What Are The Symptoms of Adult ADD? With Comedians Rick Green & Patrick McKenna

What Are The Symptoms of Adult ADD? With Comedians Rick Green & Patrick McKenna

(OPENING – mumbled words (Patrick McKenna) Is it true that adult ADD is hard to spot? (Rick Green) Okay so we’re hearing we’re hearing from
everybody that self diagnosis is dangerous and we don’t want to just give
people at home a list of the symptoms to look for now. Or do we? All right let’s go
so these are the the red flags for adult ADHD. (Patrick) Red flags for adults. (Rick) a lifelong history
of difficulty with attention. (Patrick) sorry? (Janis McKenna) Anyone who knows us our family and
friends and everything else. Patrick has never been on time for a
social occasion in our lives, and so, but he can pull it together for work. Which
is one of these things that.. (Patrick) See her family has to pay me I think and then
I’m there. (Janis) He’ll show up. (Patrick) I’m so there (Rick) The adult l may be successful but shows
impairment when compared to their potential. In other words you’ve lived up
to your potential. (Patrick) yeah I think there’s definitely that
where people experience the fact that you could be doing more you should be
doing more. (Rick) an adult who is using coping strategies to compensate for their
weaknesses but still experiencing problems with their career and work
relations are becoming a workaholic. All those who are workaholics raise their
hand. The adult who’s expending more energy than others to do the same amount
of work. Geez in some areas that’s true but in other things I’m faster than a
lot of people. (Patrick) but it certainly would be a flag though if someone says I’m gonna
go up mow the lawn but first I just have to go to Canadian Tire (It’s a Canadian store that sells everything) and pick up some
gas and then I got to stop here and do that thing. Also, like Leonardo da
Vinci what five years to paint the Sistine Chapel? yeah. It could have been
done on a weekend. (Rick) Sure just with a roller, they must have had rollers, they had
wheels. Organizational skill problems, time management, difficulties, missed
appointments? So less and less frequently late unfinished projects? Oh basements! yes.
take a look at your desk take a look at your basement. (Rick) If I had a garage I think I could fill that with more too. (Patrick) I had an appointment at 9 o’clock in the morning because I had to
be somewhere at 9:30. I was gonna buy a car in half an hour. I get there 9
o’clock and the salesman wasn’t there because he’s at a meeting and I was
waiting in the office, and I.. about 10 after 9 I was losing patience and I
started freaking out. (Rick) Anger control problems? No? (Patrick) and suddenly this guy comes in and I just tore a strip off him about
being late, and this that and the other thing. To the point where they had to call the
police, because I was just an irate customer and you know what it just it
built built built built where I just couldn’t contain, because the anxiety
that I was going to be late for work. I added all this on to that moment, and I
blamed this guy for it, who was 15 minutes late, and I knew he was gonna be
late cuz I told me he was in a meeting. (Rick) Marital problems? Well .. I’m on my second marriage. So that counts.
(Patrick) I’m on my first. It’s 25 years so I give grace to her, not me. (Rick) and you had a couple good years in there. (Patrick) oh boy the 3rd one was a smoker. (Rick) speaking too loudly. NO! (Patrick) No I don’t have that problem other except when I’m in public and they
say keep your voice down. oh yeah so I guess I have that problem
yeah. (Rick) being over talkative interrupts frequently or inappropriately. (Patrick) Well one second. what do you
mean by interrupts? (Rick) well I (Patrick) Like just when you interrupt? When people interject or interrupt? (talk over each other) Okay that’s a flag.
(Rick) Parenting problems, difficulty establishing and maintaining household
routines. Yeah. (Patrick) yeah I think so cuz I think I’m a good guy
parent, yeah, I forget the boundaries often times. (Rick) Inconsistency in dealing
with children. (Patrick) oh there’s right there you see. I was ahead of myself.
(Rick) Substance use or abuse, especially alcohol and marijuana or excess caffeine use. I
cut down on the caffeine. (Patrick) I think I’ve uptake on the caffeine. Yeah, whatever you
let go I take up. (Rick) and the heroin I’m just like a couple of jars a day.
(Patrick) Daddy’s on the horse. (Rick) sexual avoidance or addiction?
Boy there’s choices. (Patrick) I think I’m avoiding avoiding the addiction yeah
where I’m addicted to avoiding? (Rick) No I stopped avoiding that addiction.
Addiction, such as collections. Yes. Compulsive shopping. (Patrick) Yes I do get impulse and compulsive I think. (Rick) only in a sex shop.
Overeating? God no. We’re skinny. (Patrick) yeah the camera adds 40 pounds. (Rick) and it’s like a five camera shoot so there’s 200 pounds right there. (Patrick laughs) right there.
(Rick) reports from close to the adult that they’re just like a child or relative
with ADHD? So you’re like someone in your family who is a few yeah very much I’m
sure my father had ADD of some form and I can see the similarities and things. (Rick) my
dad he was all over the place was fun to watch it. Ah.. problems with driving? okay
I’ve had five car accidents in my life and none of them have been going faster
than five miles an hour. Evidence of the adult is not coping poorly but is
significantly impaired and is at high risk of developing secondary co-morbid
disorders such as anxiety and depression? (Patrick) yeah I think there’s an easy confusion
between them because sometimes you get so overridden with anxiety that you
fall into depression, but this whole anxiety comes out of the self esteem
issues or it comes out of the ADD. Goals that you set you’re not meeting
because you’re not experiencing moments. Sometimes you know 1, 2 does equal 3.
(Rick) you know when you’re this beautiful it’s hard not to be nervous about it. All
right where was I? oh yes the adult may be successful but shows impairment when
compared to their potential


  1. i was diagnosed with severe hyperactivity when i was in my early teens. and they tried medicine, i think it was an amphetamine. but my body loved it and soaked it up and spit out and needed a higher does. so drugs where out. But when i hit 50, 51 i got lambasted with horrible depression and a worsened anxiety disorder. I heard this could happen to women over 50 not on any type of medicine. is there evidence to this. I am 63 now and that damn depression is horrible and not controlled well

  2. I don't know what to make of myself with these diagnosis tests .
    Being late? Never / Unfulfilled potential? Yes / Overeating? No / Marital problems, yes / Car Accidents? Never / Substance abuse, definitely / Unfinished projects, Never / Overtalkative, definitely / Overeating and impulsive shopping, never.

  3. Brilliant and very, very entertaining …thank you gentlemen, I have to go now to feed the parrot that I bought While going for a cup of tea at a garden centre!!! Thing is ..no one was suprised😀 yay me 🙂

  4. I left my bag on the bus around this time last year. This thing was a big-ass carryall purse, not some little handbag or something. I just walked right off the bus without it. Granted, I was on the way to the shelter to adopt a cat, so thoughts of kitties preoccupied my mind but… LolOf course, I'm only laughing now because it has been long enough that I can joke about it, and also because humour is a great coping strategy. Anywho, this story does have a happy ending, as my precious bag turned up at the public transportation's lost and found a mere two days later. Thank you, kind stranger(s). You've helped restore my faith in humanity.

  5. The thing that interests me is that some people with adhd seem to have no fear at all and attack life like a bull out of a gate while other adhd-ers (me) are riddled with fear. I call these types 'adhd-no fear' vs 'adhd-fear' types. The 'no-fear' types tend to wind up like Richard Branson; CEOs of big companies. The 'fear' types wind up with not much of a life at all.

  6. Impulsive? YES Either ON or OFF? Yes. Well, the list goes on and I won't even spent the time to describe all of the symptoms. However, I am often still surprised how ignorant people really are sometimes about ADD. They really do not have a clue. The interesting thing is that through many very painful events I have learned to do better over the years. However, as a result I actually don't speak my mind on a lot of things as I should. People often ignore me and just act like I don't have anything to say. I am glad that I subscribed to this channel. The depression and anxiety lately has been bad which doesn't help that I was terminated from my job in July. Anyone have suggestions for job searching when you are ADD? It is difficult to know the one thing to do at the right point in time that you have read about out of 100 different ideas on websites everywhere. What REALLY works and what doesn't? Networking seems to be required now but if you don't know many people where you live? Anyway.

  7. Luckily I have a good relationship to my family. So I let my father fill out some of the questionnaires for me and it was kinda surprising as how he seen some of the things I didn't even see as problematic as pretty bad.

  8. This is a great thing to do on ADHD and I know Pat was diagnosed with it, but after watching both of these men, actor Pat McKenna as nerdy Harold Green and actor Rick Green as silent 'Walking Disaster' Bill on The Red Green TV Show for 15 years, I will always remember them both fondly that way.

  9. Complete bullshit unless I misunderstood but pretty sure this doc is pro stimulate medication. ADHD meds are fucking bad news feelGreat but BAD NEWS in the long term. If you comment otherwise I will take it as code for “please help me”

  10. Ok i know u can answer this…
    ALOT of the things ur mentioning ALSO sound like a sanguine temperament. How to tell the diff?

  11. I'm 27 and all I know is that I space out a lot. I have listening problems. I can't follow conversations for too long to decipher whats important and what is not. I'm forgetful and easily distracted at times

  12. It takes me a lot more mental energy to do something than other people. I am an energizer bunny physically. I walk away from chores in the middle of doing them to do another chore. I’ve come back to the kitchen several times to see the dishwasher door open and only half the dishes put away.

  13. It's actually incredible to hear other people describe what I have come to know as my normal. I have some ADHD in me, but have outgrown a good portion of it. But still, have a few things – like when people give me the evil eye as I'm incessantly tapping my foot on the floor – no matter where I am. I can't help it – and I'm not really thinking about when I'm doing it, so unless somebody points it out to me (hits me over the head), I keep doing it. Eye contact is an interesting topic for the ADD'er. I'm lucky if I can remember even part of what the conversation is and when I make eye contact – things go almost totally blank. For me, looking around is a compensatory mechanism to stay focused on the discussion, which most times is not such a good thing in life and/or business dealings. Feels like people don't take non-eye-contact people as serious as others – or, it could be that the executive function / short-term memory required to think fast on your feet isn't there – and, therefore, no matter how intelligent you are, no matter how many good ideas you might have – interaction and collaboration with people just doesn't flow like it does with non-ADD'er's – at least not consistently enough – especially in business dealings. Lack of eye contact combined with a poor short-term and executive function (thinking quick on your feet) equals underachiever – especially for the inattentive-type ADD folks like me. In my opinion, not enough is written or discussed about the inattentive type ADD'er's. We deal with it in silence and doubt – the higher profile ADD'er's, who are truly the ADHD'er's are the Richard Branson's of the world, who have amazing intellect combined with normal executive functioning, but are impulsive, reckless, etc. So once again, it comes down to the squeaky wheel syndrome – those that get the story and the attention are those that are most gregarious, free-wheeling and adventuresome. In fact, take a look at the experts in the field, they are guilty of this too, why, because most of them are self-proclaimed ADHD'er's and genuinely wan't to help others – but which kind of ADHD do you think they have – almost by definition, they have the Richard Branson version – outgoing, gregarious, etc. Why else would jumping on to youtube, blogs, etc – because they have no fear and are risk takers. If there are any doctors with the inattentive type ADD, I'd be very interested in hearing from them. There may in fact not be any of this type due to poor executive function, which is not conducive to completing the curriculum necessary to become a doctor in the first place. I have a top 2% IQ and, with maximal effort, test barely in the average realm. My poor executive function would not be adequate for the rigors of academia required to obtain the level of eduction needed to become an MD. I'm not downplaying my capabilities, I'm merely speaking from objective past experiences. I'm okay with it, but just saying that its frustrating to not really have a voice from experts in the medical field who really address and understand the inattentive ADD'er's plight.

  14. Apparently, I tick a lot of these boxes.
    Is "unnecessarily remembering random trivia" also a thing?
    I was diagnosed with being highly gifted when in elementary school so it could be that we have a lot of symptoms in common?

  15. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    Not sure how many questions you asked there BUT I LITERALLY HAVE HONESTLY ANSWERED YES to all your questions!….
    Please help no one understands….
    Hi there do you have any videos like this but longer and full description so I can send it to my mother please. She seems to think that I personally neglect her because I don't love her or that she's done something to upset me and it hurts me that I'm trying to explain that it's because of my ADHD but she just says I can't blame that cos iv grown out of it now and that I need to try harder and put the effort into my priorities. This gets me so fucking angry it really is/has caused a big big rift between us over the past couple years…. Please help iv searched for the best vid to send her but there either to short so don't go into enough or I can't find any for my ADHD which is that I have all trates unfortunately not just ADD or ADHD but I literally do have every single trate other than I was never quiet and spaced out… I was and still am seen as the loudest and funniest with lots of friends from all over the place (not just the one same group)… But yet now I completely avoid going out and worry sick for weeks over how I'm going to get out of it because people just expect to have me entertain and be funny all night and half the time behind closed doors I feel like I'm having a mental breakdown but I cant show any signs of depression or cry cos I'm a single mum of my son who also has ADHD and also need to run my business
    (neither of us have ever taken meds) 😩😩
    Please help x

  16. Finally – My GP in Ireland said that only kids get ADHD/ADD. But in the 1980s i don’t think anyone was diagnosed

  17. All the symptoms except 4 of them, I am good at driving because while I am at it I feel a good anxiety that makes me hyper aware, have no kid, no addictions but obsession like sex, no issues with my wife (I think, God bless her soul, lol)

  18. Thank you for this channel! 😭😭 you guys helped me realize that I (still) have this. As silly as that sounds. People always told me it was a made up condition. I thought things were this difficult for everyone and I was just weak and lazy. I'm going to seek help for it now and try to get back on track 😊

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