What is Compulsive or Pathological Lying?

What is Compulsive or Pathological Lying?

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about a really interesting topic I’ve actually had a lot of fun researching this, so thank you for asking for it. We’re talking about compulsive lying. Or pathological lying. What is it, and do we diagnose it? [MUSIC PLAYS] And the truth be told about pathological lying/compulsive lying is that it is not diagnosable. I’m gonna talk to you about some of the traits that people present with when they have this. The first being, that a lot of those who struggle with compulsive lying or pathological lying, tell… they call them stories instead of calling them lies. They tell these wondrous and imaginative stories. They’re so wonderful and amazing, but they’re always just within the level of probability. Meaning that, as a person hearing them tell these “stories” We can always say “well, I mean, it could have happened?” “it’s possible” therefore leading them to getting away with it for longer periods of time. The second thing I want you to consider is these stories that they tell are not due to delusions. And if you remember from the schizophrenia videos I did ages ago, delusions are firmly held beliefs/delusions. and no matter how much evidence comes to the contrary, they will not let go of said beliefs/delusions. and these stories that pathological liars tell are not due to that; they’ll believe these things are true. There has been some evidence to show that after they’ve told this “story” over and over and over they start to believe themselves. But, again, it’s not a delusion. The third thing to consider is that upon confrontation, So, if I know that someone is telling me a big string of “stories” and I’m like “I’m so sick of this!” And I confront them, and I’m like “Listen, I know you’re lying” “I was with you that day and it didn’t happen. This is bullshit!” and I confront them head-on, They will give in. And they will admit that they were lying. And I think that honestly that’s what sets it apart from delusions and why it’s not, not a delusion not based on a delusion Those with delusions don’t believe they’re lying, They “know” in their delusion they’re telling the truth, and so, that’s what kind of distinguishes this from that. The fourth trait, and I… this is another one of those, like, this was so fascinating the drive for those who struggle with pathological lying or compulsive lying isn’t external, they don’t get the drive to do it from outside sources; it’s not like peer pressure. Like “oh I need to fit in” “I’ve got to keep up with the Jones'” “I’ve got to do these things to be the coolest person” It’s not like that. The drive actually comes from themselves. Internally. Them thinking that they’re not good enough, that, what they’re living, the life they’re leading is so boring no one’s gonna want to talk to them. And so, this will lead in; you can already probably see where this is going, as to how I would treat it. But we’ll get to that in a bit. The fifth and final thing to consider, is that the stories these people tell, or that the lies that they tell always place them in a favourable light. They will be always playing like the hero role. or, you know, they overcome something that saves someone or makes something better or, they know famous people, err, or anything that would make them look better than they perceive themselves to be. What made researching this so interesting to me was that it used to be diagnosable; And so that… brings up a lot of questions for myself, like “why was it diagnosed then, and not now?” Usually we see an increase of diagnoses – not the opposite. What happened? Why is this? The reason, why they said they took it out of there because excessive lying, or pathological lying is a symptom of a lot of different diagnoses. And they didn’t feel that having it on its own did it justice because many people with narcissist personality disorder and I’m looking at my notes, erm, anti-social personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder also find themselves struggling with pathological lying. And so they felt that having its own diagnosis was really limiting to the picture of the whole patient. what they could really be stuggling with. The other side, thinking that it should be its own believe that it should because people who are pathological liars don’t lie for the reasons that those people with personality disorders lie. They lie, because they honestly believe their life is just not interesting enough. That’s it, period. End of story. it has nothing to do with, you know, gaining recognition or getting people to follow us, or anything like that. It’s only because they don’t think their life is interesting. Something that as a clinition I have always interested in finding out is where did it come from? Where’s the root, of the root, of the root? The seed of the seed; where did this start? Why do some people have eating disorders, and why… Why did they start being depressed, did something happen? Is it genetic? I always want to figure out as much as I can, based on the information they give me where it came from. And they say, and I’m gonna check, I’m looking at my notes, they say that this can be something you struggle with because you grew up in a very chaotic environment. Or, if one of your family members has a mental health issue which left untreated leads to said chaotic environment right? But, overall, as always, we don’t really know why. Put it in the comments if you yourself struggle with this or you know someone who does Do you know where it came from, or when it started? That would be really fascinating for me to learn from you and your expereince because in this psychological community we don’t know why yet. And what I usually do with my clients who are really struggling with lying is some CBT. I know we talk about CBT a lot Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and I would use the techniques in this because it helps change the behaviours; the behaviours being lying and we need to figure out what thought process is that coming from? Is it “I’m so boring no one’s gonna like me” then we might need to do some, you know, negative thinking logs or we talk back to that voice Or is it, err “I need more attention” or “I need to get away with this so I have to lie” and then we need to work on those behaviours, and I honestly think that behavioural therapy, whether it’s cognitive or disbehavioural could be very beneficial for someone struggling with this. But, as always there’s a zillion ways to treat this, I just think the sonner we get help, as always the better! And if you’re new to my channel, click here to subscribe and for more information about topics like this, click over here and if you want to find me on other social media see what I’m doin’ in the rest of my life, click over here! And I will see you next time.


  1. I struggle with lying when I don't want to get I Trouble or when I want to fit in. I don't share my true feelings and just go with the flow to please others. When I'm feeling used or hurt I lie and act happy so I don't cause waves..Does anyone else do this?

  2. I became a compulsive liar just so I don't get tarred and feathered by my own family. I hate just about everybody and everything seems stupid to me, so I invented an agreeable and likeable guy and I feel like I have to live up to it now. I fear being myself.

  3. I’ve struggled with lying for a good portion of my life. It is one trait that I have that I truely hate as I can’t seem to stop no matter how hard I try. With help/guidance from a councillor at a brief intervention, the biggest reason that we think I lie is that it all started as a self defence mechanism to get me out of trouble and unfortunately it has stuck with me and seems to have the opposite affect now.

  4. I am a compulsive liar, to a point where sometimes I believe my own lies and even act on them. When I am confronted about it, I give in and come clean. I really can't help it, it happens naturally just like breathing. I really hate myself for it. I think it started as soon as people started asking me if I had eaten that day or not. I was always rather skinny and have an irregular eating-habit, so even if I had not eaten yet I would say that I have, just so people would stop bugging me about it or don't worry about me. And that spiraled out of control over time. There is only one person in my life who knows and she is very supportive about it and actually helps me to get it under control.

  5. I met this older gentleman that in one of out hanging out time said that the shirt he has, he pay more than a normal price for a shirt because it help a wildlife organization. Than few months later one his girl friends asked him: "Is that the shirt I bought you?" Which he replied "yes" and she admire how good he look in it. Then he looked at me and I play like I didn't hear anything. What a disappointment! Now I wonder if every conversation s been just full of lies.

  6. I am a compulsive liar. I exaggerate the truth so much, I don’t even realize it anymore. I have been told for years by friends and family that I always exaggerate, or am dramatic. I always get defensive because it’s like I subconsciously do it. I think it has to do with my abusive childhood. I was bounced around from family member to family member. Grew up in physically, emotionally, and even sexually abusive situations. I remember always fearing to tell the truth to CPS about the abuse going on bc I would be taken away from my family (even though they were crazy and abusive) one time For example, I brushed my hair before school one morning and my aunt thought I was lying. (I have thin hair so it looks stringy if I don’t brush it multiple times a day) she made me admit I was a liar and didn’t brush it even though I did. I would get punished and spanked with a belt for little things like this often, over time I guess things like this made me lie to protect myself. It is terrible bc it’s something so embarrassing I can’t tell people about it. Who wants to be around a self confessed liar?? I pray and am working to get better.. 😔

  7. I have the feeling this girl at work is a pathological liar, trying to make management look bad. I feel terrible for believing her… but… it just doesn't make sense. She's new and I've known these "horrible men" for years. Nothing in their actions ever shows these behaviors she insists they're showing HER. It just doesn't make sense they would act one way around her and another around me… for years. You just want to believe people when they act like they're being victimized. When I think of how many things she's said to me vs what they've said to me… she's actually quite mean and self centered. Thanks for this video. I'm learning, keeping my ears open and my heart protected. The next move… I may have to speak to management about her.

  8. My husband lies and I think I know where it comes from, he grew up in a terrible church. I will just say it I know for a fact there was demon possession in the church he grew up in. I have to wonder if somehow it just lied as a coping thing. I know he would lie as a child about illnesses to get out of school. He also lied to me before we got married and admitted the lie to me. He now does tell these stories that you talk about. I seen sometimes to be able to sense when he maybe lying. I’ve confronted him about it. He just has a total way of stretching the truth but not to the point it is a lie. I wish I wouldn’t have married him!!!! I was so dumb too.

  9. My ex boyfriend was a pathological liar. I think he had conduct disorder too. Always getting in trouble with the law and a heroin addict. From what I know he never knew his father and had add and his mom molested him.

  10. I know quite a few pathological liars. Most came from chaotic homes but others did not. In fact, two of them were the most highly achieved of their siblings but kept falling short due to the culmination of their lies.

  11. i cant fucking stand liars. honestly. i dont get it why some people will bullshit to my face knowing that i know its bullshit. its awkward and embaressing for us both. do i pull the person up and make everyone uncomfortable or do i just agree with the bullshit and walk away hating that person.

  12. I’m a compulsive liar I hate the fact that I am one I physically can’t help it it’s like I can’t live without lying I’ll make up bizarre stories I hate my life

  13. It’s been a few years but i used to lie for no reason. I was very shy in my early years and was teased about being too quiet. So, just to have something to say id make up believable shit, almost to the point where i started believing myself. Was caught on several big ones and it took many years 10-15 yrs to regain trust. I occasionally catch myself in the middle of one & have to redirect. I have very vivid and some lucid dreams all my life, so that’s my best redirect. Now the preacher is better than I ever was 🤭. I had a very hard lesson to learn and lost all my friends and most all of my family but I am slowly gaining back. Why I started? Well, mostly i got away with it and it felt good to have my own story to tell…… UNTIL!! BUSTED!!

  14. I have an Aunt who lies constantly. Most of the time it doesn't effect me. I never stand up to her because I feel like it makes her feel better. However, today is why I looked up thus video. She bought a bag of candy for me and her to split. When we got home she told the " man of the house" that I bought it for her. Without thinking I went grabbed a piece of candy from the bag. I wasn't doing anything wrong but he doesn't know that. He gave me the weirdest look. How do I not get fucked over in this situation

  15. I lie when I don't want to talk about myself because I dont find myself interesting or important. I just think the other person wonr understand or care 🙁

  16. So what if the person (teenager) is always lying for recognition and never ever admits to lying and insists what they are saying is the truth? Is that kind of a person schizophrenic?

  17. This is something I guess that I never got personally, people always talk about how they get caught and it damages relationships but I’ve never had that issue, like I’ve been caught a few times in my entire life and I’m always able to backtrack unsuspiciously. I always keep my stories consistent which is something apparently most pathological liars struggle with.

  18. Yeah I have this I have told the most disgusting lies and I can’t help it. Honestly I don’t really feel bad.

  19. I have lied so much and it’s just like acting I don’t even think about it I just say things that aren’t true as if it is true I get away with everything because after a while I believe it

  20. mine came from jealousy. jealous of how my friend's lives are so interesting, so much things happen in their life, while my life is just.. meh. I came to lying about myself from that. Still struggling. Just broke a friendship with a few of my friends yesterday bc of my lying. And damn, it hurts. I rlly need help. Compulsive lying is dangerous and i just came to realize that after experiencing the consequences.

  21. I think I may be a pathological/compulsive liar. I am constantly trying to keep up facades that I’ve told people with more and more stories. A lot of the time I lie without wanting to, I’ve even lied to my therapist because it’s just so natural for me. I want to stop but I fear if I cane clean with everything no one would ever want to speak to me or believe me about the things that have actually happened to me.

  22. I lie because I'm scared people will get the wrong idea of me.
    I have autism and mean / take things LITERALLY.
    Because somtimes they might not get the understanding of the truth I wsnt to say

  23. I lie, always have done, i'm deceptive and i'd like not to be . i don't know why i or we do it but i always seem to find devious ways to do things. I can't help it, i've tried really hard. I think also it's part of humans we need to accept, maybe it was a survival imnstinct required thousands of years ago, who knows but tbh the biggest corporates, bankers and directors and politicians in world lie on a much bigger scale. Starbucks and Amazon lie about their tax for example, APple lies about it's Chinese child factories and raping of resources in African countries. Maybe we just deal with it and accept humans aren't perfect

  24. #3 is completely false I know several compulsive liars and they become very defensive when confronted about lies, even getting into confrontations w/the accuser.

  25. I am a liar. i've lied about many things. so many lies that i feel like if i tell people the lies ive told were lies then they would hate me. i've lied alot and i hate myself for it. Am i the only one? I wish i could undo it. i feel an intense ammount of guilt for it and im not sure how to get rid of it.

  26. I lie like everybody else but normal lie but nothing close to pathological. I may exaggerate on the truth but not make up fake stories like saying i went to war and killed 100 people and was awarded high ranking medals.

  27. I know a kid that’s a pathological liar. I sat with him and out of nowhere he started talking about how he’s a chick magnet and how he got top at church from a girl that was hiding under the alter. He was like, “she said “come sin with me”” I wanted to cringe so bad because I knew it was bullshit. Such a weird guy

  28. I'm 17 and I've been lying a little too much for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was often bullied in school and I've struggled with severe inferiority complex through out my life. The lies I tell are often White lies and don't have any particular purpose, in 5th grade I once told my classmates I've got 3 siblings (I'm actually a single child). One of the recent lies I've told (to my family) was about one of my classmates attempting suicide when nothing of that sort actually happened. I don't understand why I do this, it's like lying comes to me more naturally than telling the truth. Once when I was in 6th grade, I lied to my best friend that I had an older brother and even wrote letters to her in his name. For I long time I couldn't accept this problem I've got and have neglected it but your video has really been very helpful (I have all the mentioned symptoms 😅)

  29. honestly I don’t know. I usually am very shy and introverted and my asian parents forbid me to do anything so I have to lie to get to hang out with friends but it hurts me. because when I tell the truth they get angry and physical. I had to tell a lie today as well and I feel horrible for it, I wanna end it.

  30. Before I would constantly lie compulsively about things I had no good reason to lie about. Now I lie for personal gain instead.

  31. What about when someone lies about you to get people to turn against you my cousin told outright lies about me behind my back which has led to me and other family members to fall out the lies she has told are ridiculous

  32. It usually starts from childhood. Children who are abused learn its easier and safer to lie than to tell the truth and risk getting abused worse. This trains your brain to associate lies with safety so it just becomes a habit. (Compulsive lying) pathological lying is lying with malicious intent and not just out of habit. And this is not in all cases, but in a lot of them. Ppl with low self esteem (usually from abusive chaotic childhoods) are easy targets to develop compulsive lying.

  33. I have major addiction problems I’m sober and 28 but my family is pretty chaotic and my little brother is a compulsive liar this explains him best it’s interesting and I seek to learn more about people struggling with it because it can’t be helpful… he’s always exaggerated his life and his stories and keeps telling me he cought a large fish of certain weight when it’s clear in the picture the size isn’t near what he says and can be disproved.. ignorance isn’t bliss I’m sure this will cause major damage to his life.

  34. I hate liars. I don't care if you people in the comments say you have a disorder, like that's suppose to justify it. Serial killers can say they have a disorder because they like to kill. Liars are some of the worst people.

  35. It's really sad when people still do as they get older. I don't believe in OCL, NPD, most done by every child, as you get older they leave you. I think some people don't lose it and it follows them into adulthood. Causes may be part of why it doesn't leave them.

  36. Got a friend he lies all the time about any and everything been like that since 6th grade we’re both 29 now hasn’t got any better possibly worse

  37. My sister is a pathological liar. She goes out of her way to spin incredibly tall tales and it seems like she is putting on a theatrical show 24/7. Some of the stories she spins are blatantly false, others are so deceptive you could be woefully mistaken into believing her. But the outcome is always generally the same and she might as well just say "Look at me me me! i'm the best, i'm so wonderful, i'm better than you and everyone else and no one could ever be as fabulous as me!" It got so bad that I no longer communicate with her as her presence in my life became too toxic and destructive but the problem is that her lies and callous behaviour is causing a lot of distress to our mum. She demonstrates traits of both narcissistic perdonality disorder and histrionic personality disorder but of course i don't actually know what it is. I wish I knew what I could do for my mum's sake.

  38. As a former compulsive liar, I want to thank you for this. I hid from this fact until about 10 years after I was over it. It was always topic specific for me though, about relationships with women. After I started dating more frequently, and I traveled a bit of the world, got married and now have a child I am far enough from it that I can address that emptiness that I once had.

    Thank you

  39. Good video but… i think where ur wrong is when ur saying «  they lie because they’re life are boring » i think that inaccurate as a pathological liar myself i find myself lying about anything without even realizing it
    Its not cause i find my life boring it’s just… i dont know i lie without even thinking or realizing it
    I dont wanna hide behind excuses but i guess its a sickness
    I try very hard to work on it tho

  40. I struggle with this a lot on a day to day basis. Before I know it I've said something, for a moment I'm not thinking about constantly trying to be me and truthful. I dont want to keep doing this, but I've been powerless to lessen it; it's starting to get even more difficult the more I try. If anyone has gone through the same thing and has some advice I'd be really greatful.

  41. I used to make up stories about who my real dad was, his occupation. I knew nothing about him besides him being an alcoholic and drug addict. I would tell people that he was a fire fighter, I would tell people I did ballet, gymnastics. Even though I didn’t.

  42. I'm a compulsive liar and it's very hard for me especially in my dating life and its not easy to say I'm a compulsive liar or they might say another excuse huh and I can't stop lying and in pretty sure I'm gonna live with this for the rest of my life

  43. i used to have a close friend that did this ALOT while we were in high school, it came to the point where the rest of us in the circle just broke and got sick of the constant bullshit. we ended up confronting him like hey whats your deal and he just doubled down despite us knowing so many of the stories and events (over years) they had come up were total lies. after this we just entirely stopped talking and hanging out, i can't stand pathological liars and have no sorrow for the pain you cause yourselves with this desperate act of attention. seek help in any way you can because i can guarantee those close to you having to listen to your shit on a daily basis will grow sick of you whether they admit it to your face or not.

  44. I have just watched this and well I can say that I have learned and much understood someone because of this information.. I just have 1 question tho or just to clarify something, these people who are pathological liars, can they be treated by going to a psychiatrist? Or should I say is there a possibility that they can stop lying by just going to a psychiatrist?

  45. I used to believe it was ok to lie in order to protect myself and still hang on to my old believes to some point. However, when it comes to where to draw the line is always a issue. I'm neither a impulsive nor pathological lire but little lies protect me from forced to be outside of my comfort zone.

  46. I think in my case it comes from an overcontrolling parent and the fact that from the very early childhood I'm spending my life in seclusion

  47. What if I only lie due to personal enjoyment? Like I do it only because I have fun doing it and I would never stop because it’s a blast.
    I am deeply narcissistic and that excites me a lot. I am obsessed with money and success. I know this girl which has a crush on me and I am around her, and her best friend specifically, just because I love to flirt with her best friend and I love the fact that she suffers because she kinda likes me although she can’t be with me due to her friend that has a crush on me. What I enjoy even more is the girl that has a crush on me suffering because I flirt with her bestie. I just can’t help it and I love it so much. I am writing this because it hypes me up to have some type of diagnose. I feel very mythomaniac and narcissistic and a compulsive liar. I lie about my social status, my possessions and my friendship only because I have fun seeing everybody believe me amazed. I would define myself kinda intelligent (I took several 1600 SAT) although I do not believe intelligence is measured by scholastic results. Some people suggested I might be psychopathic. I would love to be one. That would ,again, hype me like crazy. I don’t believe I am though. I don’t break the law (but I would love to and I don’t care about others suffering from it, that would really entertain me) because I’m scared to get caught, like I’m terrified by the police and stuff even if I’m always innocent. I don’t like physical harm in any shape or form, not even sexual. I love mind manipulating and making people suffer due to their emotions. I occasionally lie to get to that point but lying is mostly fun for me. I have all the psychopathic traits except physical violence and I’m also very aware of the dangers and that’s what stops me from breaking every existing law, which would be my best fun although spending my life behind bars wouldn’t be worth it. I was very irascible and I used to enjoy physical violence on my friends (I would always want an excuse to throw hands), although I stopped because I understood I could have much more fun imposing myself mentally than physically. I tend to enjoy it (imposing myself physically) from time to time but only to see them beg me not to start casual sparring with my “friends” in the middle of a party for example. I don’t think I could be defined I psychopaths but I have more than simple narcissism although it remains my main trait. Can someone suggest anything I could be?

  48. I’m in 7th grade and I’m pretty sure I’m a compulsive liar, I lie to get attention, I hate myself for it but I can’t stop my self, before I can realize it I’m lying about something. Something bad happened to me years ago and I don’t really remember what happened and I tell myself and people a version of the story but don’t even know if it’s tru, I’m terrified of what really happened, I need to stop lying can somebody plz give me tips or help me out?

  49. I had friends that consistently talked down on me. No matter what I did it was never enough. They always wanted to corner me so I was completely powerless. It was always me getting made fun of on social media by them with no motivation to do better in life.

  50. My grandma tells the most ridiculous stories. I’m just wondering if there is a diagnosis for this and why he does this.

  51. Very well said!

    My older sister is a pathological liar and this stems from being married to a sociopath (she didn't know this because the parents who adopted this teenager ~ who eventually became my sister's first husband because she got pregnant in her early 20s) during her first marriage. As you may know sociopaths can be attributed to 50% genetics and 50% environment). She had 2 boys and 1 of the boys turned out fine but the other son turned out to be a splitting image of his biological father > the sociopath. If the mother doesn't know what she is dealing with or isn't willing to seek out a social worker or psychologist to diagnose their son's erratic behavior then the mother (in my case, my older sister) is to blame the other people involved to cover up their soociopathic son's behavior. I ended up contacting the parents who adopted her first husband when he was a teen and they admitted that the son had very strange erratic behaviors while growing up. This son they adopted never ever finished high school and showed numerous signs of oppositional defiant behavior and truancy. The parent never mentioned this behavior to my older sister as they thought he would clean up his act after marriage. This never happened and her first husband made our family's life a living hell as he would forge cheques in my father's name, wreck our family's vehicles, and even was fired from his workplace for sexual harassment to the point where no one would give him a job in the local community..

    As for her sociopath son, since the mother would always deny my allegations regarding her son's oppositional defiant behavior (acknowledging her son's behavior were true would mean that she was an irresponsible parent) thus this is where pathological lying comes into play. As you may know with narcissists, they cover up their reality by telling lies to paint a picture that they are perfect but in reality they are deeply struggling (in this case ~ a son they they cannot control).

    it's always easier to lie and blame others and save face than to come to terms with reality. Even when her son's (30 years old at the time) began to vandalism my personal belongings to the point I had to call the police, the mother even had the nerve to lie to the police to save face even when the evidence was right in front of the police officers face.

    Pathological lying is nothing more that making up lies to avoid responsibility for one's actions. If you can get away with lying the first time then in all likelihood the person will learn that they can use lies as a means and tool to manipulate and get whatever they desire or to destroy whoever gets in their way (or knows their secrets).

    BTW ~ The only reason I know this is I have a colleague at the University who is a practicing clinical psychologist who advised me on my older sister's son's behavior while he was staying at our house at the time. As well, contacting the adoptive parents of my sister's first husband validated my hunch that the first husband was a true sociopath. As well talking to a older librarian who also knew of a young mother who raised a son in absence of his sociopath father mentioned as well that sociopaths are also genetic as this young mother told the librarian that the son grew up to a splitting image of his sociopath father and the father was absent the entire time the son was growing up.

  52. I think it started (or at least became worse) when I was living with my mom, I did nothing good enough so I gave up and just told her I did it. Nowadays, its like an automatic response to lie. Even if its about something really little or unimportant.

  53. My mom is a pathological lier and I've always thought she lies because she wants to change her truth. She seriously thinks if she changes her truths to lies those lies becomes her truths. She thinks as long as she's the only one that "truly" knows her truth everyone else is too obliviously stupid to know she's lying, because she's the only one in her head, deny deny deny and it can't be proven, because nobody was there except her. Obviously that's not how it works, but if you deny deny deny …… My mother is in her 70's and I am the ONLY person that has ever called her out on her shit. Her brothers, sisters, friends, husband, her other kids……. Just say well…. She's not hurting anyone, just let her live in her fantasy world, that's just who she is, you can't teach old dog new tricks…… MAYBE, but I'm not play stupid, let treat me like I'm stupid, condone that type of behavior or reward that behavior. I personally think it's an attack on my intelligence. I'm 47 years old and I've raised three kids. I didn't put up or allow them to lie to or around me and I damn sure not going put up with an grown ass adult flat out lieing and insulting everyone around them intelligence. The thing that REALLY PISSES ME OFF AND THE REASON I JUST FLAT OUT WILL NOT Put up with it us because SHE RAISED US BY PUNISHING US WHEN WE LIED! To this very day she will tell you SHE HATES LIERS! She flat out gets pissed when she knows someone is lieing to her and she straight up judges them and labels them as LIERS! I put up with it for many many years, but when I became a mother and started teaching my kids and getting on to them about lieing ……she knows better, PERIOD! I know her past, I know what in her past that contributed to her pathological lieing and I DO UNDERSTAND, but that doesn't mean it's ok or I should allow it around me or my kids. It's rediculous, embarrassing, condensing, and poisonous. She has flat out tried to call me out for lieing just so her lies could stay covered. That's not damaging or hurting anyone? Bull sh!t!
    Needless to say I raised my kids away from her with VERY LITTLE contact, because ….. Well, because it's is very harmful to everyone around her and especially for kids. My kids are now ages 22, 24 and 26 and they barely know her. I mean…. Can anyone really know a person like that? I can't even answer questions at a Drs office about family medical history, because hell she lies about not only her past health issues, but about ours also just for attention. One day it could be lies about good health, and the next it will be about bad health that tottaly debunks her lies she told about having good health. How can you love someone that are pathological liars? I mean seriously? How can you KNOW and trust a liar? Their whole life and world is a fraud. I wish her well, but I finally said good bye to her about 5 years ago FINALLY ( I've said bye many times, but this time she's dead to me ). You cant build or grow a relationship when you can't believe anything that comes out of their mouth. Yes, she is my MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER to my kids, but she was poison. Poison is harmful and toxic. PERIOD. I honestly can't say I love her, because I don't know her , nobody does due to her lieing. She had choices and so did I. She chose not to get help and to stay toxic and I chose not to be an enabler.

  54. My daughter is about to be 25 and we are currently estranged because of her issues. She started with symptoms of anxiety as early at 10. Periods of up and down moods. Pretty sure she is bipolar. She also has been lying for an incredibly long time. Its started in middle school she would come home telling ma all these elaborate stories and I just new she was lying and so I would ask when she was done, " okay now tell me what really happenned at school?" And she would just look at me and say, "nothing" and walk away. I thought it was because I always asked and she would say nothing and I would press her asking what she learned etc… But she I was wrong and I really should have got her some help when she was younger. My heart aches so much without her in my life. I pray for her every day.

  55. A family member has some of the problems and it said that they can get away with it. Can really trick a person in believing.. It really sad..

  56. i know EXACTLY where it came from, you see JP, my girl T and I got to the root at brunch the other day, when i became aware that i had to stop doing this mess so yeah here i am

  57. I'm a pathological liar I don't intentionally go out my way to lie I don't mean it sometimes. I don't even realize I'm doing it untill later that night I think about it. I've just always been like this. When I get caught in a lie I make another one right away. I hate when I do it . It just comes out I don't think about it at all. I just compulsively lie all the time. The only reason I found this video is because I had a close friend. We had a argument about something and the last words he says before I have to go is " Your just a compulsive liar". All the stuff he said about me I could not care less about that but they 5 words fucked me up . I couldn't stop thinking about it .

  58. My friend is a pathological lier.i really love her and i dont know what to do.i was so pissed out when i realized that she lied,and now i know what happened ,its hard to live without her cuz she was my best friend,can anyone help me

  59. I've a friend, who shows such symptoms but I don't know if or how I should confront her in order to ultimately help her. :/ Has someone experience with such a situation? 🙂

  60. My friend is a pathological liar. At this point she is still my dear friend but sometimes I cant help to think if she is lying or not

  61. I think i'm a pathological liar. I don't know why i do it. I lie so much. When i'm in trouble the first thing i think is how to lie my way out of it.

  62. Adults lie because they have gotten away with lying in the past. It's the same when playing poker. If you get away with a bluff in poker and win, chances are you will try to bluff again and again.

    When a child is old enough and is able to spot their parent lying then the child sees lying as another means to get what they want in life. Parents who model this sort of behavior only have themselves to blame for today's children.

  63. I have a question nobody will probably answer but here it goes I lie to help others open up to me so i can help them and it's been working I've made 3 people find help but I'm feeling regret about lying to them constantly to help them even a little should I tell them the truth?

  64. Hello mam!!
    I have the same disorder I think… I fabricate and lie so much and I'm guilty for this… Despite being a medical student I don't know how to deal with it… Please help me !!

  65. I’m a pretty horrible person, I lie a lot to keep things interesting. If you are a boring person, noone likes you! So, I try to be as not boring as I possibly can. Everyone likes a good mystery, so let them figure it out if you’re Lying or not! If no one can figure you out, whether your an antagonist or a hero or a nice person or a bad person, then they look closer into it, but they can never read me! Chaos is what keeps life exciting, a perfect world with no discourse would get tiring.

  66. i lie to get praised cuz i wanna be looked at in a certain way i'm tired of it not look cool or to have alot of friends maybe like u said because i feel like my life is boring my parents are fine n they tell me to stop but idk like right now all my friends think that i'm something that i'm not n i wanna vanish start over be born again in other time or something idk i don't feel like i'm a man i feel like a coward .. i watched ur video after spending 3 days at home in my room didn't answer the phone or see my friends i don't wanna see a doctor or anything cuz coming from a strong family they will see me as a weakling .. i'm not that weak minded to think abt suicide or hurting myself .. but i'm just tired like i said i wish i could vanish .. yeah just wanted to come clean for once in my life.

  67. The reason why you lie is that you want to be accepted by others. You do not need to be accepted by others in order to live. Be who you are and be confident in God every day. The right people who accept as you are will be with you.

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