What is the Sinclair Method? Is Naltrexone and Vivitrol the Addiction Cure?

what’s up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but we focus on the solution and
today we’re gonna be talking about the sinclair method which is a method some
people use to get sober from addiction and i’m going to discuss what this
method is does it work as a safe is it not but it’s definitely something you’re
not gonna want to miss so stay tuned thanks to the sinclair method i was able
to control alt delete my addiction to alcohol I am no longer powerless the
monster is no longer in control so this clip that you just saw is a woman named
Claudia Christian she is an actress she struggled with alcoholism for a very
long time the clip was taken from a TED talk that she did and I’ll put a link in
the description down below so you can watch the whole entire thing yourself so
the first question we have to ask is what is the Sinclair method does it work
does it cure people of alcoholism the sinclair method is something that i’ve
had clients ask me about in rehab and i wasn’t sure what it was i was like
what’s the same thing about it i heard a couple things about it but not much it
turns out that i actually knew what it was I just didn’t know how to name for
it and it is completely insane it is totally crazy basically what it is is
it’s rich the medication called no track zone so what you do is is you take no
tracks on which is a little pill and you take it about an hour or so before you
drink alcohol and what it’s supposed to do is after you have like a glass of
wine or a drink your cravings subside so you don’t want more if you’re an
alcoholic you know what happens we suffer from a physical craving so once
we have one we just want more we can’t stop ourselves those of us who have
tried to moderate it never works this medication supposedly does that
when this medication came out I believe in 1994 it was launched as the cure for
addiction it’s the cure for alcoholism the way this medication acts is that
it’s an opioid blocker so what it does is it blocks receptors in your brain so
we don’t get the excess flood of dopamine if you watch my other video
and I’ll put a link in it up here I talked about how us addicts have a poem
with dopamine regulations it floods our brain and we want more and more and more
due to the way our prefrontal cortex does not regulate this flow so what this
pill is supposed to do is it’s supposed to block that so you don’t get that
excess flood you’re supposed to be able to safely drink the first thing that I
want us to tell you is now Trek so saved my life okay when I was in early
recovery I started having these insane cravings I was shaking I was freaking
out I was about to go relapse and was gonna be all bad but my mom who works at
an outpatient center recommended naltrexone I took this medication and my
cravings just went away I am an alcoholic who also was a big-time opioid
addict I did prescription painkillers and this
medication greatly got rid of my cravings now it got rid of my cravings
to the point where I could be abstinent the Sinclar method is promoting harm
reduction harm reduction in my opinion when it comes to alcoholism any form
addiction is one of the most dangerous things out there and that’s what this
video makes me fear this so as you saw from the clip she’s talking about how
her alcoholism is cured now as you watch the video if you want to check it out I
suggest that you do so but I urge you to watch it with caution because this is
extremely dangerous this is a woman who was able to take this medication and was
able to control her drinking okay this is very dangerous if you’re watching
this and your addict or alcoholic in recovery
you might be thinking Chris I was on no track zone and I kept drinking and using
while I was on it and it didn’t help me at all so just keep that in mind don’t
take this video as something that you should go out and try abstinence is the
only thing that I talked about because it’s the only thing that’s proven to
work in her video she tries to justify this method because us addicts and
alcoholics we don’t want to feel different we want to
be able to go drink with our friends and stuff like that the reality is is that
we as a society always feel that we need something to feel a certain way she
talks about not being able to go out with friends family members and have a
drink I’m telling you this right now with five years clean and sober from
drugs and alcohol I’m able to go wherever that hell I want and I have a
great time doing this the idea that we need to be able to drink to loosen up or
have a good time or relax after a long day is completely crazy me personally
you know what I do to relax I meditate I hang out with my son I play some video
games I write I make videos like this you don’t need a substance to make you
feel better or to fit in at any kind of social gathering then you’re going to so
the way that she’s pushing that is completely completely irrational
so anyways note wrexham did help me but let me give you a little history about
this medication it came out as as cure for addiction and alcoholism
now the original study that I saw said that this has a 90% success rate now I’m
going to ask you to keep up with me and do the math in this video she actually
says that the success rate is closer to about 78 percent my math was a lot
better when I thought it was 90% but now that it’s actually lower it’s crazy so
on average one out of every 12 people are true addicts and true alcoholics so
when you look at the statistics and the fact that it only helps 78% of people
who do you think follow to that other 22% the real addicts and alcoholics people like me the real thing we will
take that medication and if we take that one drink we’re going to keep doing it
regardless of whether or not we’re getting that dopamine flood or not think
about this most addicts and alcoholics continue drinking and using
long after the brain quits creating as much dopamine and we’re not even getting
drunk or high anymore me personally towards the end divine addiction
I was drinking an entire bottle of rum and not even getting drunk I would just
keep doing it and keep doing it so the idea that this pill has magically going
to change that he’s completely insane now she talks about these different
treatment methods and types and meanings and stuff like that and that’s one of
the other things that drives me just absolutely nuts is because you can
really tell how biased this point of view is she talks about when she talks
about talk therapy or equine therapy or 12-step meetings she doesn’t with like a
laugh and I roll like what she’s doing is she’s leading the crowd to agree with
her that these methods are ridiculous so she can kill them towards her point
which is extremely biased and I hate I hate when people do that is that many of
these methods do work when people actually participate in their own
recovery many of these methods are evidence-based evidence-based treatment
is scientifically proven I can tell you this right now the Sinclair method is
not scientifically proven now tracks own the medication for
getting rid of cravings is scientifically proven but the same clear
method is not I hope you’re following me very carefully when I say that the
medication works but the method does not it only works for about 78% of people
when I was actually getting ready to make a video tonight I was going to do
it on the 12-step recovery success rates and when I saw this I was like no I need
to do a video on this but I will make a video about 12-step recovery success
rates and the real statistics behind it because when these people are pushing
the agenda of the pharmaceutical companies all we’re doing is masking the
real actual problem the problem is is that most of us do not know how to deal
with life and a pill is not going to solve that treatment methods therapeutic
methods 12-step programs all these different things help you deal
with that food that you have to actually solve the problems that make you want to
drink in the first place or make you want to get high in the first place so
if you’re watching this and you’re in recovery from addiction I highly
recommend that you try now tract zone or the shop version which is called
vivitrol it gets rid of the cravings for a lot of people it did for me
some people have adverse reactions but I strongly urge you not to try to use it
to moderate your drinking or using because most people fail most people do
because they are the real addict and alcoholic so if you’ve tried to send
clear a method or if you’ve been on no truck zone I want to hear from you leave
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from the rewired soul and I will see you next time

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