What is Fibromyalgia and it’s symptoms

Hi and welcome to my channel Changing the
Face of Fibromyalgia. I’m Jessica, and I am so excited to come to
you today with my very first video on my channel. So thank you so much for joining me. I hope That you get some great information
out of the many videos to come and this video as well and if there is anything in particular
that you would like to talk about, please comment below. So todays video is going to be about What
is Fibromyalgia and what are it’s symptoms? Fibromyalgia Fibro meaning Fibrous and Algia
meaning Tissue. Put them together Fibrous Tissue. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit the illness. I don’t even know how they came up with that
honestly. Fibromyalgia can be very complicated. Number one, there are not many doctors in
the field that understand what Fibromyalgia is. What it’s caused by. They do not spend enough time on researching
it. They basically come to the conclusion that
we have all over chronic pain. We have sleep issues. We have inflammation and so majority of the
time, when you go to your doctors appointment and you’re wondering what is going on they
do two things. One that can just say fill out this questionnaire
and we’ll let you know if you have Fibro. Or they do the touching on the trigger points
on the body and if you have 11 tender trigger points out of 18, they say okay you have Fibromyalgia. I honestly know that enough time is not spent
on diagnosing us correctly and then when they do diagnose us they throw medication after
medication at us and they usually say lets try this lets see if this works. Not that there is any proof behind it that
this medication will work or that you are going to be feeling better in no time. Trust me I have tried every medication possible
to feel better, to ease my symptoms and some of those medications would include Cymbalta,
Lyrica, Gabapentin, Lexapro, Amitriptyline, Trazadone, Ambien, Tizanidine, Xanax, Adivan,
Klonopin, a wide range of pain medications so I have tried them over, and over and over again. And in the beginning of my illness, I really
resisted medication. I did not want to be adding more stuff to
my body. Quite honestly the side effects that were
out there for it scared me. But I came to a point where the pain was just
getting worse and I was just going downhill. And I was frustrated and at that point, I
was willing to try anything. So, I did, I went to my doctor and said “okay
I’m prepared to try some medications.” So that’s what we did. I also was referred to a Rheumatologist. The first Rheumatologist that I went to, He
walked in I said “I have Fibromyalgia” He said how do you know that? I said well I was diagnosed with a positive ANA
speckled Autoimmune test and its been determined that I have Fibromyalgia. He said okay, and wrote me out a prescription
for Cymbalta wrote me out a prescription for Lyrica and said follow up with me in thirty
days. That’s literally what I got. Ummm less then five minutes. And I was infuriated and frustrated and let
down. and I was at the end of my rope. So I went back to my DO and he suggested another
Rheumatologist. He said I want you to go see this Rheumatologist
he’s great. You’ll really like him. And my first appointment with this Rheumatologist,
I walked in and was in right away, he did all the touching on my tender trigger points. Pushed all over my body as I’m screaming ow,
ow, ow, ow. And he goes you have Fibromyalgia. Well duh I had an ANA positive ANA speckled
test. I know I have Fibromyalgia. What are we gonna do about it? So Gabapentin it was. Good ole’ Gabapentin. The great thing about Gabapentin is that it’s
a Neurontin and if you don’t know what a Neurontin is please research it. Look it up. It is so damaging for the brain. It’s an anti-sezuire medication. They use Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia because
they say it’s going to help with our nerves and our nerve pain. I was on 1800mg twice a day. Nope that’s a lie, I was 1800mg for the whole
day. Uh, I was completely and totally flabbergasted
about how much worse I got. My memory went completely down the drain. I began to shake uncontrollably. This about being on it for about a year and I
was shaking. I would pick things up and they would just
fall out of my hand and it’s not like I just (bloop) it just fell out of my hand. I could not understand what is going on with
me. I wasn’t really contributing it to the Gabapentin. I was contributing to my illness. I was wrong. So, I was also on the Lexapro for IBS. If you’re not sure what IBS is, it’s Irritable
Bowel Syndrome. And if you’re lucky like me, you either have
diarrhea or contipation or Diarrhea constipation every other day and you just not sure what
you are going to get to. I have had IBS so bad that I knew every single
stop from home to whatever destination I was going to. That had a restroom that was clean and I could
get into fast. Even if I was on the highway, I knew what
exit I could pull onto to go the restroom. It’s a sad way of living. Then it got to the point that my anxiety ramped
up when I knew I had to leave the house. I was having anxiety about leaving the house
because I might have diarrhea all over myself. Or the cramps might get so bad. I did keep an extra change of underwear in
my glove compartment. I kept an extra set of clothes in my backseat. That’s how bad it got. And then, if I didn’t have diarrhea, I had
contipation. Constpation so bad it would literally back
up to underneath my breast, my stomach would be huge! I looked nine months pregnant and I would
waddle. And the pain in my gut, was unbearable. And I cannot tell you some of the things that
I’ve had to do get myself unconstipated. And it’s not pleasant and I’ll spare you those
details ok, completely spare you those. I’ve had Insomnia for a couple of decades. I do have two children and you would think
she’s going to sleep because she’s exhausted. You would think that but (nope) I haven’t
had a good night sleeps in a couple of decades. And I can either fall asleep and then I wake
up throughout the night, or I stay awake until two three o’clock in the morning. I get a couple hours sleep, then I’m awake
and I’m going again. And it’s exhausting. So I was then put on several sleep medications. I’ve tried so many. None of them worked. I’ve tried Trazadone, Amitriptyline, which
Amitriptyline is an Anti-depressant just so you know. It’s supposed to help with sleep. I tried Trazadone, um Temazapam, I’ve tried
them. They, they don’t Lunesta, they don’t work. They do not put me to sleep. And if they do effect me in some way and the
worst one being Ambien, Uh if they do effect me in some way it’s normally hallucinations,
or I’m my brain is completely asleep but my body is awake and I’m walking around and I’m
eating Raisin Nets in the middle of the night. As I wake up in the morning and find a trail
of Raisin Nets to the bathroom. So that’s how I knew I was eating in the middle
of the night. And it got much worse than that. I will spare you those details too. So as you can see this illness is complicated. There is lots that goes along with it. some other symptoms that you may be experiencing
is uh you could stutter, you could have a raspy voice, fast heart rate or a low heart
rate, flipping and flopping of the heart. The biggest one that a lot of women will say
is their worse nemesis is Brain Fog. And let me just say, Brain Fog is the worst. Talk about feeling like you’re going crazy. You feel like. you’re living in another planet. You body is here but your brain is like poof
gone. There have been times that I wasn’t sure how
I got home from work. I would be out and about running my errands
and would be lost in my own city that I live in and have lived in for twenty-two years. I’ve been walking up my own stairs in my own house and thought,
am I going up or I’m I going down? Of course you have that put the milk in the
pantry instead of in the refrigerator and you find pasta that’s supposed to be in the
pantry, in the refrigerator. You loose your keys, um you can’t find your
keys. And you just don’t know whether you’re coming
or going. The next part of Brain fog is that you could
be speaking, you know the words that you want to say but they just do not come out. And I have experienced that on numerous occasions
and I feel like an idiot. I will be sitting there speaking my English
language and either the word comes out jumbled or I use a whole other word entirely that
doesn’t even fit what I’m talking about. So frustrating. So don’t thing you’re going crazy, you’re
not going crazy it’s just a nasty symptom. Migraines, intensive headaches um maybe they
start at the base of your skull and go up and around, or are you having a lot of ear
pain on either side? You just you go to the doctor and their like
you don’t have an ear infection. There is nothing wrong with your ear. Yes there is it’s throbbing and it hurts me. How about TMJ, if you don’t know what TMJ
is look it up. It’s a fun symptom to have. You’re jaw gets locked up, you can feel it
clicking. You may grit your teeth in the middle of the
night or clinch your jaw in the middle of the night and you wake up and it is really
sore. How about Face facial pressure, sinus pressure. You feel like your face is going to explode. Yeah, been there. So the migraines of course can get very very
bad. Not to mention the all over pain in your body. It is excruciating, it never stops. The pain never goes away. Ever. You wake up in pain, you go to bed in pain. Everything that you do you are in pain. It hurts to touch on certain parts of your
body or if you’re like me, it’s all over my body. Even in weird place. My collarbone if you pressed on that. Parts of my ribs it would just send me into
orbit. It even got so bad, that my kids couldn’t
even hug me anymore. I would still hug of course, I love my boys but it would hurt so bad, I
would always flinch when someone was coming near me or even thought about hugging me. Like I could see it on their face. They’re going to hug me, They’re going to
hug me, they’re going to hug me. Yeah and flinching. It’s bad. So we talked about the insomnia, and all over
pain. How about itchy? You’re just itchy and you can’t figure out
why you are itchy. I took Hydroxyzine which is Atarax, for my
itchiness and nobody could figure out why I was itchy. I’ve been itchy for years but I don’t have
any rashes on me I, no explanation what so ever. Tested out the wazoo. No explanation. So Atarax it was, Benedryl didn’t cut it. So as you can see there are a ton of symptoms
that go along with Fibromyalgia. I could go on and on about them. Tender feet, joints that click, lots of swelling
in your joints, your fingers are swollen, they hurt to bend, your toes hurt to bend, muscle
spasms, Oh bad muscle spasms, electrical shock feeling like in certain parts of your body. Even in the side of your head. Your hair can even hurt. Hair! Hair is supposed to hurt. But your follicles will hurt. You could also get the point where clothes
just become bothersome. I’m going to talk about something a little
bit embarrassing. Okay. As a woman you know we’ve got to have all
the underclothing. The underwear and the brassieres and they
become painful. So then you start looking for more comfortable
ways to make yourself comfortable and decent. You just find that clothes irritate you. The touching on our skin is annoying and aggrivating,
and you’ve just got to get it off of you. So you’ll find that you’re going towards looser
fitting clothes or finding, my favorite are leggings without the seams in them. Those are the best because the seams don’t
dig into my legs. It’s unreal. These symptoms will keep going and the funny
thing is that when I first started with Fibro I had the trigger point pain, and I had some
insomnia and that was just about it. And as the years went on symptoms just kept
adding onto of symptoms and they kept getting worse and I could just not understand why
is nothing working? Why is it that the doctors cannot figure out
how to fix me? I began to questions, like why isn’t this
illness being researched? Like why is not being given the attention
that it needs? There is 1 in 50 women and men affected by
Fibromyalgia of course it is more women then it is men, but men do suffer with it as well. One in Fifty that’s six million people. That’s a lot of people! And of course like I said, when you go to
the doctor you’re going to tell them what’s going on and they’re either going to have
you feel out a questionnaire, or feel all over your body and ask what kind of symptoms
are you having, you have fibro, take Cymbalta. Here you go. Let me know how that does for ya. You’ve got to give it plenty of time to get
into your system and when you do go back and say I feel like this making me crazy, like
awe you didn’t give it enough time, try it some more. Now, I’m not saying that Cymbalta doesn’t
work for anyone. That is not what I am saying. I’m saying that it does not work for me. And it does not work for a lot of people with
Fibromyalgia. Because there’s something else underlying
that is causing our Fibromyalgia. And I really got to the point in August 2017
that I had enough of doctors throwing medication at me, I had enough of being a Guinea Pig
and I took a stand and became my own advocate. And in the videos to follow this one, I’m
going to tell you exactly what I started to heal. What I found in my body that was going on
that was causing the Fibromyalgia pain. And I’m here to tell you there is hope. There is complete hope. And you’re probably wondering well if you
know what it is, why don’t the doctors know what it is? There is many different answers to that question. One being, doctors except insurance and they
get ten minutes to spend with you to be paid through insurance and then they give you a
medication and you guessed it there is a kick back. Now I’m not saying that doctors are not sympathetic
or have empathy to what we feel, they just don’t understand it. And that is one of my missions is to get doctors
to understand. To treat us with dignity and respect. I have been in some doctors offices and the
very first one that did this to me shocked me! Just completely floored me. He told me, that I needed to grow up. I was having muscles spasms right in front
of his eyes, my fingers and my toes had locked up, he could see that. He could see I was stuttering. He could hear me. And I was in the hospital, the place where
you think you are going to get help, the place where you’re like I need answers. Help me! And he told me that I needed to grow up. He gave me tow shots of Adivan and told me
to grow up. So that’s when I became on a mission, started
my journey and said this can’t happen anymore. We are either treated like a drug addict because
when the medication gets into our system, and we go through withdrawal, we’re trying
to figure out whats wrong with me. We go to the doctor, I’m not giving you anymore
of that. There’s not help there. It’s absolutely ridiculous. and it dumbfounds
me that even in the United States we go for help and we don’t get help. We just get told, this is whats wrong with
you, you’re going to have to deal with it, because you’re going to have it for the rest
of you life. There’s no cure for it. There’s nothing we can do, we can try you
on these medications but that’s just about it. So you’re going to have to learn how to cope
with it. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to learn
how to cope with it. There is help and you can heal. So, please, I will upload new videos every
Monday and Thursday. Please subscribe to my channel and if there
is something you want to hear me talk about comment below and I’ll definitely plug that
into a video. So thank you so much for watching, and I want
you to come back for more. I’m going to give you even more answers. And I do hope this video helped and thank
you again.

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