What If You Woke Up in the Game You Last Played

What If You Woke Up in the Game You Last Played

Hey, wake up! Stand up. There you go… You were dreaming. Not even last night’s storm could wake you. What do you say? Where are we? We’ve just arrived to Morrowind, of course. I’m sure they’ll let us go! Quiet, here comes the guard. …I don’t know what happened, but it all
started a week ago. I was remembering the good old times and playing
Morrowind, and I lost track of time. Late at night, I just fell asleep in front
of my PC, and that’s when the crazy stuff began. I woke up because I heard the voice of Jiub…
right in front of me. He was addressing me — not my character,
but me. I thought I was still dreaming, but I could
literally smell the prison ship, and it was all so… real. Then I accidentally bumped into a table on
the way to the exit, and it hurt a little. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a dream at
all. So I proceeded to the Census and Excise Office
where they gave me my documents. Just for the fun of it, I investigated one
of the barrels before entering the second building, and what do you think? I found an enchanted ring there! No inventory for me, though: it was just lying
on the bottom, among some other stuff, and kinda glowed a bit. I looked around, saw no one, and took it,
knowing that there’ll be a person looking for it. And indeed, right after I was released, that
Bosmer, Fargoth, approached me! It felt like I was going crazy, but I still
gave him his ring, and just like in the game he promised to put in a good word for me to. Long story short, I spent a full day in Seyda
Neen, looking around, talking to people and actually doing quests from the game. At the time, I was almost ready to stay there
for good. But then night came, and I spent a few coins
for a bed, anticipating my trip to Balmora the next day. …but I ended up awakening in my own bed. I mean, my real-world bed. I felt a little sad because, you know, it’s
not an everyday thing that you wake up in one of your favorite video games. And it seemed as if I never actually went
anywhere: everything was absolutely normal, just the way it always is. So I shook it off, sighed, and went about
my daily business, recording voice-over and stuff. The following night I decided to play a little
bit of Minecraft. Yeah, I do that from to time to time to relax. This time, though, a weird idea came to me. What if I stay up late again and see what
happens? I mean, I’d already been to Morrowind, why
not the Minecraft world? So I stayed in the game until I dozed off
— I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but the next moment I really found myself
in the world made of blocks. After the realistic experience of The Elder
Scrolls, it was… unsettling. I looked at my hands, and they were made of
blocks too. I woke up in a forest biome, so everything
around me was lush green, but there was also a cave nearby, with its ceiling half collapsed. I took a pickaxe from my back (how the heck
did it appear there?) and went to explore. I hacked through the fallen blocks, wondering
what I’d find inside. Maybe some treasure? Or an Enderman? Or, I dunno, a cow? Anything might happen, and I was excited to
find out! I cleared my way to the dungeon and went carefully
forward, lighting the way ahead with a torch that also ended up being on me. I don’t know how long it took, but what
I clearly remember even now is that horrible hissing sound that I heard at some point. It would’ve been okay if it had only been
one, but there were at least a dozen! Gosh, did I run for my life! I heard explosions behind me but didn’t
turn around to look — one of them could be right on my heels, for all I knew. When I finally rushed out into the daylight,
I realized why the ceiling of the cave had collapsed in the first place. Of course, when there’s a nest of Creepers
inside, it’s only logical. I spent the rest of the daytime exploring
the glades and woods. By the way, the day lasted just like it would
in the real world, not only 20 minutes. By the nightfall, I got a bit tired, so I
settled down, built myself a lean-to, and made a fire. At some point I started feeling sleepy, but
I didn’t really want to leave the place so soon. I fought sleep as hard as I could, building
stuff and reducing it to nothing just for the fun of it. That is, until I heard that sound, like rustle
of wings. Phantoms. I knew it was them. Although I only not slept for a single night,
I guess the rules are different in that “real” Minecraft world. I braced myself for the encounter, and there
they were, swarming onto me. I fought hard and won in the end, but I was
absolutely exhausted afterwards. I supposed I had no choice but to lie down
and have a nap. I fell asleep very quickly, just hoping it
wouldn’t end like the previous time… …yet it did. I woke up again in my own bed. But I was decided to try once more, with a
different game, and I had a little bit insane idea about what it could be. What would your choice be, I wonder? Let me know down below! I spent the whole day in anticipation. I’m not that much of a gamer, you know,
but all this was so exciting that I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else but my
next virtual adventure. And finally, the hour came when I could forget
about other things and plunge into playing. And the game I chose was Fortnite. No, I didn’t just give in to all the hype
around it; I wanted to actually see what it would be like to participate in a battle royale
from the first person perspective. I mean, if I could travel into single-player
games, then what’s it like to find myself in a multiplayer one? I couldn’t resist the temptation. And so there I was, falling from the sky to
the unbelievably realistic grounds. Holding tight to my umbrella. If I’ve ever seen absurd, that was it. It’s one thing seeing it on the screen of
my PC, and a whole other to feel the wind gushing through my pants as I descended to
some huge patch of land. And the fact that I was aware of what awaited
me down below didn’t really help me curb my heart rate. I finally landed and ran to the nearest shelter
right away. It was so weird feeling my legs working and
realizing that someone might appear from behind any wall or tree at any moment, with their
intentions being anything but good. I saw some gear and tried to take it like
I did while outside the game. And darn it was heavy! I was completely unprepared for that kind
of ordeal! Anyway, I somehow managed to take what I needed,
but I was winded almost the moment I left the shelter. I decided to wait it out and hide for the
time being, restoring my strength and air in my lungs. I sat with my back to some tree and watched
my surroundings intently for any signs of other players. Or were they really players? Could it be that I wasn’t alone in that
strange world? I waited patiently, and after some time I
saw it: there was someone running across the glade I was facing. The first surprise was that the guy looked
exactly like Keanu Reeves in John Wick. The second — that he ran and jumped as if
he wasn’t carrying something huge and heavy in his arms. And the third — well, that I felt a sudden
hit to my head and lost consciousness. I guess that was the end of it. I came round at home again, as I always did
after my adventures. But this time I felt it was different. Both the first and the second time I simply
fell asleep in the game world, while now I’d been, well, obliterated. My head hurt, so I took some painkillers and
went for breakfast. But I was already thinking whether I’d be
able to come back to that world, or to any other, for that matter. I spent the day in an autopilot mode and as
soon as I had the time I launched Fortnite again. I played until I fell asleep again… and
woke up in what felt like a couple of hours, lying face down on my keyboard. Yep, that was really the end. I still don’t know if it was all a very
vivid dream or a real thing, but I’d be sure to repeat it if I had a chance. Ah well, who knows. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  1. bro I played minecraft today… and minecraft is terrifying.. let alone in VR. so imagine how scary it will be in real life

  2. Hello, I’m a big fan of your channel! I love how you gather so much detailed information, and gather it all up in a form of the video! Anyways, I have question that I would love for you to answer, since Christmas is only a month away. How does Santa make it all around the world in one full night to deliver presents to those who are good? Like so that Bright Side can see!

  3. Bright Side: “But what I clearly remember even now is that horrible hissing sound that I heard at some point”

  4. This actually happened to me when I fell asleep in the middle of the night while Playing and Watching Sword Art Online and it was one of the best dream I had

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