What’s in my Carry On? | Travel Essentials (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines)

What’s in my Carry On? | Travel Essentials (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines)

Hi, and welcome back to the channel. If you are new around here,
my name is Megan, and I post weekly videos
with travel tips and hacks, so definitely consider subscribing, ’cause I would love
to see you again next week. In todays video, I’ll be going
through a list of all the things I plan to order online or buy and then bring with me to Da Nang. These are the things
that I had trouble finding the last two times
that I visited the city. I hope today’s video will help you in making your packing decisions
a little bit easier if you plan to go to Vietnam,
or anywhere in Southeast Asia. (Music) The first thing I’ll be making sure
I pack with me is sunscreen. Now, you can find sunscreen in Da Nang; however, most of it
contains a whitening agent, which I definitely
don’t need for my skin tone. If you do find sunscreen
that doesn’t have the whitening in it, you’re probably going
to be paying the tourist price. So, in this case, instead of using
my carry-on liquid limits to pack things like travel-size
shampoo or conditioner – two things that I know
I can buy a full-size version of when I arrive in Da Nang – I’ll instead be getting
various SPFs of sunscreen and packing those with me. I’ll make sure I have enough
to cover both my face and my body, and then I’ll also be ordering
and packing a sunscreen stick for extra sensitive areas, like my nose. I’ll also be browsing Amazon
for some medicated lip balm for the emergency situation
that I end up getting too much sunshine and burning my lips. That would absolutely suck,
but I’d rather have something with me as opposed to having to search
all the pharmacies for a treatment. Next, I will be ordering
and bringing with me multiple clinical strength,
fragrance-free deodorant. The deodorant that you find in Da Nang often does have
that whitening agent in it just like the body cream
and the sunscreen. Also, it’s nearly impossible
to find clinical strength and most of them have this flowery smell. So, I know it works for me, I like it,
I don’t like all the fragrances… sticking with it. The next thing that’s
totally worth taking up some of your liquid-limit
space is face cream. If you have something that works for you,
make sure you bring it from home, because you probably won’t be able
to find the same brand, the same product, in Da Nang; even if it’s the same brand name,
it may contain whitening, because it’s been made in Asia. Make sure that whichever one you do buy is under the 100-milliliter limit, because even though it’s a cream,
it will be counted as a liquid. If you’re checking a bag
and have more space for these liquids, then definitely also bring
body cream with you; you definitely want to avoid the
whitening agents in the creams in Asia. If you don’t have space for body cream, ask one of the sales representatives if any of the creams
don’t have whitening in them. You would be surprised,
it’s in most of them. I believe I ended up using
coconut butter or coconut oil last time I was there, and I was fine. Another thing I’ll be packing with me… are… any type of face foundation creams
or powders that match my skin tone. If you don’t have an Asian skin tone, honestly, it may be difficult for you to
find something that matches your own tone. so bring these from home if you can. I realized that none of these items
are impossible to find, they are just the specific things that I,
personally, had trouble finding while living in Da Nang
the last two years. So, please, don’t kill me in the comments,
and if you have them, these items, then that’s great. Another thing I’ll be packing with me
that you may not think about would be a Chromecast. Ughh… I’ll show you. What I have is a Google Chromecast but you can also use
an Amazon Firestick and a Roku Stick, I believe. And what it does, is it plugs
into the HDMI port in the back of the TV – and most of the apartments
and hotels in Da Nang have TVs equipped with HDMI – and this way you can cast
any movies or TV shows that your streaming from your laptop
or from your Netflix account to the TV. This way you’re not having
to pay for cable only to realize that you’re getting Asian
channels that you don’t understand anyway. I’ll also be packing
fitness bands with me, they’re great for strength
and resistance training without having to carry around
any dumbbells or weights, and they will quite literally
kick your butt. I’m in love with these, I use them at home,
I use them while I’m away… they’re great. If I have any carry-on liquid space left, I’ll also be bringing bug spray with me. Now, don’t stress if you don’t have
the space or if you don’t have any, you can buy it pretty much
anywhere in Southeast Asia, and I recommend you do
because of dengue fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses. But know that to find
the higher strength with deet that’s actually going to protect you, you will probably be paying
a high tourist price for it. Then also pack with you
any prescription medication. At the pharmacies in Da Nang, you’ll
probably be able to find a generic version of whatever prescription that you’re on, but I wouldn’t risk it. Stick with what you know,
order it in advance, and make sure you have enough with you
for the entire length of your stay. Ladies, know that the birth control pill
is available at the pharmacies, but it’s going to be a generic version, probably not the brand
that you’re used to. So, if you’re stuck, it’s there,
but try to bring it with you. While you can technically
get this in Vietnam, you will need it for the moment
you arrive at the airport… passport photos. I will be printing out multiple of these as I will need to present
at least two of them as I arrive before I’m able
to actually enter the country. Something else that will be taking up
a lot of my carry-on space will be shoes. Even though you can buy shoes in Vietnam, often they’re very small. I don’t have large feet, but I had a hard time finding shoes
that were wide enough, and I know many men that have
a shoe size over size 10 or 11 are definitely going to struggle. As for food, you can usually buy
all the fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats that you would typically eat. The tough part is to find
particular brands or anything that’s not a whole food. It’s that artificial stuff that we’re a little bit
addicted to here in North America that’s going to be tougher to find. Things you’ll likely have trouble finding that you won’t really be able
to bring with you from home would be, number one –
one of my personal favorites – greek yogurt; this is
nearly impossible to find. It’s also nearly impossible
to find any plain yogurt at all, or any products that haven’t had
sugar added to them. Sugar-free is not a thing. You also won’t find a lot of things that
are sweetened with artificial sweeteners; it’s the real deal most of the time. As for sodas, when it comes to diet sodas, Diet Coke or Pepsi is really
going to be your only option. I’ll include a few examples
so you can get an idea of what you should be thinking about, but know that I am not recommending
that you bring these or that you consume these; these are just some things
that you may have trouble finding when you’re in Da Nang. If there’s a specific artificial sweetener
that you like to use or something specific you like
to put in your coffee every day, definitely buy it and bring it
with you from home. You’ll have a tough time finding
any artificial sweeteners or any sugar substitutes at all. Decaf coffee is also something
that you may have a hard time finding or may be paying a very
high price for it if you do find it. There’s a big coffee scene in Vietnam and you’ll find egg coffee
and coconut coffee, and even coffee where the beans
have been digested by weasels, but you probably won’t find decaf coffee or instant coffee. I usually drink instant when I’m home too so, when I’m going to Vietnam,
I’ll pack with me both instant decaf and instant regular. It’s nice to go out to a café, but I like having coffee
available to me at home. If you use any protein powders or you like
a specific brand of protein bars, definitely pack those with you as well. I have a personal
guilty pleasure for Quest Bars and you definitely will not be able
to find these in Da Nang, if you do, message me, let me know, but pretty much any bars
that are brands you’re used to or brands that don’t have
a ton of sugar added to them are going to be difficult to find. There are some protein
and supplement stores in the city if you are looking
for big name brands of protein, but it is more expensive than
what you’d be packing with you from home. You can also find some Asian brands
of protein powder at the local pharmacies but I, personally, can’t read all
the ingredients, and it’s a long llist, so I would rather stick with what I know or just eat whole foods
while I’m in the country. On a similar note to protein powder
would be collagen, which is something that I take
in powder form pretty much every day; it’s supposed to be good for your hair
and your skin and your nails. I don’t know if it works,
I think it’s kind of just a fad. Anyway, I don’t want to bring this
through customs and security so instead, I’ll be going onto Amazon.com and ordering the same
collagen version but in a liquid form, so I can just put a few drops into
my water every day and keep up with my… collagen. Something that I have
on a daily basis in Canada but have a really hard time
finding in Da Nang is… sparkling flavored water. Love this stuff, and you cannot find
this type of cartons in… anywhere that I’ve been
in Southeast Asia, honestly. Occasionally… Just put that down. Occasionally, I can find bottles of individually packaged,
sparkling flavored water, but it’s very expensive. If you do like flavored water
and you don’t want all that added sugar, something that you can pack with you would be one of these
liquid water enhancers. It will take up a little bit of your
carry-on liquid limit, but not much. I have personally
not been able to find these in any of the grocery stores in Da Nang. Well, there you have it, that’s my list of the things that I’ll be
packing and bringing with me when I go to Vietnam this time, because I had trouble
finding these items in the past. Let me know if any of the items
in the list surprised you, and then also, while you’re down there, please don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs-up as it really supports the channel. Hope to see you back here
for another travel video next week. Until then, happy travels. Bye.


  1. I'm heading to Ottawa this week, please send me any recommendations for a good Vietnamese restaurant and your favorite cafe in the city 🙏😊 thank you so much!!

  2. Hey Megan it must be Tuesday again here's another Megan Video it seems you've opted to go to Vietnam in the end despite the risks. Stay safe OK.

  3. Great job as always. Not to be too controversial and not wanting to offend, since you did mention birth control for women for men I'd advise bringing condoms from your own country. Quality and size can differ in Asia.

  4. Megan, you like Da Nang a lot and are a frequent visitor; any chance that you may be dating a Vietnamese while you are there?

  5. Hey Megan So the these Fitness bands become human and kick you in the butt must be uncomfortable.<g> I know what you mean just couldn't help teasing. A fitness band becoming human that would be interesting to see. <g>

  6. Birth control? Don't engage in such act before marriage. And all of the items mentioned could be found in Orwellian Socialist Singapore.

  7. Good job your videos keep getting better. When i am in the Philippines its impossible to find shoes except in payless where they are double the price as in the us. I thought it was weird about all the whitening agents too in cosmetics i hated that it looks weird

  8. All valuable carry on ideas.
    I am always glad I watch your videos before I travel anywhere. I agree about how difficult some products are to find. Not sure how I feel about " Snail White " deodorant.
    Have a great week!

  9. I found out how essential it is to carry on some sanitary wipes the last time I travelled internationally. The arm rests on the plane was so dirty it didn't feel good at all to look at and I had booked it, and there was no escaping sitting on it. . .

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