1. My husband is an alcoholic and got sober pretty young at 20. He’s about to hit 8 years sober. He’s an excellent partner, has a great career and is soon to be a dad. He is in the AA program and owes his turn around to it.

  2. So I stopped drinking in January. The last two nights for some reason I drank two beers (lol actually literally 2) each night and now I see this video… lemme just stop drinking.

  3. I support his message 100% and hope that it can make a difference in someone's life just by watching this. Lost my mom to the drink too.

  4. My dad has has it he is 41.
    I haven’tseen him since Christmas.
    Im only 11
    OMG MY DAD IS SOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Probably not the right place but I've been concerned recently how much I rely on alcohol.. it has gotten to the point that id drink wine before going to the shops just to feel more comfortable and any time I go out it has to be centred around alcohol.. I don't know if I'm just using it to help my anxiety because if I imagined my life without alcohol I don't think I could survive

  6. Many people self medicate by drinking instead of dealing with their problems. I'm also guilty of this. So I get how it can get to this level even without the extra difficulties life has thrown at him.

    Good on you, Kyle. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

  7. Kyle, thanks for sharing your story. You seem so down to earth and honest. Share your truth and keep doing you !

  8. I was addicted to cigarettes for over 4 years, and more recently alcohol for 3-5 years…Glad to see people talking about this, especially those effected. Thank you for being strong Kyle. You're an inspiration.

  9. Congratulations man…coming up on 4 and 1/2 years sober from opiates sobriety date 10/23/2014 it feels like so long ago now but we are a part of a small minority who make it this long so yay

  10. Roll in the comments of those who are suddenly very open after being quiet for so long and conveniently recovering from Alcoholism too for self pity and attention because you are a pathetic bunch of millennials.

  11. I'm 17 and I drink alcohol every Friday and Saturday night (4-7) beers and I have been living like that for a year now and I'm totally fine ¿?

  12. well alchohol is just like every other drug,as long as you are self aware and don't overuse it you should be fine.

  13. Wow, thanks for this video. Today, march 30, I complete and celebrate my one year of sobriety. I'm 21 years old and the last year was the best one in my life because A.A. I own them my life. Seeing a video like this in the BuzzFeed almost made me cry, thanks to everyone who raise awareness to this, thank you BuzzFeed for your help. I love you all, and more 24 hours of sobriety for everyone. Shout out from Brasil. Nois

  14. I was an extreme alcoholic between the ages of 14 and 16. But I have never been drunk in my life thanks to my heritage.

  15. For anyone who is now sober- I’m so proud of you! Please don’t ever give up and if you relapse try again, please. For your family,friends,siblings,me? So proud of you Kyle

  16. This video is honestly so sad but I’m proud that he is finally able to share his story that maybe people who is currently struggling finds hope in this because ya’ll can overcome aNYTHING ❤️💗

  17. Got sober at 21 and just celebrated 5 years 😊 Getting sober in A.A. has been the greatest gift that has ever happened to me

  18. Party hard and get it out your system while you're young. You don't want to be that midlife crisis hag at the club. Who thinks they still got it

  19. I had a gambling addiction when I was 21. I overcame it but it could of easily ruined my life if I hadn't stopped at the rate I was going. Ever loose over $3,000 in a few months? I have.

  20. Very touching story. Glad he could find a solution and share his story.

    The editing on this video was TERRIBLE however. The audio was way too fast and all the cuts between different angles were way too fast. Same with the onscreen text. Made it very hard to watch and focus on the story

  21. I'm 24. Been trying to get sober since I was 22. Coming up on a year now. YOUNG ALCOHOLICS WHO ARE SUFFERING: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  22. I started drinking at only 13 years old by age of 15 I was already loosing my mind because of how bad I wanted alcohol sadly I didn't stopped untill last year😞
    Now im 21 years old legal age to drink alcohol but been sober for 1 year and 4 months😥

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  24. I've been three months sober now and have never felt better. Annie Grace's thirty day free program saved my life.

  25. alcoholic at 20?? How is that even possible, if you aren't even allowed to drink until 21???? Isn't that illegal???????

  26. I was depressed and suicidal about 2 years ago and i was really struggling to cope with life, but I decided find a way to shift the course of my life as I desperately wanted the pain to go away.

    My dad is an alcoholic and one of my uncles as well as my grandfather died from alcoholism and my cousin is a heroine addict (started when his older brother died) I started to introspectively look at myself and the path I was heading on with regards to distracting myself with alcohol and partying and constantly being in situations that were harmful to my wellbeing because I was inebriated.
    So I decided to completely stop drinking when I entered my path to dealing with depression. I was always averse to depression medication because I didn’t want to be sedated, I wanted to tackle the source of my pain head on and I didn’t want to be distracted in any way. So the natural decision I made at the time given that I didn’t want to allow anything mind altering in my system was to do away with alcohol.

    I’ve been sober for a year and 1 month now and in that time I’ve been able to tackle the source of my depression although some days still get hard but now I know what was hurting me and why. Now I don’t feel like I hate myself anymore nor do I feel like I want to find a way to tolerate life. Everyday no matter how eventful or uneventful is beautiful.

    I also became an atheist in that time, which was a big proponent to my shift in mentality, but that’s a topic for another video.😂

    Anyway just wanted to share some of my experience just to add to the success stories that can potentially encourage others to become the best versions of themselves

  27. As an addict myself, this is pretty cool but I wish he would have gone more into detail about the love and connections 12 step groups bring. AA definitely isn’t for just old people anymore there are youth and young peoples groups all around the nation. I got sober at the age of 17 and essentially learned how to be a teenager again after 4 years of extreme use. There is no age requirement to getting sober

  28. I loved alcohol because it allowed me to work longer and feel less fatigue, when I would wake up I would drink Portwine, lunch time came around drink more instead of eating, when dinner came eat a light snack and drink to help me sleep. I would repeat the cycle for two months. It jeopardized my health and sanity. Luckily, I’ve been able to battle this addiction, at first it was great music sounded better, I was able to make more sells and outperform my co-workers, I was definitely a functioning alcoholic. Sadly, my tolerance continued to rise even more which required more glasses of wine to feel an effect. I would sit at the bar and be crying and people would just stare. I was crying for help, I was crying because I wanted someone to notice. The saddest part of alcohol one night, I drank to much and I was led to an apartment and raped. It took this point of suffering to realize that alcohol is not something to mess with. Please just please avoid it.

  29. I’m 20, and I’m feel terrible for anyone around my age who is an alcoholic. I always feel worried about my friends who want to drink when we hang out. Why do we feel the need to drink at every social event? Why do they need to get drunk on The weekends? It’s hard to understand it, but that’s the culture we have.

  30. This is very interesting to me because as a Muslim alcohol is not permissible, so seeing how it ruins peoples lives I'm glad it is. My father is a convert and he used to drink, so he constantly talks about how alcohol impacted his life and others around him when he wasn't Muslim. Just some thoughts lol.

  31. I was an alcoholic. Did it as a substitute, but never enjoyed it. Quitting was easy. Traded it in for vitamins geared toward healthy brain function, anxiety, and heart health. Nerve tonic works and I also rely on aromatherapy. It works. Might sound expensive but still costs less than my alcohol habit. If i take enough nerve tonic I feel numb. You might be able to say I traded in one drug for another but it's advertised as non habit forming, and at least I can still get behind the wheel.

  32. Wow. Powerful stuff im 22, i’ve been gaming since the ps2 came out and i relate to this video so much. Im going to rehab end of may for 3 months and as one kyle to another i wish you all the best man.

  33. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke cigarettes. I tried it one time in my life. I will never do it again. I don’t like it.

  34. I feel blessed never getting drunk by 19. In Canada it's legal at 19 but I only bought beer once on my birthday. I actually feel liberated.

  35. My childhood and high school best friend has been in and out of rehab for alcohol for over 5 years now… it makes me so sad. When we were in high school, I just assumed that she liked to party like all of us, but I wish I saw the signs sooner. Maybe it would have helped

  36. I'm currently in college and binge drinking every week or drinking till you black out is normalized here. I'm not sure what to do because I don't want to become like that but that's how most people socialize here

  37. AA is actually a religious-based programme in which one addiction (alcohol) is replaced with another (god). Just reading the 12 steps themselves is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach. It may save the physical lives of alcoholics, but they still end up losing their lives anyway, to religious brainwashing. Why are we continuing to promote such a programme instead of developing and supporting healthier approaches such as SOS or SMART recovery?

  38. My friend went to AA – he said they meet mainly in church basements and drink together – keeps ghem off the streets – he is better for it – keep up the good work AA!

  39. U knw when i was 20 i didnt drink to often,i went to parties occasionally with friends an got toasted but life was predomintly good for me…im 30 now with a full time job, 4 kids,a wife an a mind tht wont stop thinking about the world and its problems.i have problems to… stressed out problems questiong faith an me as a human,if ill ever be good enough or achieve the goals i wanted in life,i dont think i have ever drank this much until now…for some reason this yr has changed me alot,i think i am becoming an achoholic because when i drink,all those wrys are thrown right out the door,i feel better,like the world itself couldnt touch me…but now i dont think i could stop even if i wanted to,for this drug goes hand in hand with giving me the power to keep goin an push myself further…i dont necessary get trash but when im buzzing im not afraid to hold back or say no to someone…when i was 20 i did it for fun…when im 30 now i do it for power confidence an none of lifes stress and wrys…i want to stop but to stop would have dire consequences and in this point of my life i cant afford anymore loss,but i can feel tht demon taleing over slowy, an me changing slowy much faster by everday i consume this shot of liquid courage….i need advice from anyone if anyone has advice to give…it doesnt help tht my mind is always on overdrive,i cant get outa this prison for 1 day,and achohol is the keys to my door,i plan on getting scene an help but any good advice would go a long way to

  40. I'm 19, soon 20, Alcoholism been with me for years, until i felt and hurted my head, legs and back. Now I am fighting with my demons and Im trying to win.

  41. Im an Alcoholic, got Acute pancreatitis- Im 21 but still see my councilor every week- I relapsed on the first detox but Im gonna make it this time though, going 150 miles away from my house for rehab- good video and to anyone else that's on the same boat as me, we got this 😉

  42. Well it can happend to everyone.For example if you loose the ability to do something that you really love,something that can loose all the enormous stress….first you will start drinking….i hope you dont get past it though(you know what i mean….drugs and so on).

  43. ive been an alcoholic since 16. it got worse at 18 when i became old enough to buy my own booze.
    im now 23 and ill be 11 months sober in 4 days. i didnt have aa. and i have absolutly no friends. but i realised that booze wasnt my friend either. some times i wanna go back. but i dont. i have no one to talk to it about but.. atleast im alive.

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