What Is Addiction? | Addictions

What Is Addiction? | Addictions

There are basically three essential parts
of an addiction. Addictions are chronic, they’re progressive, and they’re fatal. The chronic
element has to do with the fact that they persist if people are not intervened upon,
or action taken to solve the problem of the addiction. The progressive part speaks to the fact that
addictions get worse over time. And the fatal aspect refers to the fact that if they’re
not treated, they can be fatal. There can be a couple kinds of fatalities. There can
be fatalities to the person’s physical life. There can be fatalities to the person’s emotional
life. There can be fatalities to the person’s financial life and there can be be personal
fatalities as well. I also need to point out that there are two
elements of addictions. There’s this element of tolerance, which means that you need more
and more of the substance or the behavior to get the same baseline level of satisfaction.
And there’s also a sense of withdrawal, so that when you don’t have access to the addiction,
when you’re not engaging in the addictive behavior, or you’re not ingesting the addictive
substance, you experience physical and psychological distress. The physical distress can come in
the form of a physical withdrawal where you feel ill and you have diarrhea and you’re
vomiting. So there’s a real physical element to it. The emotional withdrawal means that you have
an enormous amount of anxiety because you don’t have access to the drug or the addictive
behavior. The second element of that is this sense of tolerance where you need more and
more of the drug. Again, I want to just emphasize that addictions
are chronic, progressive and fatal and that there’s an element of tolerance and withdrawal.


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  4. anything can be an addiction including gaming. You can die from deep vein thrombosis if you sit still for too long when doing something like long haul travel. There are some people who game for so long they have to wear adult diapers and these people sometimes experience a fatality because of their need to game. Addiction is less about a substance and more about if you have an addictive personality or not. If u can get addicted to alcohol, then u can get addicted sex or coffee or all 3

  5. If this person is saying that every drug/alcohol addiction is "progressive" and "fatal", this person would be completely wrong. The NIAAA's NESARC III study shows just how largely wrong this idea of addiction as a "progressive disease" really is, when 75% of those surveyed who met the DSM criteria for alcohol dependence at one point in their lives, managed on their own to course-correct and halt the problem behavior. It's "progressive" and "fatal" when so-called "counselors" say you're helpless.

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