What Mobile Apps And Games Do You Play?

so everyone Vince here welcome back to my
channel thank you very much for tuning in to tonight’s on video on What Mobile Apps And Games Do You Play?
now I am replying
to you guys out there from the video I posted last night asking you all what
games should I play okay so pretty much mobile gaming and apps i would even play iphone app store games look you all have a very tough stance it looks like on mobile gaming and the apps on the mobile
which is very interesting to me because I thought most people out there really
enjoy playing at mobile games and you know watching them on YouTube so
What Mobile Apps And Games Do You Play? but so
many people have told me most of the mobile games at least that I’ve played
have not been good so that’s a bit of a concern because I usually try and play
all the new trending mobile games but then again that really doesn’t make them
good does it so I’m just thinking in my head do I just wean off of mobile games
completely for a while because it’s quite interesting to me I really thought
it was gonna be something big the latest video on my channel did really good was
aircraft it was a Minecraft ripoff where I absolutely drilled the game until it
got removed off the App Store and it worked well the games removed off the
App Store right but so many people said they’re so happy they didn’t do a
walkthrough series on her or a gameplay series on it and some smaller channels
did and they got bombarded with dislike so I think I thought it’s a bully with
that one because I was actually gonna play it and criticize it as a player
thankfully I didn’t because that would have been disaster I’m just very curious
to see why you guys don’t like watching mobile games or is there only certain
games you don’t like watching if I was to play I don’t know I think there’s
like mobile legends or something there’s some game that’s all over the Android
Marketplace right now I think it’s called mobile legends if I was to play
that would you guys like it or do you just not like mobile games in general
pretty much because my channels been founded on playing the newest games and
I’ve always done that since I started the channel dude back in 2012 and I feel
like if I don’t play the newest games gonna be missing out on either even like
you know the new trends and meeting new people obviously because obviously new
trends bring a pillars then I can talk to all you guys and of course there’s
not gonna lie the revenue side of it new games usually bring the money except for
Android and mobile games mobile gaming for me has been the worst drought of any
sort of ad revenue I’ve ever seen in my life
you get about two to one dollars at least for me per thousand views guys
let’s just say I built a channel around Android
I cannot imagine how any of these people make a living hence why most of the
Android gaming channels you see out on YouTube now spam like five or six videos
a day there’s so many Android gameplay channels that specifically cover mobile
apps and you know gaming apps on the phones that spam videos constantly
throughout the day and now I know why so yeah definitely let me know below in the
comments guys I reply to every comment I’m trying to keep this trend going
where I talk to you guys I’m like a daily or second day basis where I get to
get the feel of what you guys are doing where you guys are into and you know
what games you want me to try out but mobile gaming definitely had a negative
backlash I think you guys don’t want to see mobile games on this channel at
least I’m sure you watch him elsewhere like maybe play on battlegrounds or
something on the mobile but when it comes to me playing the new trending
apps it’s a very hit and miss situation whether you guys are going to enjoy it
or not I think it’s been very rare that you guys have actually enjoyed my mobile
gameplays as a full series by the way this is I’m talking about 20 or 50 parts
you know so I think the safest option pro-v stick to PC games but I want to
hear what you guys say what is your stance everyone on mobile games do you
play them do you rarely play them do you play them every day do you love watching
them on YouTube or would you only play them but never really watch them on
YouTube let me know below I’m sure a lot of you guys out there probably play them
when you’re bored as which is understandable of course who doesn’t
play the mobile games when they’re bored but watching them in YouTube I guess is
a whole nother story so yeah either way thank you very much
watching tonight’s video a very interesting subject I cannot wait to
hear what you all have to see and yeah I guess I’ll speak to you tomorrow guys
I’m still playing swords and souls never seen on my channel absolutely love that
game if you guys want to see a proper walkthrough series check that out for
real I plan on starting a new series up maybe today or tomorrow might be
minecraft not too sure yet we’ll figure it out either way stay safe out there
guys love you all out there cheers for watching and yeah I’ll catch y’all
tomorrow be sure to leave a comment see Elena

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