What is really happening with lifestyle drugs | All the angles

What is really happening with lifestyle drugs | All the angles

Lifestyle drugs, could it be the future of marihuana? What are lifestyle drugs, why were they originally created, how should you take them? Stay tuned and you will see all the angles on lifestyle drugs. Or at least some of them. A lifestyle drug is a pharmaceutical product characterized as improving the quality of life rather than curing a disease. The first ever lifestyle drug was alcohol. is true that people used to drink alcohol as far back as the Stone Age, but it was also has pharmaceutical effects. Despite the very obvious antiseptic effects, it was also one of the few anesthetizes that the ancient people had. Right now we have so many different types of life style drugs, and we don’t have time to go through all of them, but we are gona talk about the most popular ones. The first category we are going to talk about are study aids, like Ritalin. And aids like the things that are helping you achieve something and has nothing to do with HIV virus you get from studying too much. If that is a thing. Study aids were created for people who suffer from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and because it stimulates the central nervous system it is also heightening the focus. Unfortunately that might cause insomnia or anorexia, not to mention the surplus of energy that you will have. One of my friends was taking one of those pills and she told me that, while she was studying, she could literally remember everything, but she had to take a 5 minute break, do push-ups, and then continue studying. I am not sure if so much energy is good for you. From the young let’s jump to the old and talk about the erectile dysfunction drugs. The most popular ones being Viagra and Levitra. Funny thing is that Viagra’s benefits on men’s sexual performance were discovered by chance. The pill was originally designed to cure hypertension but scientists discovered that older men didn’t want to stop taking it. So after running some tests they found out that it was prolonging sexual performance, it was stimulating pleasure, and since everybody involved in the act of rumpy pampy was satisfied, why not launce it as a life style drug. It has also a very nice blue colour. But because originally it was created to affect the heart, it still affect the muscle, so heart attack effects are still very common, as well as blurriness and dizziness. So next time you want to hang your towels onto something, try using some normal porn. Maybe the most common category right now are the antidepressants and hypnotics. Those medicines are very popular also because of movies, there are so many people in movies who are taking two or three at a time, they carry them in their bags, it’s part of their everyday lifestyle. And those are pills, you know, they were created to cure sick people, who are suffering from insomnia or from nervous break downs. But now people are usually taking them to brave the pressure at work, or to be able to party some more. Some time ago I heard a rumor, that in Japan it is considered very professional to sleep on your working desk, because that means that you are working that hard that you don’t have time to go back home and get proper rest. I don’t know if this is true, but the western world’s equivalent of that would be that person who is taking Xanax because he can’t coop with the pressure at work. And that is a typical the lifestyle of the late 20 early 21st century person we are using chemistry to eliminate social competition. Those were some of the angles regarding life style drugs, if you liked this episode make sure to subscribe so you will not be missing the next “All the angles” and follow me on social media. There are so many drugs that we didn’t talk about, there are for example the weight loss drugs like Orlistat, or the steroids, which is a completely different subject so we are not going to talk about them right now. But the question we should be asking ourselves is why why we need to take pills to live through a hard day at work? Why do we need to take medication to focus and study? Those pills were created to treat diseases and we take them to enhance our lifestyles. Shouldn’t we be more focused on the “why we take those pills” as opposed to “what are the side effects”? As for the “why” you should wait for the next episode, which is going to be “Thoughts on lifestyle drugs”, and keep in mind that your comments really help me with those episodes, because they stimulate my brain and also I am getting ideas and I am thinking it through more thoroughly. But until then, it’s up to you to think and decide for yourselves.


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  3. No one thinks about side effects because i think it works like cigarettes you take it been happy for a moment with isuline i think i dont remeber what it gives at your brain and you dont care about the side effect beacuse you want to live nice the paticular moment I think you made onother epic video good job bro 😀

  4. Εγώ προσωπικά επειδή κάνω και γυμναστήριο μου έχουν προτείνει πρωτεϊνες και άλλα παρεμφερή , αλλά για εμένα πρέπει να τα περνεις όταν δεν μπορείς να λειτουργήσεις σωστά και όχι για αυξήσεις την απόδοση σου , που είναι η τιμή σε αυτό ;

  5. Stefan!! You are getting much better with time! You were ,you are and you always be an excellent Youtuber! Best idea were the subs..!!!Thumbs UP!!
    Drugs is a huge matter in all ages, but keep in mind that I consider "drugs"as crutches, because the best "drugs" is food and love!!!

  6. I really think that you could have talked so much more about this subject. Can't wait for the "some thoughs on…"

  7. I am a greek subscriber and i want to tell you that your videos are very educational and with quality( αν λέγεται έτσι) sorry for my spelling mistakes but i am stil improving my eglish . Well done for yous eglish videos . I have to tell you that i try very much to understand your videos because i am not as good as i wanted to be in eglish .

    We are waiting for another video 😄

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