What Is Sex Addiction? | Addictions

What Is Sex Addiction? | Addictions

Sexual addiction is a very real phenomenon.
We all tend to snicker about it and think that it’s funny or cute but people do suffer
profoundly from sexual addiction. Although we don’t treat it directly at the Carol Treatment
Center, there are people who have enormous expertise in this area. What they focus on
is what we call the cycle of addiction, so that while sexuality as we know is a normal
expression of our humanness, it’s a way that we can celebrate who we are and relationships,
significant relationships in our lives, people who have sexual addictions issues engage in
this cycle of addiction where they obsessively think about sex, they engage in a sexual act
and then there is a spiral of shame and despair that they engage in, which leads them back
to these obsessive thoughts, then the act, then the shame and that cycle just continues
to repeat itself and the person becomes trapped in that cycle and they lose the capacity to
break it. So sexual addiction is a very real phenomenon; it’s something we’re seeing an
enormous amount of in the world around us and there are people out there who have a
huge capacity and competency to treat it.


  1. may i say that i love thinking of sex and wouls call myself a dude that wanna have awx all the timw but its annoying with shame and tje brain twister . but a rabbit is another word . why isnt ppl wanna have free sex come too me and ill treat ya well aswell i am 21 xD

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