What To Do When You’re Bored In Summer!

What To Do When You’re Bored In Summer!

sorry I’m trying to be funny but today
you can be what you want my way hey guys love makes my channel and today
to do i’m going to be doing a video on what to do in the summer when you board
type of video and I’m really excited to do this because I get really bored in
the summer let’s be real i think we all get really bored in the summer because
when school’s out you’re like yeah summer but then like the first day of
summer i’m like bored so I put together a few things that you can do when you’re
bored in the summer so yeah I currently i’m having a giveaway on my channel
right now i’m giving away to kylie jenner lip kits i’m giving away candy k
and don’t say k so i will have that video in the link in the downbar below
so you can go check it out and enter- way if you’re new to my channel and make
sure you subscribe and hit that like button if you did enjoy this video and I
think we should just go ahead and get started oh so the first thing to do in the
summer when you’re bored is to get a game that you’re going to become
obsessed with the game that i’ve been loving lately as best beans and I just
wanted to say thank you so much best means for sponsoring this video you guys
haven’t heard of best means it’s pretty much this addicting game that everyone
is obsessed with lately it’s a free app puzzle adventure game
preview to collect all your best beans and you to level them up and they all
have special powers and you get to defeat this blog’s I’m telling you guys
this game is so addicting this means is one of those games where
pretty much when you start at the first level you’re going to get super addicted
to you and it’s very addicting let me tell you i got my brother my sister my
boyfriend and both my parents playing this game and we’re all like super
competitive or like what level are you on the level you want and we’re trying
to beat each other constantly it’s so fun right now i’m on level 42 and I am
challenging you guys all to meet my level and if you do with tweet me a
picture because i’d love to see what level you are on on sunday – 19 best
means is a giving away a free gift for Father’s Day so make sure you log on on Father’s Day to get your free gift
what I really like about this game is there are so many levels it’s literally
just goes on and on and on and there’s even like side quests on the side we can
play and that’s based on the most popular players so definitely need to
check out this game I will have a link in the downbar below where you can
download best beans and it’s free yeah who doesn’t love free things i know
i love everything so make sure you go download best beans and collect your
free gift on jun 19 oh one thing i love doing in this summer
is having a little photo shoots with your friends and I think this is so fun
if you go to like a cute little location by our house and take pictures of each
other and you can either use like a phone or like a DSLR camera or a little
point and shoot just use whatever you have is this free
and I think it’s really cool because you can put these pictures on your Instagram
and just get all dolled up and have fun with your friend and i think this is
just so much fun you guys all need to do this oh so one of my favorite things to do
when I was younger was to go get a slip and slide and just use it all day I
literally could use all day long so i think this slip and slide up from target
it was 12 99 and it has two sides on it so two people can go at the same time
and they have 1 for 9 99 which it was just a single slip and slide but for
some reason our host wasn’t working very well we weren’t really sliding much but
it was still so much fun and we had a blast Oh another thing I like to do in the
summer is to go exploring and I think this is so much fun especially in the
summertime I have some trails by my house and then
I like to just go hiking or something like that and i always like to bring a
friend I think it’s more fun if you have someone with you and what you’re seeing
now is actually the swamps that bread and I explored when we were in New
Orleans and it was just absolutely beautiful oh so one of my favorite things to do in
the summer is to go to the zoo or some amusement parks and I’ve already gone to
the my local zoo twice this year and i absolutely love it i could seriously go
every day but i think it’s fun if you get a little group together and just go
sightseeing at the zoo or if you go to a little amusement park and these clips
are actually from when i was in Disney World and it was just a blast i
recommend disney world to anyone if you ever get the chance to go to Disney you
guys need to it’s absolutely a dream and it was so much fun oh so in the summertime swimming is
obviously a must for me I love swimming and this is me swimming at the lake and it was so much
fun my piece of flow is from amazon and then also I like to go to water parks
and this is just me and my family going to this really cool water park for our
house and it was so much fun and we also have a picnic when we were there and it
was just a blast because I don’t really have picnics are often so it was just
really fun to sit down and eat with everyone and then we went back to
swimming and it was just a blast Wow and the last thing I have for today is
to do some fun DIYs for like your clothes and actually
already have a video on my channel how to do this so i have it linked in the
downbar below but I just show you how to make these cute little pom-pom short a
coverup and these awesome ty shoes these are all super easy DIY is that you can
do in the summer with your spare time alright guys that is it for today’s
video I really hope this helped you think of some ideas to do and summer
when you’re bored and I hope you all enjoyed this thank you so much for watching I’ll talk
to you in my next video I yeah yeah


  1. I can't be "bored" in the summer because my teacher gave me essays to do in the summer (due on the first day of school) 😭

  2. This taught myself multiple different things to do during summer, which I haven't ended yet for summer break. I wasn't planning anything this summer right now I don't think i'll be bored thabks to you. Congrats on the subs, keep making these video, this truely would help myself this summer.

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