What Your Zodiac Signs Says About Your Health

according to a Harris poll conducted in
2013 it was observed that about 29% of people living in the United States held
a firm belief in the pseudo-scientific concept of astrology
however this belief doesn’t necessarily mean that astrology will ever be wholly
accepted by the scientific community any time soon nevertheless it can still be
fun to read the daily horoscope and see how well its predictions line up with
your actual life even if you attribute these similarities to simple coincidence
whether or not you believe in astrology it might be fun to take a look before we
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Aries represented by the image of the RAM the zodiac sign known as Aries is
associated with people who were born between the dates of March 21st and
April 20th the body parts associated with the Aries sign are the head face
and brain Aries are defined as stubborn and strong-willed by the intense mental
and physical stress that they impose on themselves through their ambitions can
lead to all manner of unwanted health complications including but not limited
to headaches migraines or even strokes if you’re a headstrong Aries you might
need to take some time to adjust your life and find a happy medium between
what’s stimulating and what’s stressful taurus represented by the bull Taurus is
the zodiac sign associated with those whose birthdays reside on the calendar
between April 21st and May 21st the body parts associated with Taurus are the
neck ears and throat the reason for this association is simple while physically
tough and strong as an ox even the mighty bull like Taurus can be
brought low by a persistent cold scratchy sore throat or painful ear
infection another reason for a Taurus to watch their throat is because
they may be suffering from an underactive thyroid gland which can
potentially lead to unwanted amounts of weight gain Gemini born between the
dates of May 22nd and June 21st people born under the zodiac sign gemini are
represented by a pair of twins for all you Gemini babies out there the body
parts you should be paying special attention to are the lungs shoulders
arms and hands Gemini’s are especially susceptible to
colds cops and the symptoms of hay fever which is probably doubly true during
this time of year get it ee because two wins anyway other conditions for
Gemini’s to watch out for our anxiety disorders nervous exhaustion and
insomnia cancer the zodiac sign known as cancer is represented by the humble crab
and is the patron sign for all people who celebrate their birthdays somewhere
between the dates of June 22nd and July 22nd don’t let the name scare you the
medical conditions that cancers need to watch out for
don’t involve literal cancer instead cancers create problems for themselves
through things such as overeating which can potentially lead to obesity
depression and issues involving the digestive system the body parts that
cancers should pay special attention to include the breasts chest and stomach
take care of yourself and your health and hopefully you won’t have anything to
be crabby about Leo represented by the proud and majestic lion the zodiac sign
leo is the sign belonging to everyone who is born between the dates of July
23rd and August 21st for Leos the body parts that you should be paying
attention to are the heart back and spine as well as your blood and
circulation while the mighty lion looks strong and fierce Leos should be mindful
of conditions which can negatively impact their heart health which can
potentially cause their strength to become undone from within signs and
symptoms that Leo’s should be on the lookout for include high blood pressure
arteries and irregular sounding heartbeats Virgo the astrological
constellation known as Virgo is the zodiac sign assigned to anyone born
between the dates of August 22nd and September 23rd the parts of the body
that virgos should treat with special consideration include the abdomen as
well as the intestines the reason is because virgos supposed to struggle with
a variety of weight related issues whether that means they are currently
overweight or underweight this horoscope also makes the claim that virgos are
particularly susceptible to eating disorders as well as medical conditions
which negatively impact the digestive system such as stomach ulcers and
irritable bowel syndrome Libra represented by a pair of weighing scales
the zodiac sign referred to as Libra is associated with people who happen to
have birthdays that take place anywhere between September 24th and October 23rd
the parts of the body that Libra should endeavor to be especially mindful of
include the skin as well as the kidneys and adrenal glands like virgos libras
are said to struggle with problems related to digestion in this case
manifesting as medical issues such as diarrhea or constipation for libras this
horoscope prescribes sting properly hydrated and controlling your intake of
certain foods which can potentially have a negative impact on your digestion
scorpio Scorpios are people who have birthdays between the days of October
24th and November 22nd body parts that Scorpios should watch out for include
the bladder and rectum as well as the body parts associated with procreation
as this would imply Scorpios should be mindful of their hormonal tendencies
which can Evan flow erratically between varying levels of extremes
this also means Scorpios are potentially susceptible to communicable diseases so
remember to play safe Scorpio and undergo regular testing Sagittarius the zodiac sign Sagittarius
is associated with a noble Archer and is the astrological sign that is assigned
to anyone who was born between November 23rd and December 22nd people born under
the sign of Sagittarius should pay special attention to their hips thighs
and sciatic nerves as well as their eyes and vision as well Sagittarians are
especially vulnerable to medical conditions which can have unwanted
effects on the eyes which can lead to impaired vision and accidents that might
happen as a result Capricorn Capricorn is a zodiac sign associated
with the goat and is the sign given to anyone born between December 23rd and
January 20th the body parts that capricorns should pay special attention
to include the bones teeth knees and other joints like libras capricorns are
also advised to take special care of their skin as well while capricorns are
said to be gifted with perfect posture and strong bone structure they are also
highly susceptible to broken bones if you’re a Capricorn
make sure to be cautious in your everyday activities and avoid any
unnecessary spills Aquarius the water theme sign known as Aquarius is an
astrological constellation that is assigned as the patron zodiac sign for
people who celebrate their birthdays anywhere between January 21st and
February 19th the body parts most deserving of special attention from
Aquarians are the lower legs and ankles while usually exceptionally graceful
Aquarians may also be prone to occasional bouts of clumsiness which can
potentially be attributed to weak ankles or varicose veins pisces represented by
two circling fish the astrological sign of Pisces is the final zodiac sign on
the calendar associated with people born between the dates of February 20th and
March 20th the parts of the body that Pisces should attempt to be particularly
mindful of are the feet nervous system and thalamus the
horoscope also warns that Pisces may have potential to be chronic worriers
and often have relatively weak immune systems which only serves to give them
more reasons to feel worried on a regular basis
Pisces should also be on guard against health conditions which can affect the
feet such as bunions and athlete’s foot so when all is said and done what do you
think of the concept of astrology are you in the 29 percent of Americans who
are true believers or do you remain skeptical let us know in the comments
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