoughts that might remind
them of the traumatic event. The third is arousal and reactivity. Now that really points
to being easily startled or feeling on edge a lot, having difficulty sleeping,
or having angry outbursts. And then last, but not
least, is cognition, or thinking, and mood. Some people say they have a difficult
time remembering things, and/or they may be
experiencing low mood, sadness, and sometimes guilt. – And let’s not forget that PTSD can be really hard on children. Youngsters may stop talking, constantly act out the
scary event, wet the bed, or become unusually clingy with a parent as a result of some traumatic event. The good news is PTSD can be treated and managed with therapy, medications, and self-empowerment strategies. Companion animals, as an example, may help soothe some of the symptoms. So if you think you or a
loved one may have PTSD, do talk to your healthcare practitioner. They can determine if the
symptoms are due to PTSD or potentially something else. – You do not have to
suffer with this alone. There is so much help available. There are community
organizations, veterans groups. There are organizations
that pull together people where they have similar traumas and understand the
nature of this condition. And they stand ready to help as well. And we’ve pulled together some information and some resources on
GetHealtyStayHealty.com. And so people can go there
for that information. And while they’re there, they can sign up for
our monthly newsletter. – Well thank you Dr. Freda. I should say–
– Thank you. (applauding) – [Dr. Travis] We are certainly
grateful to you, India, for your service to our country and for sharing your story with us.


  1. I have PTSD since my Dad and teacher Dave Sanders was murdered at Columbine High School on 4-20-1999!!😢 Along with 23 other traumas in my life.😒

  2. I have PTSD.. my symptoms are different.. the trauma caused me to dissociate from self and reality!
    I wish the doctors can make an episode about Depersonalization/ Derealization disorder which could be a symptom of ptsd.

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  5. I think I have PTSD due two traumatic car accidents. I had sopped driving with the first and second car accident. Recently I wanted to cry bc my mom was driving on the highway. in my head I thought she was gonna crash into another car. Like I already see it happening, basically a vision. anytime someone drives or I drive I develop  a feeling of cringe, like stiffness in muscles. I recently just noticed this. and I do not drive on the highway anymore. the accident wasn't on a highway, but I develop a feeling of anxiety of accidently go on the highway. I don't have night terrors though.

  6. I used to have it. I was adopted , I was taken out of my home when I had just turned 4. I had it until I was 16. I was able to get over it with the help of my adopted Mom.
    +25% of foster kids have PTSD. My situation was indeed horrible. But I am proof that PTSD can be a thing of the past if you are able to reach out for help. Please never suffer alone with this, they are many people out there that are wanting to help you.
    Also I recommend that you get a dog, even if it isn't considered a service dog. My dogs growing up really helped me to feel safe and loved.

  7. PTSD is life altering. I've had it over 20 years and my daughter has it as well. We have a service dog in training and just having him with me has changed my life.

  8. PTSD is no joke. I have it and so does my sweet mom. From years of abuse and neglect and even worse on her part. I got help for it, I just wish she would. It changed my life and I know it will change hers. ❤️

  9. I have PTSD from having my third child born with multiple birth defects and spending 6 1/2 months straight in the hospital before passing away. I put off going to a doctor after moving shortly after he passed because of other related anxieties from that time.. I started on medication less than 2 weeks ago.

  10. There’s a difference between PTSD and C-PTSD (complex PTSD). C-PTSD is the result of years of trauma, often abuse. Our nervous systems are constantly on high alert in fight-flight-freeze. We often respond to minor things like it’s “the big one”. I was abused by a Narcissistic Borderline mother (and Histrionic Narcissist sister) for 43 years. There is hope for people like me with severe childhood trauma. There’s a new type of therapy that can actually help us heal. It’s called Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, or DNMS. It was created by a woman named Shirley Jean Schmidt and there’s a great video on YouTube that explains it.

  11. Im glad you can raise awareness for things like ptsd. Thank you doctors!
    I wonder if you guys will cover social anxiety disorder and severe depression from it

  12. I was diagnosed with PTSD a couple years ago when I was sent to a mental hospital from being suicidal. I was suffering and it has affected my life in so many ways. I was abused my whole childhood, from age 3-10. It has made me who I am today. My heart goes out to all the people who suffer from this disorder

  13. I have ptsd from child abuse, mental abuse,
    seeing family members die in front of me, being raped, being beaten up, having a miscarriage without knowing I was pregnant

    Yet there’s no treatment for me. The medications aren’t working haven’t worked in years and Its getting worse. They told me that weed could help but then they said it’s only for Vets with ptsd.

  14. This is why I’ll never agree with the military and what it does. Furthermore, other people can have PTSD too. Not just veterans and yet it seems they’re the only ones society allows having it.

  15. I was diagnosed with ptsd in 2013 but it’s actually getting less severe as far as flashbacks and nightmares go, probably thanks to extensive therapy and proper medication

  16. I have chronic ptsd and I feel that I will never get better. Been in therapy for years and it has helped a little but still something stupid can trigger me and I'm right back where it started. I experienced sexual abuse for 14 years. My 1st abuse started when I was 4 and it was done by another kid who is family. It continued for years. Now I feel that my problem doesn't really count because it was done by another kid. "Kids can't abuse you" 🙁 The worst part is, even with all the therapy I got and am still getting, I feel that the older I get, the worse it's becoming. He's seen me and been in me and I couldn't or didn't know how to stop it. I can't get that out of my head. This year it will be 12 years since it all stopped. I thought hell was over when the abuse stopped but little did I know that it had just started. The rest of my life and another other kind of suffering started that day. Living with the reality, learn to live with what happened and try to understand it. My life still feels on hold to this day.

  17. I was diagnosted with PTSD when I was 13 years old I started with medications and therapy it took 4 years of hard working to sleep at night but I still have other issues of the trauma ive been true

  18. Any chronic exposure to threats can cause mental disorders such as toxic relationships, child abuse, wars, rape, bullies (cowards), torture, kidnappings, murders, suicide survivors, and ect. Wars suck usually the people who are hurt are the innocent people and civilians. If you ain’t defending your country from real threat please don’t send innocent men, women, and children to die or suffer trauma because living with trauma is hell! We shouldn’t even be going to war unless it’s an invasion or some lunatic is going to shoot off nukes that can destroy the whole world and even then I still think we’d rather try and resolve matters in a more civilized manner because fighting fire with fire tends to lead it to a more brutal and bloodier mess. Some people will throw a bunch of bullshit on someone else who they want to attack to give themselves an excuse or permission to go on ahead and invade. Also don’t believe everything the media and our corrupt leaders say. They will try to convince us they’re doing it for the right reasons, but behind close doors their evil deeds and true color show. We keep trying to find a cure to our mental illnesses by swallowing these miracle pills but if we always see and experience violence what’s the point. Why are we eating this Xanax for some assholes abuse they’re the ones that should be eating it. Why do we want to stuff ourselves with pills and getting high disorting our reality because our brain is being hijacked? It’s like We’re eating the pill to keep us calm while they’re given permission to continue their evil deeds on abusing us even further. I mine as well drink alcohol and take ecstasy then. It sucks that we have to go seek a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, and swallow these damn pills for some evil bastards sick intentions and desires. You want to cure mental illnesses? Stop bullying or mistreating each other like animals, stop sending innocent people to war for the wrong reasons, stop being abusive and narcissistic towards strangers and loved ones, stop ostracism and ostracizing others for their differences wether it’s physical or mentally, and stop being greedy! I’m well aware that there will always be conflict among us human beings because of different opinion, beliefs, culture, morals, perception of life, and standards but if we try and do the above Im Sure we all can come to an agreement and say things will be much better. Remember this well we’re all human beings with a conscious and we have emotions so unless you’re a sociopath how we treat each other will determine our well being. See someone happy you smile and exude positive energy, see someone sad you hurt inside, hear someone laugh like a donkey you’ll begin to laugh like one also, and when you see or hear people argue your blood and temper starters to boil too. So we can continue to act out like animals and cause sufferings to ourselves and others or we can try and do our best to change ourselves into becoming a better human being. The ripple effect is true in the case with human beings you treat others like shit then they will go around treating others like shit thus continuing the cycle spreading hatred and violence like a disease. Then at the end of the day the third party (innocent people)suffer the most. Violence breeds violence!

  19. I think I have some form of ptsd because I was verbally abused from ages 9-11 and I just recently lost my cousin, who was my very best friend, a couple months ago. Sometimes I get flashbacks of the abuse and I get emotional when people yell at me. I don't know if I have ptsd but I might.

  20. I’m 16 and I have PTSD caused by abuse and sexual assault. I’m on anxiety medication and a medication that helps with nightmares but I still have a lot of issues with really loud noises and a lot of yelling. I wish that people would take into consideration that it isn’t just military related. Thanks for raising awareness about this.

  21. I have PTSD from a car accident that i was involved in. I was at a funeral (my aunts) and a power pole fell over on my car. I avoid poles, trees, pretty much anything that can fall over on a car and total it. I also have Severe Panic Attack Disorder and Anxiety Attacks as well as Severe Social Anxiety and to which i have a Service Dog.

  22. I served 24 years in the Army. Went to the VA for help. I talked for about 5 minutes. The female folded her arms and said " what do you want me to do?" I just walked out. It hurts.

  23. What if you got misdiagnosed by governmental healthcare and they refuse to accept your forms of medication due to established expectations, and you lose all control into what sobriety should feel like?

  24. One cause of PTSD not mentioned is suddenly being abandoned by a long time spouse. Mostly men suffer from this.

  25. I developed PTSD after my dad got sick in 2015. He had a plethora of heart diseases and had a precious heart attack when I was too young to remember. But in 2015 his heart valves were giving out on him. He was shipped from Maine to Massachusetts to have the heart valve replacements. He died on the way there when being transferred via ambulance, he was resuscitated and then flown to Boston in a helicopter. I watched that helicopter leave the hospital until I couldn’t see the light from it anymore. I didn’t know if he was alive or if he was going to die again. Now whenever I hear or see a helicopter or an ambulance I have flashbacks and I feel as if I’m back in that moment. I can even smell the fuel of the helicopter. I start having a panic attack, I scream, I cry… was diagnosed a few months after his recovery. I wouldn’t wish having PTSD on my worst enemy.

  26. Some of my friends in college suspected that I might have PTSD from the years of bullying I experienced in elementary and high school. I have never been tested for it but it has been years since I graduated high school.

  27. You left out CPTSD Its even worse due to it being triggered by not one or two , but multiple complex events.

    And you have 'Absolutely NO control' when the symptoms happens, and try to avoid situations that can trigger it. I've had it from before I was adopted caused by biological parents abuse, foster care abuse, and to make it worse similar abuse by bullies in elementary, middle and high school. I was misdiagnosed only last week we found the true answer as CPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Of course unless your from military, and or wealthy, it is very, very difficult to get assistance with the$$$$$$ of treatment, and if its recommended a CPTSD/PTSD therapy dog to help that is out of reach, due to how expensive they deliberately make it to own one to assist yes I'm talking $$$$$$$ average $15,000 for a trained CPTSD/PTSD dog that could help make a difference of the world for a none-wealthy, none-military person suffering with CPTSD/PTSD, but is due to cost out of reach.

  28. I have c-ptsd from being verbally and sexually abused by my own dad. It went on for about 6 years. I'm 12 right now, and in the beginning of this school year I didn't feel normal. At the school dances they would play loud music and people would scream. That type of stuff triggered my ptsd, and i would always cry at the formals. People would always get annoyed from me crying so much that it made me feel like I was alone in the world. Now I'm better though. I finally got the voice to actually be open about it. I started talking to my best friends and a counselor. I'm just telling y'all, some years/days/hours are better then others. In 5th grade I would break out in tears everyday. Now, I can actually talk about the things that happened to me without crying. :') thanks for reading.

  29. I was quite surprised that I was diagnosed with PTSD. I thought it was something only vets experienced. Interesting that they discuss how it can present itself years after the trauma. I'm 55 and at the age of 14 my father was killed in a plane crash. It was 6 months before the plane was found and his body was recovered. Fast forward to about 2 years ago. I found out my husband was meeting another woman behind back (ironically, this woman is a pain management Dr., lol). I was told that this event, percieved as loss, brought up the trauma of loosing my dad. I was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. I was having the worst nightmares. I was seeing horrid flashes of my husband and this womans face in my dreams among other horrible things. I had a treatment called EMDR which eased the PTSD a lot. Didn't take the problem away but made life way more manageable and eased the symptoms to a great degree.

  30. I don't avoid things or places that remind me! Love a good LOUD TANK BATTLE SCENE WITH LOTS OF FIREWORKS BABY!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!! When the BLOODS BOILING, AND THE SWEAT BEADING, I KNOW I'm or I "Survived"!!! 😨 😠😠😠

  31. I have chronic PTSD from 16 years of severe abuse, 2 more years of brutal domestic abuse, the suicides of 13 friends in 3 years, a rape situation, major emergency surgery while I was conscious, losing my daughter, and I cant escape it. Its killing me.

  32. I’m going to make a list of things I think I may have: (Yes it’s going to be long)

    I’m finished now.. bye.. :/

  33. I was diagnosed with ptsd for many years now. It's very hard for me to stay afloat and hard for me to forgive my self for feeling guilt for the death of a person that I really loved since my childhood its not easy😢

  34. I'm 16 people in my reality say that I'm diagnosed with ptsd Honestly, everyday is battle with my mind. I don't know if this is related to PTSD or not but I feel like I have these demons in my head there are trying to make me think of these flashbacks and urges of the things I don't want to think. But really I have three people in my head that I don't see and I don't hear. They comes from my head and my mouth. And I can't stop talking to them. I can't talk to people without me thinking that I look stupid I'm super self-conscious with myself every time I talk. I can't concentrate These demons, people in my head, thoughts, flashbacks and urges are trying to kill me.

  35. The first few years I was suffering with PTSD (I am a civilian), I also denied that there is something wrong with me. I finally came to terms with it and am reviving treatment along with taking cannabis to help me sleep at night and a lot of my severe symptoms are under control.

  36. Having PTSD is horrible, I definitely think our troops need better support when returning from serving our country, but the truth is most people in America that suffer from PTSD never served in the military. I am having a hell of a time finding help with mine. Living with this has been very tiring on me as a person and I want help.

  37. You start off an intro backing up ur guests point about people stereotyping PTSD with War. That triggered me… hard. Idk why but flared up my fight or flight response…

  38. I got the third symptom… Just seeing some group of people im gonna attack them because I always thought they were bullies because I have been bullied before and I get called out a lot and I get out burst leading me to punch the wall a lot until my knuckles are red and sometimes screaming. In short I got aggressive but I always store it inside and sometimes that feeling that you just want to talk to someone that can help your problem is very common. Thats my experience with ptsd before back in 6th grade and it has been 2 years from now.

  39. My tramatic event happened a few years ago … OoF also I don't have flashbacks but I do randomly think about it and start crying but silently.I just freeze and cry No one really notices it.I get startled real easily,I have anxiety,panic attacks,angery outbursts,I can't sleep and I'm TERRIFIED of the dark.my mom doesn't think I have PTSD.

  40. PTSD must be hard it seems like anxiety and panic attacks amplified while in a nightmare,
    🙁 On a happy note 1:53 she sounds like Siri

  41. I'm so confused if I'm just over dramatic or what.

    I was sexually harassed for years, and I have different triggers that trigger it. I also have panic attacks from this event, and it can get as bad as hearing my abuser, and feeling him touching me.

    I can also hear him sometimes when I'm not even having an attack.

    I'm so confused?

  42. I am doing an awareness campaign on PTSD, and I would love to reach out and get more information on India. If someone has her last name or any idea on how to get information that would be great.

  43. Idk if I have ptsd. I might, when ever I hear a loud bang or a slap or eny sound made with a hand or a foot I start to cry and I will run away, if you wondering I was hit a few times by my father and I can't believe that it affected me this much. I want to tell my mom but I don't want to come off as attention seeking. What should I do?

  44. i’m scared to talk to my therapist… i think i have PTSD.. i get nightmares every night, i wake up screaming and cry…and whenever i see a very tall man i just start to cry and my mind starts to race and i don’t know what to do w/ myself i just turn around and walk the other direction….. my brother verbally and physically abused me and my sister since i was 7-12 i’m 15 now…. everything started to happen 2 months ago… i don’t want to come off as attention seeking to my mom or my therapist

  45. How do you go through the emotional pain of your trauma? Not just one, but many. It's so painful. Will it go away? I am in therapy for 3 years and have become far, but I don't know… The pain is just hitting right now, I guess.

  46. I was diagnosed with PTSD due to years of incarceration. Sad thing is that no one addresses the fact that one can receive it from a prison experience.

  47. I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 15 but had it since I was 7 though wasn’t comforted about it until then, it’s the worst thing ever especially in a everyday life routine, when I told someone for the first time about it (besides my family and doctors) they were 100% supportive and caring over wanting me to get better, I’m now 17 almost 18 in a few months and my struggles with it is still a battle but I know I have many people to trust and comfort me and as of right now I’m having an episode because of writing this I know I’m all right so don’t worry for all who go through this YOU ARE NOT ALONE ❤️.

  48. Woah I've just realised I've got PTSD!!! My fight or flight senses are on full alert 24/7 unless I self medicate myself!! I avoid thoughts and situations that remind me of the event!! I've had this for about 8 years!! After about 5 years I noticed that my startle response has completely vanished, is that normal? I don't even know where to begin to get help with this grr! It's been so long that I just presumed I was forgetting stuff due to being older and because I smoke cigarettes. How on earth am I supposed to sit in front of a doctor and tell them that I'm potentially a weak person?

  49. 4 tours in the middle East i understand what this woman feels im always angry…am never happy even though i want to be..i also have very bad tics …ppl always ask me if i have tourettes .. im angry at the world. And i have a very short fuse and i have no problems assaulting ppl. I often stay away from ppl i do not speak or engage in conversation because im afraid of what i will do or say ..so i avoid interaction with ppl at all costs…. Im a prisoner in my own mind I've lost family i love dearly . Sometimes i feel like im only good in war… Im a broken man.alcohol n the VA doesn't help just makes it worse.i feel i might snap sometime and hurt people or Police.. I've lately been thinking about going deep in seclusion in the Olympic peninsula in Washington state to live in seclusion. I have around 4700 dollars. A few more maybe 8 or 9 grand i will go and live off the grid …live off the land i feel this might be best because i don't want to hurt anyone.. God bless to those still hurting..

  50. Ptsd is real! I have survived rape,violence and bullying at school,and pedophiles that tried to rape me in my neighborhood. And i was in 2 huge car accidents as a kid .
    The trauma, It fucks with you brain,and its symptoms is life damaging.
    Much love and stay strong,my feĺlow humans with ptsd.

  51. I have tried so hard to get help but no-one will help me as mental health services in the UK suck so what do I do

  52. this is why I chose not to go to the military after serving 2 years in cadets because I know what ptsd I like

  53. Does everyone get PTSD?

    I found my dad immediately after he hung himself when I was 13. I’m 26 now. Although I feel like It changed me a little, I don’t feel like I have PTSD.

    Maybe It’s about to get me soon?

    Crazy to think about

  54. Anyone here have any experience with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD? It’s in clinical trials now.

  55. She goes on 7 tours and I bet she still has to struggle with her mental health and make ends meet on her own because the country she fought for doesn't give a crap about her.

  56. Nothing more than a decorated murderer. I don't feel sorry for her. Only for the thousands of the innocent men and women she and her peers killed

  57. I would get PTSD JUST BY BEING in the service that long. Fuck that! 4 yrs. Was enough. I was supposed to do 6, too.

  58. I never been in the military, but I can relate to India's story. I hope she is doing much better. ❤

  59. It's been a year since my dad passed and my mom just thinks it's anxiety but I keep seeing him die in diffrent ways in my dreams and i can sometimes gave flashbacks of the hospial what do I do?

  60. Hi! I got through tests by 5 different people to find out if i have more than the two disorders i already been diagnosed with, namely psychotic disorder and schizophrenia, they found that i also have ADHD and panic anxiety and they said i have posttraumatic stress but without the "D" but like the "D" in "PTSD" only mean "Disorder" so in reality i do really have PTSD am i right?

  61. So much is not spoken about PTSD in adopted children. ADHD is often misdiagnosed in adopted children when it can be a result of C-PTSD or PTSD. I feel the need to write a book about separation trauma in adoptees and orphans, a very hard PTSD to spot.

  62. My mother said to me she's going to the mall to get some food and she didn't come back, we called the police and everything we didn't know where she is for 2 days, that was the most horrifying experience in my life, now I have to live with the stress and anxiety, I need help

  63. I just realized and the last 3 or 4 weeks that I've had PTSD for years now….. I get hyper anxiety from a stalker I have that has been stalking me for 14 years….. There are no laws and no way to stop him…. so it's going to continue on…….

  64. Ptsd here. Flashbacks, nightmares, brain fog, rage, missing my old self. Medicine, therapy and group has helped. No more rage, though i removed all toxic folks out my life. 🙂 mandatory for healing

  65. Im 17 and i have PTSD,
    from phillippines.
    I started have PTSD when i was 10 years old.
    and I always have bad dream and flashback and i crying a lot.
    My dream and flashback is I got a lot abuse Bully me and they make me feel hurt so much and i always get stress and i feel pain my head
    And on November 2018 on my birthday, my family prepare my special birthday for me while i going to school and when i back home my house is burning down and all people are laughing and nothing to do and they not helping and i saw my parents and my family are look terrified and my mother and my brother they get hurt and my dad taking them to the hospital and i was so scared ! And morning i sleep with my aunt's house i sleep all by myself and alone.. i got flashback again about the demons killing my family about my house burn down on my birthday and i wake up and i cried and cried ! But that's a past by now and my family and me we have good to live life and i have a necklces with jesus that my parent told me always i wear my necklaces around my neck about nothing happend to me and no flashback..and i stay positive and control myself and peace..

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