1. Yeah! Chris bringing our Nation's #1 problem tp the forefront!!!!
    GO ROBERTA GO!!!!!
    Chris is the Bomb!!!

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  3. Can you do a video on addiction to marijuana? A lot of people don't think it's real, but I know I have dependency issues on it. Would love to hear what you think of it

  4. I've been addicted to dihydrocodiene for 16 years. I've got down to 7 30mg a day. From 20 60mg a day. Thank you for sharing the journey xx

  5. I'm happy to say that I never had any withdrawal symptoms from stopping drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. There were times that I would say, "Oh I would love to be high or drunk or have a smoke." That was it though. I am very happy, because withdrawals look awful. Probably why I was able to just stop cold turkey and it wasn't a big deal. Lots of love to those that go through that. ❤️
    Good video

  6. Hey Chris, I have a friend that just OD’d on Herion the other night with a mix of Xanax and alcohol.. he dabbles I’m drugs and had been talking about suicide 3 days prior to the incident.. after the incident, he was being a bit nonchalant about everything.. I picked him up from the ER and we went to a doctors appt he had.. while waiting for the doctor I calmly tried to ask him wth happened and how he could possibly think that him doing this wouldn’t effect the people around him.. he stayed quiet and didn’t say much, and fell alseep on the bed until the doctor came in..
    I found your channel the day of him ODing.. I’m still hoping I can find something that I can say or do for him to help..or if I even can.. I have no idea what to do and have never had to deal with such a thing.. if you or anyone out there has any word of advice or anything please help me. Thank you.

  7. Aww yay!! Good for her.
    I’m actually going to go get treatment myself. I’m bipolar, which most of the time feels like being a drug addict just without the act of taking drugs. I’ve been failing my classes (I’m usually an A/B student) and falling soooo behind at work (I have a really sweet gig that I shouldn’t be messing up). So after a few mental meltdowns, I have finally decided to “”admit defeat”” and do a medical withdrawal from school and do a partial hospitalization program (you only go from 7am-2pm).

    It’s going to be really hard for me to wake up that early since my mania often makes me stay up all night by accident, but I know I need to get back on a set schedule because the real world doesn’t run on bipolar time.
    I haven’t even officially started the process yet, but I already feel a HUGE weight off knowing that I don’t have to try to figure this out on my own like I have been trying to for the past year or so.

    Here’s to new beginnings!!🎉

  8. Man, I wish there is more talking about mental health in my area. Where I live it's very very rare to someone to talk about "these kind of things" it makes me kinda sad also disappointed.

  9. My dad is addicted to beer and ciggerates, but he does not want the help. He is dieing and he does not even care about it. I am done telling him what he already knows.


  11. Hey Chris, I have been struggling a lot lately because of my current circumstances and today I thought "if there was a "quit" button to life, I might/would press it."
    It's not that I'm thinking of ending my life. It's just my life is too hard for me and it's reaching the limit.

  12. i finally quite smoking after 10 years. i was really resistant to vaping but finally tried it. i vaped and smoked for about 4 months and then dropped the cigarettes. that and watching your videos and others and putting more of a focus on relapse prevention. 3 months nicotine free. no vape no cigarettes no nothing. now im trying to work on my co-dependency problem

  13. Thank you so much for this video! I have a problem with opiate myself. In the past I was addicted to codeine in painkillers and I managed to quit it for 2,5 years and it returned. Only recently I had much more self awareness about my addiction (thanks to your videos and spreading awerness) and I quit again 26 days ago. So seeing this video was like: "Chris published relatable video again!" 😉
    I'm currently considering to get professional help but I'm not sure if I should went for help with my withdrawal (need for codeine keeps getting back in high stress situations) or should I go to therapy to understand the root of it and why I started the addiction in the first place. It wasn't smart to quit this medication by my own in the first place I guess.

  14. Roberta is an amazing and beautiful person. I will subscribe to her channel for sure. I am so sorry to those who struggle with drug addiction, and encourage anyone to seek treatment 🐈💕☀️🌟💫🌻🌞🌸

  15. I’ve been watching the lovely lady Roberta & her journey for about a year now. I can tell she’s as lovely on the inside as she’s on the outside.

  16. Omg! I LOVE Roberta!
    I love that you did this collab! 💕💕💕💕💕
    And I love that, with every story that is told, the stigma surrounding opiate addiction gets a little chip knocked out of it.
    Thanks Chris!

  17. I was resistant to asking help getting off heroin until I just couldn’t take it anymore and finally told my dad and I’m still on his insurance so I went on suboxone best thing I’ve done so far in my life a step forward instead of two steps back for once

  18. Can we talk about how 12 step programs don't work for a lot of people?
    As a recovering addict and someone in the field, the use of this model as the basis of nearly all recovery programs, it's disheartening to see no mainstream alternatives for those of us who the rooms don't work for.

  19. Before I watch the video, I'll give my opinion. My mother was an opiate addict. I was told that I'd be prone to that addiction as well. Anyways, I had a major surgery, took percocet, amoung others while in and after the hospital. They did what they were intended to do, block the pain. I didn't feel high, and they didn't make me feel good, just normal. So when I was out of pain, I was happy. I didn't need them. Which is why I have no sympathy for those who abuse drugs

  20. This is so cool! Thank you for featuring me on your channel!:) I absolutely love your channel, and your desire to help others. Isn’t it amazing how one sentence can change someone’s life?
    I’m am so grateful to you and I am grateful for my amazing subscribers. They have been there with me through the ups and downs cheering me on! I hope sharing my story can help others like my supportive recovery community has helped me. That’s is how the world goes round! Love you and Tristen too!;) 🧚🏻‍♀️

  21. Wow congrats on your recovery dude hang in there on your ups and down bro I’m in recovery too my hardest thing is relating to people’s normal emotions and also I can’t get off benzos cause I have seizures so I take those just to get by

  22. Great video and I enjoy the content you share about addiction & mental health. 👍

    I just wanted to share some quick info that might help anyone wanting to get off opioids with much more ease regarding withdrawals.

    Mega-doses of vitamin C was EXTREMELY effective when I first withdrew off opiates. Along with other supplements, large doses of Liposomal and/or Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C helped reduce my withdrawal symptoms significantly. Some of the other supplements I took were niacin/NAD+ (aka vitamin B3), amino acids/neurotransmitter supplements, etc.

    Below is a link to a great website that has loads of information about withdrawing from opioids using the vitamin C mega-dosing protocol. Some addiction doctors have found it so effective that some rehabs have now adopted it using "*TRIGGER WARNING* IV infusions of vitamin C.

    Lastly, there is also a really awesome book called 'End Your Addiction Now' which really helped me to understand addiction on a whole new level. Every addict should read it, in my opinion.

    Hope it helps 😉


  23. Why were you so harsh with Nicole Arbour? I thought you were very mean towards her, she helped me with my depression, I think she is very inspiring if you ask me.

  24. Love it !! I'm on methadone I just switched from subutex and also have been using Kratom to help get off subs , last October I cold Turkey subs and feel right back into the opiates just prescription drugs , which I was put on 6 yrs ago for herniated disks and old injuries . Ive been following Roberta for over two years love her ❤️️she's so interesting and she truly helped me realize that I'm not alone , through her channel I have also met others who are going through all the same things, I've been on a live stream with her and loved it she is a kick ass chick ❤️️inspiring as hell I've been watching your videos for awhile now I'm so glad I found this group of people 🙂 I guess it is time for me to check out the program as well I've been told
    I was just dependent on medication so I'm confused as to whenever or not I'm and addict or if I'm dependent on the meds . I've tried very very hard to do this on my own and I can't believe I made it two months on my own last year , but the pain was too much I couldn't work and my anxiety was too overwhelming, it's exactly a year later and I'm trying to ween off the methadone now . Much love to all can't wait for more videos ! It's wonderful how you are giving the recover community attention in positive ways , the solution is always better than our excuses 😉 ❤️️much love

  25. Like ripples in the water….The Rewired Soul, Rockin Roberta, and the viewers come together and are stronger for it. Nice video with a good message!

  26. Love love love Roberta!!! You got a new subscriber bud!!! Excellent video! Appreciate your work my friend!!! ✌🏼❤️

  27. I've been following Roberta for a long time, she's been a huge inspiration and help for me. It's been amazing to watch her journey and experiences. I'm so stinking proud of her.

  28. I came from Rockin Roberta's channel. She is amazing. I enjoy your channel too. I'm on Suboxone and she is a big inspiration.

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